Wimbledon, Love Knitting

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Has anyone else noticed the media furore over this woman knitting during a dramatic Wimbledon tennis match? It’s all over the UK papers, tabloid and broadsheet, as evidenced here. Of course, it’s an easy summer news item, but I do love the outrage. Knitting! On centre court!

Get with it, people. A really good knitter doesn’t need to look down as she knits and purls. Truly excellent knitters can even watch tennis at the same time as finishing a sleeve. I just want to know what she’s making…

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve knitted?

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52 Responses to Wimbledon, Love Knitting

  1. Liz says:

    I don’t think that is weird, that is a great use of time! I always try to know when I am watching something like TV, tennis makes sense, you don’t need your hands to watch something! I knit on roadtrips, my hubby thinks that is weird.

  2. catdownunder says:

    I would need to knit to save myself from sheer boredom – never did manage to get my feline head around the game of tennis!

  3. Jacq C says:

    Oh, I do admire her, of course she can knit and watch tennis, my friend Jayne can knit blindfold! My knitting is pretty much retricted to home – because my skill level is low and it tends to result in outbursts of bad language! Crochet, however, is a different thing – I do that everywhere. Long car journies are the best, I never did get the knack of reading in the car but crochet is no problem, I made an entire cot blanket on visits to and from my son at Uni. And I’ve never had any trouble with taking a hook on a ‘plane which is handy. 🙂
    PS – in the interests of Health & Safety do not crochet in the car if you are the driver!

  4. Sam says:

    There’s a whole thread on Ravelry where they’re trying to find out who she is and what she’s knitting! Well done her I say. Having been to Wimbledon there is often a lot of hanging around, I’d be more than happy to take my knitting along. Not sure I’d actually knit while the tennis was on though, but I do have to keep at least one eye on my stitches.

  5. dottiedoodle says:

    Love her and her knitting! I like knitting on holiday (Corfu) on the balcony in the evening watching the boats go by. Then when I wear the cosy scarf (or whatever) here in the winter, I remember the sunshine. I really don’t think this is weird, but other people do!

    • Oh, I love knitting on holiday and agree that the FO brings back lovely memories. I definitely caught a young couple sniggering at me once as I knitted by the pool. I didn’t care!

  6. Chris says:

    I love it , I take my knitting everywhere , men still not grasp the concept that women can do more than one thing at a time . Love the blog by the way .

  7. Rehanon says:

    Cor I do love a good furore! Especially when it involves craft related activities. Weirdest place I’ve crocheted was when I was helping out behind a bar at a Phoenix Nights style social club. The meat raffle was going around me and it was whipping up a woolly bow tie. When one of the members saw their expression suggested I had just given birth behind the bar instead of merely indulging in a crafty pastime. I also want to know what she’s knitting.

    • Meat raffles!!!! Memories of a Sunday night in my local pub back home come flooding back! And why don’t pubs hand out free platters of cheese and onion sandwiches any more? Cheese and onion sandwiches… Getting massive craving!

      • Rehanon says:

        Haha I’ve just seen this. The tradition is still alive. On Sunday members were fed a slap up buffet and they used to love it when I covered because the usual stuff just used to chuck it out but me being me wanted to create a spectacle. There was French stick slices plied up in a pyramid and studded with cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese fanned out in a sunshine shape with a pickle centre and curled butter. I believe a photo of one my buffets is still pinned up behind the bar as a tribute hehe!

  8. My new goal in life is to knit at Wimbledon. It’s perfect, really. Oh! If only I had Olympics tickets, then I could go and disrespect the athletes in person! 😀

    Weirdest place I’ve knitted though is probably at a gig. it was my OH’s band, so I was there from sound check onwards. What else was I going to do with six hours of people talking music around me? Got almost an entire sock done.

  9. Dibs says:

    Rehanon you always do have such funny stories. lol. What’s the outage for? I bet if it was a pretty young girl getting her frontal twin sets out, there would not have been such a furore. I think she is very cool actually. That is something I would do. I once took my novel to the nightclub, and read it while boring songs were being played.

  10. Diane says:

    I take my knitting when I do my stint as salesperson at our Guild Gallery, one of my customers called it ‘constructive fidgeting’ which I love:)

  11. Hee, I think fair play to her. There does seem to be a lot of sitting around at Wimbledon. Not a strange place, but my favourite place I ever knitted was the grounds of Winchester Cathedral while Nic was at a conference at the university. It felt so peaceful to be knitting in the sunshine by such a beautiful building – at least, it was until some sort of drugs bust went down on the other side of the park!

  12. Marie says:

    I whooped out loud when I saw that lady live and even my boyfriend smiled…I think he now realises I’m not the only ‘weirdo’ around! Haha! Seriously though, what an excellent use of her time and she barely looked down at all! She’s a legend in my eyes! I’ve not been knitting long so the train’s as ‘weird’ as I’ve ever gotten…yet! ;o)

  13. Guys, I am loving the random details cropping up in today’s comments. Drugs busts in cathedral grounds, novels in nightclubs, meat raffles… All from a picture of someone knitting!

  14. Rachel says:

    haha! I totally thought of you when I saw that!

  15. Molly says:

    I just think, look at the bored faces of the men either side of her, you can clearly see they are thinking, “Wish I’d brought some knitting”! I quite often knit in rehearsals or front of tv and am perfectly capable of knowing what is going on around me. The strangest place for me to have done knitting is sat on a little wooden chair outside a fuel station on Leytonstone High Street while my car was being valeted at the car-wash there. What else was I going to do for 40 minutes?

    • Molly says:

      [And I hear that on the Jeremy Vine radio show it was asked if knitting is “anti-social behaviour”? Say what?! Yes society had better watch out for the danger of roving gangs of knitters armed with needles, wool and intent! Victorian ladies scored extra social etiquette brownie points for knitting or embroidering while they had guests calling upon them, have we become so needy that we can’t bear the thought of someone’s attention drifting from us for a second? (Addendum: I would love to know if one’s guests were allowed to pull out their knitting too while calling upon the ladies of the house?)]

  16. I particularly like where she stretches her neck – and it’s clear she’s paying attention to the tennis! Anti-social? Are you for serial? What? As much as, oh, let me see, iPods and MP3 players on buses and so on? Not even nearly. What an excellent use of her hands, being productive while others are, yes, plainly wishing they’d brought their knitting.

    Weirdest place I’ve knitted? Hm, I’m not very weird. I knit in the car quite a lot but that doesn’t seem at all extraordinary to me. Maybe knitting at rowing one day? It was the last regatta for the season, just a small one and there weren’t many people. Plus, I had a hat to finish, so I whipped out my knitting and worked at it between races.

  17. oh, here’s a PS, though. One of my husband’s students used to knit during lectures which he thought rude and inappropriate (and while I’ll knit pretty much anywhere I can, I’m inclined to agree with his dudgeon in that setting). After all, she was meant to be paying attention to his lecture and taking notes.

    • Deb H. says:

      I actually concentrate better when I am doing a bit of something with my hands. Always wish it wasn’t looked on as rude to do handwork in church during the sermon, i would stay with the sermon so much better! I would, of course, take notes as needed!

      • LinB says:

        One of my college professors encouraged us all to do handwork in his classes. He had started an embroidery supplies company to provide employment to local women — every time we bought thread and fabric to do counted cross-stitch, he made money. He tolerated knitting only because he was also developing a yarn line. The brand was Charles Craft — anyone ever use it? Don’t know if it is still in existence.

  18. annie says:

    In the movie theater. I used to make sweaters for my children while they watched Disney. Took the edge off my boredom :), All the “authorities” will tell you that it is rude to read in front of company but commendable to knit or do some other little bit of handwork.

  19. Paola says:

    My teenagers are competition swimmers, which means lots of carnivals, which means lots of sitting around waiting which means lots of knitting! The wonder of it is though, I’ve NEVER seen a fellow knitter in all these years of carnival going. Can’t get my head around it.

  20. I’ve never knitted in public before last Friday when I knitted a whole sleeve at the NEC, while my husband took part in a focus group on new cars. I was reading a book at the same time which is normal behaviour for me, but other people thought that was strange. In the evenings I’m usually knitting, reading and sort of watching TV simultaneously.

  21. Maryom says:

    The weirdest place I’ve knitted must be in the car – long journeys can be SO dull. I regularly knit while watching TV – even the foreign subtitled crime that fills schedules these days. The only time I lose the plot a bit is when I have to count stitches or rows, but that’s easily enough left till an advert break.

  22. One of the things I used to love about Lib Dem conference was the lady who always sat in the front row with her knitting. Now we are “in government” we have extra security and they confiscate her knitting in the security tent, because apparently the risk that this long-term party member might go and stab Nick Clegg with a knitting needle mid-speech is just too great. This makes me sad.

    • LinB says:

      Makes you want to stab the security worker with a knitting needle. Which would be wrong, let me hasten to add!

  23. Lin says:

    I crocheted a hat for my youngest daughter on the balcony of the ski station at Porters on South Island, New Zealand. I hate ski-ing – what else was I going to do whilst the family threw themselves down the mountainside. I did wear salopettes in an effort to assimilate but the croceht marked me out as weird.

  24. LinB says:

    Weirdest place? Is any place one knits really “weird?” I was knitting socks, whilst standing in a long line to vote in a primary election. I dropped a couple of my extra needles somewhere along the way. One of the poll workers — who usually sat next to me in church choir — found them at the end of the day, recognized what they were, remembered who had been knitting at the polling place, and returned them to me at our next rehearsal. You can’t ask for better service than that from your local government.

  25. Lauren says:

    I don’t think this is weird at all, but back when I used to tolerate bars more (before the smoke got on my last nerves, anyway), I would knit there! Apparently, everyone else thought it was REALLY weird! And it actually offended a few of my friends that I would separate myself with my knitting & not join the conversation – even though I would actually get more involved once my hands were properly occupied. I guess they’d have to be knitters to understand.

  26. pat says:

    My son needed to have emergency surgery. I didn’t realize how nervous I was until the nurse asked me just how long was I going to make that scarf? Every time I wear the scarf I smile because of what the nurse said and because my son flew through the surgery with flying colors.

  27. Sigrid says:

    I love how the young man next to her seem more interested in the knitting than the game! Of course there are all kinds of public displays of knitting: you see a lot of “desperation knitting” before the holidays; there is “calming knitting” spotted in waiting rooms; “making good use of time at sporting events” is quite common actually; I have practiced “Knitting so as not to be annoyed by one’s children” at vacation spots. The strangest place I tried to knit was while going into labor.

  28. Claire says:

    Love your blog although I’ve not been brave enough to actually sew anything yet I keep telling myself I will!
    I’m not sure if this makes me sound really odd but I knitted in the hospital at my mum’s bedside in her last days/hours because it helped me feel connected to her and took the edge off the panic/anxiety. It also really helped to keep me occupied in the weeks that followed.

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sure one day soon you will sew something. Go for it! One step at a time… I bet you’ll make something lovely and feel so proud of yourself. Your anecdote doesn’t sound odd at all. I think that is a lovely way to feel close to your mum and a very clever way of giving your mind and heart room to do whatever they needed to during that time. A real testament to the power of knitting.

  29. superheidi says:

    Well, anywhere where you have to sit and wait is useful. Parks, cafés, gardens, trains, waiting rooms and hairdressers. It’s a conversation starter and I always get lovely encouraging comments.

  30. Debby says:

    I heard about this yesterday on the Jeremy Vine show, it brought a smile to my face. I think only creative crafters can appreciate that it is possible to multi task and enjoy it. How many sewers are sitting watching tv, checking the sewing blogs and sewing at the same time as I type this. I think it is totally acceptable to knit at Wimbledon. The Jeremy Vine item appears to be available on his podcast, he had a lady in the studio who was knitting. Knitting on the radio – unheard of! I recently knitted a dog coat for my four legged friend on the verandah of our holiday cottage overlooking Brixham Marina. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  31. Cassy says:

    I was flipping through my Zite knitting picks this morning and there were at least three different sources reporting on this. CRAZY. I’ve knit while standing in line for roller coasters. That made for some great convos with kids.

  32. Liara says:

    My mom used to knit at my brother’s hockey games. He was so horribly embarassed that he made me promise never to do that to my children, so I’ve only knit at home or while in the car. Maybe my kids will go into competition swimming and I can sit and knit with Paola!

  33. Speattle says:

    Week before last I knit on the table awaiting my anesthesia before some surgery.

  34. Ahhh, the 24 hour news-cycle – there is so much happening in the world that must be reported immediately (!!!!), and now, here’s some knitting. I’d missed this until, but I imagine that the knitter is very possibly mortified. I know I would be.

  35. Lucy says:

    I knit on trains and in my work lunch break which isn’t that odd really, but I did always used to get funny looks when I brought out my cross-stitch at the job centre…

  36. redsilvia says:

    People (usually men) would see me knitting and ask when my baby is due…uh…not pregnant just fat I guess. Embarrassment all around 😉

  37. Sewingmrsc says:

    If I could knit I’d do it watching tennis too, how cool!

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  39. knottedrose says:

    This is not weird at all. I took my knitting to Wimbledon this year (last year i took crochet). I queued for two days to get on to Centre Court. You have to do something to fill all that time waiting. I must admit that i am surprised that she got through the airport style security with those knitting needles as i has to leave mine behind in Left Luggage.

  40. haha fantastic thats the thing about knitting, you really can do it anywhere you want to!

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