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Does anyone remember Tilly’s Day In The Life interview with Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It? I really enjoyed reading about this Clapham coffee shop and sewing mecca. So when I was kindly invited to a press workshop, wild horses would not have kept me away. Cyclists like this place too, it turns out!

On arrival I was offered tea and a choice from three types of cake. Swoon. Several of us had gathered for the morning tutorial on table decoration. By the end of the day, we had uber-efficiently been given the know-how and supplies to make:

  • A table runner (shown to us in miniature by Lisa)
  • A napkin ring (made by our own fair hands)
  • A lantern (project and supplies to take away with us)

That excellent organisation pretty much set the mood. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such care and thought go into a two-hour session. I began to understand what makes Lisa a successful business woman: planning, planning and more planning!

Here’s the lady herself, giving us instruction:

And here’s the class, listening attentively. Recognise someone on the far left?!

I was slightly distracted, because the below dress kept making me drool:

Oh, how I want to make this dress! It’s not to a commercial pattern, but Lisa’s own design. It’s the basis of one of her courses, which I may just have to attend because I REALLY want to make this dress. I believe course details are going up for the Autumn.

Following our instruction, I spent my time working in the building’s beautiful downstairs space:

I sat at a table with two other lovely ladies:

Here I am with my completed napkin ring:

Far too soon, it was time to go home, but we were sent on our way with some lovely items.

Lisa has a book coming out with Ebury in September, but I’m not sure I can wait for a book. I may have to attend one of the classes. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Upcoming classes that still have availability:

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17 Responses to Sew Over It Workshop Fun

  1. LLBB says:

    I hope you take a class and have so much fun!!

  2. Oh it looks fab and I really like the fact that Lisa is organised and knowledgable. Hmm, very tempted to take a class now, especially the one for making that RED DRESS!!!! x

  3. gingermakes says:

    How fun! That dress is gorgeous!

  4. I am extremely jealous and really want to move back to the UK after reading this. There is nothing remotely similar like this in Brisbane. There are sewing classes, but nothing like this.

    Maybe, when I go and visit I’ll go and sneak in a class or two 🙂

  5. she could do one of our meet ups there and have a little workshop.. would be so much fun !

  6. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh what fun!
    Um… I have spotted your ornages and lemons dress in a shop – go have a look!

  7. Sew Over It says:

    Thank you Karen for writing such a lovely piece about us. The photos are fab too! Hope to see you again soon xxx

  8. what a gorgeous dress! looks like a lovely shop. i also really love the dress Lisa is wearing!

  9. shivani says:

    ooo what fun! looks like a lovely shop. I’m booking myself onto one of the courses tootsweet!

  10. What a lovely shop and the lanterns are fab! I have posted my Pattern Pyramid giveaway on my blog

  11. LexiK says:

    I have been to 4 classes there- 3 were amazing and 1 not-so-good, but overall, massive thumbs up from me!
    I am also eyeing up the dress classes- do you know if they provide you with a pattern to take away?
    I especially enjoyed working with leather, I just wish they sold the leather and other supplies in the shop as they’re not easy to track down elsewhere (impossible in my experience!).

  12. Sam says:

    What a fabulous workshop. It looks like you had super fun. What could be better than tea and cake whilst working on lovely crafty projects!
    I NEED that red dress in my life. I’m so tempted by the course.

  13. Karen says:

    What a lovely description of a lovely day. I almost felt like I had been there, too! That red dress is very Mad Men, very gorgeous. And I love the red and black print dress which Lisa is wearing!

  14. I think it’s a good thing I live a long way from such temptations

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