The WIP Pitch Is Pitched!

Spectacular, Spectacular 
No words in the vernacular 
Can describe this great event!

Oh, what a selection of wondrousness I have for you. Prepare to be intrigued, yes, but oh so much more! Can you see me rubbing my hands together with glee? Because I am. For new readers, The WIP Pitch is a blog event where readers can share intriguing photos of Works In Progress, and we try to guess what they’re making.

Without further ado, let the show commence. Screw your thinking caps on. Get your deerstalker hat and smoking pipe out. Can you guess what people are working on? I guarantee one of these is going to be a big surprise…

Isn’t this just beautiful from Nessa’s Place? But what IS it?

Look at these lush colour combos and fabric choices. Can you guess what outfit Stitch and Witter is putting together?

This in from Sunny Gal in California. I believe those two shades are the reverse sides of the same piece of fabric. What could this possibly become?

Now, this is a very special treat. I shall give you a bit of a clue by linking to Emma’s blog, but I shan’t breath another word. Can you guess what this might possibly be?

Don’t you love those pleats? I can just imagine the wonderful drape – but on what? Tell us please, Sew Brunswick!

Hmmm. A curved seam. A print party right there on the mat! But what is Dibs and the Machine making – and did she find a UK supplier?!

I’ve guessed what Amanda is working on. Can you?

Some knitting – huzzah! What does Penny Librarian have on her needles?


More woolly loveliness from A Little Of What You Fancy. A hat? A jumper? Who knows – do you?

I love this shot from Sew Bizzy Lizzy. Do you recognise the pattern pieces?

Another BL – this time Busy Lizzie In Brizzy. (Please check out the gorgeous jacket she’s recently made.) Can you make out those lines of top stitching? Outer wear perhaps? You tell me!

I know Sew Squirrel was hoping to finish this last night. Did she, and what is her FO?

This one’s good. It’s soooo good. I’m not going to link to Beatrice’s blog yet, because it will give the game away. (Though you must take a visit once the secret is revealed.) YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT IT IS! Until Beatrice decides to spill the beans. And they are excellent beans…

And, finally, the piece de resistance from Sew2Pro. Never in my born days did I ever imagine featuring a picture like this when I set up my blog. What the…? I mean, why are you…? Does it…? I don’t know. I just don’t know! Do you have any idea what this mother is making for her children?! I’m stumped.

So, there we are! Feel free to leave a comment with your guesses. When our clever makers are ready to share their secrets, they’ll leave a comment of their own, revealing what they are making. (But make sure you tease us all a little bit first!) I can’t wait. Such fun.

Thanks, guys. And thanks to House of Pinheiro for the original inspiration.

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41 Responses to The WIP Pitch Is Pitched!

  1. Joanne says:

    Ooh ooh is Beatrice’s a bikini? I have no idea what Sew2Pro’s will be – a balaclava??!! Is Nessa’s Place a beautiful quilt? Great round up! Can’t wait to see all the answers

    • Close, but no cigar! Really curious to see if anyone will guess that one.

    • Béatrice says:

      Madewithwhimsy got it right on the button! Yes, it’s a bellydance costume, or at least part of it- I’m still working on the rest of it. Shucks, I knew I should have made the photo a bit less obvious!
      I’m a bellydancer, and although I haven’t done dressmaking for a long time, I kickstarted my sewing again last year, when I started making my own costumes. It doesn’t really tax my dressmaking skills, so much as my embellishment skills.
      This costume has been dubbed the 5-a-Day Costume, on account of the delightful fruity print (I see apples, but one of my friends sees sour green cherries).
      You can see my progress on various costumes on my own blog/journal. The sewing tag link is which would let you avoid all non-sewing related posts.

      I’m very new to the Sewing Blog Community, but it’s been a real inspiration to me. Thanks to Karen for making me feel so welcome!

    • Nessa says:

      Yes! My applique piece is part of a quilt! Well done Joanne!

  2. Marie says:

    This is such a good idea Karen…so much fun! I’m absolutely terrible at guessing, but Is Amanda making a bombshell dress though…?

  3. Sam says:

    What fun! I’m guessing a belly dancing outfit or something similar for Beatrice’s contribution. No idea on the others, but I love the fabric choices of Stitch and Witter, Sew Brunswick and Dibs and the Machine.
    Are you going to do another post where we reveal what our WIP’s are, or do we spill the beans here and now?

  4. lisa g says:

    i know “sew busy lizzy” is a sewaholic thurlow because it’s a wip on my table too! super curious about “sew2pro”…

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    Bingo! I’m so transparent! I think Sew2Pro is making a mask???

  6. Abby says:

    I have a couple of guesses. Is Nessa’s Place an apron? The appliqué is so pretty! I think I’ve seen pleats like Sew Brunswick’s before in the dress pattern Simplicity 2053. I think Marie is right, and Amanda is making a bombshell. And is Sew Squirrel making a Renfrew, or am I just projecting my own sewing dreams? This is so much fun! It makes me want to finish all my unpacking so I can start my own sewing again!

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  8. I am the worst detective ever… I’m thinking disco giraffe, bombshell dress and what the heck is a thurlow? Here’s a couple of clues for my WIP:
    1) I’m using a 19mm crochet hook.
    2) My first is in crochet but not in knitting.
    My second is in double but not in treble.
    My third is in blogger but not in teaser.
    What am I?

  9. The only one I can identify are the Thurlow trousers, from Sew Bizzy Lizzy, as I made them too. And I love the topstitching in the photo that follows.

  10. Emma says:

    I’m thinking Beatrice is perhaps making a bra, which is is a feat of fabric engineering in itself!

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  12. I think Amanda’s is a bombshell dress – and now I’m going back to see what everyone else thinks!

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  14. symondezyn says:

    I love these! They’re all so great! And yes, I’m making a bombshell; I guess it’s pretty obvious to those who’ve made one! ^__^

  15. Nessa says:

    What a mysterious collection! I think Sew2pro is making an eyemask. I really like the colours in A Little of What You Fancy and think it might be a lovely cowl scarf.

  16. Liz says:

    Wow – loads of mystery garments. I thought I watched a lot of crime programmes, but clearly I have learned nothing!! I have no idea what anything is except mine, although now that some have been pointed out it is obvious. For a hint on mine, it is a useful basic wardrobe item for my lower half.

  17. Butterfly says:

    I think Stitch and Witter is putting together another one of her fabulous dresses. And Sunny Gal seems to be making a pencil skirt. Sew Brunswick’s shot looks like one of those faux wrap front bodices. The evening wear kind with pleating going from the centre front and an empire line often seen in evening wear. I’m guessing Amanda is making a bra. And Sew Squirrel looks to be hemming a T-Shirt. But the others are a complete mystery to me.

  18. Carolyn says:

    Oh wow, it will be exciting to see the final things… this is the coollest idea, thanks so much for thinking of the pattern pyramid!

  19. Liz says:

    Mine is a skirt, the picture is of the detail on the waistband. FO now on my blog if you are interested! This was great motivation to get it started (for the WIP picture of course!!) thanks Karen!

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