Olympic fever has most definitely hit London. Everywhere I look there are posters, flags, statues, wandering athletes and organisers emblazoned in Olympic logos. And, yes, there’s corporate sponsorship. (Why, oh why, is McDonalds the official caterer?) Still, there’s no denying the energy.

But as a Londoner of 20+ years’ standing, how can I tell that the mood has really changed? I’ll tell you. People are engaging with each other on the tube. Today whilst travelling, I pulled out my crochet. Immediately, the wooden hook fell from my bag and rolled onto the seat next to me straight under … a man’s thigh.

The embarrassment. The social awkwardness.

I made a vague pointing gesture and he kindly lifted his leg for me to retrieve the crochet hook. Once I had the rosewood stem back in my grasp, I smiled apologetically and he, he… He winked at me!

We haven’t even had the opening ceremony yet. Where is this all going to end?

Craft or Ice Breaker? You Decide.

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24 Responses to Sew-lympics

  1. This post made me smile. Winks should make a come back.

  2. sew2pro says:

    Hm, possibly a useful manouvre if one could get adequate training in getting it under just the right thigh…
    Probably would work as well with sewing needles but who knows!

  3. Sam says:

    Was he worth receiving a wink from?! I’m sure I’d have got dreadfully embarrassed!

    • LinB says:

      I was going to ask if he was a good-looking man, too! Couldn’t have been a corpulent hulk, or she’d never have noticed where the crochet hook fetched up.

  4. it’s fun, isn’t it? hope it carries on afterwards but suspect it has a lot to do with the current spell of sunny weather! and don’t get me started regarding Maccy D’s being a sponsor – i have such a bugbear about that!

  5. Oh good grief, I had a ball of yarn roll across the aisle underneath someones feet, but I guess at least it wasn’t their thigh! 😉

    Over on this side of the pond, I’m getting very excited for the Olympics!

  6. hahaha love it. Winky winky. I once had some bloke on the bus asking if I’d teach his wife to knit. er no lol. Needless to say he wasn’t British, you could be filming a fruity movie right in front of them and the Brits would act like they didn’t notice…

  7. amberjena says:

    I didn’t know McDonalds was the official caterer! ha ha. have they added any olympic-themed items to the menu? Actually i did see a very interesting special on tv about how fast food companies change their menus in various counties to satisfy the tastes of different cultures. (I’m also very excited about the olympics – gymnastics and diving are my favorites to watch.)

    As for the winking, I live in a southern state in the USA and almost everyone waves and says hi to strangers. Were you wearing your cute halter dress with the blue roses (under your “Yes, I Made These!” tab), because i could see why you’d get a wink in that number =) Maybe he has a yarn fetish? =)

  8. MarrieB says:

    Love that pic of the busy street. You can almost feel the energy. Makes me want to visit London!

  9. Colleen says:

    I’ve had perfect strangers chase a runaway ball of yarn down an airplane aisle for me, or retrieve my needle from wherever it rolled to.

    Also, I found Londoners quite friendly (in their own way) when I was there. Then again, I’m Canadian and I hear that we’re considered reserved even by British standards.

  10. MrsC says:

    That’s a very pretty crochet hook, what brand is it? Apart from having its special thigh seeking properties, of course! heehehe. We found Londoners to be really friendly, and responsive to our conversation starting etc, but they could hear we’re not ‘local’ and I guess humour us!

  11. I am a total Olympics geek and an extreme anglophile and it’s unbearably hot here in North Carolina. So, guess how excited I am?????? VERY! My only real problem is figuring out what craft I will do. I get tired of knitting so easily but if I can finish a certain quilt I have binding to do. And cross stitch that’s almost finished. Maybe I’ll start cutting out squares out of my hundred pounds of scrap fabric. Oh, such delightful problems!

  12. CherryPix says:

    Sydney was the friendliest place on earth during the 2000 Olympics. Many locals and visitors commented on how polite and easy-going people were….the crowds were huge but the mood was great! It was one giant party ! Hope you experience the same!

    • Aussies are quite easy-going most of the time, I think. Yeah, we loved the buzz of the 2000 Olympics, so much that made a special trip to see the fireworks at the end. That was special. Hope you enjoy the whole thing, Karen – and as for craft or ice-breaker? Why can’t craft be an ice-breaker? (I could tell you some wild stories about chats I’ve had with people who thought my knitting was some sort of excuse to rave about how ridiculous blokes look in lycra. Really!)

  13. sewbusylizzy says:

    i love this post – brings back such happy memories.
    I agree with CherryPix – Sydney was absolutely awesome during the Olypmics. People singing on trains, you felt safe everywhere, smiling people, helpful people and random people talking to each other. Something that doesn’t happen in our big busy cities. A great vibe. I lived near the Olypmic site and put up with endless ceremony rehearsals and being woken up at all hours by black hawk helicopters in the middle of the night as they ‘practised’. I HATED it – then the torch arrived and the city totally changed. I think everyone should live through one Olypmics in their city and the massive ‘happy happy joy joy party’ it brings with it.

  14. Melody says:




  15. LinB says:

    The only time I’ve ever ridden on a subway was in Mexico City, in 1980, while on a college one-month archaeology class tour. We were on our way from our hotel to the National Museum. Cars were packed full — our whole group had to stand. The not-one-of-my-schoolmates “gentleman” who chose to rub himself up and down my thigh the whole way was … let’s just say, very much overly friendly. I have no desire to ever again ride an underground train.

  16. Elena Cresci says:

    Hahaha! I love this! Being from super-friendly south Wales, I do notice London to be a mite unfriendly from time to time. Then again, I’m not sure my curiously Welsh brand of enthusiasm goes down too well in London 😉

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