When Marketing Works

Isn’t this just the best postcard from Stone Fabrics? I love it. A positive message, understated marketing – it’s all anyone needs.

Less is most definitely more in some things. I have a little collection of favourite flyers and postcards from suppliers. My favourite touch was when Tessuti Fabrics sent me a woven label featuring their logo to sew into a make.

With sewing and crafting on the rise and rise, businesses are understandably keen to reach out to us. What’s the best little touch you’ve seen – and is there anything a supplier has done or does to drive you mad?

Now, go get excited and make things!


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4 Responses to When Marketing Works

  1. Uta says:

    Ten years ago or so I went to a mid-size local Burda exhibition – complete with runway show, sewing machine demonstrations, high-end fabric stand. They gave away Burda labels to sew in. I didn’t know any other pattern companies then and only sewed Burda (and I didn’t have sewing blogs to alert me to cool stuff like my own labels) and I was SO excited, like I might consider my sewn garments to be of an exclusive brand. Thank you for reminding me of that little moment of sewing happiness! The postcard is smashing, and to the point.

  2. michelle says:

    Probably the Tessuti label they sent when I bought fabric from them (which makes it sound like I only bought a little when I fact I buy A LOT and yes, I have a lot of Tessuti labels …)

  3. what a cute way for a business to say hi and clandestinely sell their wears. Very clever but not over bored. I’ve never received something like that but I hope I will one day!

  4. poppykettle says:

    ooh, I had no idea Tessuti sent out those labels. I’m lucky enough to live nearby and buy in-store – they have a lolly jar full of those cute little labels next to the cutting tables. I’ve yet to receive anything that’s given me a smile on the inside – but I do have a few favourite smaller fabric shops that make me feel like a long-lost family member… that’ll do me for now. I love the postcard too, btw!

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