2012 Olympic Torch – Did You Light That?

When we discovered that the Olympic torch was going to pass our office today, my colleagues and I knew we’d want to share the fun. Only one problem – it would be passing our office at 7.30am. Was that going to stop the die-hards? No way!

At 5am my alarm went and I leapt out of bed. 45 minutes later I was cycling into town, glad of the cool early morning air and empty streets. One quick change later in the toilets of my local Starbucks, and I was ready to join the gang for some excitement.

We gathered outside Kings Cross. In a bleary haze I pointed towards a relatively empty part of the street. ‘Why don’t we go there?’ I asked. Little did any of us know, but one of the torch bearers was being interviewed in that spot. We’d stumbled upon Olympic gold!

The whole thing was mega-exciting. But the question on every Sewist’s lips, which handmade items made it to this historic moment?

My Tilly Picnic Blanket Skirt and Spotty Sorbetto.

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15 Responses to 2012 Olympic Torch – Did You Light That?

  1. Pin Queen says:

    Great pictures! When the torch came to Swindon they ran down a dead end street so threw the schedule by 15mins. We are really looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow evening, will you be watching?

  2. The torch went by my house and it was so much fun watching it… I finished my Olympic outfit … Cannot wait to share. Im loving the Olympic spirit x

  3. Sam says:

    How exciting! I have to admit I haven’t really been in the “Olympic” spirit until now, but I’m actually starting to get just a little bit excited.

    I do love your spotty Sorbetto by the way!

  4. Coco says:

    Sixteen years ago I ran willy nilly up my street to watch the torch go by..and cried with an overwhelming happiness just to be alive and part of it all!

  5. The torch passed about 100m from my house on Tuesday and I took my two boys to see it. It was actually quite emotional seeing the whole community come out to cheer, I’m so glad I made the effort, even though it wasn’t quite so heroic as yours! I bet you don’t regret it though.
    And the Sorbetto must be the Olympic torch sewists’ favourite – I was wearing my Sorbetto dress that day too! x

  6. PS. I love that girl’s red dress in the 2nd to last photo. Is she one of your colleagues?! x

  7. Anne W says:

    I’m loving the way everyone is getting excited about the Olympics. The torch didn’t come to my town, but went through Chipping Campden where Daughters no 1&2 go to school, so we joined the party there. Loved it!

  8. michelle says:

    I love the Olympics. I LOVE this post! I am planning on hand sewing my Lotta Jansdotter quilt in front of the Olympics. Bugger about the time difference and my full-time job!

  9. Pella says:

    You don’t look as though you got up at 5am. Did you stitch some magic blearless eye dust into spotty sorbetto?

  10. My Boy was quite young at the time of the Sydney Olympics, but he and I were lucky enough to be able to drive to the end of our street and watch the torch relay (my recollection is that there was a change of runners nearby). I still have snaps (hard copy, of course) and, yes, you can see the flame. How exciting to thing that same flame is now burning in London!

    I agree that you don’t look bleary-eyed, but my suspicion is that Starbucks was more than just a change room. They do coffee, don’t they??

  11. Love the red dress and red hair that lady’s sporting in the penultimate pic!

  12. LinB says:

    Hurray! You’ll be so glad, in years to come, that you made this Herculean effort to get there. Glad you had sunshine for the event.

  13. Vicki says:

    I live in a small town on the island of Montreal, and when the OIympic torch was travelling across Canada in 2010, I just assumed it would only be hitting the big cities. Lo and behold, I was just getting my kids out of the bath one night when we heard some police sirens whooping in the village. My two naked kids ran to the window and we just got to see the torch running by! They had no idea what it was, but thought that someone running down the street WITH FIRE IN THEIR HANDS was super cool!

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