I Put The ‘Ramble’ Into ‘Ramblings’

First things first! The winner of the four buttons from the giveaway celebrating completion of my Simplicity 4934 vintage pattern is Jacq C of the blog A Good Talking To. Hurrah! Jacq makes some lovely things, including a Tilly Blanket Skirt, and has a fab writing style. Check her out. Jacq, I’ll be in touch for contact details.

And whilst I’m talking of checking out blogs, may I urge you all to go visit Oz Viking who has just posted about a truly sophisticated dress she’s made from the pattern she won in Scruffy Badger’s giveaway. Any European readers looking for Autumn dress inspiration, this is the place to go. I’m always so pleased when Oz Viking posts, as she set up her blog on the back of the Pyjama Party.

Now, the Olympics! You’d have done well to spot me as I was up in the Gods. Not that this made a jot of difference to our enjoyment of the spectacle. Even for this non-engager-with-competitive-sport, I could see that the game was a really excellent, tight one. (It helped that my sister would lean over and say, ‘You know this point is crucial, don’t you?’) The match (game? who knows) was between Russia and Bulgaria and it’s safe to say, we knew who our immediate neighbours supported.

Personally, I was impressed that the Olympic Committee had carefully matched the stadium colour scheme to my Lobster Dress. It’s true what they say, this is the best organised Olympics in living memory. They even anticipated me making this dress in August!
Some unexpected surprises on the day were bumping into Miranda Hart on a photo shoot and having my embroidery scissors confiscated at Olympic security. I was thrilled to whip up a miniature storm of protest on Twitter when I posted about my lost scissors! May I just say that @mariadenmark shared a top tip. Next time, take some dental floss. The little blade on the floss holder can be used to cut thread, too. Genius. Take that Olympic security! Should I, you know, make it to Rio.
Miranda Hart on photoshoot. WHY didn’t I get my photo taken with her?
Finally, doing any crafting this weekend? If you’re in the UK and ordering wool for new knits – like knitted rugs – I should mention that Deramore are offering 15% off their entire range to celebrate their birthday. You just need to use the below coupon code. (Grrr. I’m so annoyed. I placed an order earlier in the week.)


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  1. MariaDenmark says:

    I am happy to share the tip , should you make it to Rio – and it’s also very useful when flying, btw.
    I didn’t spot you, the little of the match I watched, but I must say your lobster dress was perfect for the occasion!

  2. JacqC says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so excited, thank you (my OH has just gone to make a restorative cuppa – apparently me yelling ‘I won’ isn’t the ideal way to be woken up!). My question is why did Miranda Hart not rush to be photographed with you in your lobster dress? I’ve given up with scissors, can’t get my head round all the rules, so carry nail clippers instead but the dental floss container is a great idea. 😀

  3. Miriana says:

    Don’t you just cut thread with your teeth? Or, is that just me?

  4. livebird says:

    Oh, I love Miranda Hart. I would have fallen over myself, star-struck and gabbling, to meet her!

    Your lobster dress is awesome. I made one years ago and called it the Frock Lobster (ooh ahhh) – oh how I wish it still fit! http://wesewretro.com/2007/08/frock-lobster-ooh-aaahh/

  5. Not only did the stadium echo your colour scheme, your immediate neighbours looked to have been at least in the right sorts of tonings!

  6. Melody says:

    I understand your feelings on the embroidery scissors!
    When I used to live in Stratford, and the security at the station got a bit crazy, me and my friends were bag searched, and then we were taken into a room for questioning because we all had a bag of pattern making equipment – apparently “We’re fashion students!” doesn’t fly with security when you have four people stashing multiple pairs of scissors, braddles and pattern wheels in their bags.

    This came just hours after our pattern making lecturer told us that she used to take her braddle out with her when she went clubbing…. Crazy woman.

    I love the dress, though! It’s crazy, in the good way. And I like crazy.

  7. ozviking says:

    It was indeed very clever of the Olympic committee to choose a colour scheme to match your gorgeous lobster dress. How does it feel to be in the middle of all the sporting activity? Do you get caught up in the emotions? I think I would. I love following our athletes on TV but unfortunately the timing is not so great for us ‘Down under’. Thank you so much for referring to my blog and your kind comments.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Haha, how thoughtful of the committee to have matched your dress so perfectly! : ) As for cutting thread on the go, I always take a nail clipper. It gets through airport security, but I’m not sure about the Olympics (I should be so lucky to get in)!

  9. MrsC says:

    Oh how exciting to see Miranda, I LOVE her!! And i you ever get the yen to knit some gorgeous NZ alpaca/merino mix, let me know. We have a wonderful range of it xoxo

  10. pat says:

    Your posts are so humble. I would have never in a million years thought you were so famous that the Olympic Committee would coordinate with your lobster dress. I’m sure if you had explained who you are the powers that be would have never taken your scissors 🙂 Your dress is really cute.

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