Pyjama Party – The Classes

Ola! Does anyone remember the fun we had when I launched our Pyjama Party, back in April? I’m delighted to announce that on the back of our sewing, I’m going to be teaching a Pyjama Party course of four classes right here in Walthamstow, London.

This plan was hatched from coincidence, enthusiasm and serendipity. Two months after the Pyjama Party I met Catherine of Significant Seams, on an afternoon I blogged about here.

Not only is Catherine as lovely as she looks, but she’s pursuing an inspiring initiative to make crafting local and enabling. I helped out recently on a class teaching sewing to relative beginners and we had a blast – plus I met lovely neighbours I didn’t even know I had.

On the back of this, we’ve decided to hold a Pyjama Party workshop. It will be spread over four Saturdays and will cost £60 for eight hours of teaching. Cheap at half the price! We’re consciously keeping class sizes small to make things friendly and relaxed. This experience should be about fun, friendship, learning and an awesome encounter with fabric and a sewing machine. Plus, students will have a pair of pyjama bottoms and a pyjama bag to take away with them.

Apart from exploratory excursions (cough – communal fabric shopping – cough) the classes will be held at the Significant Seams hub in Wood Street Market. Seriously, guys, you need to check this place out. They’re doing Extreme Knitting this Saturday as part of their fiesta!

Need more convincing? What else?

  • We’ll demystify body measurements, fabric choice and cutting out.
  • We’ll learn how to work with (free) downloadable PDF patterns. Sellotape to the ready!
  • There will be everything you’d expect from a beginner sewing class, plus woven ‘Made By Me’ labels, a map of Walthamstow market, class hand outs, blogger tips (more on that to come) and one heck of a lot of fun!

For even more  details check out the link here.

Basically, we are going to have more laughs than you can shake a stick at – and there’ll be lots to learn. So if you’re in the area, go on over and book a place, but be quick. As I said, the class is going to be compact and bijoux.

And now over to you, dear readers. I know many of you took part in the Pyjama Party. Did you learn any top pyjama tips that you’d share with a novice? I’d love to put together a Blogger’s Guide as one of my hand outs. And you can be sure, I’ll be blogging about the classes! So we might all learn something new.


8 & 22 September

13 & 20 October

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18 Responses to Pyjama Party – The Classes

  1. charlotte says:

    what fantastic news! I hope it goes well. My biggest problem is getting the elastic the right tension and not twisting it.

  2. Kathryn says:

    What a great idea! I’ve used your pyjama party sewalong instructions 3 times now – and I can definitely see an improvement with each pair. For a novice like me they made so much more sense than the instructions that came with the pattern, thank you! I’m sure your class will be a sellout!

  3. Marie says:

    Oh Karen, this is excellent news! As much as I enjoyed your ‘virtual’ sewalong, I’m jealous of the people of Walthamstow who are lucky enough to get your expert face-to-face tuition! Have a grand time and please do update us ;o)

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats!!!! You might give up your writing career in favor of sewing soon! 🙂

  5. symondezyn says:

    That is so awesome, congratulations!! Well deserved!! You are exactly the kind of great teacher that will be super successful, as you are always open to learning yourself – I’m sure you’ll welcome many new people into the wonderful world of sewing! ^__^

  6. Sarah says:

    Yay! Congratulations!! People couldn’t ask for a better teacher 🙂

  7. Helen Made says:

    Oh congratulations – well done! I’m quite jealous I don’t live down in London to be honest! 🙂

  8. Roobeedoo says:

    Hee hee – hasn’t Wood Street moved up in the world eh?! Congratulations! I wonder if anyone I know will come along…?

  9. Melizza says:

    Congrats on your teaching gig! You will be a wonderful instructor.

  10. It’s probably true that I can manage beginner sewing all right, but I do wish I were there to be part of it all!

  11. gingermakes says:

    How fun! I bet you’ll be a great teacher!

  12. punkmik says:

    ooo awesome! congrats! wished I lived closer! Going to the fabric market in 2 weekends time! yay! so exciting! 😀

  13. Zoe says:

    Oh congrats lady!!! That’s going to be a blast! xxx

  14. Suze says:

    congratulations, what a great idea! I wish I had thought to do french seams (or taken the time to at least zig-zag my raw edges) for added strength and finesse. More haste less speed, that’s me all over! Have fun. S x

    • Dharini says:

      Hi Karen – Just stumbled upon your blog – and realised that I missed the first 2 classes of pyjama party! I am a beginner sewer and would love to enrol if you do hold another one, maybe cold wintry saturdays 😉 Great stuff on the blog!

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