Walthamstow Market – Downloadable PDF Map

Whoop, whoop! On Saturday I took my first Pyjama Party sewing class at Significant Seams. The lesson covered taking body measurements and making fabric selections – which meant a trip to Walthamstow market to buy fabric!

Saeed Fabrics didn’t disappoint.

It was so nice to meet my students, all of whom are super-lovely. I think we’re going to end up with an awesome collection of pyjama bottoms.

To prepare for our outing, I decided to make a new map of the market, highlighting my favourite places to shop. When I say ‘I made’ I mean someone else made it for me, so a big thank you to Ian!

You can download the map here, perfect for printing out next time you visit the market. It includes a handy meeting point, should you be going with a group of friends. It doesn’t include every single shop and stall, just my favourites. But the really big news is… Drum roll… There’s a new fabric shop in Walthamstow!

I only discovered this place because our cab driver dropped us off outside. It had opened two days previously! The shop is down a tiny side street, but miss it and you’d miss out. (It’s marked number 6 on the map.) Look at this gorgeous paisley one of the students bought here…

So, there we are. New students, new shop. Anything new going on in your life?

NOTE There were several requests for me to add a list of blogger attendees to this post about the V&A outing. I think I’ve included everyone, but let me know if your blog needs adding.

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50 Responses to Walthamstow Market – Downloadable PDF Map

  1. Pin Queen says:

    Hi, thanks a million for the map, it’s a great help as I’m just planning a trip for October! Pennies are being stashed, dust blown off the shopping trolley and I’m breaking in a pair of flats especially for the day….. a quick question, does the market finish early on a Saturday? I’d hate to turn up and everyone is packing up!

  2. MariaDenmark says:

    Thank you!
    Actually we were a bunch of sewing friends from Patternreview.com who went to Walthamstow in 2006 (I believe it was) and since then I’ve been wanting to go back. Having only been in London with my son, my mother and my husband since then (and none of them can stand fabric shopping, unfortunately) I haven’t had the chance to go yet, but I think I’ll try to save up for a trip next summer! With fabric minded friends!

  3. Great map Karen (well done Ian!).
    You reminded me I never updated my own map I made round Easter time – must get around to it soon LOL 🙂

  4. Tilly says:

    Oh brilliant idea! And yay to starting teaching! Such a great idea to take your students fabric shopping – I remember feeling a bit daunted going into a fabric shop (or even knowing where to go to begin with) when I needed fabric for my first class. Hope it went well xx

  5. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness,I love saeed fabrics! I bought a whole load of bargainaceous fabric there in august whilst visiting a London friend. I’m planning a trip with my mum and gran over Christmas!

  6. Marie says:

    Glad your first session was such a success, I bet your students can’t wait for the next ones!!! Great map too, thanks very much!

  7. Roobeedoo says:

    You are SO organised! And that’s exactly what Walthamstow needs – another fabric shop! 😉

  8. Joanne says:

    Ooh I think a new fabric shop requires immediate investigation – thanks for the tip! Yet another reason to move to Walthamstow!

  9. Josephine Grahl says:

    Oh, this is brilliant – thanks! I live in walthamstow and must investigate. One of the shops I really like is not on your map though – it’s about six doors down from Saeed’s. I think it might just be called Fabric Shop. It’s a very odd shop and often smells a bit funny and they have a very random assortment of fabrics but nothing is more than £3 a metre, and I’ve bought lots of really nice wools and lining fabics from there for absolute knock down prices.

  10. it sounds like a wonderful place and as if a wonderful time was had by all

  11. Pella says:

    I tell myself to get to Walthamstow market each time I go to London and have yet to make it. Maybe next time. Thanks for the helpful map.

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  13. sylkotwist says:

    Thank you Karen, a very helpful post and extremely useful little map. Just been for the first time and it was so exciting!

  14. Maria says:

    Hi Karen,
    I am looking for curtains and upholstery fabric. Do you think I might find it there?
    Many thanks.

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  16. hi Karen, thank you for all the tips. i’m new to sewing and find your blog really helpful. do you think i could find some good jersey there?

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  19. Sharon says:

    Hello. I am coming to London and trying to work out where I should go fabric shopping! What days is the Walthamstow Market open with fabric stalls? Thanks!

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  21. Linda ramsbottom says:

    I am a new follower of your blog and I love it! I live in Ireland and will be in London for a short break in August. I hope to stock up on fabric and notions while there as even basics are really expensive here….€14 per metre for lightweight cotton. Of course if you want anything “fancy” like Moda ot Tilda expect to pay €22 per metre. Any advice on hot spots to hit over 2-3 days? Is Walthamstow Market the no.1 place to go? Thanks in advance. Look forward to your blog every day, especially when there are photos of Ella.

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  24. Zee says:

    That’s a great map, a lot better than a birds eye view of Google, definitely made me smile. I think most of those shops are still there. Back in the day, the market was absolutely packed with fabric stalls and shops, not as much as then but still a fair few. Do you live in Walthamstow?


  25. Katie M says:

    Thank you so much for the map. I am headed to Walthamstow this morning, and just stumbled across the map. If you decide to update your Walthamstow Fabric Shopping post, you should definitely include this map.

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  28. sheena says:

    I am looking for 4 way stretch fabrics for dance costumes do they sell that there as well. The brighter and sparklier the better!

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  30. Beatriz says:

    Thank you ver much for your post, very interesting!
    Could you tell me if the market is open on Sundays?
    Thank you!

  31. Brilliant! Was only wondering this morning whether Walthamstow still sold fabrics as I haven’t been for many years. Want to make some curtains. Thank you for the map and info 🙂

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  33. suzanne says:

    Haven’t been to Walthamstow since I was a teenager but took a trip today. So much fabric I was so I was spoilt for choice. Loved the map too

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  35. New sewer says:

    I work near w/stow market and I am new to sewing. Only just learnt to sew in straight line. Are there any classes nearby?

  36. DanceTeacherSewer says:

    This is great thank you! – I am fairly new to sewing and am a dance teacher so am interested in giving lycra costumes a go. Do any of these shops stock Lycra? and if so do that funky patterned Lycra or is it all plain colours? Thanks again am planning to get in a trip soon.

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  38. Haute Arabia says:

    Is this only open on Saturday’s?

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  40. Maria says:

    hello, do you have an update for 2018? is the info still valid? im going to london in june for fabric shopping. many thanks Maria

  41. Thomas Paull says:

    Looking for a 1959 singer featherweight 221do you know anyone who might have one
    Thanks Thomas

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