B4087 Apron

Oh, I know. I’m being insufferably twee, aren’t I? But indulge me. I’ve barely had chance to sew recently, and needed something achievable, comforting, simple. I needed to get from A to B and remember that I could sew.

Enter the B4087ย – still available to buy. Miss P very kindly allowed me to go through her pattern stash recently, and this is one of the patterns I took away with me. It really is soooo sweet with several vintage-style options.

It’s ripe for embellishment. My pattern suggested ric rac, which I thought might have been tooย saccharine, so I opted for a lace detail at the pocket instead.

The dotty cotton came from a scrap in my stash, left over from a make for a friend. Don’t you just love it when you get to justify keeping those scraps? The floral cotton came from Saeed Fabrics on Walthamstow market. I allowed them to convince me to buy acres of the stuff a few months back. Isn’t it lovely?

This pattern is very much promoted as a beginner pattern. Yes, you could totally make this as a beginner – but it does have its challenges. You have to make your own bias binding to trim the scalloped hem. Actually, you don’t have to but I think it would have been a crying shame not to have fashion fabric binding. And there are those wiggly scallops to sew a deep trim on.

Pinking scissors should be your friend on this make. Most seams became pinked. I also added a ribbon hanging loop at the rear of the waistband for hanging the apron on a door hook:

I keep thinking. A slow and steady Apronalong? In time for Christmas? I bet you already have scraps of fabric you could use. Let me know if you’d be up for it!

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48 Responses to B4087 Apron

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    I’d love a slow and steady Apron Along. Particularly if I could kitsch it up for Christmas! My sewing time has disasppeared (got my dress done for the Brother In Law’s wedding though!) and probably isn’t going to resurface any time soon, so a simple project sounds lovely.

  2. Joanne says:

    Count me in – can we have cake? I love your apron – perfect gift too for friends and family!

  3. sew2pro says:

    I’ve made dozens of aprons for children (yeah, like they’re gonna cook for us…) but never for myself, so I’m up for it. Might stop me wiping my hands on my jeans….

  4. Sam says:

    An apron-along sounds wonderful, count me in! I love yours, the scallops are perfect.

  5. punkmik says:

    oooo i love it! also all the vintage twists! ๐Ÿ˜€ Actually I really want to make an apron! Would love to join in! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Marie says:

    Ooooh, I love it! I’ve made a fair few aprons (for me, as Xmas/Bday gifts, to order) and I can’t get enough. So yes, I’d love to join an Apronalong, especially as your Pyjama Party was so much fun. Let’s hope I don’t make anything too hideous this time though ;o)

  7. Gemma says:

    Oooo I’d love an Apronalong and I’ve got that very pattern! Bought it years ago and have never made it up. Yours is adorable!

  8. Actually, I really think I’d love an Apronalong! Although my inner 70’s feminist is screaming what are you thinking woman!!! But then I’ve always wiped my hands on my jeans, it comes from working in a lab coat many years ago. I need a new apron, the plastic one I inherited from my mum is cracking up.

    • Oh yes, I know! But I think a pretty apron doesn’t stop me from being feminist. My feminism is shown in the way I live my life – and I think I’ve stayed really true to my principles in that regard. So I have earned my right to wear a floral apron!!! But I totally see where you’re coming from.

      • I totally agree with you, Karen- I’m of the school of thought that my feminism means I expect respect and equal rights, but that equality doesn’t have to mean “act the same as men”. I choose to cook and bake and so I need an apron to save my clothes! Why not make a pretty one that makes you smile?!

  9. I’d love to be part of an apronalong. That’s certainly a lovely one.

  10. byhandlondon says:

    Love it! A bit of twee never hurt anyone, and we all need those quick fix projects to get back into the swing of things. Hooray for instant gratification!

  11. Yes please, I have been wanting to make an apron for ages. I’m often cooking and baking but I’m oh sooo messy so I’ve always got an apron on and my shop bought ones are so boring. I just love yours, Karen. My first thought on seeing it was Oh wow! Its gorgeous.

  12. Erika says:

    Adorable apron! Love it! I’m sure an apron like this would make a lovely gift =)
    The apronalong sounds like loads of fun, but unfortunatly this fall is overloaded with things to do, and everything has been carefully planned, so no wriggle room to add just one more projcet =( But I’ll read along and enjoy seeing how it’s put together!

  13. sewbusylizzy says:

    Oh yes, I’m in – I love a bit of trim! Well…. maybe a lot of trim…
    Slow sewing – sounds like we should throw in a casserole or two as well!

  14. Peggy says:

    Me too. Have several apron patterns in my pattern stash. Even some for children. Some of the childrens aprons are used for school crafts and the like to keep their clothes clean instead of using a backwards button up shirt… Instead of cooking and baking purposes…

  15. Frog says:

    Count me in, especially if it looks as good as yours!!

  16. Sally says:

    Sounds like a good project for my first sew along–I’m in.

  17. Peggy says:

    Checked my apron pattern stash. I have B4087…

  18. Beautiful!!! And your photos are just lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Amoly10 says:

    I’m in.

  20. LinB says:

    Oh, I so very much like the spotted dotted apron you made! My grandmother’s sister always complained bitterly when she received an apron in her Sunday school’s Christmas gift exchange. She felt it showed a distinct lack of imagination to just wrap up an apron; besides which, “No one wears aprons anymore.” 40 years later, I DO wear aprons. I need bibbed ones, as I am a Wiper, from neck to knee. Friends who have a controlling nature insist that you can train that tendency out of a child, but I strongly disagree. Once a Wiper, always a Wiper.

  21. Dorothy says:

    Absolutely lovely, and the hanging loop is such a good idea. I’ve made the nanna overall style from Simplicity 4282, top left on the pattern envelope -http://www.simplicity.com/p-2142-aprons.aspx which I wear for doing housework but I’d like a pretty one too. On the scallops – are they sewn in curved seams or appliqued?

  22. honigdesign says:

    Very cute, picturing candy canes and stripes!

  23. Karine says:

    That is a brilliant idea ! I’m in.

  24. gmariesews says:

    I love the polka spots! it’s a beautiful apron and you look stunning. I would love to play along and I love the ideas of adding in casserole recipes, or soup or cake. g

  25. MarrieB says:

    Great apron, love the polka dots. An apron along sounds fun!

  26. Gaynor says:

    What a smashing idea, I’d love to take part!

  27. Kat says:

    An apronalong? A chance to make this lovely…garment? (Is an apron a garment?!) In time for Christmas? How can I say no? It will also give me a chance to make a decent attempt at my new years resolution to stashbust after all!!

  28. Melizza says:

    What a gem! The lace was a great call. Definitely makes it more sophisticated.

  29. Portia says:

    Love it! So glad that pattern’s getting some use. I’d be up for an Apron sewalong, but would I have to buy another copy of that pattern to do it, lol?

  30. Gaylene says:

    Oh yes please, and there are some fabulously kitsch and Christmassy fabrics at Fancy Moon which would be perfect. You look lovely!

  31. Diane says:

    Have to admit to being a long time lurker on your blog and a few others. I have very very little sewing experience and am about to start one to one lessons. This might be a nice side project to get me in the way of sew alongs so count me in.

  32. Anne says:

    I love your apron – or “pinny” as we call them in my part of Scotland. If I may be so bold, I have a couple of sewing tutorials on my blog for pinnies/aprons which I would love people to use if they don’t want to buy a pattern. Here’s the link to them – http://annelee55.blogspot.co.uk/p/sewing-tutorials.html
    If that’s way too cheeky, feel free to remove my comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Peggy says:

    Made up 2 mini half aprons a few years back with wrap around pockets. If you scan down on this link to my blogspot to numbers 7 and 8 you’ll see them. I did a double row of wrap around pockets on one of them. Further on down, I mention how to make them up.
    The link to them:
    Gave out some half and full aprons last year at Christmas time that really went over big. All different styles and different prints. Believe it or not, it was at a family gathering, and to my amazement, everyone was switching aprons with each other, like an on the spot apron swap with the aprons I made up and gave them…Made up some of the full barbeque aprons for the men too… LOL.

  34. poppykettle says:

    It’s totally gorgeous. Perfect for whipping up a little something in the kitchen, and look good doing it!

  35. Funny timing as i am contemplating apron making! Yours is fancy pants and very pretty….I could be in for an apronalong….:-)

  36. I’m in! Mine probably won’t be as pretty as yours though, I’m toying with the idea of recreating the first thing I ever sewed at school – a navy gingham apron with my name chain stitched across the bib in red! I think it has to be done! x

  37. Perfectly timely. I would love to take part.

  38. Sandy P says:

    I’m a bit late….don’t know where I’ve been!??

    Anyhooo….you’ve “made me” buy the pinny pattern! LOL! A couple of christmases ago I kept dropping hints and even went so far as to leave a page from a gift catalogue out so that someone would buy me a full on apron….no one took the hint. My friend did get me a vintage one but it’s so tiny and a delicate pale pink fabric I’m too scared to use it!

    So…onwards with my own I think….I’m going for full on frill sleeve straps too, I probably wont join the sewalong but I shall watch and get good tips!


  39. Amanda says:

    That is so adorable and I would love an apron sew along. I get stuck on frumpy, practical aprons, so something new and creative would be awesome!

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