Apronalong – Patterns and Prepping

Do you have your fabric chosen? Have you pre-washed it? Good-oh! For any novice readers, pre-washing is really easy. Chuck your fabric into the washing machine at whatever temperature you would normally use for a household wash. Air or tumble dry. If your fabric is going to shrink, you want this to happen before you start sewing. Trust me, don’t skip this step – I’ve seen fabric shrink horribly.

Whilst this is going on, you can cut out or trace your pattern pieces. If you’re using the same pattern as me – the Butterick B4087, View C – you’ll need to cut out or trace the following pattern pieces:

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

The good news is that sizing is extremely simple – small through to extra large. Take your body measurements and choose accordingly.

Now, you don’t have to follow the same pattern as me. There are myriad pattern options out there, and some great FREE online tutorials with beautiful photography:

  • This is a lovely apron for the little ones in your life.
  • There’s an adjustable unisex apron here, with some very handy pockets.
  • A very pretty reversible half apron tutorial here.

But, heck! Why am I sending you to all these other blog posts and tutorials? On the Apronalong, you can make aprons out of old jeans, pillow cases, bed sheets, curtains, vintage table cloths – anything! I even saw a great Seventies towel recently and thought, Ooh, apron. (Hmmm, maybe I should go back and buy that. It was only £1.)

If you don’t want to invest in a pattern, I can give you three measurements for oblongs, which will give you a gathered half apron with waistband/ties and pocket:

  • Waistband and Ties 208x9cm (to be folded over horizontally)
  • Patch Pocket 17x26cm
  • Apron Panel 84x50cm

Cut out these three rectangles, and I’m sure you can work out the rest for yourself! You may want to add interfacing to the waistband (though my pattern doesn’t suggest that) and if you want to hem with bias tape, you’ll need some of that, also. That’s it!

So, let’s all start getting ready. I am thrilled to say I have some yummy guest posts on embellishment lined up, but in the meantime, we can cut out and prep our pattern pieces. More, as they say, to come!

PS Ever thought you didn’t need to see home-sewn Rhinestone Cowboy Aprons? You were wrong. Check out these beauties on Flickr!

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15 Responses to Apronalong – Patterns and Prepping

  1. Sam says:

    Oooh, my pattern hasn’t come yet! However, after your mention of denim as a possible fabric choice I have salvaged a pair of wide legged soft denim jeans that I had in the recycling bag. I’ll have to piece my pattern, but I think I might have enough to be able to use that as the main fabric. Just need to find something pretty for the contrast now.

    • Don’t panic – we’re absolutely not rushing anything! This is going to be a Snail Pace Sewalong. Ooh, your ideas sound fabulous. Denim really rocks for aprons. For one thing, it’s indestructible.

  2. SachitaBean says:

    Oooh, and how fortuitous – Quilt Inspiration has a post today on Free Apron Patterns! For now I’m still thinking about doing a modified clothespin apron, but we’ll see if any of these change my mind! http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/2012/09/free-pattern-day-aprons.html

  3. Jenny says:

    I need to ask a question… already. Hopefully I won’t need to ask too many during the course of this project.
    My pattern also has not arrived yet, but I did to go buy my fabric tomorrow (only chance to get to the shop). Can you advise what size piece I need to buy, I’m assuming only a small amount. But I’d be annoyed if I didn’t get enough. I’m thinking Christmas Fabric (if its not too early to say that word) for my first attempt.
    Thanks for doing this. It is the encouragement I need to tackle a ‘real’ project.
    Thanks. Jen.

  4. Laura says:

    I have a question here, given that I’ve never pre washed fabric in my life. I have 2 cottons in quite bright colours. Does colour tend to run when you pre wash? Or can I chuck them both in together? Thanks, any help would be appreciated. 🙂

    • Would you wash them together in a laundry wash, or would you separate them into a white wash and a colour wash? I tend to do whatever I would with a laundry wash – and will often throw a piece of fabric in with a laundry wash. If you’re washing at 30 or 40 degrees, I’d be surprised if the colours ran. What colours are they?

      • Have you heard of colorgrabbers? You get them from Lakeland-http://www.lakeland.co.uk/20647/Color-Grabber , and I can’t live without one. Just throw it in the wash with your stuff and you will never have unwanted pink undies again. It’s great for prewashing fabric you’re suspicious of.

      • One is black and the other is white with lime green flower – I might just throw them in together and hope for the best.
        Thanks for the advice.

  5. I’m hoping to make some proper progress on this over the weekend (ours is a three-day one).

  6. Neither my pattern or fabric have arrived yet,so I’ll be following in spirit at the moment!

  7. Wanda Black says:

    One of my favorite aprons is one I made starting with a kitchen hand towel. Simply add the apron ties and a pocket and you’re done. I did gather it a bit in the front so it looked fuller. Sure comes in handy since when cooking I’m always washing and drying my hands. Give it a try for your next apron. Wanda.

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