True Confessions – I Lie About My Stash

Thank you all so much for engaging with last week’s inaugural True Confession! I learnt so much – namely, that I’d been doing nothing wrong. Ah, the lovely sensation of a shed load of guilt lifting off my shoulders…

But there’s no time to waste! More confessions are eager to wriggle their way to the surface. Next, my sewing stash.ย I’ve regularly claimed that I only have one plastic box of stash (see above). ‘Oh, I don’t have a large stash,’ I write on other people’s blogs. ‘If the box gets too full, I know it’s time to stop shopping.’

Oh, dear. Let’s take a little circuit of the house, shall we? What’s that box directly beneath the TV? The one that’s been sat there for weeks…

I might be wrong, but that looks like fabric.

Shall we move over to the IKEA sideboard in my living room? There’s a lot of mess on there. Some of it looks like it’s woven from fibres…

And if we open that sideboard, there’s a package wrapped in plastic that’s worth exploring…

How did that get in there?

I’m not even going to explore the ironing pile. The ironing pile that contains fabric that’s been sitting there for months…

I’ve lied. I’ve lied to myself, I’ve lied to the people who love me, and I’ve lied to those who thought I was a better person. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me? And can you help? What do I do about this?! (Other than carry my own body’s weight in fabric up to Birmingham for Marie and Kat’s meet-up that includes a swap?)

Do you have a similair stash confession? Or is there something else you’d like to get off your chest this week? Feel free to share. After all, we’re all friends here.

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71 Responses to True Confessions – I Lie About My Stash

  1. Liz says:

    I forgive you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think we all have fabric all over the place, I was only just consolidating my stash last night, now it looks huge. Time for some stash busting I think. Perhaps a stash busting sewalong?

  2. Erika says:

    It’s ok, you are amongst friends =)
    I do the same! I would for example say that all my fabrics fit into my storage cabinet, after my purge some months ago. I would say it and believe it, totally ignoring the (at least) two boxes of fabric I have stored in the cellar. Like, if it’s not in the appartement it doesn’t count.
    Btw, that teal in the second to last picture looks very, very interesting…

  3. Carolyn says:

    I haven’t exactly lied about my stash, but that’s probably only because I avoid mentioning it. It’s outgrown it’s space and is starting to take over an entire room. It is definitely time to follow through with the projects I’ve already planned, before I start acquiring more fabric for other projects not yet planned. I would totally be in for a stash-busting sew-along.

  4. I’ve been sewing heaps this week, but I find the more I sew the more fabric I purchase fabric (sigh!). The parcel delivery man handed me a parcel last week when I was loading things into the boot of my car and I’ve only lived in this house for 6 months! A selfish sewing stash busting sew-a-long would be super.

  5. Hello, my name is Giggles in the Sun and I have a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

    Despite trying to go on fabric diets numerous times, it still seems to accumulate unabatedly.

    I too only have one plastic box … and a little red suitcase, and a cardboard box for the quilting cotton, and then a wooden toy box with some fabrics that I don’t want to ruin with my unexperienced hands. To be honest looking at my stash actually puts me off sewing, because I just don’t seem to be able to get any order in it.

    Another problem I have is that I broke my own cardinal rule of only having one project on the go. A few months ago I started a bag where I didn’t have all the materials, so while I waited I started something else. Then I strarted a dress for my daughter where I didn’t like the sleeves, so instead of redoing them then and there, I put it aside and did something else. Whilst my sister was here we did some quilting, but didn’t have time to finish it etc etc. As you can guess the bag, the dress and the started quilt are all still there … unfinished.

    SIGH … anyway, back to the T-Shirt, before that too gets put aside

  6. Karen, we absolve you ;)! And, you are NOT alone.)

    For my own sins I have a whole alcove of deep metal shelving from floor to ceiling full of fabric + there’s 2 enormous plastic sacks stuffed in the loft + a couple of large fabric crates up there too (oops – my bad!). My poor huffy keeps saying “You don’t need anymore fabric.” Hehehe…

  7. Sarah says:

    You just go Ikea and buy a Brimnes cabinet and fill that with your fabric. Of course you’ll end up with more fabric from the textiles section of Ikea too if your me, not to mention a whole heap of other things you just had to have. And all your fabric still won’t fit in the cabinet! (Maybe that’s just me ;-))

  8. Leith says:

    Oh so true! The point about the fabric in the ironing bucket is so so true around here!! I stash it in there after washing it because it won’t fit into the cupboard… I used the Kids Clothes Week Challenge to clean out the boys stash so I can take over the space!

  9. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’m not sure I ‘lie’ about my stash… I think the main problem is I forget about where I’ve stashed it (all over the house!) and it’s larger than I realise! But it’s big… that much I’m sure…

  10. dottiedoodle says:

    Oooh – I do that. Even when I write pious posts showing my stash and promising to sew only from it, I know that (a) there is more in the wooden chest downstairs, and (b) I will buy more fabric. I feel better now, thank you.

  11. Far says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ayy, i have the same problem too…haven’t purchased any new fabric since our big move tho,hmmm unless u count 3 pcs that i managed to bring home from a thrift store here.hmmm ok, i did purchase fabric recently fail! Typical me!

  12. Amanda says:

    BWAH HA HA! Pre crazy stash busting project I had fabric spilling out from cleared locations all around the house. Crazy times! Though if it’s still in a bag it doesn’t count right…

  13. Totally forgiven. I think we all lie to ourselves regarding shopping. My stash is a good medium size.. I got 2 large boxes and one shelf of quilting cottons. There is not great dressmaking fabrics shops where I live one amazing quilting fabric… So I only get fabric on fabric trips and meet ups … I I lived closed somewhere closer to great shops I would have a out of control stash. I fear intervention from shopping lol. I went shopping and show my bf. what I bought ( don’t do that ) and he asked: where are you storing it ? I said that would be soon clothes and would be in the closet… Ohh bless his patience as he said that his side had disappear so if I can de clutter the closet I can have more …

  14. Jane says:

    Hello, my name is Jane and I have a fabric problem….don’t worry Karen, we’ll conquer this together!
    I sit here at my sewing machine, occasionally glancing up at the two shelves of perfectly folded, colour co-ordinated quilting cottons on the wall above, feeling very self satisfied. What I fail to realise is that those quilting cottons are tiny pieces, fit only for making purses and lavender bags. In my smugness I seem to forget about the eight giant boxes of dressmaking fabric under the bed….

  15. sosewlovely says:

    I’m so glad that you brought this subject up! I have 3 large boxes of fabric stash, including wool, coating, silk, cotton, lace, bascially everything I saw and like in the past 2 years. My sewing is far too slow compared to buying. I don’t feel bad though as everytime when I start a new project I would find something useful in my stash (as I said – ‘usually’, there’s always a chance when new fabric is required)..

  16. Anne W says:

    I have way too much fabric, but that never stops me from buying something else if I fall for it. There are 4 large clear boxes (you know the kind from pound stretcher that you cannot lift once full) 2 smaller ones and numerous bags all stuffed in my fabric cupboard. Entry is at own risk… ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Sam says:

    Hee hee! I’m the same as everyone else, although the stash that I lie about tends to be yarn rather than fabric. I don’t actually have much fabric – mine really does all fit into one large-ish plastic box, but the yarn tends to spill out and sneak itself everywhere.

  18. MrsC says:

    It wasn’t a lie, it was a selective truth! The only reason I am not buried in fabric is that twice a year I go and sell a bunch of the stuff I have ‘gone off’ at a stash rehash market! And I am actually selling bits of my stash in my shop. But I still ahve four cupboardsful, plus shelves above, and the shelves in my office are getting rather full too. I just HAD to stock up on Christmas fabric for classes you see…
    Oh, exciting news – I am teaching an apron workshop as a hen party in November! How cute is that! Too late to apronalong but I will be watching to get ideas!

  19. Ginny says:

    You are most definitely not alone. After I got fed up of having boxes full of scrappy bits of fabric that were no use for much, I had a blitz of my stash a few months ago. I got the “keep” fabrics down to one (admittedly very large) box, and set the rest aside to give to mum or the local school if she didn’t want them. Then went shopping and filled the other box back up! I’ve also never done anything with the “get rid of” stuff, and find myself dipping into it for things I end up being glad I still have. Heh. I also found a secret box in the cupboard full of UFOs and some more bits of fabric. The more you look the worse it gets!

  20. Doesn’t everyone have an out of control stash? Mine is in one container – but I live there. Fortunately I have a very tolerant husband!

  21. Lyndle says:

    Oh, lying about stash (to oneself and anyone else who’ll listen) isn’t Really Lying. It’s an integral part of Textile Love (that isn’t as shameful as it sounds, really). Imagine the pleasure when you’re just watching tv/ ironing/ looking for socks of finding some beautiful future project to caress. If it’s not beautiful or useful, though, set it free.

  22. Roobeedoo says:

    Hmmm depends what you mean by “lies”… that fabric “lies” around, it’s not in its allocated storage space… and therefore it does not exist. If it gets eaten by moths or starts to smell of wet dog (my house not yours) it doesn’t really matter because it was a figment of your imagination in the first place… rather like the unfinished projects and disembodied pattern pieces that keep popping up from nowhere: figments, the lot of them!
    Feel any better?
    No, me neither :s

  23. stitchywitch says:

    My philosophy is that if it doesn’t leave the packing box it doesn’t exist. That works, right? I have four plastic tubs of fabric, though I’m about to go through and get rid of some I won’t use (and then fill it back up with the still packed fabric!) I don’t save scraps though (I know, horror!) unless they are quilting cottons, and those go into bags by color family.

  24. makeitgiveit says:

    ha ha i love this post. My stash is all contained in my sewing room now and I am trying hard to keep things contained in their bursting boxes…ahem!

  25. Me too!

    I recently put some of it on a shelf for “inspiration” (it hasn’t yet decreased in size), but I also have some in a chest that has followed me to several rented flats over the years… I intend to get it all cleared (honest!), but I think the biggest issue for me is buying new fabric in summer, then summer suddenly disappearing and so the fabric goes into hibernation, and vice versa for winter…

    You are not alone in this, Karen! Do we need a 12-step programme?!

  26. Tamsin W-P says:

    I have two boxes under the spare bed and a shelf next to the sewing machine. I have plans for all of it, it’s just that the plans keep changing and i am paralysed by indecision.
    My Sewing teacher had a friend who died a while ago and the husband and my teacher slowly sold off all her stash, raising a thousand pounds for a local hopsice. When I told Husband this he gave me a ‘look’ and said ‘will that be me in the distant future?!’
    We went to Ikea the other day for picture frames, came out with picture frames AND bed linen, bins, drawerliners, new light (and possibley some new fabric that will go brilliantly with some other stuff in my stash and some super cheap stuf that seems perfect for muslins…..!) it never ends!

  27. Kat says:

    Karen, I won’t judge if you don’t judge!
    I feel like I’ve outgrown some of my fabric but in dec my sewing class is doing a big meet up and show, tell and swap.

  28. Marie says:

    Would you believe me if I told you ymy stash was bigger and badder than yours, Karen? It stresses me out, as it’s crammed into a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, stuffed under the bed in the spare room and (full bolts?!?) propped against ever corner of the spare room! So I’ve resorted to selling some of it off on eBay! Getting some money back from it makes me feel a bit better for going crazy in the first place. I will of course be bringing some to the Birmingham meet-up, but I suspect that what I give away, I will only then replace with new bits. D’oh! How do we stop this madness? If you figure out a way, please tell me!

  29. superheidi says:

    Hear hear! Here’s the related confession: sewing triggers my consumerist behaviour.

  30. My husband got to the front door before me just now, and the postman handed him two parcels of fabric! He did say haven’t you got enough already? Ebay is my downfall. I’m going to the Knitting and Stitching show on Friday, and will be looking for my apron fabric and maybe some for a coat, and I might get some jersey, definitely some wool for a jumper or two.. You get the picture, my habit is also getting out of control, I must pick up another couple of plastic boxes from Denelm Mills.

  31. colleen says:

    I have SEVEN, wait — I just remember two more — ok, NINE places filled with fabric. I’m talking about: medium sized tables with drawers, a regular sized dresser, a pretty deep, squat armoire type thing, and a vintage kitchen cabinet, a trunk, and a big old plastic container STUFFED with fabric. And, I have three more packages in the mail coming my way.

    I keep thinking: Oh, no problem, I’ll sell what I don’t want on Ebay. But…I don’t. I love it all. I know I have a problem and sometimes in the middle of the night I start to do the math…..

  32. LinB says:

    I live in an 1,800 sq. ft. house. It has a full, walk-out basement, only part of which is taken up by what the 1960s called a garage (our medium-sized sedan is too large to fit through the door). Let us just say that the fabric that won’t fit under, atop, and around the dining room table has expanded into most of the basement (although, to be fair, most of it is “rescue” fabric from friends who were busting their own stashes). It is the printed patterns about which I tend to lie. At last count, I had 38 office paper boxes full; but I forgot about the three boxes in the dining room, and the box of crafts patterns, and the box of madrigal costume patterns. Also, there’s at least another box worth of knitting downloads. I pity my daughter’s task at my death: she should just donate it all to our university’s costume department, and let them come pick up the goods. You are NOT a hoarder, Miz Karen. Some of the rest of us, though … .

    • I humbly kneel at your feet. That’s a lot of stuff!

      • LinB says:

        I throw away other’s people’s stuff for them, mostly, by the pick-up truckload — but sometimes there’s some good stuff in there! It is probably a sickness to hoard all that fabric. Still, I’ve used it to make quilt tops, to drape an entire pulpit stage at X-mas and Easter, to make madrigal costumes for the masses, and long banners for holidays, window draperies, bedspreads, duvet covers, pillows, etc.; as well as clothing any of my family who’ll wear what I make for them. And, in a time of worldwide and personal fiscal austerity, the boxes of large remnants have allowed me to indulge in my avocation of sewing, which elsewise would have to be abandoned in favor of more pressing survival needs. And to gift fabric to my sewing friends. This is how I excuse my addiction, anyway, lol.

  33. Tanit-Isis says:

    Aww. My stash is much larger than that—as became rather obvious when I had to pack it up to move recently. I have a hard time feeling guilty about it, though—most of the stuff is practical basics snagged on sale, so waiting until I “needed” it and then paying twice the price doesn’t feel particularly virtuous either. Of course there’s still the storage problem…

  34. That made me laugh!!! Thank you for sharing your little *secret* . . . you made us all feel better about ours! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Tammy says:

    I thought your tidy little stash box was because you are young. I have been collecting fabric since I was 21 or 22 and I’m 49 now. I have 10 tubs (of varying sizes) of fabric, two piles of fabric I want to sew right NOW, a drawer in the living room full, a box under the spare bed and the drawers of my sewing cabinet jammed full. I laugh at stash busting contests only Hoarders could help me! LOL I am going to work on this. This is clearly too much fabric. Do any of you live in Iowa?

  36. I have said it before, I shop faster than I sew. I don’t feel bad about the stash itself really. Like Tanit-Isis, I bought it all at a good price. Mine takes up several boxes in my Expidit bookshelf. It’s a bit out of control at the moment considering how little I’ve sewn in the past 6 months.

  37. LLADYBIRD says:

    My confession is that I have made little to no effort in actually culling my stash. I did announce at the beginning of the year that I was going to avoid buying new fabric – the exceptions being twice for our local fabric store’s biannual 50% off sale, any small pieces I needed to finish a project (like contrast for cuffs), and I let myself blow a big wad at Vogue. Any other fabric I bought had to be from the thrift or the flea, and I couldn’t spend more than $20 a month on it, total.

    I did keep that part. The problem is that I am finding some MASSIVELY good deals on used fabric every time I leave the house, and it’s always under budget and I am now suffocating under my stash! Haha! I’m actually not sorry for this at all. Not one bit. Especially since I definitely have the space.

    The budget is going well, anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Jen (NY) says:

    Frankly, I hate plastic boxes. However, a few months ago it became apparent that organization was necessary. The fabric was all over the place and I couldn’t even remember what I had. So a got A LOT of those plastic boxes, medium size, and a label maker and got (most of it) organized. It is now a plastic tower in my bedroom. Scary amount of fabric. However, most of it is good quality, basic stuff, that I got at a price I could not pass up. I also live in a true 4-season climate, so that itself tends to cause accumulation of fabric & clothing in general. (I hope that’s not just denial talking!) Anyway, now that I can see all that fabric every day, hopefully it will progress more towards becoming clothing. That, and the batch of corduroy that’s in the mail to me as I type…

  39. Rita says:

    I have an ever growing stash. I work near the fabric district and if I have no one to have lunch with, I head down just to see what I can find. I always find something! Now, I actually have a stash hidden at work – one drawer of my filing cabinet is full of 5$ a yard silk I could not pass up. At home, there is a closet full of fabric.

  40. Taja says:

    Seriously busted my stash when I downsized in 2010–from 3000 sq.ft. to 700 sq.ft.! Love that it doesn’t take long to clean the apartment, but periodically wish I had kept a bit more fabric! Not that I have room for it, mind, just dislike having to go out and purchase what I already had!

    Current stash is contained in one 30-inch rolling suitcase that quickly becomes too heavy for airline luggage requirements–making it perfect for fabric storage–one 20-inch carry-on rolling suitcase, one 20-gallon plastic tote and one 15-quart tote. Everything has been inventoried and catalogued so I can find what I need quickly.

    I also have two small (15″) storage ottomans that contain work in process. Since most of my personal garment sewing is for the office, I tend to have multiple items in process using the same thread color–jacket, vest, two or three pairs of slacks, possibly a skirt (grew up having to wear skirts/dresses and am not fond of them now), and one or two tops. One ottoman just doesn’t hold everything during construction!

  41. sophie o. says:

    haha! you’re probably not the only one who doesn’t want to face reality! And to be honest, I have not idea of how big my stash is, as I don’t keep track of it. I know, it’s bad…

  42. Oh dear I think my stash is bigger than this and I can’t stop buying. But in my defence I have stopped buying RTW so I buy fabric instead! I just wish I had more sewing time. It is reassuring however to find that I am not alone in fabric stash building. I used to think I was alone until I joined a quilting class and found there were other people out there like me! We fabric stashers must stick together.

  43. Oh… I just remembered these great posts on fabric stash that are a fun read:
    10 signs that you are a Fabricoholic, Five more signs that you are a fabricoholic ( and a warning), and
    Fabricaholics 12-Step Programme – Step 2: Organize your fabric All from:

  44. huggiebaby says:

    eBAY ! ebay is our friend……

  45. Dea-chan says:

    I actually de-stashed recently. A lot of my “fabric” (4 boxes full) was … lifted… from a crazy ex-roommate. (I was the keeper of her stash and we weren’t on speaking terms when I left. Whoops! :-P) But she was a pack rat of insane levels, and the majority of the items were simply unusable — not to mention the smell of all of it! She had fabric sample books, disintegrating curtains, etc. So upon my most recent move (September) I cleaned out a lot of the trash and am down to a mere two boxes.

    I feel so much better about that. Who needs rusted antique fire hose? (Anyone know the kind I’m talking about? Rubbing tube with woven casing? Like 1950s electrical wiring.)

  46. Dea-chan says:

    Oh wait, the two boxes only refer to stash from HER. I also have… probably the equivalent of another two or three boxes on my own. Wait, and I have some at my mothers… oh dear…

  47. Diane says:

    Where are you all getting your lovely fabric from? Cos I’m struggling to find nice stuff! Looking for nice wools, bright colours, nice patterns and can’t find anything at all. I’m soooo not going to get in to the Stash Gang if I can’t be tempted by anything I’m seeing!

  48. Clio says:

    Great Post! I make no apologies about my fabric stash, which is larger than yours. As I see it, each piece of fabric was hand selected for me (by me). But my pattern stash…well, that’s a different story. I’ve got it in 5 different places so it doesn’t look like so much and I recently nearly bought a pattern that I already own. ha ha ha

  49. symondezyn says:

    I had to laugh whilst reading this because I’ve moved to doing the same thing, now that my two small boxes are full… so instead of stopping, I have little bags “allocated” for projects hanging about lol.

    I’m a bad girl, and my confession is that I don’t intend to stop lol

  50. Gaylene says:

    Is it bad that I have a ‘holding zone’ large plastic box in the boot of the car, from which I periodically ‘integrate’ new purchases into the master stash? nb this technique also works well with shoes. Karen please don’t say that you want an intervention!

  51. Nikki says:

    Bad girl Karen, but you’re amongst friends so you’re totally forgiven! I’ve tried to keep my stash as small as possible since we’re moving around a bit for the moment, but it doesn’t stop me looking and thinking and buying patterns… ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Pella says:

    That’s a baby stash, a small reserve fund. A sensible saving account.

  53. Portia says:

    Ooooh, Karen….if you’d have seen the amount of stuff that I have purged away to the charity shop this week; well…you’d be feeling much better about your stash AND be sending me off with an indeterminate number of Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers as my penance. (Oh dear, did I just betray my Catholic upbringing?! It’s a guilt thing you know..we’re very good at that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Pat says:

    Under the bed, under the bench, in bags in two closets. My living space is a mere 600 square feet and I share it with another adult. I think my son’s theory about it (though he’s too polite to say it) is that as long as I’m happy sewing, I’m not bothering him. At least I THINK that’s what going through his teenage mind. It might be something more sinister.

  55. Andrea says:

    Oh dear, this rings so true for me. I used to lie through my teeth about the size of my stash. At the beginning of this year I had to pack up my house for a cross Canada move and took it as an opportunity to do a stash inventory. After tallying up my entire yardage, I was a bit panicked about my self denial and then embarrassed that I had managed to accumulate so much fabric. How was it possible that I still felt the need to shop for more? Iโ€™m coming to grips with my fabric addiction and while my self control doesnโ€™t always kick in when I feel the impulse to acquire some new shiny piece of cloth at least Iโ€™ve stopped lying about the size of my stash. It feels good to come clean, doesnโ€™t it?

  56. Fabric Stash!!! The problem is I need to start using it, sometimes it just the acquisition that is the main the thrill as with patterns. A major match-up is required I must have a pattern first before I buy anymore as when the sewing bug hits I never seem to have the right amount – there is always a collar or facing that cannot quiet be squeezed out. Use a contrast I here you say but I’m picky with colour matching and fabric content and I never find just the right shade or weight.

  57. I just worked through my stash making 15 things in 2 months. So it’s easy really, just promise yourself (and us, that always helps :)) to make 10 things out of your stash before buying new fabric! Or hold a fabric swap for things you don’t like anymore. I’m about to do that, too! Ofcourse it only works when you really WANT to have a smaller stash… ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. I have to admit, I’m quite jealous of these stashes. Now I’m dreaming of being able to make something (besides a postage stamp quilt) out of fabric I already own. At the moment it’s off to the shop every single time I want to make anything. Must start overbuying and stashing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I couldnt admit it to anyone but I’ve been secretly thinking my stash is maybe just a little too much after a friend showed her amazement at it’s size. I laughed so much over your confession. As I read I realized I had my wardrobe – the proper place for my stash AND a pile on the couch in the spare room and a basket in the lounge and then there’s the pile of linen I picked up at a thrift shop recently for remakes. Hmmm okay, my stash is too big. Time for me to stop shopping and start sewing.

  60. I have seven 60 litre bins of fashion fabric, a sixty and two 40 litre bins of “craft fabric” (offcuts, scraps, things that would only go into a garment as linings or trims, but all great for bags or Christmas presents or stuffed owls), and another two 40 litre bins of “other textiles” (felt, leather, doilies, neckties, etc). Oh, and a 60 litre bin of calico and cotton sheets for muslins. Yep, that’s 700 litres of fabric. I never realised how useful litres are as a fabric measure…

    And that doesn’t incldue the giant shoe box of lace, the two giant shoe boxes of ribbons and other continuous trims, and the shoe box of motifs and embellishments. Oh, there’s also the yarn stash, the embroidery stash, the jewellery supplies stash, a recently acquired papercrafting stash… and there’s more on top of that too. You are not alone. You are not even that serious an offender. And unlike me, you produce a LOT of stuff so you have good reason!

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