Craftivist Collective Jigsaw Piece Launch

Wotcha doing, Karen? It’s Craftivism, innit?

Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective recently invited me to a very special launch night. Not only was it to be at the gorgeous Mary Portas Living and Giving boutique in Primrose Hill, but it was to celebrate the start of a fabulous project in coordination with Save The Children. I hotfooted it over, glad that the Autumn weather allowed me to break out one of my wool dress makes – the fabulous V8667. (It’s a stonking pattern, readers.)

This latest initiative aims to bring together a collection of hand embroidered cloth jigsaw pieces into a giant installation, with each piece carrying a stitched message to raise social awareness. More specifically, Sarah and three other craft colleagues are soon heading to Sumatra with Save The Children to see for themselves the help needed. Sarah will be travelling and no doubt receiving a sobering lesson along with Hannah of Craft Blog UK, Mr X Stitch, and Lauren of Deadly Knitshade. Why? Because Save The Children have discovered that bloggers and crafters are a powerful force for spreading messages.

The Speeches

Now, if you’re thinking, Oh bless the ickle crafty types, with their high ideals. I bet they don’t get out of bed before lunchtime, you can wipe that thought straight from your mind. These people are serious! I can’t remember the last time I attended an event that was so well-organised, professionally put together, faultlessly promoted and enthusiastically attended. The evening passed seamlessly. And I had so much fun! I met some really lovely new people – crafters, bloggers, editors, Craft Council members, Sam from the Brentwood Belles (a fab-looking branch of the WI), Mollie Makes staff, owners of wool shops – and, bizarrely, an ex-colleague from years ago!

We even had chance to get started on our own embroidered jigsaw pieces. Attendees were invited to choose their own message to embroider…

Meet Polka And Bloom (left) and Art Equals Happy (right)

Too quickly, the evening was over – but I wandered happily to the tube station with my new friends.

Our task moving forwards is simple.

  • Complete one embroidered jigsaw piece and send it to Craftivist Collective to be included in the installation.
  • Embroider a second and send it to our local MP.
  • Make a third and keep it for ourselves!

It’s simple, effective and engaging – it changes lives and brings people together. I came away VERY impressed.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. If you want to get involved yourself, details are here. This is the ultimate portable project and you get to feel good about yourself. Not bad, eh?

Thank you, Sarah!

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9 Responses to Craftivist Collective Jigsaw Piece Launch

  1. What a fun evening! Love your dress, it was the first thing I spotted when I opened the post. I’m so glad you gave us the pattern number

  2. Far says:

    Such a great collaboration! This really touches my heart. Thanks for sharing and i really like your dress.

  3. Karen, not only was your handmade dress stunning, your thoughtful blog really shows that us crafty types really do care and we can make a difference one stitch at a time. Thanks for your kind words, for raising awareness of the campaign, hunger issue and if you want to talk through the best way to give your MP your completed jigsaw piece give me a shout (I know it can seem scary but we have template emails and briefing notes to help and I’m on the end of the phone). Hope to see your craftyself soon!:)xxx

  4. Marie says:

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing this Karen! I’m going to hop on over and find out more about getting involved asap. You look gorgeous in your wool dress by the way, it’s si flattering in every way!

  5. what a great evening and fantastic cause! and your dress is gorgeous – love the colour and the fit looks perfect!

  6. Yay! Thanks for blogging about the campaign – it’s so exciting to be a part of such a great cause 🙂

  7. That is an excellent dress! Thanks so much for posting an excellent recap, it sounds like everyone had a grand time, for a grand cause! Hurrah!

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