Simplicity 1882 – Teases In Teal

This is the Simplicity 1882. I had no idea this pattern even existed, until Beth of Sunny Gal Studios kindly sent it over. She said she thought the pattern would appeal to me. She was right!

Beth also thought I might appreciate this pattern as part of the Amazing Fit collection. There are four different cup sizes included as separate pattern pieces – a godsend for my ongoing fitting issues with my upper chest. The pattern instructions are also unusually exhaustive for a modern pattern. This would be great for someone making a dress for the first time.

The pattern goes together unusually, in that all the front section is sewn together, all the back sections sewn together and then the two are joined at the side seams. This makes it much easier to adjust. (Often, the bodice is constructed, the skirt is constructed, and the two are then sewn together at the waist. Fine, if you know your fit is accurate.)

I began making this dress as a ‘wearable toile’. I had in mind another fabric, but the fabric was so utterly beautiful I wanted to check fit first.

I had shed loads of this polyester crepe stuffed in a side cupboard so decided I could happily sacrifice some to a toile. But the deeper I got into the make, the more it felt a crying shame not to do a good job on this. So I listened to my mother’s voice ringing around my childhood head: If a job’s worth doing, do it properly. Yes, Mother! (Seriously I think that mantra has carried me through most of my adult life…)

So I started taking things seriously. The polyester crepe had quite a bit of drape and a certain amount of stretch. Without a lining it would have looked awful, clinging to parts I wouldn’t want it to cling to. So I pulled out the polka dot lining fabric I bought in a collective organised by Handmade Jane:

I did a lot of tweaking as I fitted, and would transfer adjustments to the paper pieces for my second make. I cut out a size 16, but then had to take it in quite a lot. I slowed down my sewing. When I want to take a make seriously, I hate pushing myself. You really need time to mull things over – and so it was with the pockets on this dress.

Because of the drape of this crepe, the pocket panels kept drooping. This drove me insane. I would not have droops when I’d worked so hard! I thought and thought. I probably didn’t touch the dress for a week. If I’d known this would be an issue, I thought. I’d have interfaced those pieces… ย But now they’d been sewn in and the seams overlocked. Then I had my lightbulb moment! Why not add some hindsight interfacing? I cut some panels, overlocked the edges, and fused them onto the rear of my pockets. ย (Actually, what you see is some fairly heavy duty fusible interlining.) This was a risky moment. If my plan didn’t work, I’d just ruined a good dress. But it worked!

This does make me wonder if my dress is now destined for the dry cleaners rather than the washing machine. Time – and recklessness! – will tell.

Even I am prepared to admit, I think the dress is very flattering to my figure…

And the details are so cute! Those pockets.That collar. The ickle bow…

Beth definitely chose very well for me! I think more of us should do this – spot a pattern we think would suit someone and gift it to them. I always really enjoy being taken out of my comfort zone.

And talking of comfort zones… The one disappointment of this dress is that my sleeve head insertion is heinous. Just awful. I could have cried. It took five attempts to insert one of the sleeves, and in the end I didn’t have the strength to keep trying. I felt so, so isolated. I’ve read blog posts where people lament the death of family teaching and I fully concur. Yes! Why couldn’t I call on a parent or grandparent to show me what to do? Why did Beth, my lovely sewing teacher, live in San Francisco instead of London? I wanted to kick a wall!

So, I know I have some learning to do on that front. I’ve read lots of blog talk about unnecessary fullness in sleeve heads. If anyone has any hints or tutorials to flag up, I will love you for ever.

On the plus front, my invisible zip is performing magnificently and I managed another lovely insertion of a hook and eye:

It really makes a big difference to sew these between your layers of fabric. ย The closure works much better. I know some of you have asked for a ‘how to’ on this, and I will do one – it’s just that when I was inserting this hook and eye I was wild eyed and in my dressing gown. Not really in the mood to slow down and start taking photos. But I will, I will!

My one last note is that I think my fabric choice was 80% good, 20% bad. It’s a fabulous colour and the softness of it works excellently with the collar, bow, and pocket flap details. But elsewhere, the drape became problematic – on the pockets and sleeve insertion, for example. But as a dress that started its life as a wearable toile, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It’s very, very comfortable to wear.

So, that’s your lot! It’s a great pattern, I recommend it. You’re going to see it again in a totally different fabric – and I suspect the next make is going to be much more straightforward.

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110 Responses to Simplicity 1882 – Teases In Teal

  1. Love this, love the shape and the colour. It will be a nice pattern for Summer or for a Winter dress with a polo. Very smart.

  2. Sam says:

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely ADORE this dress! I knew when you posted the teaser of the collar recently I was going to like it, but it’s stunning. It fits you beautifully and the colour suits you perfectly. I know I’m gushing, but that is possibly one of the loveliest dresses I’ve ever seen. (And your yellow shoes are lush!)

    Off to find myself a copy of this pattern now……

  3. I just opened my computer and there you are in that FANTASTIC color. Wow, that dress looks great on you. I knew that style would suit you and I can’t wait to see it again, but that dress looks perfect to me, not a muslin at all. So pretty. I am on a roll in terms of pattern picking lately if I do say so myself. I might have to get this. Lovely.

  4. Joanne says:

    Wow this dress blows me away. I love the shape on you, the colour, the bow, the lining, the pockets. I love it all! If it wasn’t made to fit you like a glove I would come and pinch it from your wardrobe. Absolutely stunning missus. Yellow shoes! Roisin was right – they DO go with everything!

  5. This dress is fantastic! I also clearly overlooked this pattern (probably due to the bad cover photo styling) but yours is great and you can really see all the detailing. Super job!

  6. Sarah says:

    I love this dress! The whole outfit is spectacular! Your tights and shoes are fabulous! The colour of the dress is so pretty and the cut is just lovely. Well done, Karen!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress Karen! The fit is amazing and I totally agree, it’s very flattering to your figure, in fact I’d say it’s THE most flattering dress you’ve made.
    You may find this tutorial helpful It’s one Casey did for the Swing Dress sewalong to reduce the amount of ease on vintage sleeves.
    It was definitely worth taking the extra time to do a good job on this dress, you look stunning my friend! x

  8. prttynpnk says:

    our pocket fix is inspired! This is so pretty on you….

  9. Shari says:

    Ooh I have this pattern. I bought it for the curved pockets and the collar. I did read about the unique construction and wondered why. The reasoning you gave provides me with incentive to try it as my first dress. It’s good to know about the extra sleeve ease. I have had difficulty fitting sleeves/armscyes until I started using a Threads tutorial
    I still need to work on some fitting issues, but now I can move my arms freely ๐Ÿ™‚
    The dress looks extremely flattering on you and your polka dot lining is perfect with that gorgeous teal.

  10. Heidi says:

    What a beautiful dress! The color and the details are fabulous. I am going to have to put this pattern on my list.

  11. Fiona says:

    Really, really gorgeous Karen! A bit 60s but very contemporary in style at the same time. The colour, fit and style are all great on you! I might have to look into this pattern…

  12. Alex says:

    I’m a knitter, not a sewist (can’t say sewer, it just looks wrong!), so can’t judge the quality of the tutorial, but this might be helpful

  13. gmariesews says:

    Beautiful dress! I love that order of construction and have used it quite recently on a dress. My only question – was the waist band faced? How do you add the facing so it looks neat and tidy with the different order of contstruction? I’ve blown my waist facing off and it’s not as pretty on the inside and hopefully doesn’t really need the extra stabilization!

    Love the color combo and the fun tights! You are rockin’ the makes these days. g

  14. Carolyn says:

    Great dress. I love the classic vibe and the fun styling you’ve done with it.

  15. Amazing job on the dress, I love everything about it!

  16. Sunni says:

    You look fabulous in this make! I mean, you always look fabulous but this is such an amazing dress on you! Oh I’m sooooooo tempted to go and purchase the pattern for myself now. I love the little details so much and it fits you just wonderfully! Beautiful, beautiful job! A totally fabulous dress from head to toe!
    xoxo, Sunni

  17. Gilraen says:

    You look great in that dress. As it is was designed with you in mind. Really really nice

  18. Sarah (@sewsarahsews) says:

    The dress is gorgeous and really suits you… and the styling is spot on!!

    When reading your post I was actually amazed by your comment re the construction of the dress (i.e. leaving the side seams for last) since this is actually how I work on all my dresses… could be the fact that I mostly work with burda patterns and their instructions are mainly like that, or the fact that I never make a muslin (*gasp*)… I find this method really easy with fitting issues… in fact, whenever I work with a pattern which asks for the bodice to be worked separately from the skirt and then joined afterwards I always try to find a way around so that I can work with my preferred, side seams last, method…. hope I’m making sense ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Graca says:

    OMG I love those shoes! The dress is very pretty too.

  20. Kerry says:

    Fantastic dress – gorgeous colour and a great fit. You should be super chuffed with yourself. I HATE setting in sleeves, I find it so, so hard. I’ve also been reading a few things about excess fabric in the sleeve head and from my experience there is pretty much always too much.

  21. Jamie says:

    I’ve been waiting to see what the bow was attached too – the dress is lovely! I’ve never looked at that pattern collection, but I’m looking now. I’m struggling to understand my own bodice fitting issues, and working with a pattern like this would be a nice change. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see the next version you make!

  22. Molly says:

    What a gorgeous dress! I love crepe and teal is my favourite colour too, so I especially adore this creation (I’m wearing a teal jumper and teal suede boots today ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I wouldn’t have looked twice at that pattern, but your version sells it to me, especially that collar and bow.

    Sleeves are tricky things, I often find one takes several attempts and the other one goes in beautifully first time, no rhyme nor reason. I once redrafted an armscye for a jacket, realised I’d have to do the sleeve too and to my amazement got perfect ease. (I was mentally hi-fiving myself and looking very smug afterwards) but I can’t remember exactly what I did, I just logically thought through how one adjustment affected another section and did what made sense to me. Tips I’ve picked up over the years for sleeves:
    * Stay stitch around head of fabrics likely to stretch (like crepe)
    * When creating gathering rows, turn up the tension and hold finger behind foot so fabric piles up – this pre-gathers it and you just tease out the gathers to fit. [I also run the gathering stitches the whole way round so I can shift ease/gathers to wherever I want them, distribute it further than the pattern dictates or remove it altogether].
    * Use lots and lots of pins to keep ease where you want it (I recall reading you can never use too many pins!). [You can skip the gathering rows and just go straight for pins, I do on sleeves without much ease in the head].
    *Once pinned, turn right way, put on seam roll (or rolled up towel) and steam lots and lots (before sewing) until the gathers start to disappear (unless its supposed to be gathered!).
    *First time round, use a long stitch so you can remove it quickly and easily if you don’t like the result. If you do, you can then restitch with correct stitch length.
    * Relax and be prepared to take a couple of attempts. Apparently Chanel make their tailors remove and reset any sleeve that is not perfect. Remind self that I do not work for Chanel.

    I like gathers and pleats on my sleeve heads so I don’t tend to remove excess ease but Casey’s tutorial looks very interesting. With some patterns (especially like this one) you could try flat insertion (i.e. attach sleeve before you sew up the sleeve seam and bodice sides then sew the sides and sleeve seam in one long seam).

    One last thought, the sleeves look a bit too big for you, especially around the bottom hem, maybe try a smaller sleeve size from the pattern so you’ll get less ease and and a smaller hem circumference?

    • Yes, I think if I’d taken my own advice – slowed down and stepped away – I’d have seen that I needed to recut smaller sleeve pieces. But one was already inserted and after five attempts on the other, my spirit was almost broken and I just wanted it to be over!

      • Molly says:

        I know that feeling well and weirdly I’ve been getting it more often recently. I’m putting it down to mind buzz – too much else going on in my head. I’ve started making myself walk away and come back later – no matter how much I just want to get the darn thing finished (otherwise I would keep flogging that poor horse). A clear head makes these things seem a lot less daunting and sometimes I see something I’ve missed too. Your bicycle-gate-goal post had come to my mind a few times over the last few weeks.

  23. What a gorgeous dress! It really, really suits you. I would love a hook and eye tutorial if you have time. I suspect hooks and eyes contain nickel (which I’m allergic to) because they irritate my skin so I don’t use them.

  24. Melizza says:

    The fit looks amazing on you, All your hard work was so worth it, You’ve made quite a stunning dress. I can see this pattern take on a different personality with various fabrics.

  25. It looks gorgeous – lovely colour, fit and pattern and I love the way you have styled it!

  26. Wow you’ve heard it a thousand times but it really really looks fantastic. The fit is amazing, I think it may suit my body shape as well. The wide waistband is interesting to me – a bit like something I’m cooking up at the moment. Does this pattern include instructions for lining? I’d like to try making something with a lining so I can learn. Can anyone suggest a starter? The dress is awesome Karen, the colour, the style, the fit, the workmanship. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  27. Karen in VA says:

    You are seriously rocking that dress!!!! Everything (color, cut, accessories) looks fabulous!!!

  28. Beautiful dress Karen – love the quirky colour combo with the mustard-yellow shoes too. So sorry re: your sleeve head frustrations ๐Ÿ™ I’ve never used them so I defer to the comprehensive advise given by Molly above.

  29. Brenda says:

    You are spot on! It looks gorgeous on you. The color is very flattering also! Great job. (and, yes, I am one that wants a hook and eye tutorial!)

  30. Far says:

    Definitely an amazing fit! You look great in the dress. great job Karen ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish that I am further along in my sewing…

  31. superheidi says:

    Yeah, number 1001 likes this very very much so as well: what a perfect dress! What a great pattern.

  32. Anne W says:

    It’s all worked out really well! That colour looks great on you, and the pattern is so darn cute! Love the collar.. actually, I love all the details on it. A great project!

  33. Kathy says:

    I love this dress! I like everything about it! Good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Lucy says:

    Gorgeous dress. Absolutely gorgeous. I’d definitely like to get my hands on the pattern.

    I’m sorry that fitting issues are causing you so much of a headache in general but I hope this persuades you that getting it right is totally worth it. You look (and look like you feel) a million dollars!

  35. Law says:

    Wow, I just looked at the pattern envelope and it was not appealing to me, but you have made a dress that looks very classy and comfy. Beth has an amazing eye picking that pattern for you. It really suits you.

  36. Roobeedoo says:

    Whoa baby! What a lovely colour! The fit! The bow! The TIGHTS! Oh and yes of course the shoes, but I am sick of admiring those pesky shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And is that… a strawberry brooch? Cute!
    You’ve got it all going on today!

  37. Shivani says:

    Ooo I love this! Another case of an uninspiring pattern envelope, but lovely dress. Great colour and fit. I might be adding this to the list.

  38. Carolyn says:

    This is gorgeous on you! I love the color and the fit. You did a fabulous job. There is always something new to learn when working with a new pattern no matter your skill level. Take pleasure in the fact that you finished the pattern, got a beautiful dress and you know what changes to make to the pattern for the next one.

  39. Tamsin W-P says:

    This is a beautiful dress and fits you wonderfully. I love the colour, the shape and the way you have styled it. That colour has to be my favourite at the moment! The fact that you still love it, even though you had problems with it has to make it a winner!

  40. ooobop! says:

    Oh oh oh… I am so in love. This is my favourite Didyoumakethat dress for sure! Love absolutely everything about it. And you look gorgeous innit!!!!! x

  41. Looks lovely on you – so elegant.

  42. Colleen says:

    I went out and bought this pattern today! It is so cute! (But I think that has something to do with your mad sewing skills!

  43. Phil says:

    This looks great on you! X

  44. Crystal says:

    This dress turned out wonderfully. I think the one other time I saw it made up, I loved it then, too. So maybe now I need to go out and buy it. It is very flattering and your styling is very cute – retro and modern!

  45. redsilvia says:

    The dress is so cute on you! Good work overcoming the obstacles that came along the path, well done! AND you styled it soooo well. Hot!

  46. ozviking says:

    You look absolutely amazing in that dress and the colouring is so perfect. Congratulations on another gorgeous creation.

  47. MrsC says:

    Gosh I love the colour and style on you, great team effort between you and Beth!

  48. Great dress. I love the colour and the lining goes beautifully with the teal crepe. I like those amazing fit patterns as they do produce a good fit. You must let us know whether you decide to wash or dry clean the dress.

  49. WOW. Wow wow wow. This is amazing. The colour, the silhouette – you look incredible! What a wonderful make. Also, I must say how much I like your styling, the tights and shoes look great with it and the little shot of black and white jacket we get has driven me to squeals of delight as well. I basically want this whole look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  50. Magic Cochin says:

    Oh my gosh! that’s a super dress… I used to make ALL my clothes, until self-employed life/married life got busy! But I think I need this pattern and start sewing again.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely creation, I bet it makes you feel splendid ๐Ÿ™‚


  51. It’s lovely! The colour is brilliant on you. What a great save on the pockets.

    I’d love to see that hook and eye tutorial as well, mine never look right.

  52. Jan Carr says:

    Love the lining and really glad we’ll see it again in the fabric extra beautiful fabric. It looks fabulous in the teal though (especiallywith those shoes!) and i can’t see any problem with the sleeves or pockets.

  53. sylkotwist says:

    Wow!! Love it, good job! Off to buy the pattern as I have this excited feeling in my tummy!

  54. This is a beautiful dress! Lovely lovely lovely!

    With regard to your sleeve question, I’m an ease remover! I read about this concept on โ€œFashion Incubatorโ€- written by professional patternmaker- and it totally changed my perception.

    The โ€œeaseโ€ on a set-in sleeve (where no design poofiness is required) is suggested to originally be just referring to the easing of two differently shaped curves into each other (but stitching lines pretty much the same length). But somehow confusion (and extra fabric) entered the game when we moved into cutting one-piece sleeves instead of the two pieces you see in v old patterns, which never gives as good a fit, as it’s not anatomically shaped. So I hack out the extra ease on the cap of a set-in sleeve… and I still get what looks like a set-in sleeve- it is one!- it’s just 1000x easier to sew! (Extra fabric in a sleeve head as a design statement is different, but then it would be lots of gathering, not this awkward little bit of ease.)

    Another simple tip I have read (but not done yet) is to use a sleeve from a pattern you know fits you well, and sews easily, and cut that instead. Just check the armscye of the new pattern matches your old favourite, and amend if required.

    But, thatโ€™s all the technical how-to stuff- the pretty end results are already sorted with you!! What a lovely dress you’ve created, lady.

  55. Ha, I just googled this pattern while trying to figure a solution to my ‘which dress dilemma’. Your lovely photo flashing those hot tights came up pretty close to tops! love that jacket – seriously. Hope that style hits here next winter.

  56. Such an amazing dress and that colour is stunning! You look absolutely perfect in it!

  57. Elena Cresci says:

    Holy moly, this dress is FANTASTIC! Definitely on my “to-make” list. The fabric is a gorgeous colour and I’m glad it all worked out in the end. As for the sleeves – I’m having a very similar issue with my Peony at the moment. I hate setting in sleeves, which is why I’ll so often go for the sleeveless version… I’ve heard some people say it’s easier to insert the sleeves before you sew the sides of the bodice. I’ll give it a go on the Peony and let you know how it goes…

  58. Tilly says:

    OMG Karen – this is just PERFECT!!! I have to admit that if I’d just looked at the pattern envelope I would have walked on by (and in fact I don’t remember seeing this pattern before, so it’s certainly not memorable). But your version of it is FANTASTIC! I think they should change the model on the envelope to you in your version. The bow and collar are absolutely adorable, and anything with pockets is a winner in my book. Love it!!! xxx

  59. Karen, it’s a keeper as they say! STUNNING! That pattern is perfect for you, and the details make me what to cry with delight…here I am STILL online when I should be sewing because I need to add to the furore that loves this dress. Gorgeous. Look forward to the next version! And now I’m confused about what I’m going to start sewing next….that’s the trouble with beautifully sewn blogger wear….distractions from the plan!

  60. oonaballoona says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE your lightbulb on those pockets. Sometimes backing away from the make is exactly what one needs.

  61. Sooo cute! That neckline is great.

  62. suchwildlove says:

    This looks SUPER flattering on you, Karen!

  63. Regina says:

    Karen, it is your fault that I had to race to the store to buy Simplicity 1882 this morning!!!! When you gave us a peel of this dress several posts ago, I wondered what item has such a cute bow collar, I wanted it so much. Now I got it! Oh, you look great in the dress! Happy sewing.

  64. Maureen says:

    Loving your finished dress! Especially the colour…it is awesome!

    I have the same pattern and made a wearable toile out of what was originally a orange and white floral polycotton 1970’s bedsheet. It has ended up looking late 30’s/early 40’s in style and I wore it out for our wedding anniversary and love it. I’m about to make a 2nd one (once my beloved machine comes back from Janome!) in a heavier fabric to give me more of a winter version. True, the photo on the envelope isn’t too inspiring but the final shaping and styling of the dress has been one of my favourite makes yet.

  65. gingermakes says:

    Wow! This is BEAUTIFUL! It really is the perfect shape and style for you! Great job, Beth! I hope we’ll be seeing another version of this dress soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Andrea says: I love this dress. In fact, I’ve had the pattern in my stash for close to six months and was thinking maybe I would give it away but your make has convinced me I must hold on to it and actually make it. It looks great on you and the colour is lovely.

  67. Lydia says:

    Hi — I am late commenting, so sorry! Great dress on you. I bought the pattern in March, and simply could not find a fabric / or contrast fabric combination that suited the pattern, though I tried fabric shopping for this pattern on three separate occasions — I wanted to make it so much. I love the fact that you made it all from this beautiful colour — this way, you can actually appreciate all the seams and construction.. You have inspired me to sew this from one colour — Thank you for sharing all the information on this pattern.

    • Yes, I think this make is a reminder that sometimes solid colours perform just as well as prints, and sometimes better. The only issue with solid colours is that there’s nowhere to hide mistakes…!

  68. sophie o. says:

    it’s beautiful! and it fits you soo well!!

  69. Pendle Stitches says:

    I’m hyperventilating, I love this dress so much. It’s just perfection. Bravo!

  70. so late to this one, but this dress is groeus ! love the seamlines and those pockets are perfect (without a hint of droop!)

  71. Trice says:

    Loving that color on you. Very cute dress and oh that lining. Awesome

  72. Stephanie says:

    Oh, that’s so great that you made this dress and you look stunning in it. I have this very pattern at home (love cup-size patterns!) and am planning to make it for my MA graduation party next week. Yes, I’m late, wanted to start sewing in September…but these plans never work out ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I’m really happy you posted this, because now I know what to look out for: check sleeve cap ease, interface pockets ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  73. symondezyn says:

    OMG GORGEOUS!! At first I was like “holy cow, Karen found a truly amazing little retro pattern” and then I realized to my surprise, it was an Amazing Fit one that I HAVE!! LOL How awesome is that?? So far the Amazing Fit collection has been nothing short of impressive for me. I have a whole bunch of them and I love the styles and the versatility of them ๐Ÿ™‚

    I totally love this on you, it’s just beautiful, and the fit is UNBELIEVABLE. I’m totally in awe of the hook and eye sandwich too, that’s a brilliant little detail! Thank you so much for the insight on the drape and how it affected your construction; that is definitely something to keep in mind for when I eventually make it too ^__^

  74. Zoe says:

    WOWZERS! What a stunner! That teal is fabulous and LOVE it with your mustard shoes and star tights. I can’t wait to see another version in a different type of fabric too. I really applaud your patience when coming up with a solution to your interfacing pocket issue. xxx

  75. Amy says:

    What a perfect dress. The shape, seam lines, pockets, neck, bow… everything. They’re perfect on you! Way to go Beth! And, way to go Karen!

  76. Marie says:

    Oh Karen, Karen, Karen! I wouldn’t be surprised if this post results in a sharp increase in sales for Simplicity 1882. One of them will be me…I need this cute pattern/dress in my life! What a beautiful make (puts that stupid envelope to shame) and it literally fits you like a glove! The time you took to make Beth proud totally paid off. You look gorgeous!!!

  77. Sandy P says:

    If I really want to stop buying patterns then I think I’m going to have to stop reading your blog! Add me to the tally who’ve bought the pattern….I have SO much trouble getting dress patterns to fit the “girls” so a pattern with variations and unique construction could be my salvation!

    I don’t think mine will ever be as gorgeous as you in yours tho……and the shooooes…..*swoon* *faints*

    *wakes up momentarily* I’m sure you’ve said but what brand are your shoes? I feel an eBay coming on.
    *Faints again*

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  79. punkmik says:

    i love this dress and your tights are amazing! this was the second pattern I ever bought but still havent made! i will have to try now! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for the inspiration! love the bow detail on yours!

  80. LaehJ says:

    My goodness! We made the exact same dress (yours is better sewn). It’s been sitting in my closet because I scared of the teal, but now I may have to wear it out.

  81. Lacey says:

    I’m coming into the conversation a bit late, but thought I might chime in anyway with a tip on setting sleeves that has been tremendously helpful in my personal (rather epic) battle against puckers. Major Revelation (for me, at least): You can gather the entire sleeve (not just head) and set the sleeve in that way. You get the same set-in look and don’t have to alter the pattern in any way AND…zero puckers! I’ve done this several times and it has worked perfectly each time. I don’t even have to baste the sleeves in first! I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

  82. It’s just stunning. The color, the collar, the pockets, the style – all of it is sheer perfection. So very well done!

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  84. Portia says:

    I am sooo behind on blog reading! Karen! This is totally stunning in every way! Total kudos!

  85. Absolutely Adorable! I love the color! Just bought this one last night, I am very inspired to try it now! I love your star legs with it, too!

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