True Confessions – I Don’t Look Like Wot I Look Like In My Blog Photos

Okay, okay. Let’s not get carried away here. I have the same nose. And hair. Teeth, eyes, fingers, toes – check. All present and correct. But when you look at the wider picture … it’s not all quite as it comes across.

Let’s take the shoes. I hardly ever wear anything that isn’t a trainer or extremely well-supported and strapped in. Mary Janes from Ecco, for sure. My most wonderful Duo boots that I have worn non-stop since purchase? Without a doubt! My much-admired yellow suede shoes? They’ve barely been out of the house. Great for photos, much less great for the schlep to the tube station.

And on the subject of feet, I don’t normally stand pigeon-toed. I just do it sometimes for photos. I can’t explain it – I look less gormless.

I spend a lot of my life with my mouth open – talking, laughing, eating. You know, all the essential things. But my teeth are of the heinous British kind, so I tend to keep my lips firmly shut in photos. It’s either that or spend thousands of pounds on corrective dentistry. (I say ‘corrective dentistry’ as though I know what I’m talking about. I don’t – I’m British. Our version of corrective dentistry is buying a slightly more expensive brand of toothpaste.)

What else? In real life my skin’s usually turned shiny from the commute, my hair is wind-blown, I’ve licked all my lipstick off and I might actually be scowling because I’m already late for work. If you bumped into me, I’d probably be carrying a Starbucks cup – and I’ve never, EVER been photographed for my blog with a grande skinny latte in my grasp. I’m such a liar!

The jewellery… Nah, I’m not gonna claim that! I wear all that jewellery and I love my jewellery. Very little of it costs anything substantial. I am a magpie for cheap stuff. I don’t have a jewellery box; it’s a jewellery drawer.

So, what about you? Is the ‘you’ in your blog shots the real person – or a mirage? I’m not going to cringe too much around this confession, and neither should you. Why shouldn’t we show our best face to the world? I mean, would anyone really want to see the alternative!

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75 Responses to True Confessions – I Don’t Look Like Wot I Look Like In My Blog Photos

  1. KT says:

    The me in my blog is an Internet front in a lot of ways. So much so, there aren’t any photographs of me at all there. None.

  2. Joanne says:

    Och when I’ve met you in real life you look just as lovely and well put together as your pics! Even after a cycle from Walthamstow up to Ally Pally! I have dabbled in both dressing up pics and ‘normal’ pics – just depends on whether I can be arsed or not. Of course you don’t want to model a new beautiful dess without yer hair done and yer lippy on – it wouldn’t be fair to the dress…

  3. My blog is the extension of me, my taste, my aesthetics … It’s the window of my life .. My confession it’s that I love taking the photos even if I feel embarrass at the time due to eyes on me of people trying to figure out what I am doing as they cannot see the camera on the small tripod.. I guess it’s the Brazilian extroversion… My British boyfriend things that’s vain to be a blogger and taking so many photos of yourself but I don’t really mind… I want to share my passion and also it makes me happy to think of my shoots because its exercises my creativity. Many times I don’t brush my hair before the photos and at photos they look very styled… Ps. It’s a secret lol

  4. Sandy P says:

    Shooooooes! Thanks for the link…I’ll now go and drool over them! (And probably basket dance with them as I’ve recently bought a pair of Clarks and some Hush Puppies already. Oops!)

    I don’t actually blog but I imagine if I did that it would be with my nice shoes that rarely go out. If I go out it’s Converse-nots and flats….although my Clarks MJs are comfy enough, just not for long walks! If only I drove, then I wouldn’t have to think about it!

  5. Very interesting. Before I started a blog I’d go to great extremes to avoid having my photo taken, so I find it pretty excruciating most of the time. I do slap on the make up and accessories to showcase a posh frock, but as Joanne says, that’s only being fair to the dress! In all honesty, most of the time I tend to look as I am in the photos. I tend to have the exact opposite to your experience though – I tend to grin like a loon in all my photos as I look murderous with a straight face! And yes, corrective dentistry does cost thousands of pounds and involves wearing a brace for two and half years, ask me how I know… x

  6. Uta says:

    I adore bloggers who get styled for photos and really do their pretty me-mades justice. So, no need to feel like a liar! That said, my pics get taken in a hurry, styled – or rather not! – as usual (no hair, minimal makeup). I even wear my house slippers half the time! The only thing I leave out of the blog is the scowl, oh, and just the fact that I’m posing prettily and not scrubbing the kitchen or harassing the children is a total front, too!

  7. You and me both! I aim for ‘me on a good day’ which certainly includes shoes I couldn’t walk to work in. Might wear them on weekends though.

  8. Stevie says:

    I’ve struggled with this recently! I have to be In a particular mood to dress up and wear makeup. Often the less time I have on my hands the less I feel like doing it, so blog photos are generally a product of whatever mood takes me, my blog is meant to be about the clothes I make, not how I look, but when i Look back I do feel embarrassed when I haven’t made much effort.
    I agree with Joanne too, every time I’ve met you you look great!

  9. I’m new to this blogging and the photographs it requires, so I am still finding my feet. For photographs, I do whack on some lip stick (to keep my Mum happy) but the rest is how I usually look. Mind you, there is a ‘headless’ photograph as squinting into the sun isn’t very flattering! And this week I’m capture for all to see with wet hair, which is how I usually leave the house each day (8:10am was the only time to access a photographer and my curls don’t get along with a hair-dryer!). So, for now, I’m keeping it real…

  10. Deborah says:

    I have exactly the opposite confession, my pictures are not well thought out enough. I don’t do my hair, change my shoes, or put a lick of make up on. Basically I look like I’ve had a hard day at work and then decided I really should get that blog photo done. I think this is much more shameful than putting your best foot forward! You should be proud you put the effort in

  11. Lou says:

    What I can’t bear is those mugshots on some blogs out there that are all teeth and hair and “I’m one of those awesome people with three kids that I home school plus 12 dogs and a budgie and a perfect Texan airy home with,amazingly, perfect photography and online business and a tv show, but I’m just normal- honest- and really am this good at everything without dentistry, a stylist or a cleaner”…. Um you know the ones! That said I still love a nice blog, good-looking or otherwise, that comes across as real and warm and especially when the blogger is a champion of their readers and commenters! And yes I’d totally rock the nice shoes if I had the energy or the chutzpah on a blog photo day. If I still had a blog that is!! And I love your blog.

  12. MrsC says:

    LOL! I am a monumental slob at all times, although I suspect it is for the most part my inner Earth Mother. I wear lipstick most days, and that’s about it. Every now and then I get enamoured of makeup but really, such a lot of extra work and getting up earlier. And while I own some gorgeous shoes and boots, I can only wear absolutely flat flats or I pay for it, so my daily go-to is also a pair of Eccos – flat and tomato red and falling apart!
    I’m not a pretty, dainty thing anyway and I generally feel like the odd one out, no more so than in this blogging world (since we are in confession mode) as I don’t make things from patterns and so don’t get to join the excitement over the shared experience. I know this because the one thing I have made from a pattern caused such a flurry of visitors to my blog! But it’s not how my life works – my makes are generally for others, and so my whole sewing experience is different from most of the lovely ladies whose blogs I enjoy reading. I love you all and appreciate that you put up with me and my ‘inputs’ 🙂 OOh, in vino veritas!

  13. Roobeedoo says:

    Good one!
    Well…first to say, that when I met you in Edinburgh, you were looking damned fine, and blog-worthy! 😉
    I look like my blog pics on work days, though I rarely crack out the high heels. My platform lace-ups are never out of the box. But in the evenings and weekends I tend to be dressed in the same pair of jeans, multiple layers of mismatched wool and my trusty wellies. My hair is generally styled through a hedge backwards and I have an ongoing battle with rosacea. Sigh.
    But since I started blogging I have taken to carrying a lipstick in my pocket!

  14. Marie says:

    Now, Karen, I’ve met you a few times and you always look gorgeous with your crystal clear skin, shiny hair and lovely outfits. Oh, and you have a beautiful smile too. So less of the self-depreciating comments please ;o) But, I do know where you are coming from and I think most of us make an ectra effort for our blog photos. My hair and makeup is the same as usual, so that’s not at all ‘put on’, but what I’m photographed wearing is often what I wish I could wear if I didn’t walk to work. Mainly it’s the shoe thing. I have lovely heels, but they don’t get out much. I prefer flats (despite my silly 5 foot 3 frame), so you’re more likely to see me in pumps and the like. But heels make you look much more glamorous in photos! I also probably wear jeans a lot more than I’d like to…cause they’re easy to throw on. But there’s no harm done is there? Who doesn’t want to look better when posting awkward pictures of themselves on t’internet ;o)

  15. Tamsin W-P says:

    I’m afraid what you see on the blog is what you get in real life! I hardly ever wear make up these days, and when I have finished something I try to get the picture as soon possible otherwise it doesn’t get done. I’m sure if I made a fab dress I’d make more of an effort – I like to think so anyway.

  16. I see bloggers’ outfit photos and they look so polished and put together that it’s reassuring to know that people don’t always look like that in real life. I resisted putting a photo of my face on my blog for a long time. I’m not at all photogenic. The me on my blog is pretty much as I am in real life – a lot of the photos are taken during breaks at work, so I’m wearing my me-made clothes as an everyday outfit. However, I try I can’t look neat and tidy, it has always eluded me.

  17. yesilikethat says:

    I struggle with this too – I really want my photos to make the clothes I sew look as good as possible, because I hate it when you see beautifully sewn things on blogs with tiny, dark photos. Do your work justice! But on the other hand I am not super photogenic so have to take loads of photos to get a single decent one, there’s never any good light in our flat, I feel like I should put make-up on and do my hair, so I end up putting off blogging new creations for ages. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with presenting the best version of yourself to showcase your work.

    I do feel rather silly posing for photos though and sometimes cringe when I realise I am posting tons of pictures of myself online… I get so embarrassed whenever any of my ‘real life’ friends mention that they’ve read my blog! 🙂

  18. shivani says:

    Oh Karen, I’ve met you a couple of times now, and each time you’ve looked just like you do in your blog photos! I never dress up for my blog photos – though I did for the first few. Generally, I have to work around the available (ie limited) light, so photos are usually either in the morning before work, or on a day when I’m working from home (when I don’t even bother with make-up). So, in my photos, you see me as I am. Though like you, I’ve been blessed with “British teeth”, so I never reveal my horsey grin.

    • I’ve never noticed anything about your teeth! I think this all proves what my sister always says: ‘No one’s looking at you anywhere near as much as you look at yourself.’ It’s quite liberating to know that!

  19. Emma says:

    That makes me feel so much better! Thanks. Was starting to wonder why I don’t home school my children, bake, sew my family’s wardrobe and leave the house looking a million dollars, whilst never raising my voice. (All of which I do but never on the same day!). Inspirational blogs are fab but a bit of down to earth chat is good for the soul too.

  20. Aaah! Karen this is an excellent true confession. Where to start with what I think?! Well for one thing, I think I might struggle less with the photos of myself than other sewing bloggers. Not because I am so strikingly model-gorgeous (snarf) but because my blog evolved from an outfit type blog to include my sewing. So I have become accustomed to it. But at the same time, yeah, I mostly don’t really like my photos. I’m always surprised by just how much FACE I have!! But I have got better at not caring that much about my British teeth and Irish skin and generally pretty crap hair (I console myself that Miranda Hart is tremedously successful and awesome and she has crap wispy hair too) I do dress like I do in my photos, though. I mean, I rarely STAY polished and my hoof to the railway station or day spent tearing my hair out does see to that – but I do dress like this. I’m Honey Badger and I don’t give a shit – except for when I do!

    Hmm rambly there – but maybe you get my drift. I want to echo that Roobeedoo has the best cheekbones ever – she’d win a cheekbone-off with k.d. lang or Zoe Wannamaker! And Karen – I really enjoy your mouth-closed smile, you always look so enigmatic and sphinx-y. It’s fab. And you look so gorgeous and vibrant in real life, too xxx

    • I’m an enigmatic sphinx! I love that! I’m going to go and tell everyone I know. Thanks for this long and thoughtful answer, Roisin. You rock! This is another thing – I never, ever have thought there’s anything ‘under-performing’ about your hair. Echoes what I said above. We’re scrutinising ourselves more than anyone else does!

    • Laura says:

      This is so funny Roisin – every time I look at any of your pictures I can’t get past how awesome your hair looks. Every time it’s just “I want that colour hair and that dress!”
      It goes to show that none ever sees you the same way you see yourself. 🙂
      And I don’t have a blog, but if I did I would definitely try to look better than usual. Dress how I wish I always dressed. 😉

  21. Amanda says:

    My big confession is my shoes. I wear Converse just about everywhere and while I rock them a bit on the blog I have this weird pressure on myself that I won’t look like a proper sewasaurus if I team a sundress with a pair of Chucks. On the other hand my bizarre and goofy photos are the real deal. After a few months of trying to be sassy and serious I have given in to my urge to be a pork chop. I find people get dazzled by the insanity they don’t notice things like unbrushed hair and no makeup… Or at least that is my theory…

  22. Leith says:

    What you see is what you get with me!! I usually take my photos when I’m about to leave the house wearing my new item. Whether that be to work or out with my boys to the museum or park. Since starting blogging this year, I have found that I am actually better dressed when I go out. I want to wear the clothes I’ve made. It probably helps that I am not a jeans wearer…

  23. Erika says:

    I try to be truthful about who I am and how I look – but of course there’s no escaping the fact that I always try to show myself from my best side… So while I seldom do my hair and so on just for blogging, I do tend to only take photo’s for the blog when I’m anyway a little bit dressed up (for social dancing usually).
    Some things that might not be clear when reading my blog is that I always always always wear not just flats, but ergonomic ortho correct shoes with perfect cushioning in the sole and with my ortho in-soles. I also always wear glasses to work…
    The pictures of me on my blog is of me, they’re just of me when I’m at my best =)

  24. I’ve only made two outfits to show off on my blog and I’ve ended up chopping my head off as I just don’t think I’m that photogenic. It doesn’t help when I ask my other half to take my photos and he very impatiently just takes one or two shots and says they’re fine. It’s only when I look at them later, I realise they don’t even make my self-made outfit look good, let alone me!

  25. Andrea says:

    I really dislike having my photo taken, but I can see how something fits better in a photo than in the mirror (when it’s competing with how it feels) so I try to push myself to do it. Plus, I can appreciate others’ creations better on they body they sewed it for, so I get the point! I can’t tell you how many blog posts get delayed because I don’t want to do that photo, though. I do wear makeup (never learned to fix my hair, so I’m lost there) which does make the end result less horrifying. I guess it reveals a real-life fact about me — I feel uncomfortable being the center of attention!

    • Yes, I really struggled with the attention when friends first learned I was sewing. They’d swoop on my outfits with screeches of delight and I just found it mortifying. I once draped a scarf over my head and lay my head on the desk, until all the attention went away! Now, I’m totally used to it and don’t mind at all.

  26. All your confessions have been resonating with me, I love these posts!
    The outfits I post are always how I wear them IRL because I wear my ‘best’ stuff regularly. And I’m so ungainly in heels, I wouldn’t be able to do the timer dash to my posing wall in them, so flats all the way.
    But I definitely don’t look like the real me on my blog as in real life I actually have a head. All my shots are headless, though I made an exception at Xmas when I wore a Spiderman mask. And it’s for some of the reasons people detail here, I don’t want to worry about my hair, makeup, gurning etc and for that to stop me posting.
    Plus I feel a little bit uncomfortable still with being on the internet at all, I’m SUPER paranoid.
    I’m going to echo what others have said too, you look fab in blog and real life. I think a passion for clothes always makes someone look top dollar.

  27. Jenny says:

    Good topic! I can admit ~ I’m not fond of the way I look in photos (or my blog for that matter). I used to like how I looked – not so much anymore. But the little of me that you see on my blog is me – whether the hair is done or not, whether most of my makeup has been worn off by the end of the day or not – that’s all me at the end of the day. Literally, at the end of the day because I try to sew in the evenings when I get home from work and I’m already kinda tired.

  28. i’ve always admired your shoes and your well-put-togetherness! i must say i’ve found myself feeling rather inadequate (and lazy?) when i post photos of my makes on dot (my dressform), instead of calling forth the time and the confidence to pose myself. one day, maybe…

  29. I have the opposite problem – I need to learn to make some more effort for my photos! I’m relatively new to this blogging thing and haven’t figured out how to stand for photos without looking ridiculous, let alone styling them! Part of my problem (is this rationalization?) is that I work from home and don’t do the full makeup/hair thing everyday. And when I finish something – I want to blog it right away since it’s usually a couple months between projects. Love your blog – you come up with such interesting topics!

  30. Miss Celie says:

    Well, I always take my photos before work. So, theoretically, that’s how I normally look. But, it’s me at the start of the day when my make up is fresh, skin isn’t shiny, lighting is awesome and hair freshly done. The main thing that doesn’t hold true is I hardly ever wear lipstick. It looks nice but it a collassal PITA. But, I put the very best photos of me online. So, when people meet me I’m not nearly as thin, tall or attractive as I seem to be online.

  31. Jacq C says:

    I love these confessions topics, brilliant discussion as always. I’ve only been blogging for 5 minutes and am definitely in the ‘must try harder to take decent photos’ group. I see such beautifully staged shots and mine have untidy tables and the cat in them! I’ve always been very self conscious about having photos taken, I’m naturally quite animated and when this is captured on film I just look deranged as I’m caught mid-gesticulation! So I’ve been trying to stand still but just look wooden! My kids laugh that I’m always the first to rush off with the camera so I don’t actually have to be in shot. Sewing myself stuff has made me want to take photos and join in with other bloggers so there are more photos of me in the last 8 months than in the last 8 years – I think my family were bemused that I’d even contemplate blogging for that very reason. I think it just shows how positive the sewing blogging community is that so many of us would get past our reluctance to be photographed so we can join in. Of course having a dress form helps enormously – Doris doesn’t fidget at all!

  32. AndiSocial says:

    The me on my blog is usually the me in real life, mainly because unless I get a pic of me while oot and aboot, I would never get pics for the blog! Every time I’ve tried to doll myself up specifically for bloggy photoshoot purposes, the shoot never happens :S

  33. LLADYBIRD says:

    Well, to be honest, I have a much filthier mouth in real life than I do on the internet. It cracks me up when people get all snotty about my language… babe, you should hear me in real time! HA.

    But yeah, I’m with you on the lipstick, and occasionally the uncomfortable shoes. And my hair always looks pretty heinous, but I think you can tell that from my photos :3

  34. Shams says:

    Cute post! I work at home and am often in pjs. But I have blogged that a few times during the Me Made months. 😉

  35. Karen says:

    I think you look lovely no matter what – your delightful, sparkling personality illuminates all your looks!

  36. LinB says:

    If I ever started a blog, I’d be among those who post photos with no heads — my personal failing as a photographer, lol. Also, my dear friend who convinced me to dye my white hair blonde, so no one who saw a photo of us together would guess how old SHE is (vanity of vanities! All is vanity!) is constantly photoshopping eyebrows onto my big ol’ melon head. I forget to pencil them in more often than not (leads to a permanently surprised facial expression in most candid shots).

    I appreciate that you, and so many others, take the time to tidy yourselves and your rooms up before you snap a photo. My own interior candids end up with weird stacks of paper or beer-brewing equipment in the background. We’ve walked past them so many times, intending to do something about them, someday, that we don’t even see them anymore until we want to send a nice photo of Darling Daughter to the grandparents. Who are tee-totallers. So we have to move to another room and re-pose her.

  37. I truly suck at styling my pictures. Ususally by the time I’m taking pictures I’m too close to it and just excited to have it done. I am lucky to put my other clothes back on before taking pictures. That’s one reason I like wearing me-made’s on vacation. My husband takes lovely pictures of me and I just happen to have another reason to show the pictures.

  38. soisewedthis says:

    You always look so fabulous in your photos! So in my mind, you strut about looking fabulous all the time and have a wonderful british accent (although I’ve never met you!). And your comments about dentistry are cracking me up!

  39. symondezyn says:

    Lol, the me in my blog photos is pretty much me, except I laugh more in real life & wear more layers – I usually leave the layers off to shoot my me-mades otherwise you wouldn’t see ’em! lol

  40. Clio says:

    I know the point of this post is blog photos, but all I can think is “Dang! I need to get me a jewelry drawer!” ha.

    I ought to make more effort. What you see is what you get with me. 😉

  41. Ah… the photography. It’s the thing that has stalled me from posting for a few weeks. You recommend a tripod, then? I’ve been getting some weird angles with a random chair and books combo, I must say! 🙂 Or maybe I should just start bribing friends with promise of cake to get some photos of done?!

    And I rarely like my photos, regardless of how spruced up I am. Someone once told me that it’s because I’m used to seeing my face in the mirror, which is in reverse, so when I see it as everyone else does it just doesn’t look right to me!

  42. I love your humour 🙂

    You looks beautiful in your blog pics and if I ever had the pleasure of meeting u IRL I am sure you are just as gorgeous in person.

    When I started blogging I use to crop my face out of photos cos I wanted to remain highly anonymous.

    As I got more and more confident with my sewing and blogging and photo taking, I started leaving my head in the photos but usually am looking downwards to avoid camera-eye contact cos I always end up looking a bit ‘derp’ or smiling strangely!! Forced smiles are the worst hahahah. I’m the type that used to ‘practice’ my smile on the day of school photos!!!

    Nowadays I don’t mind having one or two photos of me looking at the camera cos I’m not that comfortable putting my ‘same expression’ face all over my blog but I am including my head more. I am still horrified when I hear that a friend or relative has been looking at my blog and photos… yikes!

    Now, things that I ’embellish’ on in my photos….
    1) Shoes – I buy the most ridiculously high shoes sometimes and never wear them out, so I wear them when I take blog photos (example, my sparkly blue heels:

    2) The pigeon-toe thing – I don’t know where I picked it up from, but I like it cos it makes me look less stiff and awkward in my pics. I am starting to notice I’m slowly posing like that in non-blog photos too!

    If anyone ever got a hold of my laptop and saw the hundreds of photos taken for my blog, they would think I was the most vain person in the world!! But I think that it is important to show what the outfit looks like on a person as well as on a hanger or mannequin.

    The more photos the better I think! I love a photo heavy blog post 😛

  43. I love this. In the past I have been guilty of wearing uncomfortable shoes in my blog posts that I don’t wear much in real life. Those yellow shoes are fabulous even if you don’t wear them out of the house.

  44. Michelle says:

    I am not at all comfortable having my picture taken so I always look really grumpy in my pictures. Well, my husband also takes my pictures and I love him dearly, but I am the better photographer. It’s ok, he knows it. So, something that for me is a quick picture and that’s it, turns out to be a long drawn out process and usually involves a conversation like this,

    DH: “Sweetie, go stand over there”

    Me: “That’s our neighbor’s yard…like in their fence yard…can’t we just go over there”

    DH: “Just stand over there and don’t look so grumpy”

    Really, I don’t know what it is with him, he is alway trying to make me take pictures in our neighbors’s yards. I tend to loosen up when my daughter comes in the shot, but I usually just look cranky/chubbs/confused.

  45. Pella says:

    Hmm. Good question. I’d like to be able to present my sewing efforts better, but am working with inferior material. The camera is ok but the model is hopeless.

  46. sylkotwist says:

    I have a confession … apart from my husband, my blog is a secret. Nobody that I know actually knows about my blog. Why is this relevant? Well, I absolutely hate myself in photos (don’t mention British teeth, even the orthodontist gave up on me when I was 16!), but because I know that I’m not being looked at by people I ‘know’, it sort of doesn’t seem so bad to just be myself in photos! Oh goodness, unless they know, but they know I don’t know they know (*$%£?!) in which case I better get myself some lippy …

    • You look lovely in your photos and you’re making some amazing things. But the great thing about blogging is that it’s yours to tell people about or not – you’re the boss. So you just carry on doing whatever makes you happy!

  47. paunnet says:

    I recently wrote a post on a similar subject ( and I find myself in a similar situation. I’m definitely more “glamorous” and dressed up in photos than I am in real life, but that’s ok, I want to showcase what I made in the best way possible!

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  49. Heather from Canada says:

    Your photos always look great, as I’m sure you do in real life, despite your modesty. Your comment about corrective dentristy made me laugh, my husband had to have major dental surgery followed by braces for 38 months. His teeth were worth about 3 of the car we could afford at the time… If only more expensive toothpaste had done the trick!!

  50. huggiebaby says:

    A) You bought Duo boots! cool, which ones? B) I wear 4 inch patent shoes AT the office. I wear flats or trainers on the way in. Yes, it’s the only way. One simply CANNOT leg it to catch the bus sporting 4 inches.

  51. frk.bustad says:

    Love the honesty of this post 🙂 I do too dress up properly for my photos, and take a dozen times dozen photos before I’m happy with the perfect pose… And like sylkotwist, I have only told my closest friends about my blog, partly because I’m embarrassed of all the However, when I go out to concerts or such, I do dress up, with lipstick, hairdo and fancy tights. Normally with converse or boots instead of high heels. That side is at least represented in the blog…

  52. Melizza says:

    I’m far too lazy to get dolled up for photos. The way I look in my photos is the way I leave the flat. My heels have been long abadoned since moving to London. I definitely make sure that my images represent the best of me. My double chin and back boobs are saved for private viewings. Ha!

    As for you, I love your photos. And you always look amazing in all the garments you make.

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  54. I think there is one photo of my on my blog, in my profile, from the top of the shoulder up. It’s the rest I don’t like! I am so grateful for all the sewing blogs I have found of late because I think they will give me the boost I need to start again. Of late the sewing has been limited to antique dolls!

  55. Tasha says:

    Interesting topic! I linked here from Miss Celie’s post. As a relatively new blogger, I’m trying to use the positive side of taking photos of myself in a couple of ways. I too am amazed at how well it lets me see just where things fit or don’t, I’m working on fitting pants right now and I definitely would not have taken pics of the process before the blog.
    My goal is to have my photos represent a “real” me, especially since part of my reason for starting the blog is to encourage others to make things, and I’d like it if that seemed doable and I seemed approachable. That said, of course I would not take them on a day when my hair looked awful or something, I agree that there’s nothing wrong with showing your good side. I also like how thinking a little more about how I look (thanks to the blog) encourages me to dress a little better all the time.

  56. Gabrielle says:

    Ha, yes! I am not the person I may appear either. In real life my hair is either a big mess or in a ponytail but I always smooth it down before blog photos, and in real life I don’t really wear lipstick unless I’m going out to something fancy. And I too have high heels that don’t get out much apart from blog photos 🙂 as I have a lot of walking on the way to and from work each day. The unkempt garden and shabby house you can see in the background of many of my photos is real though…

  57. Zoe says:

    Hehehe! I hear you loud and clear, chica! I have heels that have ONLY been worn to take styled photos of my projects. Not good. Anyways, you are a stunning lady in the flesh and in the pics, and no corsage or pair of pretty heels is going to get in the way of that continuity! xxx

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