Slumming It At The Royal Crescent

Guess where I stayed this weekend? Yes, unbelievably, the Royal Crescent in Bath was my address. I found an apartment here for some friends and I. Not only was the location staggering, but our home was drop dead gorgeous, too. It even included some sewing and knitting paraphernalia:

Oh, how I sobbed to discover that this cabinet was locked. Nay mind, let’s press our noses against the glass instead…

Come to me, my silken friends…

It really is for the best that my greasy little fingers couldn’t get close to these items. I’d only have lost my deposit here.

I did do a tiny bit of purchasing in Bath. There’s an excellent haberdashery stand in their covered market. The Makery was closed, and the rest of Bath seems to have a dearth of fabric shops. I just don’t understand this. The place is thronged with shoppers throughout the year. A decent fabric shop would make a killing from all those spontaneous purchasers. I bought some truly sweet bias binding, ironic after my post about making your own:

I know this blog often sounds like a branch of the UK Tourist Information Centre, but if you are looking for a weekend break in Bath I really, really recommend the place where we stayed. The owner is charming, the location second-to-none and the apartment full of quirky loveliness. Love, love it!

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16 Responses to Slumming It At The Royal Crescent

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow! We are heading to Europe next year, and I really REALLY want to come to Great Britain, but the mister isn’t keen. I think these photos of the Royal Crescent may convince him! Gorgeous. Wish me luck!

  2. Mrs M says:

    What a great location! I love Bath (and Sew and So in the market)

  3. Kerry says:

    I wish I’d bought some of that polka dot bias binding at the Guildhall when I was there. Ah regrets! Looks like a lovely trip.

  4. Sam says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous place that looks. I’ve always wanted to visit Bath, and somehow never got there yet.

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh, what a glorious weekend!

  6. Pat says:

    My neighbor took a trip to Bath a few months ago. She said it was lovely. I am green with envy over that bias binding. Glad you had a nice trip and left with your deposit intact.

  7. MrsC says:

    Love the vaulted ceilings!

  8. Shari says:

    How tantalizing that must have been to have those fabrics and notions so close and yet unable to touch them! So interesting to see the inside of a Royal Crescent apartment. A lovely place to visit (in my dreams) 🙂

  9. You sure had location, location, location lady!! Now you can understand my fervour for fabric- shopping tourism!! However should say there are fabric shops, but a litte off the beaten track…and only one worth visiting,particularly around sale time!!

  10. velosewer says:

    Wow. What a location. Amazing. Thanks for the photos!!!

  11. It’s too long since I stayed in Bath. I must look at the link for your location. I think not being able to get into the cupboard to look at those books would have spoiled my stay!

  12. Marie says:

    Looks like an amazing place to stay, thanks so much for the tip!!!

  13. I love Bath! I am from Frome which is a town just outside it and when I was living there, there were no fabric shops. However Frome now has loads! If you go again you could visit the town as they have a fantatic fabric shop called Millie Moon, which is beautiful and colourful and Steve Bane fabrics which is quite a traditional fabric shop but has a great variety. There are also a handful of vintage shops with Poot and Make and Mend being my favs – they actually have a workshop in the back where the lovely ladies work at their machine to mend vintage clothing! There is also a lovely bead shop, I am actually quite sad I don’t live there anymore now it has become a crafty haven!

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  15. Laura R. says:

    Wow! I took a peek at your lodgings online. Posh! And nothing like the b & b I stayed at in Bath back in ’89 (it could only be described as homely — in the British parlance).

  16. Nicola says:

    Country Threads in Bath is the most fantastic quilting fabric shop. It has been there for years and stocks a tremendous array of material. It’s like going into the best sweetie shop ever. Jan and Val, who run the shop are incredibly helpful, brilliant at the maths of quilting and full of good ideas. It is a hidden gem in Bath and has to be visited. A fab wool shop has opened nearby too…..

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