Apronalong – Attaching Bias Binding & Interior Waistband Piece

Did you spend the weekend making your bias tape? In which case, crack on! Let’s attach it to our main apron piece.

Open up your crisply pressed bias tape and start attaching it to the wrong side of your apron piece, raw edges meeting:

As you pin the tape around your scallops, you’ll need to use more pins closer together.

True confession: I quickly became bored of pinning and decided to work without pins for the rest of the section, holding the bias tape in place as I sewed. Your call – you either feel confident enough to do this, or want the reassuring help of the pins.

Take your work to the sewing machine and sew along the opened up crease line nearest the raw edge. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Also remember that you can lift your pressure foot to reposition fabric as you negotiate your way around a curve – ensuring that the needle punctures the fabric before lifting.

Now, trim the raw seams that have been sewn together. Careful as you go. You don’t want to mistakenly slice into the remaining section of your bias tape.

Now, pin down the top side of your bias tape along the right side of your apron panel.

Top stitch close to the edge, ensuring you capture the raw seams inside your bias tape. At the beginning and end, be careful to avoid sewing over the long threads of your gathering stitches. You’ll be pulling on those soon!

Done! Give everything a lovely press and you have yourself one gorgeous, wavy hem.

Now, we’re going to attach the rear piece of our waistband. The main apron piece will need to be gathered to fit between the tailor’s tacks we made at each end of the waistband piece. Thank goodness for those tailor’s tacks!

Pin the waistband to the gathered apron section, with the right side of the waistband piece facing the wrong side of the main apron section. I know this feels slightly counter-intuitive. Crazy! But, trust me.

I recommend pinning and sewing from the waistband side, rather than the gathered skirt side. This is the piece you’ll want to keep an eye on, as it goes through the sewing machine.

Sew, and then press the seam up towards the waistband and you’re done!

Tomorrow, we’ll prep our tie ends and on Friday we’ll finish our aprons. Then on Sunday, it’s the big reveal! I’ve already glimpsed a few tantalising apron details via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m wriggling with anticipation!

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3 Responses to Apronalong – Attaching Bias Binding & Interior Waistband Piece

  1. Marie says:

    This is really taking shape now Karen…how exciting!!!

  2. MrsC says:

    Oooh! I just love the fabrics you’ve chosen together. I love the binding contrast too. Also, dare I suggest something completely like bungy jumping with the make? Don’t pin, and don’t sew it on first. Just steam those curves into the binding (more or less) then start sewing it on in one go, slotting the raw apron edge in gently as you go. It’s very liberating! 😉

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