Apronalong – Deliberate Mistake & Tie Ends

Guys! What did we forget yesterday? Our hanging loop. These things really are useful. My current apron hangs from a hook whenever I’m not using it:

Go back to your line of sewing, where the rear waistband is attached to your main apron piece. Rip open some of the centre stitching, slip the ends of your hanging loop between the seams, and restitch over. Seriously, this took me two minutes. Definitely worth doing.

Keeping it real here, folks – seam rippers to the ready!

Okay, moving on…

The real reason I’m here today is to talk about our tie ends. This part really isn’t difficult, though it can be intriguing.

First, sew a narrow hem down the long side of each tie end. I turn over by about 5mm and then turn over a second time, press and hem:

Then, we are going to make cute triangle corners on the ends of our ties. NOT the ends that have the tailor’s tacks in them. First, turn over a small hem and press:

Then take this pressed end and bring it round to meet a long edge in a 45 degree angle. Press and pin in place:

Do the same on the other tie end. IMPORTANT POINT – you don’t want these triangles to be duplicates, you want them to mirror each other, so turn your hem to the opposite edge.

You’re going to repeat the top stitching directly over your original top stitching to create your triangle ends. Cute, huh? You can hand sew the edges closed if you like, though I didn’t bother on my last version of this apron and it hasn’t given me a single sleepless second.

Now, we’re going to prepare the other ends of the ties, ready for attaching to the waistband. This part is so cool! Fold the ends, wrong sides together and pin. You’re going to sew a line down the centre, ending at the tailor’s tack you made earlier. You DID make those tailor’s tacks, didn’t you…?

When you’ve sewn this line, you’ll probably be thinking, Um, why am I doing this?! You’ve created a little tunnel that is going to be pressed into a cute and very stable tuck:

This is much easier and neater than trying to gather such a small piece. It’s a great technique to remember for future reference!

Guys, can you believe it? We’re on the home straight…

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3 Responses to Apronalong – Deliberate Mistake & Tie Ends

  1. That’s a nifty trick with the little tuck as opposed to gathering. I must remember that – and thank you for sharing.

  2. Tamsin says:

    Love that you show your mishaps too! Keeping it real for sure! Can’t wait to see the end product.

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