Apronalong Winner & Pattern Pyramid Giveaway

Thank you all so much for taking part in the Apronalong. Wasn’t it fun? There were some great and inspiring aprons out there, but only one person who can win the Cath Kidston Giveaway. It’s Sew Busy Lizzy, who achieved the incredible. ย She managed to get photographed wearing her apron whilst parading around Sydney. Yes, really, look!

This is possibly one of my favourite sewing blog photos ever. Yeah, I’m just wearing an apron out and about in Sydney harbour. Your point is? You can see all the glorious details here.

Also, can you believe it – the Pattern Pyramid is now five months old and there’s a new giveaway over at Show And Tell With Megan. She’s taken the pattern that Roobeedoo added, and has thrown three new patterns into the mix, including a rather nice-looking trouser/short pattern. Enjoy, my friends!

Me? I’m settling in for a full day’s sewing – but not without snacks and healthy food! Thank you all so much for your suggestions. As soon as the rain holds off, I’m going to the shop. I am intrigued by Marie‘s snack suggestion of apple slices smeared with peanut butter and I totally want to rock the crock pot idea from Faye. I’m thinking ย a nice, tender beef stew as I settle down to watch Strictly Come Dancing tonight. What are your plans?

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17 Responses to Apronalong Winner & Pattern Pyramid Giveaway

  1. Ohh congratulations lizzy your apron is amazing and I agree Karen , how awesome is to take the pictures outside.

    I’m recovering from a nasty cold so I’m not sewing , just snuggling up on the sofa

  2. Debbobbin says:

    I just found your blog yesterday and spent about 2 hours reading it last night, funny, inspiring and informative, what’s not to like???? I’ve never been to Goldhawk Road but if I can drag myself from the sofa and the heating I’m going to go and get some stash for an apron or two. I only started my sewing journey this summer and am totally addicted ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Roobeedoo says:

    A great choice of winner indeed!
    SO pleased that someone sees potential in the 50’s top pattern – I will stalking her to make sure she uses it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My weekend? Slow-cooked venison stew (because I think we ought to eat today!) which I will start chopping veg for in just a minute. Then I need to sew my Airelle blouse, type a chapter of FL’s book and knit a sock. And the sun is shining! Woo hoo!

  4. Vicki Kate says:

    Yay Lizzy! Beef stew with strictly sounds great (I would love to go and play in their costume department, if they ever want a tea girl…) it’ll be meatballs for us, which may well finish off in the slow cooker! I’ve had a bit of a hair style change today and hope to get some sewing done later and also a few household chores. Wet and cold means its inside stuff today!

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    Thank you Karen! I adore Cath Kidson and it’s hard to get over here – I was thinking that it would have to wait until my 2013 UK jaunt. I really enjoyed making these aprons – and it’s something that I probably won’t have occurred to me to make otherwise. So thank you for the inspiration to get out of my comfort zone. Happily, I am addicted to aprons now!
    I must credit my amazing husband who came up with this kooky photo shoot idea. I was just the kook who was happy enough to stroll about looking rather oddly attired (but I thought quite fabulous at the same time!).

  6. Joyful says:

    I am sooo looking forward to Strictly this evening – chicken jambalaya for me!!

    I’ve just got home from Walthamstow market – I was quite restrained today, just 2 lots of fabric from Sainsbury man stall and some crotcheting yarn from what may be a new trimmings shop just past Saeed.

    Do you know anywhere that has a really good selection of yarn for crotheting?

  7. Marie says:

    Congratulations Lizzy, awesome aprons and awesome photoshoot too ;o)

    Karen, I’ll be interested to see what you make of the apple and peanut butter slices…personally, I can’t get enough of them!

  8. LindaC says:

    The thing I noticed second, after noticing the apron on the lovely young lady walking the streets in Sydney, is the sensible shoes! All those people walking about were wearing sensible shoes. Obviously not NYC.
    Peanut butter on apple slices was one of my children’s most favorite snack food. I would slice the apples leaving the skin on for shiny red lips, smear the slices with peanut butter and put mini marshmallows between two slices for teeth. We called them “dinosaur smiles” even though they looked nothing like dinosaurs.
    Finally, I enjoy your blog very much and almost wish I had a blog myself so that I could participate in the Pattern Pyramid. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the smiles.

  9. hahah yea that was awesome. BTW you should totally check out KtS’s sewing apron. It is an effing masterpiece!

  10. Kat H says:

    That photo just made my day! Love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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