True Confessions – Everything Ends Up On The Floor

My mother would be so ashamed of me. (Hi, Mum!) This isn’t how she brought me up. Yet, when it comes to sewing, all the rules of tidiness go out of the window.

Take, cutting out. No, really, take it – such a tedious job. I work on a cutting mat, circling the table with my rotary cutter, muttering curses under my breath. As I work I like to cut away parts of fabric that have become unusable scraps. Yeah, get ’em out of the way! Where shall I carefully place them? Oh, I know! Over my shoulder in a throwing motion so that they land, forgotten on the floor. Where they will remain until I skid on a piece of fabric and spend the night in A&E. (It hasn’t happened yet, but it will, it will…)

Then there are the threads. I could show you a photo of my stairs carpet, but I’m too ashamed. It’s like a neighbour’s cat came and rolled around and then coughed up a few fur balls. Dis. Gust. Ing.

The threads get lonely on the floor, so I let some pins keep them company. I’m good that way. I have found pins in my lawn, my rugs, beneath my bum on the sofa, in my bed, stuck in my dressing gown. I’m just waiting for the day I remove my underwear and discover that … oops. (I KNOW this has already happened to some of my readers, so if this is you – fess up!)

It’s not just the small things. My overlocker that I love and cherish? Yeah, I don’t cherish it that much. It lives on the floor, when it’s not being used.

I’m not even going to talk about what happens to my knitting when I’m not knitting…

Basically, I’m a drunk, a tramp and an unfit mother. (To paraphrase Dallas – there are other classic quotes here*.) My home is lovely, as long as you don’t look at the floor. Then, it’s traumatic.

What about you? Do you toss or are you tidy?

* You know, Sue Ellen, I do believe you’re going ninety miles an hour toward a nervous breakdown. We’re going to have to do something about your ravings.

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62 Responses to True Confessions – Everything Ends Up On The Floor

  1. sewsable says:

    Threads and fabric bits usually end up in a pile somewhere, either on the table or floor, pins don’t go on the floor, I have kids and cats who will stand on them if I don’t get them. Overlocker has a full-time station on a desk as does the coverhem machine. Knitting, no way does that go on the floor, if it does a cat either takes off with the ball of yarn or bites through the cable on my circular needles. Having fibreholic cats teaches you good habits I think.

  2. Ooh good one. I’m a tidy sewer. Scraps and threads go straight in the bin and I always pick up pins. i keep the sewing table and my machines very clean. But I’m a horrible slob in other respects. My desk at work is covered with paper and coffee rings. I think it’s because I have almost no sewing space so I have to keep it neat!

  3. Jacq C says:

    As soon as I see it’s a ‘confessions’ post I want to cheer, you make me laugh so much. I have visions of hoardes of sewers in their underwear, eating leftover takeaway food, knee deep in fabric scraps!

    This is like therapy – I too am a messy sewer, in fact that doesn’t cover it, messy crafter is more accurate. My daughter has a new boyfriend, he handed me 4 pins when we sat down for a meal last weekend (1 from his chair, 3 from the floor). And I’d vacuumed! I found a crochet hook in the fruit bowl and I have bags of crochet WIPS in 5 rooms (i just checked). All this and I have a craft room!

  4. Liz says:

    I think my boyfriend is sick of finding pins in his clothes… that I haven’t mended, the pins just get everywhere!

    Its rather adorable to watch my cat play with the threads on the floor though 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    Oh yes! I’m a messy crafter too. I have to cut out on the floor and I toss all my scraps into a pile, which may or may not stay there long after I’ve finished cutting out. Threads, yeah, all over the house! I am more careful with pins, after hearing a story about one of my mum’s friends who knelt on a pin and had to have surgery to remove it!!!

    Oh, and my knitting lives on the sofa next to where I sit, with probably at least one other bag of knitting behind the sofa as well.

  6. Bea says:

    I’m so glad I’m in good company:) I’m am such a messy sewer, my knitting can end up anywhere (but not in the sofa, I’ve heard horrible stories about that). I’ve even managed to send my son to preschool in a pair of trousers that need a quick waistband adjustment in the morning…his teacher found a pin still left in the waistband after some complaining from him, whoops.
    I try to be tidy but when I finally have a moment left for sewing I can’t be bothered wasting time on clearing up and putting things away which leads to piles of small pieces of fabric and thread and pins all around.

  7. Oh, I can relate so well! I really try to be neater. For this, I really like the Collete series with the ‘good habit of the month’, but it just doesn’t work. I always clip my threads, but they always end up on the floor. I don’t like putting up the ironing board, because I know that inevitably, it just becomes another surface for me to park things on. And I really really try with the pins (I live with a person who really likes their bike, and it frequently gets fixed in the living room) but I swear, they have a will of their own! I keep them in a *metal) tin, and I have now added a magnet to the outside. This way, when I pull pins out while I sew, I throw them at the tin, and they all behave and don’t go explore the floor. Fingers crossed, it seems to work so far. My fabric scraps end up everywhere, until I decide to tidy up, put them all in a bag and store them in the office. I think there’s two of those there at the moment. And I promise I’ve only made a few garments…

  8. I have zones. I cut and sew on the dining table and the ironing board board is right beside it. I also eat on the dining table. sooo underneath the dining table one can find threads and scraps and occasionally food.

    In another corner of the living/dining/office area (yeay for open plan living) there is a pile of WIPs/UFOs on the floor (sometime it is in a bag, but for example today I needed the bag so it is on the floor and I haven’t put it back yet)

    You can also find crochet hook randomly all over the place, because my daughter pretends they are people and they need to take walks.

    I think my saving grace is that we have no pets that leave hair all over the place 🙂

    Also did you not do a post about men who blog? I remember wanting to reply and forgetting so here it goes: According to Matt is quite lovely (if you like crafting and crochet)

  9. I too get so engrossed in my project that everything else gets ignored – so not only is the house awash with my sewing paraphernalia but pots pile up in the sink, washing is left in the machine or doesn’t even get in it, landline calls are ignored etc. Like your previous post I grab anything to eat straight out of the fridge or cupboard – usually crackers and cheese (can’t even be bothered to put butter on them).

  10. Your confessions post always make me laugh. I sew chaotically while I am sewing, but always tidy the sewing room back up as soon as I can so it can do double duty as the office. Of course, MrsC and others tell me if I spent less time tidying and just did more sewing I’d be more productive. She may have a point.

  11. Vicki Kate says:

    If it wasn’t for my 2 year old, I suspect my house would be exactly the same! I’m really careful with pins because of him and I love my magnetic pin cushion – I just have to get the pins in the general direction of it and they’re ‘safe’.
    Threads, however, are everywhere! I’m sure I put them in the bin but they end up all over my little sewing room’s floor (which is carpet, so like velcro to those little bits) and then gently tracked out to the spare rooom where the ironing board is set up…
    I cut out on the floor, normally downstairs on the living room floor. Those little bits of fabric that are no good to man or beast get lobbed in the direction of our wood burner and stuffed inside when the next bit of wood goes on (I do heap useable bits nowhere near it though so that I’ve got them just in case). I do tidy it all up afterwards though as otherwise my rotary cutter and Gingher shears would not survive a week (and neither would Boy’s fingers!).
    My exercise bike (also shoe horned into my sewing room) is mostly used as a clothes horse and then when I’m using it everything that was on it is dumped on my chair, and then transferred back again (over and over and over…) so things do end up a bit crumpled sometimes. But in fairness it’s usually ‘stuff that needs mending / adjusting’ that’s being stored in this way – cut fabric awaiting sewing is carefully stored on the desk!

  12. Jane says:

    It will come as no surprise to you to learn that I’m tidy! But the inside of my machine is a disgrace, I clean it out about once a year – out of sight out of mind…
    Love your J. R. quote, Dallas was my special treat to watch with my mum so I have very happy memories of it. I can’t really top the drunk/tramp/unfit mother quote but any quote where J.R threatened to cart Sue Ellen off to the SANATORIUM gets my vote! x

  13. annabelvita says:

    When I sew it looks like the: -pattern pieces and fabric everywhere! I’m still waiting for my first pin in foot injury!

  14. THANK GOD ITS NOT JUST ME! I don’t have a separate sewing room, so my living room contains all my sewing stuff. At the moment it looks like an explosion in a fabric shop – fabric scraps and threads all over the floor. Disgraceful! I’m very careful to pick up pins as I walk around barefoot but apart from that I am a slattern.

  15. Steph says:

    I was walking around work yesterday and found a pin in my shoe. A pin in my SHOE. I leave everything lying around too apparently…;-)

  16. Fwaire says:

    I’m usually pretty messy. My sewing would be one of the things stored on the floor but now we have a nice pretty wardrobe that was being chucked away and everything lives in there! I’ve been pretty good so far at keeping most of my sewing things on the floor…my clean clothes, however, never seem to get put away. :/

  17. Tamsin W-P says:

    I am pretty messy during a project, but have a big tidy between projects. Most stuff ends up on the floor even the pieces I’ve just sewn or ironed carefully! I have found pins on the floor but I tend to sew bare footed, so am pretty careful about that. I did tread on a pin once, but that was when I was cutting out and I wasn’t carefull enough when walking around the room.

  18. Ginny says:

    I’m much better than I used to be. In my old house I had a sewing room, so I didn’t have to worry about anybody else going in there and it was all mine. The mess it ended up in as a result was shocking. Piles of pattern pieces stacked everywhere, bags of fabric dumped in every corner and half finished things shoved in corners. And, God, the carpet…

    Now, I have to sew in a corner of the dining room, I have a small child grubbing about on the floor and a tidy-freak boyfriend. And, thankfully, hard flooring! If pins do land on the floor they roll towards the skirting out of the way to be retrieved later, and I have a wide bin directly under the left end of my small sewing table so thread clippings etc get dropped easily in it. Knitting never gets left within reach of little hands, unless I want the needles whipped out and hours of work unravelled. The table is still constantly littered with crap though lol.

  19. I really need to get a magnet for my pins. I’m really good with putting them back in their container/pincushion, but I’m also really clumsy. So I tend to drop the entire container of pins all over the carpet. And yeah, I’ve had a lot of pins in my foot. Also needles in my feet and a knitting needle in my upper thigh. So I think it’s more for this reason that I need to be a tidier sewer.

    And I will never understand how people can avoid getting thread EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter how faithfully I put it in the bin, the carpet and my clothes always have a fine layer of thread.

    Lucky I’m not too much of a clean freak. 😛

  20. i am so messy – but i can’t be tidy when i sew – it wouldn’t match the rest of the house! the ironing board is permanently set up when i have a project on the go. i do try and tidy as i go and put threads in a pot as i clip, and i cut out on the living room floor so everything has to get put away when i am done. i also have a cat so i hang cut out pieces on a chair or on Marjorie so that the cat doesn’t sleep on them. there are always pins on the floor but with a wooden floor, they can’t normally go into your foot.

  21. Sew2pro says:

    I can’t stand it when family members moan about pins on the floor. I mean, does it hurt to walk on pins?! No, they lie flat: they’re not drawing tacks.

    On the other hand, it’s nice that said family members are ever slobbier than yours truly as they never notice the mess….

  22. I am naturally messy, and unfortunately so is my husband. I made a lovely knitting bag to hold WIPS, is the current project tidily inside it? No, of course not, it’s sprawled across the sofa, next to the bag. I had to move to coloured glass headed pins so I can see them on the carpet, but there are at least 5 lying around the sewing room floor.
    As for threads, I have to sit down and cut them off the vacuum cleaner brush every couple of months or it stops picking anything up.
    As for my husband, he has about 20 bags of electronic components spread across the sitting room floor at the moment, so cannot complain about my stuff!

  23. Roobeedoo says:

    My confession is the other way round: I only clean so that I can sew! If I didn’t have to get down on the floor to cut out / pick up stray collars etc I would not be vacuuming nearly so often. You do not want to see the underside of my socks. The sources of my squalor are: the dog (who is permanently casting hair and likes to roll in mud and then sprawl in front of the fire until he dries off); and my husband (who leaves the front door wide open when he comes in, followed by a cloud of autumn leaves, trampling mud everywhere and carrying logs which drop bark crumbs everywhere). Me? I am perfect. Those odd threads and snippets of wool are deliberately placed to attract the other fluff and dirt, making it easier to scoop up with a dustpan and brush. Because I sew, I am forced to vacuum EVERY WEEK! Seriously. The pressure to clean is overwhelming.

  24. oonaballoona says:

    i’m surprisingly good about keeping stuff off the floor… if i don’t clean my sewing area every 20 minutes i start to get messy in my sewing. you’ve got to be tidy when there’s a glass of something nice by your side.

    (by the way, those empty bottles are beautiful.)

    • Ha, ha, ha! I am VERY impressed that you can tell they’re empty. Scottish Malt Whisky Society, each and every one. I’m not the whisky drinker, but someone clearly is. Reminds me, I must steal some for a Christmas cake…

  25. ElleC says:

    I have at least six magnetic pin cushions, yet pins still find their way to the floor. I have four trash cans in the sewing dungeon and yet threads still land on the floor. I am a terribly messy sewist. I tidy up periodically, well, make that every quarter. Any time spent cleaning is time not spent sewing, and who wants that?

  26. Jenny says:

    haha – I love these posts – they make me laugh so much. I am a messy sewer. very messy. When I’m on a project, everything just ends up on the floor. and it lays there for days until my project is done and I am happy. Then I clean it all up and the mess begins again with the next project. But I do have to be quick about picking up little pieces of thread – the cat LOVES those!

  27. Lucym808 says:

    My kids hand me pins after a sewing session (they happen in short, sharp bursts). It usually takes them a couple of weeks to round them all up. Threads go on the floor in a dramatic sweeping motion. That’s what hoovers are for, after all.

  28. Shams says:

    Pins on carpet really scare me, so I do try to get those right away. I have nothing else to add. 😉

  29. So I cut out a dress on Saturday. I couldn’t cut it on the fold so I moved down to the dining room table. I pushed the dirty table cloth to the side so I didn’t get gaming-food residue on my fabric (no, didn’t take it off because then I’d need to move the last of the gaming stuff, I just pushed it to the side). That was 5 days ago. The scraps are still exactly where I left them and I’ve eaten my breakfast around them.
    I have given up on the carpeting in my sewing room. I think I’ll have to rip it out to move.

  30. LLADYBIRD says:

    I am guilty of leaving pins and thread on the floor (although it has gotten a LOT better since I started keeping paper bags taped to the side of my sewing machine table – thread tails don’t have much of a chance over there!). It looked super trashy when I had carpet, but thankfully my new house is all hardwoods, so they are pretty camouflaged until they get swept up. I used to throw fabric scraps on the floor, until I wised up and started keeping a trash can directly under the table. It’s one of those giant 13 gallon tubs that most people confine to the kitchen, so I have no excuses!

  31. Jen (NY) says:

    *Magnetic Pin Holder* Seriously. My ‘significant other’ used to vehemently complain about my sewing — primarily from his fear of stepping on a pin. (Having a grandmother that had a sewing business, it just seemed like a normal and minor hazard to me!) Enter the magnetic pin holder; no more pins dropped on the floor (rarely), no more complaints. He willingly tolerates the rest of the mess–no complaints about the floor tossed scraps. (Me too!)

  32. Gravity, my friend. All threads and scraps go on the floor. I feel more artistic that way. A friend once commented that he thought it looked like a weird Edward Scissorhands crime scene in my sewing room (working on a blood-red project at the time).

  33. This is great, makes me feel more normal! Now whilst I have 6 weeks plus of threads and overlocker tails strewn around my sewing table, I have a waste bin that gets used for fabric scraps, pattern tissue paper, printer paper from now cut downloaded patterns and the threads and overlocker threads that make it that far. Sadly, it doesnt empty itself. My sewing table, now I have it all organised, gets tidied up after every sitting, and that for me is enough of a tidy veneer. I only seem to Hoover when someone else needs to use my sewing room. I even bought a more transportable ‘pet hair’ handheld vacuum thinking it would be ideal for ridding the carpet of threads, but strangely enough, it’s still to be tried out on anything but pet hair and the stairs…. I think once I am in my sewing room, there is no thought of chores…

  34. rosyragpatch says:

    I always left my sewing machine on the floor until I tripped over it – I wasn’t injured but my poor machine was. Now I only keep unbreakable stuff on the floor.
    I’d love to be tidy.

  35. Taja says:

    How funny! I was just thinking about this the other day!

    Despite being fairly tidy when sewing, pins defeat me. I use magnetic pin cushions, tin boxes, plastic boxes, regular pin cushions–nothing seems to work! I also use a variety of types of pins–super fine, “quilters” (very long with plastic head), glass head, etc., suited to the project and type of fabric being used. While they aren’t always in use, they always are available for use. 🙂

    When I was young and living with my parents, we always claimed that my father had magnetic feet. Both my mother and I sewed and, while we rarely dropped pins on the floor, if a pin was there, it would find my father’s foot/feet! On the other hand, we could–and usually did–walk around barefoot and never step on a pin!

    My studio and office used to share the same space–about 200 sq.ft. Since downsizing, I don’t have a dedicated studio or office, so everything has to be set up and cleaned up each time I sew. Currently, I am neat by default–I have no choice!

  36. symondezyn says:

    Bahaha! I’m guilty too! Raised by a fastidiously tidy mum, and taking on such traits myself as an adult, it is somehow so FREEING to just chuck things around willy nilly whilst immersed in the process of tracing and cutting. I always tidy up afterwards but making a mess is such fun ^__^

  37. Christina says:

    I’m absolutely terrible with this!! I have carpet, too, which makes it more difficult to get every last thread picked up. I have started taping a paper bag to the side of my sewing table and it’s been great for errant threads…when I remember to put them in there!!

  38. Laura says:

    I definitely toss. My studio is always a huge disaster- unless I clean it and don’t create anything new, but where’s the fun in that!

  39. Kat H says:

    I’m pretty good about not leaving things on the floor – I have a rubbish bin right next to my cutting/sewing table, and another bin for larger scraps to give to a friend for her preschool class.

    Piles of “works in progress” dotted around pretty much every surface of the room, though? I’m pretty terrible at that…… :-/

    This “true confessions” series is great! 🙂

  40. MrsC says:

    Looking up from my spot on the couch, I can see a pile of scraps on the kitchen bench, a pile of cut out bits of top on the floor (?), and a huge pile of c-rap I cleared OFF the kitchen bench so I could use it as a cutting table! This is downstairs – upstairs I have a huge studio to sew in. Lesigh.
    I did try and track down on YouTube my favourite NZ Sky TV ad, two hopeless kiwi blokes making a Living Channel documentary about the ‘on floor storage system.’ It is very funny but not to be seen!

  41. Velosewer says:

    I know a project is really finished when the floor of my sewing room is an absolute disgrace. Then I vacuum.
    Nothing gets cleaned until I finish so maybe I’m have two disorders a) finish projects b) clean.

  42. PoldaPop says:

    I love a tidy house and start to feel physically uncomfortable when it gets messy. But when I comes to sewing, I’m a huge slob. I think for me it’s about time. Reach over and drop those fabric scraps and cut threads into the garbage? Too slow – fling it on the floor. Fold and put the pattern pieces back into their envelope? Too slow – push ’em under the cabinet and keep going. Dust all the fuzz and teeny tiny bits off the sewing table? Again, too slow – take a deep breath and blow them to the back of the table (and onto the floor). When you combine all of this with the fact that three out of four people in my family have long, almost black hair, you can get huge thread-scrap-and-hair tumbleweeds blowing about the house. One of these days I’m going to come home and yell at my family for buying a dog without my permission, only to find that the animal in question is made up of hair and sewing debris.

  43. Brenda says:

    On the floor!! And the dog goes into the sewing room, KNOWS that I leave the bits and pieces for her, then she drags the lot all over the house. Pretty…….. not! She is sooo pleased with herself when she finds all my scraps, she just has to show you what she finds! What is really bad is when she grabs important, cut out pattern pieces!! Yikes!

  44. sarah says:

    As much as I try I’m never tidy when it comes to sewing. I’ve found the odd pin in my bed, in my hand bag and in my suitcase!! one even found it’s way into my boyfriends foot and I’m not joking when i say he even went as far as getting a tetanus injection after it!!! when I got my nice brand new shiny sewing machine last year, it spent the best part of two months on the floor until I found it a permanent home.

  45. Courtney says:

    Omg, I am awful. You should see the state of my sewing room right now- bomb hitting it isn’t even enough!
    Piles of fabric pulled out and not put back yet, ribbon ends, threads, pins…. you name it it’s on the floor.
    I only have one small desk which is literally enough for the sewing machine + a bit so no room for scraps etc there. Floor it goes!
    Also, my true confession is that I have a secret box of chocolates in my fabric shelves for when the swear words are about to pass my lips- just stuff it with chocolate!

  46. sewexhausted says:

    I am the SAME way- my mother too would be appalled… BUT I do make sure I clkean up my mess after each project and before starting a new one. 🙂

  47. Jo says:

    After my then two year old came up to me with the needles in one hand and the knitting in the other saying ‘what’s this mummy?’, the knitting goers in a bag, zipped up, behind the sofa, out of sight! As for the sewing – if only my floor was clean enough to drop things onto it – yours looks spotless!

  48. BeingZhenya says:

    Yup, same here! I do that too. I was once fixing my husband’s pants, and left a needle in them, he wore them the next day, and needless to say, the needle was stabbing him the whole day!

  49. Sufiya says:

    F’r godsake watch out with threads and cats…cats EAT thread and can DIE HORRIBLY from it; it cuts their intestines to BITS! I am ashamed to admit my cat once ATE a thread with a NEEDLE on it…fortunately for her the needle went through her BACKWARDS (thank GOD!)…I know she did this because I found the thread AND the needle in a turd in the litterbox! Another time I found a dried cat barf under the bed consisting mostly of a FULL SPOOL of Kreinik’s blending filament in black! After that I have tried to be extra diligent about throwing thread scraps in the garbage and not leaving dangling threads off the sewing machine or leaving the pincushion within reach with threaded needles on it!

  50. I’m a hurricane in progress but every new project start from a tidy environment …

  51. Becca says:

    Haha, I’m like this to a degree. Creativity and tidiness are sometimes mutually exclusive. Luckily I don’t have children or cats to worry about. I always have threads on the floor, even though I have little trash bags in different places. It’s unavoidable, especially if you have a fabric that unravels quickly and sheds before you can finish the seams. I’m not about to look down at the floor and watch for droppings to pick up and waste precious sewing time. I do occasionally end up with project piles on the floor, and I usually have more than one project going at once, so pieces end up falling on the floor while I’m working on something else. I do try to pick up pins immediately because I’ve had the misfortune of stepping on a few. :O

  52. Kelly says:

    I found a pin in my baby’s diaper years ago and ever since then I’ve been quite religious about keeping them picked up! I never knew how it got in there, if it either worked it’s way in while she was crawling around, or god forbid it went through her system. A scary lesson to learn!

  53. frk.bustad says:

    I’m such a messy seamstress (and knitter)! There’s pins everywhere, and since I’ve never had an accident with them (a friend of mine actually had to have an operation on one of her toes because she stepped on a pin, and it literally went through the knuckle!) so I never learn… Also, I’m not able to throw away the smallest piece of fabric scrap, so there’s scraps everywhere! I so wish I was tidy, because I really feel calm and relaxed when my flat is tidy and clean, but… there’s more to life then tidying (ahem…).

  54. Kristen says:

    Pins are the worst – you don’t even hear them fall on carpet! A few weeks ago, I got a new pair of shoes in the mail, and I was prancing around the house admiring them (cuz I’m cool like that) and noticed that I had a needle STICKING OUT of my toe. I didn’t even feel it, but it kind of freaked me out.

    I have two little dogs running around here, so I try to be very careful about what I leave around. I’m kind of messy though, so I just don’t even let them into my spare room/sewing room because I need that floor space for keeping things on! 🙂

  55. If you could see my sewing room you’d know I’m not at all tidy. But having said that, I try to put threads and useless scraps of fabric into the bin pretty much straightaway. Useful scraps go somewhere different but probably not the floor because if they were there, I wouldn’t know where they were in some respects and I’d be walking all over them and that would probably make me very cranky. There isn’t a lot of floor space in my sewing room. And as someone pointed out, oh, to have a floor clean enough to throw scraps on would be a fine thing! As to pins? I must be anal. They go straight back into the pin tin. And if I knock that over, I stop and pick up all the escapees immediately if not sooner.

  56. Jacky Matthews says:

    Oh me me me,I have a 4m x 8m studio that always looked like it got hit by a storm. Its because i go from one project to another or dragging out one set of materials after another looking for the next hit, and i forget to put things away. But my nasty.
    Years ago my neighbour had a go at me about pins on the floor, ha i laughed. Then one day i was walking across the room to open the front door and ouch, i bent down to drag the pin out of my foot, and oops, no end sticking out. ohh no. So i went to a mates and had drinks and painkillers untill i thought it was time to go to hospital, where i spent 2 days untill they took it out. Ever ytime some one saw the x=ray, i got a sympathetic ooouuch. and shame – still pins on the floor. . Jacky Scarborough Qld Aust.

  57. The Sewist says:

    The good thing about the floor isn’t that nothing ever falls of it just when you need it and can’t reach it. I have to clear my floor to make more mess on it most days thanks to the creative small people in the house who have learned their creative floor-using habits from me………

  58. EmSewCrazy says:

    OH! Just what I needed to hear! Love this and your ugly amnesty series! Pretty sure fabric, threads and pins get strewn all over the place. My knitting gets picked up because the family is afraid of sitting on them. But you can’t create in a vaccum!

  59. I am laughing so hard at this post! You’re adorable. I am a huge pile maker. Oh lordy, if it could land in a pile, it will. A pile on every corner of my sewing table, a pile of knitting, a pile on a pile… seriously, if there is a surface, I will cover it with crap and that crap will generate a pile. The floor is just about the only place I don’t put piles… wait that’s a lie. Currently my work backpack is sitting atop of 2 boxes to mail back shoes that didn’t fit. I guess I really do make piles everywhere!

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