Crafty Pint Reminder & Productivity Thoughts

For those of you already planning your weekend fun, I thought I’d remind readers that I’m attending the Crafty Pint Handmade Christmas on Saturday. The latest news is that The Wayward Sisters are going to be performing there. I’m ever so excited! Am I allowed to say that?!

I’ve already signed up for the Print Your Own Christmas Cards workshop, so I’ll be there from 12.30pm. Let me know if you’re coming along too, and we can say hello to each other/have a good chinwag!

In other news, I’ve been really inspired by Tilly and the Button’s recent blogging around productivity and the 15-minute sewing revolution. Tilly – I can tell you that at my writers’ retreat this weekend, there was a whole conversation about writing a novel in 15-minute slots. For busy or anxious people, 15 minutes at a time is the way forward, with whatever you want to achieve!

Now, how many chocolates can I eat in 15 minutes? Don’t look at me like that! I’m just experimenting with productivity…

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12 Responses to Crafty Pint Reminder & Productivity Thoughts

  1. rosyragpatch says:

    I could probably eat a large box of chocs in that time – one at once of course. Unfortunately, I can do very little work in a 15 minute slot. Now why is that I wonder?

  2. Janet says:

    I can whiz round the house and make it look like I have done some housework (rather than sewing during my littlest girl’s afternoon sleep) in the fifteen minutes it takes my husband to return home from work.
    I’m going on Saturday, along with some sewing friends – can’t wait.

  3. sewbusylizzy says:

    LOL. For me it’s popcorn. I demolish the stuff!
    I do most of my sewing in lots of little chunks. There is the added benefit of having a little more time to ponder any difficulties as you create a new garment. I have saved many a wadder this way. This week it’s been a knitted cardigan that I nearly gave up on – I woke up and realised my mistake. The night before I nearly tore it off the needles, never to be knitted again…

  4. Pat says:

    Good post. I tested the productivity theory with a box of chocolates. It’s a winner. I use the 15 minute chunk of time when I have something distasteful to do. Like dusting. It really does work because you feel like something has been accomplished and that tends to motivate me even more.

  5. EmSewCrazy says:

    I use a time frame for distasteful tasks or when I have a lot to do and know I can’t spend all afternoon reading sewing blogs or lounging around the internet. The few times I tried to set a time frame on sewing I go over or forget. I measure sewing better by breaking it into tasks; I will stop when I get it cut out, darts sewn, etc.
    I love the 15 to 20 minute time frame because it is amazing what you can accomplish in that time and how it helps my creative, right brain focus!

  6. punkmik says:

    ooo thats awesome! i did 15 minutes knitting and it made me feel like I achieved something but not wasting time! 😀

  7. LinB says:

    I guess it depends how big the chocolates, are, Karen!

  8. Rose in SV/LO says:

    Hi Karen, I’m going to be there. I going to try one of the drop in classes on making three dimensional paper stars. I hope to meet you there. Thank you for sharing the information about this event!

    Rose in SV/LO

  9. rehanon says:

    Hey lady,

    I’m a coming 🙂 So I’ll see you there. I’m marrying up with a visit to a very crafty friend of mine a shoemaker no less who’s just had her small person so it will be a day full of lovely people and lovely things 🙂


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