Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!


We lay plans for the future. This is the year I’ll sew a coat! Next month I’ll learn how to knit! I’m going to make myself a work wardrobe/only use stash fabrics/conquer trousers. Then, something happens called life.

Well, no longer!

The problem with blog resolutions is that we’re answerable to no one other than ourselves. Readers aren’t going to admonish us if we don’t manage to churn out those six blouses we promised we’d make all the way back in January. Honestly, by the summer how many readers even remember what vows we once made? It’s all too easy to wriggle out of commitments.

Enter the 2013 Jar Of  Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

I’m inviting people to leave a comment below with one Sewlution for 2013. Just the one. I’ll transcribe it onto a piece of paper with your name and add it to the jar. In 12 months from now, I’ll empty out the jar and host a blog post where you’re invited to reveal – did you keep to your commitment or is yours the face of shame? Whoever impresses me the most, for whatever random reason, will receive a prize.

Simples. All I need you to do is choose one crafting accomplishment for the year, big or small. Then tell me about it. But don’t forget, I have a long memory and a jar. You have until midnight GMT, January 2 to be included.

I’ve already added my Sewlution to the jar. Let’s see if I can put my money where my mouth is. I only have 12 months in which to prove myself…

Happy New Year, guys!


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280 Responses to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

  1. What a good idea! Mine is simple: to make a new blouse for me that’s suitable to wear to work. Life has already just chucked a couple of spanners in that plan, so if I manage it, I’ll think I’ve done very well indeed. Hope you’ve had/are having a wonderful New Year celebration.

  2. Pearl says:

    Hmmm…interesting idea! I’ll have a think about it, and get back to you! (Currently making a winter coat…)

    Happy New Year, Karen – I’m sure you’ll master that blouse in 2013.

  3. Dilliander says:

    Lovely idea 🙂 I’m keen to sew a raincoat… its a new to me project and something that is needed with all the rain we’ve been having lately. Happy new year!

  4. makeitgiveit says:

    love it love it! You have such great ideas :0 – mine is to make 12 things from my stash but they might not all be clothes… is that okay?

  5. Rachelle says:

    I am going to make sufficient pieces for my historical challenge that I could attend a picnic in 1913 and not look out of place.

  6. Bridget says:

    great idea! mine is to make one complete (wearable) item each month. January will be the bombshell dress.

  7. I like this although now im already starting to feel nervous! Im still learning to sew as I go along so not sure I could churn out very detailed and well made items but i would like by the end of this year, or even earlier, to have a few more breast feeding appropriate tops and dresses ive made! Atleast 1! Breastfeeding means so many of my favourite clothes can’t be worn unless I reveal my whole body. Ok lets see…

    • Hmm, an interesting challenge! I’ve already made a crafting resolution,but not yet bloged about it, but it’s not sewing specific. I call it 52 moments of smugness. I resolve to have 52 things that leave me feeling creatively fulfilled, whether that be sewing a garment or finishing a longstanding UFO or knitting a present or making earrings or baking an amazing decorated cake. Not sure this counts as a “sew”lution or not but that’s my plan anyway!

  8. aisling says:

    I love the idea of the jar and at the end of the year seeing how everbody managed with there sewing. I think my resolution will be I will learn to fit my shoulders properly and make a modern shirt and modern jacket to prove it. I keep starting jackets, throwing in the towel and going back to making things that don’t involve armscyes and sleeve heads. One obstacle to this is going to be the point I have to pack up my sewing room at some point in the near future for its 10,500 mile journey to the UK by boat.

  9. Mine is to make some tops for work. I meant to do this in 2012 but somehow too many other interesting patterns cropped up! I wear quite smart clothes to work so I need tops that will look good under a jacket, be easy to take care of and probably have long sleeves (I feel the cold). Sounds simple? Well why is it I haven’t made them then?

  10. Nicky says:

    to make something out of each new Burda magazine in the month it comes out. Have already chosen from 1/2013 now need fabric and time to do it!

  11. Gaynor says:

    Great idea! I commit to sewing a school run proof minoru jacket which will include outside pockets and be waterproof!

    Good luck Karen, your blog has been hilarious all year xx

  12. Juliet says:

    Ooooh great idea! I’m ready to push myself a bit more in my sewing now. I would say only one fabric purchase a month, but who am I kidding? That would never work. So, one garment a fortnight it is! My wardrobe is hungry…

  13. BeaJay says:

    Ohh you are EVIL – I LOVE it. I am rubbing my hands together and cackling like a Macbeth witch over this. By the pricking of my thumbs………………

    I promise – 1 wearable item per month – now this might not seem like much – the key word is wearable – something that will remain in my wardrobe on rotation. This is 12 items. So far I have sewn 6 in the last year that were not wadders – but only one made it into rotation – so this is huge for me.

    I am also going to tackle collars; zips and buttons….. ooh I am giddy at the thought.

    I pledge that if I don’t make it a $50 donation to a charity of your choice. How’s that for confidence…. And if you saw the t-shirt I just sewed – well get yourself ready for $50 donation,

  14. pinqueen says:

    I managed to keep my silent promise last year of one shirt per month – and I’m going to ring the changes with one wearable knit item per month for 2013. Doesn’t sound much does it? But knit still scares me and everyone needs at least one knit dress in their wardrobe don’t they?
    Happy new year!

  15. I blogged a 2013 planning post today, which is really just until the Autumn chill descends upon us in Australia, but it didn’t include my BIG sewlution… Deep breath… I Blogless Anna will sew a jacket and/or coat with a lining in 2013. Wish me luck.

  16. Houseofpinheiro says:

    A coat And the bombshell dress

  17. Alex says:

    I will knit and sew a garment 🙂

  18. Sam says:

    What a great idea. I could duplicate (copy?) several of the pledges already made, but I won’t. I will pledge to make a pair of trousers that fit me properly. Scary… I think it was about 20 years ago I last tried to make trousers.

  19. You do have such clever ideas Karen. I want to finish 12 sewn items.

  20. dottiedoodle says:

    Love this idea! I pledge to turn twelve pieces of fabric in my stash into items of clothing.

  21. carmencitabs says:

    One word : pants. I plan to understand pants, fit them properly, make them and sera them. If I’m good, I may make jeans!

  22. Lucy says:

    I’m going to aim realistic here and say four work tops – but they’ve make it into rotation to count!

  23. Thea says:

    Love the idea – thank you! Following your Minoru ravings, I shall overcome my fear of choosing fabric and make myself a Minoru too, in my new sewing corner, which will be nice and neat. Good luck with the blouses!

  24. Pella says:

    Make some dresses, I want to do one a month, but as I’m going to be held to this, I’ll say four .

  25. Laura says:

    2013 is the year I learn how to fit my blouse patterns.

  26. Matte says:

    My goal is to finish 13 items, can be sewn or knitted, for me or made as a gift. Slightly ambitious as I only finished 4 things in 2012, but I did spend half the year abroad so you could say I have a head start this year. Matte

  27. Fiona says:

    Ooo this is great! I’d like to make at least 12 items of clothing this year including using a vintage pattern at least once

  28. I love this! Mine is to sew something once a month for the year, and include it into my blog. I also have a 35 list – which is a list of 35 goals (one for each year of my life) that I aim to complete over the year. My 34 list was a pretty good effort – not all complete, but two thirds done. I guess it’s more about the ideas and inspiration to get things done. x

  29. Love it! What a fantastic idea! Ok, here’s mine…
    Sew five patterns from the Colette Patterns range. Happy New Year, Sam xxo

  30. JacqC says:

    Brilliant idea – I love dresses but, despite owning lots of beautiful patterns I am struggling because I am nowhere near the standard B cup so have been avoiding dealing with the fit/FBA skill set that is needed to make a top and bottom half that work together. My pledge is to conquer my bust and have a well fitted bodice in 2013! 🙂

  31. makesphere says:

    Ooo, I’ve got a few. I think the one to go in the jar will be to conquer the bra.
    (Ha, that rhymed!)

  32. seaswift says:

    Great idea for a challenge! My aim is to complete 12 sewing or knitting projects. My daughter has asked for a prom-style dress, which will be a challenge. My first sewing project is going to be a short-sleeved work dress. I’ve recently returned to sewing after a long, long break and always found setting in sleeves a bit tricky so hopefully I’ll become more confident at this. With each project, I would like to focus on learning a new technique.

  33. Love it! I am going to finish the UFO clothes in my workroom. I put all other sewing projects before my own wardrobe, and this year I am going to get the brown frock coat, sun dresses, merino top and lace top finished that I have cut out. At the very least! xo

  34. Mellie says:

    I will make one item from each of the four sewing books I’ve acquired 2012 I have made zilch so far. Colette Sewing Handbook, Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing, The Burda Sewing Handbook and finally Burda Sewing Vintage Modern. My current excuse is they were all gifts although I did request them.

  35. Ros says:

    Underwear for me! Knickers first then, gulp, bras. I have patterns, fabric, notions, etc. I just need to go for it and be prepared to keep adjusting until I can make functional, pretty underwear that fits.

  36. Angela says:

    Ok, I love this! I am absolutely determined to start sewing most of my clothes. I’m tired of having almost no wardrobe because RTW fits so poorly that I don’t buy anything. I will be buying a new sewing machine within the week (mine is old and having issues), I simply can not let a lovely, new machine sit around unused, right?

    Therefore, I resolve (an I am putting this on a sticky on the computer desktop to keep reminding me of my pledge when I start spending too much time on the computer.. ahem…) the following:

    I wil make a minimum of one wearable garment per month. I know my specific subgoals that are included with that, but you said to list only one.

    To up the ante, I will join BeaJay in her promise to donate $50 to a charity of your choice if I don’t do the above. Considering I have very strong opinions about some things… this is a huge commitment for me. But, I really want the accountability of making a public promise.

  37. punkmik says:

    Oh please enter me with make a coat. 🙂 more determination. 🙂

  38. Marie says:

    Great, yet terrifying idea Karen! I can’t help joining in, even though I’ve pretty much failed every target I’ve ever set myself! So I’ll keep this simple – I’ll be happy if I make one dress this year that is gorgeous and that fits like a glove. I want it to be ‘frosting’, but frosting that I’ll wear more than once. Oooh, now I’m nervous…I so don’t want to be the face of shame ;o)

  39. kazzthespazz says:

    Okay! great idea Karen, I plan to sew the perfect fitting Bra!

  40. Ohhh… great idea Karen + a Happy New Year to you and Ella!
    For my part, I’m gonna say “I shall make for myself at least ONE of each….. 1 T- Shirt, 1 Blouse, 1 Skirt, 1 Pair of Trousers/Jeans, 1 Jacket/Coat, 1 Hat, and 1 Bag.

  41. Joanne says:

    Yay great idea! Mine is to make a beautiful log cabin baby quilt with some embroidery technique worked in. Something really special for baby George’s first bed. And it will force me to start learning embroidery which I’ve wanted to do for ages but haven’t got round to.

  42. Eirian says:

    Conquer trousers for cloth bummed toddlers – I have two late training toddlers, and they spend their lives with their bums hanging out. I’ve given up trying to adjust patterns after several soul destroying failures. 2013 is the year I beat the giant bum.

  43. Reblogged this on Red Point Tailor and commented:
    What a wonderful idea! Take it easy in 2013 🙂 …

    • Dear Karen, I love this idea! I have found it so excited that I reblogged your post. I hope you don’t mind. However if you do not wish to have your posts reblogged please let me know so I could remove it from my blog.
      I do not reblog posts – unless they are very exceptional.
      Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Beata

  44. Rachel says:

    What a brilliant idea Karen! What I’d really like to be brave enough to do is to start making and selling my clasp purses/laptop covers/kindle covers through Etsy. I’ve already made a few to order for friends and family and I’d really love to start a little sideline selling them, not to make oodles of money but just for my own satisfaction. It’s something I love doing, sewing is my therapy/meditation!. I lack the confidence to just “Jump and do it” so this will be really good for me to look back at the end of 2013. With best wishes for 2013.

  45. Joyful says:

    What a cracking idea! I resolve to make and wear 2 work jackets and also to make from my stash some bags, purses , lap top bags etc. Oh and also a nightshirt for hubby – he’s been asking for ages! Happy New Year to everyone x

  46. Every Stitch says:

    I will make a properly fitting pair of jeans. That’ll mean a few muslins, a lot a swearing and a small miracle!

  47. Fantastic idea. I have posted a few aims I have for 2013 already. Into the jar I would like to have my aim to finish 2013 with 75% of my wardrobe made by me. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s outcomes in 12 months.

  48. Jane says:

    By the law of the jar, I promise I will make a pair of trousers with a fly front in 2013! x

  49. Tilly says:

    Awesome idea, oh Keeper of the Jar.

    I shall sew some trousers that fit my derriere.

  50. Annie says:

    Cool Idea. For next winter I want ot make the dufflecoat, I planned to sew this year and already acquired all the needed material.

  51. Karine says:

    Where do you find your awesome ideas ? Oh yes, you are a writer.It may explain your endless inspiration.
    Will the jar big enough ?
    I shall conquer bras in 2013.

  52. 5currantbuns says:

    Fabulous idea…can I play too ?

    I want to make a skirt that fits in all the right places and skims over those it shouldn’t…however making a skirt for me would be a good start .

  53. Heather says:

    I’d like to become confident with buttonholes, and I also hope to sew a Minoru jacket for dog walking, and teach my daughters to crochet.

  54. lauriesannie says:

    I shall make a muslin of the old Vogue pattern shell # 1004 in order to make better fitting clothes.

  55. nessie says:

    I don’t do resolutions but this is interesting.
    I will start making a dent in my stash sewing some clothes for my 2 little girls – particularly leggings.

  56. Ella says:

    Sewlutions, Sewlutions, what a great idea.
    For me it’s probably the same one for the last 3 to 4 years.
    Start a sewing blog, even if my english is more than a little rusty, even if I’m not the computer guru creating beautiful banners, even if I still don`t have a facebook account, even if my camera and phone are pink ( and nothing more…), even if my sewing room is Chaos City and the seamripper my closest friend….
    Maybe add a little more crazy colors and for sure lots of sewing related chaos to this wonderful community which has given me so much fun and inspiration in the past.

    So put me in that jar, Dear Keeper!


  57. Kay says:

    Karen, Committing publicly and being accountable will do much good to my goals!

    A TNT pair of Pants and a TNT knit top = one well fitting outfit for me! That’s my reSEWlution – 2013!

  58. Shar says:

    I love reading everyone’s ideas! I resolve to sew one wearable item for my husband, one for my daughter – no small task as she’s 12 and very picky (I mean selective!), and a Cordova jacket for myself. Happy New Year Karen!

  59. Melody says:

    This is such a great idea!

    One of my big sewlutions is to stop being afraid of colours and patterns! I will make things that aren’t just plain black or red! Branch out into blues and maybe even greens and play around with crazy patterned fabric!

  60. Pat says:

    Great idea Karen. I am going to take a class and learn how to crochet. In the spirit of my fellow commenters, I will make a donation to charity if I fail to live up to this. A healthy and crafting prosperous new year to everyone.

  61. Karen in VA says:

    Hopefully this public commitment will keep me on track. My goal is to develop a TNT dress pattern, a TNT skirt pattern and a TNT t-shirt pattern. And I commit to the $50 charity donation if I don’t meet my goal……

  62. I plan to complete one sewing project per month.

  63. Ngoc says:

    Sew something for my partner (I already have the Negroni pattern and fabric, and Peter’s sew along links, but for some reason, when it comes to sewing, it’s always me me me me).

  64. Jamie says:

    I, like many others, will conquer pants! And by conquer I mean a pair with no funny business going on with the crotch and butt. I also resolve to make a coat or lined jacket.

  65. Buttonholes! Good buttonholes! Overcome my fear of buttonholes!

  66. Susan says:

    Less buying, more sewing! And more specifically, I want to complete a wearable jacket. I’m not picky, it can be the Minoru or Cordova. I bought both to cover my bases! Love your blog and great way to keep your readers accountable.

  67. Danielle says:

    What a fantastic idea! Count me in!! I’m a new sewer and I have a few garments I’d like to complete, but I REALLY want to make a dress, so my sewlution is: Make my first dress ever by the end of the year!!

    Thanks for doing this!

  68. PoldaPop says:

    Oh, what an excellent idea! And I love the idea of putting more on the line with the charity promise. Since having children, I seem to blow through RTW jeans faster than the speed of light (I never knew that my right knee was my favored kneeling knee until holes formed on all my jeans in that exact same spot with a corresponding callus underneath the hole). I bought the “Jean-ius” course from Craftsy and I’ve got the denim so there’s really no excuse. Write me up, Oh Empress of the Jar: One pair of well-fitting jeans.

    Happy New Year!

  69. liza jane says:

    My only goal is to continue to carve out some sewing and blogging time with a new baby. I ‘ve had a lot of people tell me how I’m not going to have time to sew anymore and I’m determined that won’t be true!

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  71. My goal is to make a toile before I actually make sew the garment. Who knows, maybe I will even kick start my dying blog to show the progress…

  72. trainlady says:

    I want to be able to sew the perfect button-down blouse for myself. That means that I figure out the perfect FBA and then master the techniques. I’ve purchased two Craftsy classes and bought fabric and patterns, but haven’t gotten off the dime to even cut something out.

  73. sewplaysew says:

    Hmmm, I have told myself I will sew 3 shift dresses this year and that I will master learning to fully line dresses and skirts! I also hope to sew a really nice blazer but I’m not putting all my eggs in that basket. ‘Luurve’ your blog! 🙂

  74. eronoe says:

    I’m in! This year I shall make a pair of pants I like.

  75. Vicki Kate says:

    OK I’m going to make myself accountable… No fabric shopping for me apart from the planned blogger meet up in April. I’ve double committed to it now, eek!
    Awesome idea Karen (as always) thank you!

  76. rosyragpatch says:

    Great idea! I was going to make a Minoru this Autumn. I shall do it this year, I promise.

  77. Jenny says:

    Ooooh–I like this!
    I solemnly swear I shall conquer the sloper and sew one dress completely drafted by me.

  78. macstabby says:

    This is lovely! I hope I don’t forget about this, and get embarassed if I don’t come through. I’m a relatively new sewist, and I’m starting residency in July, so I can’t go crazy with my plans- so I vow to sew one garment a month, for a total of 12 throughout the year.

  79. Sewer from across the pond says:

    I’m going to use the skills gained from taking intense sewing classes over the years and copy at least one favorite garment, which I will make up in several different fabrics.

    I will somehow organize my life in order to sew several times a month, including at home.

    Happy New Year!

  80. Amy says:

    Challenge accepted! Great idea Karen. I plan to create The Ultimate Bag (or maybe two?), with sections, pockets, and fastenings fully customised for what I need to lug around day-to-day.

  81. My challenge to myself is to make pants and actually enjoy wearing them.

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  83. Jen (NY) says:

    Dear Keeper,
    My challenge for 2013… to make a pair of real pants — pants that fit reasonably well. I don’t like pants so much, but I need something other than jeans and leggings for those times when the legs must be covered. So, my real pants cannot be denim or knit, but any style will work, for starters. The pants must not squeeze at the waist and must be reasonably flattering in the tummy area. If the back view looks okay and does not require a long top to cover, then that’s what I would consider an extra successful result. And hopefully, the challenge will lead to a second pair of pants.

  84. Zoe says:

    A modest aim: to sew – and then wear (in public) – a dress. And, for a non-sewing one, to learn to crochet.

  85. CGCouture says:

    Great idea! Mine is going to be to buy better quality fabric, and not let any fabric intimidate me into being “too good to cut”. 🙂 Maybe I should even do a post of the fabrics that I have that I currently consider “too good to cut”, and see how much of it I can get made up into something beautiful this year!

  86. Land girl says:

    OOKay…Not to sew exactly, but a space to sew in. I need to de-junk and get set up my spare room as room with a table and shelves and things for actually doing things. Organisation is not my strong point right now but I am willing to give it a go and if I say it here I may just do it!

  87. Michelle says:

    My goal is to make a lined and tailored jacket this year!!

  88. Johanna says:

    I’d like to be in the jar too, Dear Keeper :). And here’s my plan: to sew garments with bound buttonholes, welt pockets, zippered pockets as I want to learn new techniques.
    Good luck with you plans everyone!

  89. Morag in Inverness says:

    Happy New Year Karen. Firstly, one of my resolutions was to limit myself to only 12 blogs (already twitching….eek…..too much time reading blogs though….) Very happily for me, one of those blogs is yours though! Genius Sewlution idea. And like lots of others, I had already set my Sewlution to be one item of clothing made per month (thanks for the title). I can’t promise a wearable item of clothing, as I am still learning – but I need this to stop wimping out and returning to making quilts or bags just because I know how to do that. All the best for 2013, and welcome to the glories of dog ownership – Ella is a beauty.

  90. LinB says:

    Will conquer knitting two socks at a time on two circular needles — have had the book for years but been too afraid to try. When I tried the age-old trick of doing two socks at a time on one set of double-points, I finished the two socks at the same time, alright; but the inside sock was at least four sizes smaller than the outside sock. I place my virtual hand on the Jar and my actual hand over my heart, and pledge to finish a pair of socks with this method before the end of 2013.

  91. Jeanine says:

    My knitolution: The stash must go. I live in a 450 sq ft studio, and there is no room in my budget nor real estate to be collecting skeins of wooly goodness. Therefore, I will not buy any new yarn until the current yarn is knit up, and all the scraps have been worked into hexapuffs for the beekeeper’s quilt!

  92. Diane says:

    Hmmmmm, I like the idea, Miss Keeper, however………I’m only just starting to learn, and I mean really just starting. And I’m teaching myself cos I’m waaaayyyyy too insecure for a class. So I’m finding all the info and options and patterns and fabrics and choices, choices, choices just a little overwhelming so really not sure where to go or what to do next. So maybe my reSEWlution could be to complete a reasonable beginner’s challenge set by a more experienced, knowledgable and kind Keeper or her readers??????

    • LinB says:

      Do something really simple for your first project — to get used to your machine, and to actually finish something, which will make you feel incredibly virtuous. I’d suggest a tablecloth. Buy a length of some cotton fabric you find cheerful. If the selvedge (self-edge, the two side edges of fabric that don’t ravel) is tidy enough, you won’t have to do anything but even up the two ends of the fabric, turn each edge under 1/4″ and again 1/4″, and stitch it down. (Position fabric under machine needle, lower needle, lower presser foot, sew a few stitches forward and then a few backward to anchor the stitches. Sew across the length of the fabric. Backstitch a few stitches to anchor the stitches.) Cut off the loose ends of thread at each end and voila! a finished cloth. Or, do napkins, which may need stitching on all four edges.

  93. lisa g says:

    great idea! for me, it has to be menswear. while i still have a few holes to fill for my own wardrobe, my husband’s clothes are literally falling apart at the seams. i already have fabric and a pattern, so this re-sew-lution i think i can keep!

    • Gail says:

      I’ll join Lisa in making menswear! I was planning on making Hubby at least one business shirt and one pair of wool business pants. I was reluctant list it on my own sewing goals blog post, because he reads my blog (awww!) and I want to surprise him. So this is perfect!

      Another fantastic, creative idea, Karen!

  94. soisewedthis says:

    I think your going to need a bigger jar! I hope to make something that is fully lined because I haven’t tackled that yet. All the best to you in 2013!

  95. Andrea Moran says:

    I’m going to try to make my own version jacket, from the coat pattern in burda style book. (this was a Chrissie pressie from my daughter, ahh)
    Well see!!!

  96. Jennifer says:

    Oooo, fantastic challenge!! This year, I’m hoping to tackle items I’ve been afraid to try, so: I pledge to make one jacket or coat and one pair of trousers or jeans (with fly).

    Happy New Year!!

  97. shivani says:

    Happy New Year! great idea, Karen! I’d like to commit myself to a Minoru and I’d also like to knit a pair of socks. 🙂

  98. Adrienne says:

    Hard to pick one, but it would have to be pants! FInally do my pant block and learn to insert a zipper placket.
    Thanks for doing this, by the way!

  99. M says:

    I actually started a blog to keep up with my sewlutions for 2013! I’m a grad student, so I figured if I make simple goals and leave myself ample time, I’ll be able to follow them. My personal goals are to not ever wear pants, ever, and to watch less television. To help with that goal, I vow to make one dress or skirt every month. I think I can handle that! Thatll also help me get through all the patterns and books I bought in 2012 but never used… ahem.

  100. Funnygrrl says:

    I will stitch a pair of wearable trousers (or pants as we call them in North America).
    If I can conquer this it will change my life as finding trousers that fit properly is one of life’s biggest challenges.
    All hail The Jar!

  101. Sherri says:

    I will learn to sew pants that fit.

  102. Lynne says:

    Ho ho!! What a brilliant idea! I am in: and I want to make a pair of trousers, namely Sewaholic’s Thurlows. I have the pattern, and Santa brought a book on fitting trousers called “Pants for Real People”. How hard can it be?!…

    Oh, and I think you might need a bigger jar.. 😉

  103. Andrea B says:

    Clever as always, Karen! I’m posting my 2013 goals on my blog as we speak. The one I’m throwing in your jar is this: I will make three items from fabrics sourced in the USA. Yeah! Eco-sewing.

  104. Ok, I’ve returned after careful consideration. My goal for you to call me to count for is….to make a retro style swimsuit. Ta na!!! I think you need a spreadsheet to organise all these Karen. Did you expect this many responses ?!?

  105. Zoe says:

    Karen you are ACE!!! This is such a good idea. My goodness I could reel off all sorts of plans and schemes, but I’ll go for a popular one; 12 wearable garments made from fabric already in my stash INCLUDING the lovely mustard stuff that is sitting there currently unloved.


  106. Katrina says:

    This is a great idea!
    No one I know will hold me accountable for an unfinished project, so I’ve got a really simple vow: I will make the Burdastyle Matthew Williamson dress. Properly.
    (This project is testing my grading, fitting, pattern adjusting, designing, embellishing and finishing skills, not to mention sewing difficult fabrics)

  107. Jacinta says:

    Oh great idea!
    My aim is to sew a jacket or coat. 🙂

  108. Debi says:

    Brilliant! I love the idea!! I’m going to commit to making at least five dresses from McCall patterns from the year 1940! 🙂

  109. rehanon says:

    Hey lady,

    Great idea! Mine is to repair and/or refashion all the garments in my mending pile that I rushed through in my first year of sewing and that are currently languishing in the back of my closet.

  110. Karen says:

    Well, I think this is cheating, but I’ll put it in the jar anyway: I will make a haute couture classic French jacket – and since I am signed up for a class for this, I presume it will get done!! Looking forward to LOTS of other sewing projects as well. Happy New Year to all of us!

  111. MarrieB says:

    Another fabulous idea! My big goal is to make a lined jacket this year.

  112. colleen says:

    I really want to make a Minoru out of weather resistant fabric. I’m afraid of making a coat and afraid of using materials I’ve never worked with before. I want it to be something I pick up everyday from November through March.

  113. Beth B says:

    I plan on making a quilt – I have some fabric pieces cut out, but nothing out together. and it’ll be my first quilt….let’s hope that everything goes okay!

  114. kat says:

    I have two goals: to make Butterick 5490 for a very fancy wedding in October and stash bust as much as possible.

  115. spikeabell says:

    After 20 years of knitting nothing more complicated than scarves and beanies I challenge myself to a cardigan or top of some sort. Glad / scared to be in the jar… Spiffing idea Karen!

  116. grainlinestudio says:

    Such a good idea!! For 2013 my ultimate resolution is to have actual printed paper patterns available. I’m both terrified and excited!

  117. Amanda says:

    I’m going to sew a ridiculously fabulous Hawaiian print bombshell dress! Bring it 2013 🙂

  118. Trisha says:

    What a fantastic idea! Well, I like to draw outrageous, fun outfits in my sketchbook–like a squid party dress or a tree bodysuit… I commit to make at least one of my crazy sketches a reality this year.

  119. Sunni says:

    An awesome idea! I love it! I picked three “sewlutions” this year, but since I can only enter one here, I hereby announce that I will conquer the pant this year! (Pants = trousers as I know we call it all differently here in the states) I will have at least 3 TNT pant sewing patterns that I can turn to. From those I will at least, make myself a nice pair of cropped pants, dressier slacks and jeans. Yay! OK, there I did it! Hip Hip Hooray!

  120. Melizza says:

    I really want a go-to blazer. I can never find one worth buying because they never fit quite right. So yes, that is my sewlution: to make a blazer. I will start by make wee little ones as practice.

  121. Liz says:

    I bought the Renfrew top pattern when Tasia released it but haven’t sewn it yet. In 2013 I will sew three Renfrew tops using fabrics from my stash.
    Alright then, here’s the biggie……Dearest Keeper, I will FINALLY learn to use my serger. I bought it when I was pregnant with my daughter and she turned 18 this past October!

  122. Tiffany says:

    You are so creative with the community involvement- I just love it! My goal for 2013 is to make myself a good fitting bra. Bonus points for attractive and good fitting. It’s been too many years of maternity and nursing bras for me, and now that the baby having days are done, I’m reclaiming my lingerie drawer!

  123. Liz says:

    Dear Keeper 😉
    This is a great idea to help us all stay focussed and perhaps to help us (me) focus on the challenging things rather than what is easy to whip up quickly.
    I will conquer a pair of pants that I will wear…comfortably – no camel toe, wedgies, or pulling anywhere!

  124. Angela says:

    Wow, what a turn out! I’m thrilled! Maybe we can all check in every 3-4 months and see how people are doing keeping up with their sewlution? A little moral support for each other… I’m so excited!

  125. Kat H says:

    Oh heck yes! Brilliant idea!! (Gotta love a bit of accountability when it comes to motivation for keeping resolutions. 😉

    Mine is to buy no fabric, patterns or notions. (Unless it’s something very specific that I need to complete a project and don’t have in my stash, such as interfacing).

    This is gonna be a hard one to keep, but stash-busting is very much the aim for me this year!

  126. Erika says:

    Great idea, and thank you for organizing it! So much fun to read everyones “sewlutions” =)

    During 2013 I will draft and sew a men’s shirt.
    Oh dear, cuffs, collarstands, buttonplackets… Not to mention fitting a man! I know about FBAs and hips, but fitting guys is a whole other page. This will be a real challenge for me! Time to order those books and get reading.

  127. Katharine says:

    Please add mine to the jar too.
    This year I’d like to conquer “fitting”. to be able to adapt patterns to fit me. I think I need to learn FBA but I haven’t yet worked out all the other personal foibles. So a blouse and a dress that fit would be wonderful, Trousers can wait until next year!!

  128. debs2748 says:

    I would like to join in and pledge to taylor fit and make a dress in silk. I have been sewing for years but being fortunate enough that commercial patterns fit me close enough, I might lengthen here and there occasionally but I have never taylored to fit me precisely. Deciding to invest in silk has lead me to this decision so custom alterations and tuile here I come.

  129. Shelly says:

    What a fantastic idea! I have been very unproductive during 2012 and would like to challenge myself to making at least one garment every month (12) for 2013.

  130. ZoSews says:

    You have the best ideas! My sewlution is to make a tailored jacket. I really shouldn’t be writing this down, but it might force me to deliver 🙂

  131. Andrea says:

    Dear Keeper, I pledge a Negroni for the Hubster and at least one item a month for me. Great idea, Karen. You are awesome!

  132. What a great idea! My sewlution is to make a little black dress. Ideally it would be wearable, but I think that might be aiming a bit high. 🙂

  133. poppykettle says:

    Pure awesome. Mine is to make my beau a winter coat (that he’ll hopefully love wearing) with all of my so-far learned tailoring skills, plus a little more 🙂

  134. sewbusylizzy says:

    Great idea (as terrified as I am to be held to account!). I’ve decided my 2013 is Year of The Jacket. I plan to make at least three – one with a zipper, one with buttons and another with neither… so put me in that jar! 🙂

  135. poppykettle says:

    Pure awesome. Mine is to attempt to make my beau a pair of jeans, and maybe even use up one of the 5 Craftsy courses I’ve bought (I’ve yet to actually DO one). He’s even relatively enthusiastic about the whole thing – cherry on top!

  136. Maeve says:

    Hi Karen, Love your blog and a great idea! I want to make a load of bunting from my scrap pile. Otherwise it’ll never be made – its been in my head for a few years now. I want to have it finished by my 40th birthday next December – now that its out there I will have to do it. (that’s my only ‘thing’ to do by that date also – don’t need any more pressure!!
    Have a great 2013 & look forward to reading all about your sewing.


  137. Oh Keeper of the Jar. I shall by the power vested in me attempt the holy grail that is the perfect pair of swing pants – the jar if you please.

  138. Zoe says:

    Slightly cheeky request here, feel free to tell me to do one and ignore it! I saw on Shivani’s blog that she’s made a cute little widget for The Jar. Any chance you/she could make that available to the rest of us? It would be great to have it on our blogs to remind us of our pledge! Hope the new year is fab for you so far. Mwah! xx

    • Not a cheeky request at all, Zoe – thanks for the reminder! I meant to email Shivani today to see if she’d be willing to supply. A widget is such a great idea. I had no idea this would get such a response!

      • Zoe says:

        It’s a stroke of pure genius Karen, which is why it’s got such a great response. It’s so good that it can be tailored to everyone’s specific aims, and very useful to feel some light pressure to actual get it done from an external source! xx

  139. I would love to enter my resolution! I will make 5 garments from my current ‘To Do’ list. I have very little time to sew now I have 2 jobs so this will be a big challenge for me. (P.S I think you might need a bigger jar!)

  140. Janet says:

    I promise to be a little bit more selfish in my sewing. Christmas makes have left me demotivated, and looking back on last year, the things I have loved the most are those when I have pushed the boat out and put in some time and effort on making an item of clothing for myself. I am going to start with treating myself to some new Megan Nielson maternity patterns and attempt sewing with jersey. (Yes. Baby number four on the way… )

  141. Happy New Year! What a massive response! Karen, you have great ideas!
    I’m a massive commitment-phobe and 2013 is going to be my second year of sewing clothes but I’m pledging to make at least 9 garments. Eeek!

  142. Hannah Webster says:

    Happy new year, may I join in? I have been following quite a few blogs for a while and have decided this year to take the plunge and start my own…eekk!! But for my resolution for your jar of wonderous resolutions, I shall say I am going to make my hubby a shirt….something I’ve never done and fills me with slight dread, but I love a challenge!!

  143. Abby says:

    Wow! So many responses! It’s going to be a lot of work writing them all down, so thank you for putting this together! My Sewlution is to complete at least one garment every month for a minimum of 12 (and post about them for evidence). A lot of bloggers out there sew so prolifically, it looks like such a small number, but I’m a slow sewist! 🙂 Thanks again, Karen. Wonderful idea!

  144. sewexhausted says:

    Love the “resolution jar” idea… and holding us accountable! I am going to make myself 2 vintage dresses this year and a coat. (Those are my big ones!)

  145. Mrs M says:

    There are so many great plans on here. I will enter a challenge that is far more simple than everyone else’s. I will make my very first item of clothing. I bought my sewing machine in the sales this time last year and have just about conquered straight lines!

  146. Susie says:

    This is quite popular! Mine is big – to complete my SWAP collection. If not by the April deadline, then at least by the end of 2013.

  147. Helen says:

    My sewlution is to make one piece of clothing – doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, top, skirt or (eek) trousers. Although I made a lot of things last year, I didn’t make any clothes and my me-made clothing stash so far amounts to one dress, two unfinished dresses, and a muslin bodice. I also have to be confident about it being hardy enough to shove (lovingly, of course) in the washing machine.

  148. Anne W says:

    Mine is : To pattern cut and make (so that he’ll wear it) shirts for husband. And possibly throw a tailored suit into the mix as well. Don’t hold me to that one though! Shirts are more likely to happen, although that’s what I thought last year…

  149. i think i’m too late, but i figure it’s worth documenting this for at least one other person to see: i pledge to make at least one non-shapeless garment this year. something fitted. that requires a toile. though i do have one exception – this will have to wait until my bump returns to normal sometime next fall (hopefully)!

  150. France Parijs (alias) says:

    Wonderful idea… which left me actually pondering… what sewlution should I make? I don’t have a sewing blog and do not think of creating one. Altough I do enjoy, follow and share the love spread by this wonderful online community, my sewing skills are somewhat technically limited and far from perfect and yes, my beloved hobby has
    “a very fine line between “hobby” and “mental illness” (Dave Barry).

    Curiously the beginning of a sewing project is a glorious and hopeful one, to go through my stash, touch, feel and choose the perfect fabric that matches the perfect pattern, there starts the journey to the perfect outfit! There is a lot of expectation at the beginning of the project which, alas, does not always match the final result, leaving a tinge of frustration… until the next project starts!

    So, my sewlution for this year is, whatever I attempt to make, big or small, may, or will undoubtedly be, part of a learning sewing process but joy, happiness, creativity and acceptance of my failures will be on top of my list.

  151. SewNewToThis says:

    Great idea! I’ve not been sewing for very long and have made two failed attempts at making a dress that fits – one too big on the bust another too loose on the shoulders but too tight on the hips – so my aim is to master a dress by the end of the year! Any advice about altering patterns to fit would be VERY welcome! 🙂

  152. anothersewingscientist says:

    Dear Keeper, By the law of the jar, etc…..:)
    Santa gave me 4m of shot silk dupioni and I’m too intimidated to use it. I resolve to sew at least one garment from it. Eep!

  153. Portia says:

    Dear Keeper of the Jar, in 2013 I will draft a coat pattern, AND make said coat. In the process I will address my avoidance of anything with a lining and finally conquer set in sleeves WITHOUT settling for “barely visible but I know they’re there” puckers along the armscye! HA! Take THAT (insert karate chop sound effect here) you pesky puckers!

  154. LLADYBIRD says:

    I’m going with the very first resolution that comes to mind – I want to make an entire garment on my Featherweight. I bought it last January and it really hasn’t been used much – partially because I need to take it in for a good cleaning/oiling/servicing, and I was so poo’ last year. But things are better this year, so once I rustle up the $$ and get her purring for reals, she will produce something beautiful. I’d really love to make a pattern from 1957, aka the year she was made – but we’ll see 🙂

  155. alibobs says:

    What great motivation! I have a few specific goals (make a winter coat, the perfect pair of jeans etc) but here I will share my goal for tweaking my attitude towards sewing.

    I am going to try to make less but make those things better (with more focus on fitting, finishing and doing things properly). Hopefully this will stop me creating mistakes, but if I do I am going to stop being so sentimental about my sewing – If I don’t have a wearable garment I will still have enjoyed myself and learned skills, so I need to stop being so protective of the unwearable garments and actually turn them into something else!

  156. Katie Jones says:

    What a great idea! My sewlution is to make 6 wearable items of clothing.

  157. Maria says:

    My big, big sewing plan is to make a pea coat!! This will be my first ever coat, my first ever tailored item, and I’m probably biting off more than I can chew…but I do tend to go big right from the start rather than baby steps (I ran a full marathon before I had run a half marathon). Anyway, I’ve got a great 70s pattern – which means I’ll probably need to adjust the big collar, haha!
    I’m guessing this will take me a good 11 months to accomplish….

  158. Bold Sewist says:

    Great idea! Your jar is going to be rather full but I’ll add my resolution – to sew a coat or jacket. I’m thinking this will be a winter / second half of the year project so we’ll see…
    Happy new year!

  159. Catherine says:

    I went off to think about this… and when I came back there were 173 responses – hope you have a good big pickling jar for this!!

    I have 2 things I want to do:
    1. make a lingerie set (bra and knickers)… that I am actually happy with
    2. Make a coat using the fabric I was given for Christmas….

  160. Clio says:

    I may live to regret this: I will sew at least one shirt for my very very deserving husband who is so supportive of my sewing.

    Happy New Year!

  161. Fabulous idea! My goal is to start a sewing related business. I’m just about done with my business plan so here’s hoping things start rolling soon!

  162. lemur178 says:

    Blimey, you’re going to need a very big jar here, with all our resolutions! The blouse resolution is one I share – I want to make a charmeuse silk blouse with big puffy sleeves, cufflink-type cuffs, etc. I have the vintage pattern (which I can’t locate right now – not McCall 6949 but something similar, also McCall) and the fabric is waiting. All I need now is the time – and the will! – to make it happen. Second resolution is to finish before winter’s end the ‘New Look’ red rose wool suit I started over a year ago. The skirt is only partially made and the jacket involves tailoring and all, which is a whole new ball game for me. Terrifying!

    Happy New Year to you!

  163. Kat says:

    Oooh before the jar is sealed forever (or at least for a year!) I’m going to bite the bullet and jump in with a resewlution…I will make two dresses for everyday (work) wear that fit me well.

  164. Amy says:

    Ooo, count me in! I’d like to pledge to make 6 items of clothing for me over the course of the year. I think one every other month is manageable!

    Great idea by the way and thanks so much for organising it!

  165. stefpulls says:

    Bighty(*) Keeper,
    By the law of the jar I resolve to *master the buttonhole* in 2013.

    That means learn how to make them, whether it’s on my Jones ZigZag or the buttonhole attachment on my Singer 247, but *not* cutting corners and buying a third machine with the automatic buttohnhole function. Because there’s no way I can afford that for years.


    (*) See what I did there? 😀

  166. EmSewCrazy says:

    Still got room in the jar?
    My Sewlution is to sew all my pants for 2013! Meaning my trousers not my knickers.

  167. Sabs says:

    Mine is to finish the seams on every single garment I make…

    Phew, i think i got in there just in time! GENIUS idea btw, just what we need in dreary drab January, a proper old challenge!

  168. Jen says:

    Wow! so much sewing is going to happen this year! My (very small) and therefore, hopefully, manageable, sewlution, is simply to sew…. anything at all! My poor machine has been in storage for 2 years whilst we have lived in a caravan and been renovating a house – all I have managed to do is a tiny bit of knitting, tried to learn to crochet (inspired by among others, Attic 24) and mend various essential bits of my family’s clothing. But, actually making something frivolous, for fun, that is my goal! It is the wonderful blogs like yours that have kept me going – Thank you Karen!

  169. I’d like to have 12 sewn items by the end of the year. It took me 6 months to produce a skirt in 2012 (oops and its still not hemmed). Put me in that jar and my stubbornness will make it be so! x

  170. I would like to start and finish the starry night quilt I have been daydreaming about for the past 2 years. I was using the excuse that I had to gather a good variety of blue fabric first but I’ve got quite a stash now so its time to get going.

  171. Lauren says:

    I’m going to make a soft activity book for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It’s not until September 1, so that should be plenty of time. Right?

  172. Jennifer says:

    Great idea. My sewlution is to make myself a couple of skirts. I downloaded a craftsy course months ago and have yet to start it and I really want to try and make things that I can wear this year.

  173. Gaylene says:

    Wow, crappity bollocks…..so many worthwhile aims, I feel very humble. Right, 1 is tomake a circle skirt and starlet jacket from Gertie’s book, with bound button holes, obvs; and 2 is to go live with blog, ie sewing for the not quite but nearly menopausal young of heart wine loving sewist. Thanks for the challenge Karen. Happy New Year!

  174. Alice says:

    I will stop simply collecting Colette anf Sewaholic patterns and actually ATTEMPT TO SEW GARMENTS FOR MYSELF…EEK!!

  175. Caroline says:

    I will finish the hand stitched lap quilt that has taken me 2 years so far!!

  176. Ruth says:

    Fear I may, as usual, have more Sewlutions than is possible, but here goes nothing!
    (1) Make a Minoru of my own.
    (2) Finish my “Blues” quilt.
    (3) Get the three curtains (boring but necessary) finished and hung in the bedroom.

  177. ShanniLoves says:

    I really want to push myself and sew one item a week, whether it be clothing, accessories, or refashions. I tend to get a little lazy. Last September I made myself a monthly goal to sew one item a week. It really kept me motivated and I did accomplish it. We’ll see if I can stick it out a whole year!

  178. Dorothy says:

    I want to finish one item a month, whether a new item, or completing a UFO. I finished quite a few things, then lost weight so I don’t like how they fit any more.

  179. nancymorris says:

    I will make at least 1 lined jacket.

  180. Claire says:

    Jeans! I want to sew the perfect jeans. I’m on my way, but putting it here will make me stick to it.

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  182. ann says:

    Hi Karen,
    I hope I am not too late to enter my sewlution in your jar. It is 7pm here in Toronto, Canada.
    I worked New Year’s Eve day and on my way home, at the end of the day, I quickly stopped at my local fabric shop before they closed. I had promised myself I would start the new year by sewing a pair of pants/trousers. I purchased pant/trouser pattern, material, zipper, thread, and seam binding.
    First thing I did when I got home was prewash the material. New Year’s day I cut out the pattern and sewed. I took a break at lunchtime when my sister and niece visited. I finished the pants yesterday afternoon and was back at work today. It was such a treat to have a day off and sew.
    I came across your blog this evening. Great idea and how timely. I would like to put my sewlution in your jar for pants/trousers – one pair completed and hopefully more in 2012.
    Happy New Year.

  183. Janet says:

    I want to complete a full bust adjustment, a muslin and a final Liverpool shirt (Amy Butler pattern). I bought fabric from Mood in New York City in October and I still haven’t sewed anything with them. I will sew something for each of the three fabrics I bought.

  184. Meredith says:

    I am going to make a pair of pants and a jacket! Both might be simple patterns, but I’m at least going to start down the road of sewing these two garments. First, though, I’m going to have a baby and then find my waist. So the pants project will have to wait until the second half of the year!

    (I have no idea when midnight GMT is, but I think I might have just missed it …? Oh well, I’m commenting anyway!)

  185. Donna says:

    I want to sew slowly and concentrate on making garments and accessories that are as perfect as possible. Especially, jumpsuits for summer, silk pants and skirts with a jacket or two, a leather bag…..in RED!

  186. Andrea says:

    This is brilliant. I’m in serious need of some real accountability. Hope I’m not too late be added to the jar (it’s only 5:52 in the evening here and my first time going through my blog reader after two weeks of holiday time!) and if possible would like to throw in two Sewlutions: (1) A jacket/coat; and (2) a pair of trousers. Jar me up, pretty please?

  187. Amy says:

    Karen, you’re an amazing woman. My goal is to finish the quilt I started. So far I’m about 1/100th of the way through. Wish me luck!

    • Amy says:

      Foiled by the difference in time zones… I just realized I was too late for January 2nd over on your side of he world. Ah well, such is the luck of someone who can’t keep up with her blog reader!

  188. symondezyn says:

    Ooh excellent (and somewhat scary!) idea!!!! I could be a chicken & say ‘I’ll make at least 3 items’ or something but for me, my secret goal I haven’t told anyone yet is that I really want to draft a skirt and bodice block… *cowers* ok it’s out & I’m in! Drop that sucker in the jar – for better or worse, I’m accountable! lol

  189. Susan says:

    Commiting to this project scares me but OMG I’m so impressed with the number of participants.
    I would llike to make a wearable or usable item per month !

    • Susan says:

      I’m not sure I can do one item per month. I’m so slow… Perhaps one item every 2 months. I missed the deadline so perhaps I’m off the hook !

  190. Kelly says:

    I pledge to master the FBA, and complete two wearable dresses for work. I also pledge to complete one new stained glass window this year. Everything else I accomplish will be gravy!

  191. Jacqueline says:

    I have made quite a few things, but never wear them – so my resolution would be to wear my makes!

  192. I know I’ve missed the deadline! But I love this idea – it is what is brilliant about the ‘blogsewphere’! Can I put my resewlution in the jar please?! I am lucky enough to have in my possession of an overlocker/ serger… but I’m scared of it! All those threads! I want to conquer it and learn how to use it and somehow grow to love it!

  193. Lyndsay says:

    ^ Ah, Reckless Needle I’m with you! I was just coming on here to pledge to figure out the overlocker! I’m new to your blog and I know I’m a little late but joining the jar will be a great motivator

  194. ginger says:

    Missed the deadline too but having just set up my blog I want to take on the challenge. I’m going to (try) to make a skirt and a quilt. Hopefully that won’t be all I make. Newbie sew-er here. Oh and i’d love to add the button if I knew how.

  195. marnie says:

    I’m late too but I was away from the computer! 🙂 I plan to learn to knit and make a sweater that is wearable by year’s end!

  196. SewRuthie says:

    I’m late to the party, but still wanted to put my sewing resolution down in writing – to sew up some of the gorgeous boiled wool I have in stash but never quite to dare touch, starting with the navy blue.
    SewRuthie in Derbyshire

  197. gingermakes says:

    Ack, I’m too slow, too! But my resolution this year is to make a pair of pants (err, trousers)!

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  199. annabelvita says:

    I resolve to make a Sewaholic Minoru that I actually want to wear.

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  201. Petra says:

    Sweet Karen, this is the BEST idea ever! I’m hoping to make something wearable from the three Pattern Magic books. Hope I’m not too late in joining the jar party!

  202. Sarah says:

    I want to sew an average of one garment or remake a month.
    More per month is allowed, less per month is not.

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  205. ooobop! says:

    I am so uber late for your jar, but hoping no one is looking so I can slide my sewalution down the side. I’ve been void of inspiration and motivation since Christmas day and following a visit to the V&A today I am now hugely inspired to make at least one very well made vintage dress this year, in particular, one designed by Hardy Amies. http://ooobop.com/2012/09/01/so-much-style-and-history-in-a-morrisons-bag/woman_hardy_amies_ha6/. Now noone saw that did they?! 😉

  206. fiddleydee says:

    Looks like I am the lucky last… but my sewing resolution is to sew more period. A bit of sewing every month, even it’s just a bit of mending. For knitting and crochet I resolve to finally make the shawl, try a bit of crochet and go every month to a knitters get together at a local yarn store.

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  209. Gabrielle says:

    I’m very very late to the party, sorry! … but my (unblogged) resolution for the year is to make some jeans. They don’t have to be perfect mind!

    • Erika says:

      I like this get together blog to do this. Even though I’m late on this , I did blog about finishing 5 projects by year’s end or I have to burn the project. Yes, burn it. So I had planned on finishing one project a month or harder projects in two months. Well, I finished 2 1/2 projects this month. I guess threatening myself worked.

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  214. louise says:

    Ive just discovered your blog, and love this idea, being a seasonal sewer I pledge to finish the coat that has been sitting in my wardrobe 3/4 finished for the past 3 years. (shame on me) and also to make up outfits from my patterns I bought last year and not used yet.(that’s 5 dress patterns)

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  237. My aim is to make some new slacks/pants because some of mine are over 10 years old and wearing out and despirately in need to be replaced.

  238. Kate hampshire says:

    Great idea. I’m going to make a pledge that I finish what I start. I currently have 4 half finished items in my sewing room, mostly waiting for buttonholes or for me to lose weight so they’ll fit me!
    I must also measure myself accurately before I start sewing – I am the eternal optimist and always think I’m thinner than I actually am!

  239. Vicky Osborne says:

    My sewlution is to create at least one wearable item of clothing per month. The items should all be different so I get used to working with different fabrics and applying different techniques. I would also like to get my blog up and running sew here’s to 2014 and maing dreams come true 🙂

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  241. Nissa Ramsay says:

    Good point, well made. As you said it in your post (this worries more) to be good enough to take the sew over it class and/or make my own winter coat by the end of 2014. Starting with the By Hand London Victoria Blazer in Spring. And to sew a top (only made a skirt and three dresses so far, all cotton). To attempt a knit sewing fabric. To start and maintain a blog about the process along the way. That’s a lot, I’d say they are more aspirational than expecting to win!

  242. Sarah says:

    I am going to make a dress from a vintage Vogue pattern!

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