A Mystery and Mrs C


I took part in Krafty Kat’s Sewists Secret Santa this Christmas. I hadn’t mentioned the gift here before, because I felt quite certain who’d bought it. There was a return to sender address on the jiffy bag. Someone based in Bath. Oh, it must be Scruffy Badger! I thought. Until Scruffy Badger told me it wasn’t her.

I’m afraid I can’t be as civilised and grown-up as other participants. I want to know who sent me the fabulous purple print fabric, the tape measure ribbon, the perfect black and white buttons and the ickle ball of wool. I’m not above encouraging others to split on their friends. Do you have a crafting friend who lives in Bath? Recognise this handwriting? Then, tell me who it is!

Or, are you the Secret Santa? Please, come clean! The agony of not knowing is just too much.

So that’s the mystery. Now on to Mrs C, owner of craft shop and teaching space, Made Marion. She’s one of my favourite people in the blogging community, mainly because she is the queen of constructive feedback. Another Sewing Scientist recently hosted a really interesting debate about blog comments and whether or not we’re just too damn nice to each other! What I really, really like about Mrs C is that she manages to be lovely whilst also giving technique advice and encouraging critiques. A fine skill to have!

And now she’s crafting on TV with Choice New Zealand! You can see Youtube clips here, here and here. Go take a look! She wants to drum up as many visits as she can, to encourage sponsorship for more filming. I know that, between us, we can shoot her visitor stats through the roof. Check out her pin cushion ring in the second clip! I need a pin cushion ring in my life…

Secret Santa? Are you listening?

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13 Responses to A Mystery and Mrs C

  1. Jessie says:

    I would have loved to take part in a Secret Santa! I am currently looking for swaps, would love to know if you find any! I’ve never done one!

  2. I second your support for mrs c, she is an awesome constructive, knowledgeable, generous and humorous blogger. And her videos are super cool ( I too covet that ring-cushion)
    So, your secret Santa might live in bath eh?!? Hmmm. I’m interested now 🙂

  3. carmencitabs says:

    Ring cushion tutorial right here!
    I have made several and my advice is to secure them to the ring with glue + some cross stitch. I use mine all the time for needle work. I love it.

  4. Kat says:

    Hehe I know I know :p (obviously) but I’m not going to tell you…unless Santa does not answer your pleas in which case I might consider it. Although I think it’s more fun to wait for her to come forward! I can confirm however that she does live in Bath…

  5. Thank you SO MUCH Karen, you are a star and thank you everyone who pushes up the viewing numbers on our videos. And I too am absolutely DYING to know who sent my perfect little parcel of red and gold gorgeousness – the clever minx didn’t put a return address on it!

  6. annabelvita says:

    It was I! Glad you like everything… I got a lovely package from mine too but need to post about it! Love Santa xxx

  7. Mrs M says:

    I’ve told my santee that I sent her gifts after she asked on her blog post. I have no idea who sent me mine. I’d love to thank them as they came in useful today and I will keep using them 🙂

  8. BeaJay says:

    I am another great admirer of MrsC. I have already watched the videos but now I know that there are “ratings” involved I shall watch again – and again.

  9. redsilvia says:

    Maybe it’s Jane Austen?…She seems to have had good taste. 😉 Good luck unearthing the giver.

  10. anothersewingscientist says:

    I wouldn’t be able to resist trying to solve a mystery like that either; glad you got to the bottom of it before you went mad.
    And is it incredibly sad of me to admit that I never expected to get so many responses to my post about criticism, especially from some of the more popular bloggers, present company included? :). I really liked the discussion that ensued.

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