Decisions, decisions…

Ella In The Snow

I have no plans for this snowy weekend, other than a quick sojourn in a dog-friendly pub with some friends. Oh, and puppy training class on Sunday morning. (Aw! Puppy training class!)

All other obligations are fulfilled. I can stay home, stay warm and sew. Maybe cuddle Ella. Yippee-doodle-do-da!

I just can’t decide which project to turn to first. Painting and waxing the three chairs that I recently, ahem, liberated…


Or refashioning the silk shirt I bought from a charity shop. I wish there was a way of saving those cuffs, but I’m not sure there is…

Charity Shop Collage

Or starting on my vision of a wool and leather skirt. So many decisions! Maybe I’ll work wild-eyed into the night and tackle all three. And, then, maybe not…

What are you up to this weekend? Have fun!

P1030569Has the fun started yet, Karen?

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31 Responses to Decisions, decisions…

  1. ooobop! says:

    Good Lord your puppy is sooo cute. I would get absolutely nothing done if I had one of them! I am altering a couple of dresses for a friend and then hopefully finishing a skirt for me… but we’ll see!

  2. Hmmm… I reckon, chairs 1st – then you can relax into the sewing + skirt rumminations afterwards (whilst the paints dries etc. on the chairs) 🙂

    Me?… I’m working on a BurdaStyle t-shirt (top?) from the 02/2013 magazine. Finishing a post about my rub-off copy of a fav M&S top. And making 2 more pressing hams (been a bit of a factory-line on those recently LOL!).

  3. Aww, look zt those eyes! How do you get anything done with her there to cuddle? I agree with claire – first coat on chairs then guilt-free sewing while it dries! I have acouple of options – baby blanketsfor a friend who has had twins, starting muslin for juniper trousers or maybe another tiramisu. I should do blankets and junipers really but the tira would be easy and fun since I’ve got the pattern traced and know the alterations.

  4. Lisette says:

    How about just playing with the puppy? That’s all I would do!

  5. Puppeeeeee!

    I vote for chairs. Why? I want to see what you’re going to do to them! 😉 Not much in my plans this weekend either, except tackling my first sewing project with a lining Dun dun dun…

  6. Claire says:

    Gah! Your puppy is so freakin ADORABLE!!!! I swear if you stopped blogging about sewing and just posted pictures of her I wouldn’t even notice because I’d be too distracted by her cuteness.

  7. Jo says:

    I say chairs first too. Not sure why, but it’s what I would do. Though I am quite excited about your wool/leather skirt (really!) – I was having similar thoughts when you mentioned it too, and am now holding out for your inspirational finished version before I get cracking! Well, though – I wouldn’t have started it yet anyway, but you know 🙂

  8. Jenny says:

    Your puppy is soo soo cute!! I want one 🙂

  9. Jessie says:

    Oh my god so cute!!!! Schnauzer?! MINIATURE schnauzter?! My dog is a cross 😀

  10. trainlady says:

    We’re doing agility in the morning. Then I’m abandoning my blouse commitment to sew a Minoru. I’ve got some lovely red/black reversible water resistant cotton that is singing to me.

  11. huggiebaby says:

    EEELLLAAAAAA! Little Ella jacket.Cute. I’m mainly swaddling myself in as many layers as possible this weekend. Oh and some more designing I hope.

  12. Thank you for a much needed chuckle!!! been a fairly crap week, but going to the wonderful ‘Radiance’ exhibition at the national gallery with a friend. Followed by…coffee, mooching around and soaking up the city vibe. Thanks for your humour and openness (sp??) 🙂

  13. sewlisa says:

    Ella is so adorable! It is nice to have so many creative choices. I’ll bet you make progress on all of them. I’m interested in seeing the skirt,the chairs and more Ella pics.

  14. susew says:

    Did you notice that Ella’s leash coordinates with your crochet afghan? Ella is adorable. I would say paint and sew when Ella has a nap – but do puppies snooze during the day?

  15. gmariesews says:

    Ella is absolutely charming! I would have a hard time doing anything with her snuggled around. I’m really interested to see those chairs. g

  16. macstabby says:

    D’awww your pup is so cute! I’m going to a motorcycle show this weekend and then working on my pencil skirt! Woot!

  17. schazjmd says:

    If you don’t reuse the cuffs on the shirt, repurpose them into jewelry bags/soft wallets! <–how to

  18. zozo says:

    Hi Karen
    I would probably go for the chairs first as well, but i cannot wait to see the leather and wool skirt. I would also be interested in hearing how you get on with sewing leather.

  19. I’d probably be paralysed by indecision and end up doing nothing.

  20. Sabs says:

    I want an Ella too, she’s so cute! I had plans this weekend: finish a sorbetto top, make a savoury pumpkin pie and a cake for my dad’s birthday. BUT I got home last night feeling a bit funny and then spent all night throwing up…! So my plans have now changed to lying on the sofa with a hot water bottle and browsing sewing blogs instead. Hope you get to do all of the stuff you want to!

  21. Shari says:

    Have fun at puppy school! I like the back design in your chairs. They’ll look great after a refinishing. I have plans to set the sleeves in a shirt, work on my first rib knitting project (frogged several times already) and crochet a mobile phone holder. While also cuddling my Maltese dog. Your leather and wool skirt sounds intriguing!

  22. crafty dawn says:

    I sadly have spent most of the day reading & commenting on blogs and done nothing productive at all. But Puppy love to you and your projects for the wkend xx

  23. daisydonut says:

    Cuddles for Ella and lots of walks in the snow – she is sooo cute. Hope you both enjoy puppy training. So far I’ve done a bit of needlepoint, and repaired a hole in a cardi, and tidied up a cuff on Beloved’s sweater. Not very productive I’m afraid.

  24. Kessem says:

    I say sew! I always regret not sewing!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out here:

  25. Jennifer says:

    Loving the sound of wool and leather, do you mean knit wool or tweedy type? Looking forward to that post!

  26. Hi Karen, I began reading your blog because I’m just getting into sewing myself and loved the things you make… Now I just want to read more and more about Ella… Hooray for puppies!

  27. gingermakes says:

    That Ella… I can’t take her cuteness! What a love!

  28. Molly-Made says:

    Its been said a million times already, but just in case you haven’t heard – Ella is the darn cutest thing I have ever seen!! I”m considering hopping over to London just to come and cuddle her!

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