Watch This Lace & Snow Dog


I feel very privileged to be one of the featured bloggers in A Sewing Odyssey’s inspired ‘Watch This Lace’ project. We were each gifted some vintage lace and invited to sew something with it. My creation can be seen here.

Thanks so much, Marie! I relished the challenge.

In other news, puppy training class this morning was arctic and the journey there and back was epic! I don’t think Ella learned very much today, but at least she got a good run around in the snow with a load of other puppies. And I got to be photographed with a snow dog. Yes, that is a dog, and don’t you dare say it isn’t…


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12 Responses to Watch This Lace & Snow Dog

  1. Adorable. And I mean the puppy, the blouse, and the snowdog (in that order).

  2. Kessem says:

    I love this!! I had my eye on this pattern and thought of making something similar but never thought to use such soft fabrics, it gives it such a different look! my first thought when I saw the first picture was “omg! what a beautiful 1920s blouse!” it’s so different from the look on the pattern cover. You did a great job with underlining and stitching the lace.
    I love it!

  3. A second surprise of that 80s pattern not delivering an 80s look!!
    So so pretty!! xx

  4. twotoast says:

    Love the blouse – very classy. Just goes to show that the ’80’s patterns can be interpreted to make a fabulous top! Oh, and it is so funny to see all the snow in the UK – I read the Daily M(F)ail online, and the photos are great!

  5. Marie says:

    Thanks again for taking part Karen, you are a star! The snowdog is pretty cool, but not as cool as Ella ;o)

  6. gingermakes says:

    This is so pretty on you! Love it!

  7. Gjeometry says:

    Hi there! Just found your blog from other sewists blogs that I follow and am looking forward to following it and seeing what you make. I was interested in signing up for your sewalong, but can you please explain to me what is In the Jar? I have seen the badge around, but when I click on it, it just comes to your home page. Thanks! – Gjeometry Catja

  8. The blouse is beautiful and I’m enjoying the snow at sufficient distance that I don’t have to endure the chilliness that accompanies it! (We’re enjoying a lovely, balmy 31 degrees today. Bliss.)

  9. Tamsin says:

    Snow dog looks like Scooby Doo!

  10. daisydonut says:

    I love your blouse, it’s beautiful. Glad you both enjoyed puppy training even in Arctic conditions.

  11. Molly says:

    Having just finished working on the touring production of Birdsong, and therefore stepping out of the 1910s, this blouse immediately took my straight back there with the delicate cream lawn, the insertion lace, the lapped front, you’d have been perfectly at home on our set! What a a gorgeous blouse. Having another look at the pattern envelope, I think the pintuck shoulder sections also look very pretty, this is definitely an 80s pattern winner!

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