True Confessions – The Cold Kills My Sense Of Style


It’s been Arctic here in the UK. On such occasions, my sense of style goes completely out of the window. For the past few weeks, I have been swathed in Uniqlo Heat Tech long-sleeved T-shirts, thermal leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans, two hats, two pairs of gloves, thick socks, North Face jacket and fleece, walking boots… You name it. If it traps heat, it’s on my body.

Don’t even ask about my night wear. It’s shameful. Anyone else take their bra off as quickly as possible, and then wriggle back into their long-sleeved T-shirt and thermal leggings for a night’s sleep? When I see myself in the morning bathroom mirror, I think, ‘Who let the straggle-haired mad woman into the house?’

Just making myself look decent for a day in the office is hard work. I have sewn some beautiful wool dresses. Do I wear them right now? No, because I’d have to combine them with a pair of tights and shoes with a heel. Not when there’s ice under foot!

What about you lot? Can you pull off cold chic, or are your channelling the grandma vibe like me? Alternatively, are you sweltering in the heat and struggling to look pulled together? Oh, weather!

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91 Responses to True Confessions – The Cold Kills My Sense Of Style

  1. I have the same problem in a different way… I live in Australia in the sun and our winter is so ridiculously short I really don’t see the point in spending time or money on cold weather clothes. So I wear the jeans and a jumper I bought five years ago (yeah, it really doesn’t get below 10 deg C where I live) which really don’t feel like me.
    I’m more in the “sweltering in the heat” category right now. I cut out a pattern this morning and worked up a sweat because I had to turn the fan off so the pieces didn’t to blow away. It’s hard to look put together no matter what you wear if your face is bright red and makeup only lasts half an hour.

  2. sewbusylizzy says:

    We never have true cold so I quite like our cooler weather when I can wear a jacket & scarf. I only ever need a beanie in the middle of winter in the middle of the night if I am outside and it’s windy!
    I’m struggling with the humidity this year. It’s been quite hot & on the coast that means its sticky hot! I’ve given up on my hair for a couple of months and letting it go feral curly! Clothes are ok, bare legs, light voile dresses, sandals etc I just have washer woman hair!

  3. I got accustomed to dealing with the cold by wearing lots of interleaved layers, which probably included a heavy skirt on enough occasions to make it a silly thing to have done! My boots (M&S, fur-lined, low heel but definitely a heel; I wore them till they fell apart) were OK with skirts/dresses or trousers. Maybe I was more dedicated in those days but I don’t think it was ever a particularly good look. However, it kept me warm and that was all I cared about.

    Here, we are dealing with heat and I don’t mind that at all, though look stylish? It’s not possible. You step outside and the heat wraps its arms around you. Wonderful. You get onto a bus or go to a shopping centre and the chill there is probably darn near as Arctic as your weather! It’s a conundrum I address by carrying cardigans a lot of the time; and when the temperature is 38 degrees, as it was today, I shouldn’t have to do that. No style here, either.

    So who cares what you look like? As long as your clothing is helping you to deal with the weather, whatever the weather, that’s the important thing.

  4. Houseofpinheiro says:

    I cannot rock chic outfits when I’m not working. Normally offices are over heated and on a car journey isn’t hard but if I need to be outside for more them 5 min I wear layers and layers. I used to wear two pair of trousers and multiple layers when I arrived in the UK..

  5. Yes to your description of bedtime – I have fleece pyjama bottoms and about three tops on in bed, and have been delaying going to bed in the evening because the thought of getting undressed is too painful. Our flat is so cold! I have been wearing dresses and heels as usual, though – but that’s partly because I don’t have anything else! But my sense of style outdoors has been tested in the snow. I’ve been wearing wellies and thick socks, my old duffel coat that is too big but is the warmest garment I own (it is lovely and warm) and a wooly hat with ears and a face that looks mad but keeps my ears warm without making my head feel like it’s in a vice! This all adds up to me looking like an overgrown toddler in my outerwear.

    I am REALLY ready for the snow to do one now, though.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’m so with you when its cold. Thermals for PJ’s. Thermals during the day under clothes. Can’t bear to wear the lovely wool dress I bought for winter with leggings becuase I can’t bear to be cold in winter! Live in polarfleece, hiking thermal socks, ski jacket for dropping kids to school, and wherever possible windproof, water proof clothing. Living in sub alpine elevation above sea level has its down side when it comes to fashion,but then again, there’s nothing as fashionable as being warm!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Oh and when its summer here in Aus where I now live its revolting when the weather is 38 and 40 degrees celcius, worse if its even slightly humid. Its impossible to do chic and style when your hair flops, makeup slides off your face in less time that it takes to put it on, and when you end up dripping in perspiration from walking to the letterbox and back. Give me crumply linen, cute leather sandals, cotton voile and the lightest natural fibre fabrics to wear, and some air con and I can almost cope with it. But I’ll be glad when its back to thermals, its easier to warm up than it is to cool down.

  8. Tania says:

    Totally with you on this one! My concession to trying to look nice is a (hopefully) stylish hat.
    And if it’s really cold, I absolutely do the same as you for nightwear- I’ve already warmed up that long-sleeve t-shirt! But do you bring out the old teenage trick of bra straps through the sleeves so you don’t have to even take the warm top off to get your bra off?!

  9. Know the feeling!my solution appears to be wearing thermal vests under my usual work dresses plus cardigans, but to make the walk to work bearable wear thermal running leggings over my tights. I’m also wearing delightful trail running trainers to work as my chunky work boots are living under my desk….so ny true confession shows my desk is actually my dressing room!

  10. Lucy says:

    I’m quite a fan of skirt and tights and walking socks/boots for travelling, and then taking my smarter shoes with me in a bag to the office.

    You can prise my woolly jumper off my shivering dead body, however.

  11. Lucym808 says:

    I went to work yesterday wearing a dress and walking boots, then changed into fancy footwear when I got inside. Although it meant my son looked me up and down and asked “Mummy, why aren’t you wearing your posh clothes?” As for working at home – warmth takes serious precedence over style!

  12. Sam says:

    Ha ha! My wardrobe of the last week or so has consisted of whatever goes with walking boots! So usually tracksuit bottoms, with fleece lined tights under make up the bottom half of the outfit with several layers on the top half. I’m lucky that I’ve been working from home recently so no one but me has seen what I’m wearing, although I did have to dig out a slightly smarter pair of trousers when I went to a meeting yesterday. They were still worn with walking boots though! Luckily the company I work for doesn’t require very smart dress!

  13. annabelvita says:

    I think I probably look like Captain Scott when it’s cold. I just love me some technical gear. I wear my walking boots to work every day (complete with red laces and green socks! and then layer up thermals and waterproof trousers and jumpers and fleeces and coats and scarves and hats until I look like a very round arctic explorer. I still sleep in my flannel pyjamas though, just cuddling a hot water bottle like it’s my first born or something!

    Oh, but someone mentionned fleece lined tights! Those things are incredible. Sleek on the outside, fleecy on the inside. Of course, mine have been in the washing basket this whole cold snap!

  14. Michelle says:

    Weather extremes always lead to wardrobe extremes! I hope little Ella is keeping warm too.

  15. Roobeedoo says:

    Ha! It is just 10am and already I have changed footwear as follows: slippers to wellies to driving shoes to wellies to smart shoes. Important meeting today, so wearing Sureau dress, with long sleeved t underneath, jacket, shawl and winter coat on top. Patience frazzled. Hair frizzled. And as for my bed-time wear… I woke up this morning to realise I was still wearing yesterday evening’s long sleeved t and two woolly jumpers because I hadn’t felt able to peel them off. I am SO over winter and it’s not even February yet (the worst month for snow up here.)

  16. I keep wearing my skirts and dresses, but that’s because I only own two pairs of pants… One of those pantsare for really REALLY cold days, they’re these vintage wool sailor pants and they’re the warmest thing I own. Most of my dresses and skirts look good with boots as well, I just found an amazing vintage seventies pair that covers my calves, has a thick sole against the cold and even some tread (though I shouldn’t run in the snow with them). I usually pair these boots with doubled tights or thicker leggings than usual, and most importantly a massive vintage wool coat (it’s super heavy but NOTHING comes through that thing). Top it off with a hat, scarf and gloves, and I’m rarely cold…

  17. Lizzie says:

    I thought that was just me with the bedtime attire, feels so wrong but so very cosy. I had a panic this morning when I realised all my heat tech tops were in the wash, so I’ve gone for wooly layers instead. So far so good but my office is always a bit chilly.

  18. shivani says:

    I’m completely with you on this. I can’t handle the cold, so I basically live in a layer of heat-tech beneath my regular clothes. I feel a real frump, to be honest. Mostly I don’t care, but then I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a window and feel so awful: who is that bundle? oh me.

  19. Jo says:

    Fortunately my office is warm enough – I wear snow boots and every piece of fleece I can lay my hands on to get there, then unwrap and change shoes till home time. In fact I’m relishing my homemade hat, scarves and mittens, I’m in better winter shape this year than I’ve ever been!

  20. Shar says:

    It’s 11 degrees F this morning here and I really just want to stay warm under the covers,but I have to look somewhat decent for work. I did wear my Tiramisu with a warm cardigan and boots yesterday for a meeting. I do a lot of layering since sometimes my office is cold and sometimes hot. When I can work from home I have this oversized chunky infinity scarf that I live in and it’s definitely warmth over style.

  21. Stevie says:

    As everyone has said I think layering is the key, I’ve currently got on a cami, thin longsleeved T, long breton style top, tights, leggings and fluffy socks. This doesn’t look too bad, but I have the most ugly katmandu fluffy on the inside pinky heather coat. (Mountaineering shop in the UK) I hate it but my god its warm and I have to bust it out when snow comes.

  22. Graca says:

    You get to wear jeans outside? It has been in the minus thirty-nine to minus forty-three (C) range this past week. I just wear tights and snow pants and change into regular clothes at work. But it is suppose to warm up this weekend and next Wednesday a high of minus twenty, WOOHOO! I like to think I’m being stylish with my snow pants and new knit sweater fleece that I made with Vogue 8854 but then the toque kills the look. Stay warm!

  23. Miss Celie says:

    I came home from a few days in Florida to temps in the teens! I slept in thermals and am walking to dog in furlined boods and wool socks. I’m wearing a hat over all my hair and I never wear hats. Layers,thermals, ski jacket blech.

  24. Jessie says:

    It is cold at the mo and Brighton is so windy! I feel the coldness come through my windows :/ I’m in long sleeved everything in bed too, with corn bags and all!

  25. Marie says:

    Yep, I’ve definitely been channelling the grandma vibe too Karen! I’ve literally been living in the same two pairs of jeans for the last couple of weeks, because they’re the only ones I can tuck into my much-needed wellies (waterproof and grippy)! Oh and massive jumpers too of course! Can’t wait to start dressing a bit nicer really!

  26. Jane says:

    I do the thermal layering thing for a couple of days then I crack and have to wear a wool dress. My secret is two pairs of tights, cardigan and knee length boots. And yes, I often go to bed wearing the same thermal top I’ve been wearing during the day. But I don’t have to take it off as I’ve perfected the trick of removing my bra whilst still wearing my top! x

  27. Ashley says:

    It’s also been really cold here in NY. I prepare for the trek to work in a similar way–I’m totally unrecognizeable in my bulky layers. But,hey, at least we’re warm!!

  28. lauriesannie says:

    Wearing UnderArmor. I suspect it looks like Uniglo. Makes me look like a sausage but it is toasty!

  29. heat tech tops are a lifesaver (especially when they brought out the lovely orla kiely prints!) – i did an outdoor photography course in london last night and it was freezing but it kept me nice and warm. luckily i went a bit boots-mad last winter and so have 3 decent pairs of flat boots, so i so sometimes wear dresses or skirts (M&S Autograph woolly tights are amazing for keeping you warm) with thermal scoks under the boots and lots of layers underneath (heat tech again!)

  30. Gillybirds says:

    Oh you did make me laugh! I’ve been wearing a long fleece hooded nightie I got in Asda and realised the other night I looked like a bag lady. And such thick socks 24/7. Does the cold air make anyone else’s hair go all static in the mornings? I get sparks off mine!

  31. Adrienne says:

    Oh, years of living in Canada taught me that the secret is to keep your dress shoes at the office, changing out of your winter boots once you get there! With good equipment and a little planning, it’s perfectly possible to look elegant and put together in the winter!!

  32. Mary says:

    I feel for you guys. I find that I feel colder when the temperature hovers around -5C than I do when it’s -20 or even -30. I think it’s because when the temperature drops, no one even tries to look fashionable. You just suck it up and dress for the weather. When it’s around 0C, we have the illusion that we don’t have to layer up as much, so it feels colder (keeping in mind that it’s much drier here, so the cold doesn’t sink into your bones like it does there). Layering is the key, as so many have stated here. At this time of year, everyone looks a bit like a Dickensian orphan!

  33. Sewer from across the Pond says:

    I work at home, and find the 80s-era Laura Ashley corduroy romper I bought on eBay quite the ticket, especially when worn with thick tights.

  34. Combo of chic grandma I’m hoping? lol Fortunately I telecommute most days but today is an in-office day. I’m wearing a pair of tights, a pair of fleece-lined tights, and short ankle boots (flat! we may get snow and had some last night) with a wool skirt. On top it’s a silk long underwear shirt under a fair isle pullover. But on my way commuting to that I added wool ankle socks inside my boots and knitted thigh-high legwarmers on top of my legs (which are now unceremoniously draped over the recycling bin under my cube). That and a beret inside a hooded scarf, and silk glove liners inside long knit gloves. Silk base layers are the BEST. Thin enough they don’t make you look bulky! And then that was all finally topped off with a vintage coat. But I still looked part cute, part bag lady, I think. And I don’t care, at least I wasn’t freezing!

  35. Oh it is so unimaginable being that cold right now, I am fantasising about it! I am living in three cotton voile maxi dresses on rotation. My unfabulous saggy arms are on display – any attempts to introduce some cover to them results in cranky overheating. Ironically, I feel far more stylish in winter, but then our winter lows are around 7-10 degrees during the day, it’s just the wind we have to contend with.
    Good luck with keeping it together until the spring xo

  36. Me too! Wearing every single garment in you wardrobe does not constitute a style! I’m with you on the heat tech – best invention ever

    I saw a woman on the tube the other day in a beautiful camel coat, long enough to not leave a gap between the hem of her skirt & her fur lined boots. She had a fur hat & fur cowl and was possibly the most elegant & warm person in London that day. Anyway if you see her …’s not me!

  37. LLADYBIRD says:

    Oh, I hear ya on that. When it’s cold, the last thing I want to do is think about stylish clothing. I just want to be WARM. Also, I’m a huge baby about the cold (what, I live in the South), so my idea of “cold” is 30F (or, -1C for y’all). The only solution I’ve found thus far is knit dresses – you can layer them with tights and boots and handknit sweaters, and it looks intentional but it’s still cozy.

    Although, let’s be real here – the minute I get home, I’m in my flannel pjs and giant house shoes. I also take off my bra when I change (and put on one of those shelf-bra tanks), bc I can’t even handle the thought of trying to take it off when I’m ready to go to sleep. SO COLD, DO NOT WANT.

  38. Vicki says:

    I just wrote a post about this yesterday. We are between -20C and -30C all week, and I don’t care one bit about how I look. Yesterday I looked like a bag lady wearing fleece trousers under my dress and four other layers! Whatever gets you through to spring, I say.

  39. Jen (NY) says:

    Well, it’s about 12 F in New York right now. I’m home today, but over the years I’ve developed a wardrobe for this weather. The problem here is that it is often overheated indoors. Really overheated, so peel-able layers are the only way to go.
    My admittedly “ugly” piece is a polar fleece scarf. It’s is the most functional thing and it dries quickly. (Condensation happens when it’s wrapped around and over the breathing parts). I don’t even know how many coats I have; at least three down ones for various levels of cold. One is kind of shiny and a bit “dressier.” When it’s really cold I wear mid-zero running pants/tights instead of regular opaque tights. This, I think, is better than jeans. Tall boots are a must for skirts. No cotton socks ever–only wool or microfiber something or other. My favorite combination is a cashmere mini skirt (Uniqlo) with this mix. I’ve been wearing it with that Burda turtleneck/cowl from a couple of months ago. I usually stay fairly warm and comfortable, even when its colder than today. After living here for more than a decade, I’m used to it, but it was tough the first few winters. (I’m from California, SF area). I remember freezing during the cold-snaps on the west coast back then, simply because I didn’t own anything more than light jackets and cotton socks.

  40. Diana says:

    I’m in Boston where we’re having a brutal cold snap (yep, -11C to -18C temps). I get ready for bed before our heat switches to the nighttime cycle, which prevents that cold air from touching my bare skin. I wear bed socks, and for the past few nights have worn a ratty old wool sweater with missing buttons over my long-sleeve nightshirt … it does a great job keeping me warm without making me sweat. Once when it was even colder I wore a wool hat to bed — the Victorians with their stockingcaps had it right. I was toasty warm all night. Together with a hot water bottle, I feel like I’ve stepped out of a Dickens’ novel.

    • =Tamar says:

      Bed-hat and bed-scarf and fingerless mitts, for reading in bed. Different ones for outdoors. Winter weather redefines chic to mean “warm.”

  41. In Toronto, Canada it is super cold! It is officially -12C,but with the windchill, it feels like -21 at midday! For those in countries w/out windchill, the temperature is made colder by cold winds whipping around you. There are other parts of Canada today where it is -24 but windchill makes it -32!!! I think you get frostbite just by looking out the window! I am all layered up and often don’t even want to get changed for bed b/c that would mean having to be undressed for a split second 🙂

    • jill says:

      In fact I live in Saskatoon, and it was -43 with windchill on Monday when I arrived at work and later when I left too brrrrrrr. its been awful all week, it warmed up to -17 this afternoon (before windchill) we stayed and played at the park after school 😉

      The best gift my mother in law gave us was an electric blanket with dual controls – so I can be toastier than my husband. i always pre-heat my bed before I climb in.

  42. soisewedthis says:

    i was thinking the exact same thing this morning as i pulled on a random sweater just to stay warm! But then i throw on a wool peacoat and a scarf over whatever i’m wearing so it looks ok. It doesn’t get very cold here most of the year. But when it does get cold we don’t know what to do or wear! At night i tuck my sleep pants into my socks! I’m sure that’s not a pretty look. We’re so used to hot weather that anything under 60 F (15.5 C) and we think it’s freezing! We never get snow either.

  43. Sølvi says:

    Oh you poor Brits and your poorly isolated houses without proper heating. Come move to Norway, this is where the heat is (or at least inside our houses;)! Or, better yet, go to IKEA and buy a thermo duvet. For years I have been thinking about writing up a tute for how to dress chic in mid-winter. Maybe the time has come. We´ll see… 😉 I can say one thing though, jeans are not part of my winter wardrobe. They´re the coldest!

    Let´s hope for the spring to arrive soon! 🙂

  44. Sabs says:

    Oh yes, I can def sympathise too – I also wear fleece trousers and a long sleeved T shirt to bed WITH a hot water bottle! When I’m not at work, I’ve just been snuggling up on the sofa with said hot water bottle, my fluffy dressing gown, woolly slippers AND a blanket. It’s been about 15 degrees in the house recently, even with the heating on! But for the first time ever, I’m wearing dresses and skirts to work in the winter – I think it’s because I’ve gone and got a few pairs of thermal tights and I have genuine, really warm snow boots!

  45. I bike to work, so I get to experience colder pre-dawn temperatures than even my fellow school bus drivers. I have just purchased my first pair of wool tights from SockDreams, and I have to say I am now obsessed with these things. NOW I know how girls can wear skirts in winter! Actually, I’ve discovered that a skirt is warmer than pants. Pants, even with the wool tights under them, cause my legs to be colder- perhaps because the jeans touch my legs and transfer cold through the fabric?

    So, I wear wool tights every day now. I wash them every night and hang them to dry because I don’t wear underwear on the bike if I can get away with it. I made myself some fleece mittens, and I had a fleece strip as a scarf. When my ears need protection the scarf goes up over my head under the bike helmet, if it’s really cold, the scarf goes more forward and crosses in front of my chin to keep my face from freezing and falling off. I was having a real issue keeping my feet warm until I got the tights. Now, I wear tights by themselves and sneakers. So far that’s good down to 14, but below that or in snow I’ll use my snow boots.

    Recently, I finished a cloak using McCall’s pattern M6446. I used Babyville Boutique waterproof breathable diaper fabric on the outside intending it for use as a rain cape. When it got cold, I realize I never wear the thing and its a cloak for goodness sake- I think that’s awesome! So, I took it apart and added a full fleece lining. Now I leave the scarf at home, and put up the cloak hood if I need to.

    I doubt I look stylish, but I DO have a style I guess- even if it’s “silly”.

    I need skirts!!

    • Jen (NY) says:

      Oh, I agree about skirts. I wear either thick wool tights or the mid-zero running tights mentioned (shiny on the outside, fleece on the inside).

  46. I have taken to wearing my dresses with layered tops and leggings underneath then with ski socks and my flower print wellies and I DON’T CARE! Normally I worry about shoes matching but in the snow wellies are best!

  47. Clio says:

    After 12 years in a girls school uniform, my legs are impervious to the cold. So, even though it is well below freezing in NY this week, I’m still in skirts and dresses. I do wear a silk cami or slip to help keep the rest of me warm – toasty, but breathable!

  48. Apparently I’m reading too quick for my own good. I read the title as “A Cold Kills My Sense of Style” and I thought yes, me too, I don’t want to look good when I feel a cold coming on. Then I started reading the post. I am the win.

    Cold definitely influences my style, but sometimes in a good way. I actually wear more skirts because I don’t like shoving my hemmed-for-heels pants into my warm boots. I’d rather wear a skirt and tights and switch to heels at the office. Admittedly, I drive to work, I don’t spend a lot of time outside between the door to car and car to door. If we’re going snow shoeing and going outside for a while, that’s a whole other ball game. I have very ugly boots that will be warm to -70C. Those aren’t going to the office with me.

  49. LinB says:

    Some dreadful old overly-folksy almanac or other printed this years ago: “An old Russian proverb says: Hunger doesn’t know ‘stale bread.’ Cold doesn’t know ‘old coat.’ ” Those Russians! They sure can turn a phrase. They sure do know something about extreme cold and extreme hunger, too.

  50. Alessa says:

    Fortunately, I have a great pair of knee-high lace-up boots with a bit of a heel, into which I put isolated lamb-wool soles, which, together with a pair of wooly knee-socks and insulating microfiber tights make freezing temperatures and dress-wearing bearable, as long as it doesn’t get too freezing. It is still better than wearing tights under jeans, methinks.

  51. Melizza says:

    I’m not going to lie Karen, I am so so so happy that I cannot relate to your cold experience at the moment. I found London winters a lot more miserable than New York’s. And now that I’m in CA, the highs this week are around 16C and the lows are around 7C. We deal with a couple of blankets at night with our regular pajamas. But in London, I had a heavy down comforter I never wanted to come out from under!

    • Why do you think it was worse in London than New York? Just curious!

      • Melizza says:

        The cold feels very wet in London and seeps into your bones, staying there. And in NYC, after it snows, by law property owners have to shovel the sidewalk outside their buildings. Makes traveling a lot less miserable! No unnecessary ice skating there 🙂

      • Melizza says:

        I can’t tell you the amount of times I emailed Haringey council complaining about the sidewalks being iced and them telling me they had to save the grit for a worse snow storm. Oh dear.

  52. Amanda says:

    I love this post – you are so funny! And so on target. I haven’t worn my dresses lately because it is averaging 25F (-3C) here in New York City, and even colder at night. Add wind chill and, yeah, not pleasant. I would wear boots and an extra pair of socks to keep my feet from freezing, but that still leaves a portion of my legs covered only by sweater tights (and that’s just not enough these days). I’ve been meaning to go to Uniqlo to check out that therma stuff! But…it’s too cold to go anywhere other than between my apartment and the office…

    • Amanda says:

      Oops, I was logged in under a WordPress work account!! Um, yes, I’m getting work done today…

      • Amanda says:

        By the way, the comment above is in response to the comment I made that’s awaiting moderation since I was logged in under the work address. Okay, just had to clarify. I swear I’m not crazy hehe. 🙂

  53. Susan says:

    I have the opposite problem — living in Texas, the summer heat is unbearable, and I can’t make myself care about style when it’s tank-top-and-shorts-and-that’s-IT! I can’t even stand to have a *necklace* on during the peak of our summers. This time of year is when I really can have a little more fun, style-wise. 🙂

  54. Definitely struggling with the heat – we had an overnight “low” of 29 degrees! I’m waking up as a ball of grease! What to wear that’s cool is all senses of the word?! Stay warm.

  55. huggiebaby says:

    so the challenge I have is office can get quite warm; travelling to office – no so much. Cue either wearing too much to the office, having hot flushes and stripping down to a vest top (whilst remembering with horror I’ve got my winter ‘pelt’ on and not shaved my pits for a week) or carry the heels and wear the uggs or wellies en route

  56. redsilvia says:

    Ugh! I remember those winters in NYC! Luckily I moved back to California – where my tulips are coming up because it’s been so warm…

    I work in Utah where it’s really cold and I see the Qtip/cotton bud look on alot of ladies who attended Sundance and are now heading back to 70 degree LA: Black skin tight leggings and ultra fluffy fur boots. Dude, please don’t sport that look! I don’t care how cold it is, don’t look like a standard poodle waiting for its turn at a dog show…Your gear sounds just fine, keep warm and safe!

  57. Paola says:

    “Style”gets a low priority in the summer here in sunny Australia, whereas winter is when I feel at my most polished and put-together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long.
    I lived in the UK for a few years and the converse was true, so I sympathise.

  58. Liz says:

    I am terrible with the cold, so I really feel your pain, even though here in Brisbane it really doesn’t get that cold, I mean it doesn’t get below 5C in winter, but I am such a wimp that I wear so many clothes and look like a right dag. My house is really cold so I change into my PJs when I get home, and my fleecy robe and socks 🙂
    However at the moment we have the opposite problem, it is too hot and humid – over the last week it has been about 35-40C with 80% humidity – awful. Loving my aircon, but it makes it difficult to cut out patterns as they blow away!

  59. Nikki says:

    No chic winter style here either, if it keeps me warm I am wearing it. We don’t get things quite as bad here on IOW snow wise, we had around 6 inches last Friday and it was pretty much gone by Monday! We don’t have the heating on between 8am and 6pm (ancient gas guzzling boiler), but we do have a multifule stove in the living room that is on permanently until mar/apr. So layers of anything warm are priority over style for me. I have quite a few pairs of primark fleece pyjamas, they are currently worn with t-shirts (I really need some thermals) and thermal welly socks, it is not unusual for me to get ready for bed around 7pm so I don’t have get undressed after the heating has gone off at 10pm!

  60. Erika says:

    A bit late, but from another Scandinavian: I really feel sorry for all those living in drafty houses! I live in northern Sweden, where it regularly hits -20C during the coldest winter months. However, it’s not so bad, it’s a dry cold outside and indoors it’s warm as our houses are built for cold. So for nightwear: just a t-shirt. Daytime: layers. Wool, cotton, silk or linen. I prefer cotton tights and wool overknee legarmers. High boots and a long coat, no gap between coat and boots are pretty smart! And no, I don’t wear thigh-high boots, I wear a really long coat =)
    Like Solvi, I’ve thinking about making a post about dressing warm in style, maybe I should get a move on soon…
    I very much prefer cold to heat, like someone else said: it’s easier to warm up with more/better clothes than it is to cool down in sweltering heat. Esp as there’s no escaping heat, it follows you in through the front door, while the cold politly stays outside. At least up here…

  61. MariaDenmark says:

    It’s not -20 in Denmark right now – but there is a wind so the minus 12 are fierce. And my old house is not really rising to the challenge. The furnace is on max. I’m sitting in my office wearing wool tights, jeans, wool socks, fleece socks, t-shirt, wool sweater, mitts and a fleece blanket wrapped around my legs. And I’m right in front of the radiator. At night it’s long sleeved t-shirt, lounge trousers and socks under my down duvet. So not much for style here either…

  62. B. says:

    I’m a south of France gal living in Belgium, and every winter I have trouble with the cold!
    This year I might finally be fully equipped… I’m wearing wool trousers, wool socks, thick jumpers, high flat boots and all the outerwear you can think off! And at night a long sleeved heat tech top under flannel PJs and home socks.
    Btw haven’t commented before but I think your blog is brilliant:-)

  63. gingermakes says:

    Oh, my gosh, I’m the same way! I work outside, and it’s been -12 C lately, so I wear snowpants and a huge parka, two scarves, a hat, a hood, and huge boots– no fashion whatsoever!

  64. Pella says:

    Pure silk or pure wool thermals are the way to go (or both if necessary) The silk ones do well if you change from central heating to icy blasts, and look less granny if they show at the neckline or wrists.

  65. Thea says:

    I found the nicest, toastiest thing in winter is to sleep in old wool jumpers – I stole one from the boyfriend (it shrunk in the wash and no longer fits) and got given another one. Both are supercozy. If it gets really really cold, I put a longsleeve underneath too. Give me woolen socks, flannel bottoms and a hot water bottle, and I’m happy! The biggest challenge I encountered this winter was working for two different places with vastly different heating systems: one gets overheated, the other one is supercold. So, fingers crossed we’re over the worst now, and we can all go back to raincoats 😉 (Even though the wind today means the heating is still on full blast. Hello, British insulation..)

  66. megthegrand says:

    The only time I feel stylish this time of year is when all of my winter accessories (scarf, hat, gloves) match my hot pink puffy coat – then I feel like a very warm rock star! Other than that, I will be glad when Spring comes around again so I don’t have to wear grey pants anymore.

  67. Becky says:

    Dresses, what are those?! How I would love to wear a dress but like you it would require so many additonal layers that it would defeat the whole point of a dress. I am bundled up in a man’s extra large cotton sweater that I picked up at the dollar store for $1. The extra air is trapped and keeps me warm. BWT I am a ladies Med. so that is quite a bit of air to trap. even though I am complaining I like winter. I would rather put on more layers that sit in 90′ plus weather with 100% humidity. That is not my idea of a good time.

  68. Lutie Mann says:

    Are you kidding! I wear the same thing every day – barn boots, old cords and any ol sweater and “long johns” I can find! The saddest thing is I don’t care and I adore pretty clothes :}

  69. beklet says:

    Combat boots – go with everything, even pretty dresses and thermal leggings..Primark fleece lined tights are a total win 😀

    And the boots make it MUCH easier to walk in the snow.

    I’m a bit of a grunger though…

  70. Marcy says:

    I live in moderate Portland, OR, but when it gets cold here, I prefer my dresses so I can wear thick tights and boots! My boots are flats though, so maybe you need to go shopping…

    I work at a business casual office and my dress slacks are just not that warm, nor are the comfy flats I tend to wear with my pants. Once I wore my boots under my pants because it was going to be warm and I didn’t have any dresses or tights to wear, but they really don’t look good together.

  71. Molly says:

    I look like Michelin Man throughout winter and I had the sad realisation a couple of months ago that I have worn a vest under all my layers since that start of last winter without hiatus! I do not do cold well, and living in a Victorian house means I usually have my fleece pyjamas on over the top of my jeans and t-shirt with my fleece dressing gown or a coat on over the top of that! I have finally had so many odd stares from the postman that I have ordered lengths of fleece for my daughter and I and am making us some housecoats with them so we don’t look quite so strange wearing our dressing gowns at 5pm in the afternoon!

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