Beeley Moor

Beeley Moor Skyline

Beeley Moor

Despite the evidence above, I got quite a lot of knitting and sewing done this weekend. Unfortunately, I allowed my camera battery to run completely flat, so photo evidence is scarce!

I took Ella up to my home county of Derbyshire to introduce her to moor walking – Beeley Moor, to be exact. It was only a short introduction, because those exposed moorland landscapes were bitterly cold. But look at that skyline! I sure was a long way from London. I always love re-connecting with my roots; it reminds me that I’m made of stern stuff. And you can’t beat the Derbyshire ‘Ey up!’ as a greeting.

What have you been up to, peeps?

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10 Responses to Beeley Moor

  1. Thank you for the pictures, you live in a beautiful country. We can always sew later. ((-:

  2. NotenoughtimeTeresa says:

    Gosh, I need to head back to the Motherland soon- Beeley Moor is stunning. I’ve been hosting a toddler’s birthday party and forging ahead on my memory quilt this weekend – made entirely from my children’s sentimental baby clothes.

  3. What have I been up to? Sweltering in yet another day over 30 degrees C – we’re heading for a record. Your gorgeous photos have helped me cool down a little – thank you!

  4. Alison says:

    I have been really busy in the peak district this weekend I live on the edge of the roaches at Ye Olde Rock Inn a 17th Century Inn. I spent almost all of Saturday in the kitchen no sewing at all 🙁 I love the country side I love my dogs and I love my horse and I love to see people who also enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life.

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    We have been confined inside lately with constant rain and this weekend significent flooding! Not too much blog sewing as I’ve been tying endless knots in thread and threading needles as Miss 10 teaches herself to hand sew via YouTube!

  6. Oh wow,I am getting a strong yearning to return to the UK lately. It’s getting almost unbearable. Is it possible to be homesick for a place your people left four generations back? Seems so!
    This weekend I went to a baby shower and presented a wee quilt I made. I also made a pile of 10 flag buntings to sell, as the university students are all arriving in the city and wanting to pretty up their hostel rooms, and we were cleaned out in a day! It was such fun going through all my scraps and matching fabrics. The sewing is pretty fast after all that!

  7. sallie says:

    Beautiful country! You should never have to apologize for enjoying life!!

  8. knee-deep in sky, as we like to say here. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  9. peskypixies says:

    Gorgeous pics. My mum came from Derbyshire

  10. Plz pardon my ignorance but can you explain. Ey Up? Looked a wee bit too cold for me.

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