Spring Must Have Sprung


It must be official! Stone Fabric’s lastest Cloth Club package contains a riot of Spring colour. It also includes one of the craziest fabrics I’ve ever laid eyes on:


What you’re looking at here, my friends, is printed quilted plastic. I leave it to you to decide what you would make with such a thing.

On a more serious note, I’ve been pondering possible fabrics for my Grainline Archer shirt:


From left to right, we have a moleskin, a linen/viscose mix and a checked wool. All very nice, but I’m not entirely sure floating my boat. The words ‘silk twill’ keep swirling around in my mind. Well, when I see the perfect fabric, a lightbulb will undoubtedly go off. Until then, I must be patient. Fabric purchases are a bit like falling in love. You just know, when you know…

Anything you see here inspire you?

STOP PRESS! A Pattern Pyramid has gone live over at PoldaPop and there’s loads of pattern goodness up for grabs, plus 2.5 metres of vintage cotton. Score!

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21 Responses to Spring Must Have Sprung

  1. Houseofpinheiro says:

    The pastel blue is gorgeous

  2. I could totally see the middle on for you, although the outer two (while entirely lovely) don’t scream your name as much. Not that I think I know what a silk twill is like but it sounds delish!

  3. Far says:

    Gorgeous bunch of fabric! I of course want that quilted plastic F now… another tote bag, or a sewing machine bag!

  4. Rachel-Lou says:

    I have some of the blue floral in the first pic, it is lovely but soooo slippery to work with

  5. Kelly says:

    I would buy some of the quilted plastic fabric if it came in the letter K! Ithink it might make a very unique rain coat! ~Kelly

  6. Tilly says:

    Love the blue floral top left. What type of fabric is it, pray tell? x

  7. Maggie says:

    While they would all look great, I like the blue in the center for the shirt, it is such a beautiful color! Silk twill also sounds lovely but do you already have a color in mind? That is always the hardest part for me. Oh the woes of choosing the right fabric! 😉

  8. Bess says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for the post!
    I agree with your silk twill hunch, that shirt wants a soft fabric that will drape, I’ll seek some more swatches out for you tomorrow if you like. Cupro will also work well, along with floppy viscose. That Tencel denim in the Cloth Club would be lovely so long as you don’t want to wear it with jeans (Stone Fabrics cannot possibly condone the double-denim sin).

    Best wishes,

  9. eumoronorio says:

    wait for the love, it is always worth the wait and makes it sew up faster =D sewingforme.wordpress.com

  10. Wonderful. I am goining tomorrow to fabric market I hope I will score some nice spring/summer fabrics!

  11. alibobs says:

    Oh Karen, why do you always post pictures of lovely things?! I clicked on the link to see the swatch club and accidentally browsed and found too many fabrics i didn’t realise I needed…

  12. Gjeometry says:

    Oh, these are so pretty! I love all the florals, I’m a flowers girl, but the CC1176 is like a lava lamp. I’m mesmorized and cannot look away!

  13. Pippi says:

    What lovely fabrics! Though I feel like I should share a secret with you… I’ve seen a lot of them for sale elsewhere (and for a large price difference!). I live in Birmingham (traditionally home of the rag trade) so have seen a lot on the markets but I come from Reading and know of a shop that does about 50% of the same prints. Stone Fabrics is a lovely looking shop and it sounds like the staff there are great but I thought I’d give you a heads up as you might, like me, appreciate a bit of thriftiness. [Have a look at fabricland.co.uk – the website is a bit web 2000 but their fabric range is outstanding].

  14. Marie says:

    The linen mix is lovely, but I would hold out for the silk twill of your dreams. The heavy drape of silk twill will just make that shirt perfect!

  15. Philippa says:

    Heh heh the only thing I can see the quilted fabric making is a child’s lunchbox but that could be my lack of imagination 😉 I love the look of the bright fabrics but I am too small for such big prints. I adore the wool check, but agree with spring on the way it would be prudent to use something lighter. The turquoise would suit your colouring I think. Otherwise as you say keep shopping – I always think fantasising about different fabrics is one of the best bits of sewing!!

  16. sallie says:

    I really love that checked wool for the Archer shirt – but it’s so wintery – and even if spring is taking her sweet time “sprunging” its still fun to act like its here already! The quilted plastic would make the ugliest handbag ever….

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