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Can you believe it’s almost a year since the Pyjama Party was first launched? My PJs are still going strong, as evidenced above. How many of you still wear yours? Did you discover any faults in the construction or fabric choice that meant they gave up the ghost? Anything you’d have done differently, with the benefit of hindsight? My fabric above was cheap as chips but seems to be utterly indestructible.

Doll mosaic

Hey! Have you seen Silver Pebble’s amazing Red Nose Day dolls? They’re fetching upwards of £500 on Ebay and are collaborative works of intricate genius. I just can’t believe what these people have achieved.

STOP PRESS! A Pattern Pyramid has gone live with Dresses And Me over in New Zealand. I am dying to see Dresses And Me do something magnificent with Simplicity 5931, which is a contender from my launch pyramid. There are seven other patterns up for grabs, including a Project Runway. I tell you, I’m losing track!

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16 Responses to PJs, Dolls, Pattern Pyramids – Just Another Day

  1. Houseofpinheiro says:

    I still wear my pjs and I’m a serial pj wearer and they going strong, well there are a few holes now.. Time for another party Karen

  2. CGCouture says:

    My son outgrew his PJ’s. 🙁 He seems to be growing up entirely too fast for his momma’s comfort. They held up to the last though.

  3. Lisa says:

    Pyjamas still going well, I’ve even just bought some more fabric to make another pair!!!

  4. Jenni says:

    Fabric was upcycled from cheap sheets and twisted beyond comfort on first wash!! Clearly didn’t like being re-purposed!! So they went in the triad bin!!

  5. lisa g says:

    my pj make was for my daughter, still going strong! they’re still her favorite pair of jammy pants!

  6. Kat H says:

    I still wear my PJ’s, they’re holding up wonderfully! (In fact, I made a second pair of them, I love them so much.) Turns out that quilting cotton makes for good pajama pants. 😉

    Are you going to be hosting another PJ party this year? It was so much fun to take part in!

  7. Gjeometry says:

    Oh, I love your pajamas. Hope that you have another pajama party soon and I can participate!

  8. susew says:

    I still wear mine, not in winter, though because of the short sleeves. Need long sleeve PJs in Canadian winters.

  9. suth2 says:

    Didn’t know your blog when you had your first pj party so would love if you hosted another.

  10. Pat says:

    Mine are still going strong. I made two more pair in flannel for the winter.

  11. Far says:

    I love my pj pants… Waiting for another one of your pj party to try my hand for a set, until then there are other project wanting to be sewn…

  12. gingermakes says:

    OK, I made mine in a beautiful cotton/silk blend that I bought in Paris, and I’ve barely worn them at all cause I was afraid I would mess them up! I’m glad you checked in– you’ve inspired me to dig them out and give them a wear!

  13. Kat says:

    I still wear my PJs ALL the time, they are my favourite pair 🙂 I have bought fabric to make a second pair…and have had numerous requests to make them for others (including my other half!). Proof I feel that everyone love Pyjamas….

  14. Crystal says:

    I’ve actually been reading your PJ party posts today! I’m working on a set to wear to my friends PJ Party themed Girls Night In evening in a couple weeks. The robe is done, but I’ve still got pants, T-shirt and slippers on my make list.

  15. grenouille78 says:

    I do still wear my pajamas, when the weather suits. And funny you should mention “faults in construction.” I had the brilliant idea to elasticate the ankles to prevent the legs from riding up during the night. Well, guess what. Elastic didn’t prevent anything and, in fact, meant that the pajamas had a death grip around my calves at 2 a.m. I tolerated it for a couple of weeks and then finally took out the elastic. I think it would have worked better if I had initially lengthened the legs so that there would have been a bit more give. Ah well, live and learn.

  16. Rebecca says:

    Hi Karen! I was thinking of your pajama party the other day, and it looks like i’m in good company to say “time for another!” I missed out last year, too busy with dresses and such, but now i need some jammies! I could share a sexy slouchy lounge top I draft/copied from a friend’s, for extras…
    xo bex

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