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Cutting Out Collage

Today I printed off, cut out, taped together, and traced my Grainline Archer shirt. This is Sewlution progress!

I find it helps to take about six sheaths of paper, and cut out the top and side of each grid piece at the same time. Makes a tedious task slightly less time-consuming. I kept track of how long my processes took:

  • Taping together A4 sheets – 46 minutes
  • Tracing the pattern pieces onto Swedish Tracing Paper – 95 minutes
  • Pinning and cutting out the fabric – 50 minutes

So if you need to do all this in order to be ready for the Grainline Archer Sewalong, starting on Monday, you’ll need to put aside the best part of three hours.

Plaid Flannel

I’m using some plaid flannel I bought for $5 a yard at Chic Fabric on 225 West 39th Street. I really liked this shop and the owner – reminded me of Goldhawk Road. Yes, I would still like to make this shirt in silk twill, but not on my first go!

At the same shop, I bought two yards of this…

Scarab Silk

Isn’t this silk gorgeous? Are those scarab beetles? I think so. I am terrified about ruining this whilst laundering, so I’m going to put a small swatch on a delicate wash. What do you think? I know exactly what I’d like to make with this, but it will have to join the queue. $15 a yard. New Yorkers, get yourselves down to Chic Fabrics!

In other news *deep breath* Kenneth King left a comment on yesterday’s blog post! Here it is in full:

Hello, All!
To answer the Burning Questions:
Where did I get the fabric? Pendleton’s web site–it’s the Eagle Rock blanket fabric, turquoise color way.
And my moisturizer? Chanel’s Sublimage La Creme Supreme.
I was forwarded this link from Stephani Miller at Threads Magazine–hello to you all out there!

Did you know that Kenneth has also written a novel? Is there no end to this man’s talent? Just don’t Google his moisturiser, unless you’re sitting down. It ain’t cheap!

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26 Responses to Paper, Plaid, Silk

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! I am going to hit Chic when I’m in NYC in a couple weeks. Can’t wait!

    How cool is it that KK visited your blog?!?!?

  2. jen says:

    Gah you are a GENIUS!! I literally just spent SO LONG cutting each page individually to show blending sizes and lengthening + shortening for the sew along. Going to link to this on Monday if that’s cool with you!

  3. Becky says:

    You peaked my curiosity, and I googled that moisturizer. OMG! It would have to come with a 5 year guarantee! But he does look fab, so maybe it works. How gorgeous was that blanket material in person? It looks gorgeous online. I love your silk! Do not be afraid, o wonderful seamstress! You have much skill and will make something wonderful from that.

  4. Helen says:

    Beautiful fabric, especially that beetle one. I think you should do a complete list, Luke Lauren has done, or everything you bought in NY. Just to make us really jealous (and so I can say to my husband “see? I’m not that bad, really!).

    So cool that Kenneth King commented in you blog!

  5. lloubb says:

    roight, roight, I best be cutting my pattern!!! your fabrics are both great, even if you’re not cutting into the silk yet!

  6. lisa g says:

    how nice of mr. king to stop by your blog! i also did the prep for my archer button up, but, uh… it took me a lot longer than you. i am super slow! however i’m far too impatient to wait for the sewalong to start so i’ve been sewing away this afternoon. love it so far! oh and i love the silk you have there. so cool!

  7. Alana says:

    Hey Hun, have you tried using a mini glue stick instead of tape? Its probably cheating but it works a treat 🙂

  8. Molly says:

    The flannel will be such a lovely shirt, I wish it was easier to find here, I need a flannel shirt in my wardrobe!

    I’m a big fan of KDK, how thrilling. Did you know that uber talented man has also been in a music video? IIRC he portrayed a PlayBoy Pimp with an eyepatch! 🙂

  9. Shivani says:

    Oo that silk is lush!

    Pdf pattern prep is such a time suck! Instead of cutting and tape, I fold the right and bottom edges of each sheet, and then use a glue stick – it’s a bit quicker than scissors (and less chance of hand cramp!)

  10. meredith says:

    I was at Chic Fabrics on Saturday and very nearly bought that same scarab beetle silk! I managed to just convince myself that I didn’t need a scarab beetle print silk blouse, but of course I was wrong so I’ll have to go back this week. Thank you for making me realize the error of my ways! Also, your plaid Archer is going to be fabulous!

  11. kristonlion says:

    I always forget about downloading a PDF pattern! Instant gratification! Can’t wait to see your Archer! I want to join so bad, but too much going on, so it’s going to be great to follow everyone else’s progress!

  12. makeitgiveit says:

    ha ha Karen. I know I don’t comment that often but you write so well. Love your work girl x

  13. Love the silk. Love the tip for layering pattern pieces (whilst simultaneously slapping my forehead, repeatedly). Soooooooo cool that KK commented. I’d’ve been hyperventilating! What a great guy!

  14. Molly says:

    Your silk is amazing! as is the link to the pendleton wool, I didn’t know they sold it just as fabric

  15. So glad Kenneth King shared his sources with you, I loved that fabric from the second I saw his picture on your blog. (I hope you don’t mind that I linked your post on my blog. It was too good not to share!)

  16. Danielle says:

    Good idea with the pattern print out… I usually cut each page individually…it takes so long! Do you like the tracing paper you used? I’ve never used tracing paper but was looking into it but have seen mixed reviews on a few different kinds.

    And I thought the pattern looked like scarabs before I saw that you wrote that. It’s a very interesting print.

    I think I may need to take a day (or weekend!) trip to NYC soon (it’s about a 4 hour drive/bus ride from me).

  17. Bri says:

    Kudo’s to you for having the patience to put together the pattern, I don’t I try but it just doesn’t work out!
    I love this silk printed scareb beetle fabric, so gorgeous! I’ve washed silk fabrics I’ve bought but sometimes you can loose the sheen so doing the swatch is a good idea

  18. oonaballoona says:

    ah, i love it!! i’m so glad you caught him! (read: i am now lusting after that cream…)

    i get crazy about silk + water. i guess i think of silk like a cat…

    • LinB says:

      And yet rubbing silk on an actual cat generates way too much static electricity! I immediately thought “computer mouse” when I first glanced at the photo, but it does indeed seem to be a stylized scarab. V. pretty.

  19. Lovely fabrics Karen. And a visit form la King! Wow 🙂
    I am not good at PDF patterns – maybe I haven’t managed to sort out the whole printer/scale palaver. I will be watching the Archer skirt with interest.

  20. Looking forward to seeing your plaid Archer. Are you going to do the ruffle/frill at the back? I kind of like the PDF trimming, it warms my brain up ahead of the sewing.

  21. oh, that scarab silk is just sublime! can’t wait to see what it becomes.

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