You Are Doctor Who And Your Pocket Piece Is The Time Vortex


Now, if that blog post title doesn’t pique your curiosity, nothing will!

I’ve been thinking about pockets lately. I’m crazy like that.

Sometimes a pattern doesn’t have a pocket insertion, but you want a pocket, dammit! With a bit of forward thinking, it’s usually pretty easy to take a pocket piece from another pattern and insert it into your side seams. HOWEVER.

Time and again, I’ve inserted a pocket, only to realise it’s too low. I then spend about 24 hours trying to convince myself that it’s fine for the pocket to be too low. Finally, I bite the bullet, rip out my work and re-insert the pocket higher up in the skirt/coat/trousers.

So, here’s my tip. Ignore the top third of the pocket pattern piece. It don’t count for nuffink. Think of it as the Time Vortex your hand has to travel through to get from Cold Air to Snuggly Comfort. So, when you’re judging where to place your pocket in a side seam, focus on that bottom round area and place accordingly. The top of your pocket piece doesn’t count. I mean it does, but only in a way that Doctor Who understands.

Keeping up? Good. It’s only wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff.

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29 Responses to You Are Doctor Who And Your Pocket Piece Is The Time Vortex

  1. Amie M says:

    Fantastic analogy!

    I will be posting a leg of the Pattern Pyramid either tomorrow of Wednesday.

    Don’t blink.

  2. Makes perfect sense. I don’t do pockets, but mostly it i is because I too end up putting them too low and then they just mock one, don’t they? nothing like a pocket to rub one’s nose in it and say, I told you so ever time you go to thrust your hand in it and it doesn’t hit the bottom!

  3. missparayim says:

    This is really smart!! I’ve only added a pocket once, but yeah… It was a bit low. I’m definitely going to keep this in mind.

  4. Becky says:

    This is priceless! Great advice, and so entertaining. Thanks for this. I am not likely to forget it, and that is a good thing.

  5. Shar says:

    This is so timely for me! Later this week I had planned on adding an inseam pocket to a skirt that doesn’t have one (something I’ve never tried before). Thank you!!

  6. I get it Karen 🙂 ! The bottom of the pocket is where your hands are anchored when inside (and of course the bottom has to by definition be attached to a “top“). Therefore, whilst the top should not be the determining factor in pocket placement, it will (by dint of being physically attached to the bottom) directly correlate to the location one chooses to install said pocket.

    As The Doctor might say it is the “Pocket Paradox!” 😉

    • Karen says:

      Pocket Paradox! That would have been the perfect blog post title. You understand perfectly.

      • LinB says:

        While, in most rtw pockets, you experience a sort of opposite-Tardis effect: the inside is far smaller than you’d guess from the outside.

  7. Michelle says:

    I just got the biggest laugh from this post. I love it. And, it make total sense.

  8. Yes! Great post! I’ll keep that advice in mind! But my inner whovian couldn’t help but squeak “it’s The Doctor, not Doctor Who!”

  9. I love that Claire called it a Pocket Paradox! I have one RTW coat I bought in Ireland and I adore it, except that they must have made it for gorillas because the pockets are so low, it bugs me each time I stuff my hands on.

    I almost found myself having the opposite problem. I desperately wanted to put inseam pockets into the jacket I’m working on, but it only goes down to my waist so inseam pockets would have had to be so high up I couldn’t get my arms in. And even then I was still tempted.

  10. EmSewCrazy says:

    Love the good Dr. Glad he’s finally decided to contribute to the sewing field.

  11. megthegrand says:

    I just love this post and all of it’s Doctor Who-ness 🙂

  12. Yes, your title will probably make any whovian jump on your post even quicker than usual :). And the thing is, well, I’ve been thinking about pockets too, lately, I suppose we’re the same kind of crazy? I was waiting for the bus in a chilly wind, frustrated not to be able to put my hand in my jacket front pockets without twisting my arms in a ridiculous and uncomfortable position, and had this Blinding Flash Of The Obvious: some pockets are really only meant to put objects in it and not your hands (just like so many shoes seem to be made for anything but a normal pair of feet). If I ever manage to sew a jacket, like I intend to, I swear the pockets will be usable for more than a handkerchief – I’ll keep your good advice in mind about that top third part, thanks!

  13. Philippa says:

    Great tip interestingly presented!

  14. Jenny says:

    What a great idea and why in years of doing the same sewing, ripping, repositioning didn’t I think of that? Thanks heaps!

  15. Rachel says:

    I had exactly this problem in a dress that I made; I didn’t think through the pocket placement and in my head I think I got the top and bottom of the pockets mixed up in where they would need to be, and so the top of the pocket is where the bottom should have been, and i can only just reach my fingers to the bottom of the pockets. And because of the way the pockets were inserted into the design lines it wasn’t possible to move it 🙁

  16. Great title! I will keep this for future reference.

  17. Marie says:

    I’ve had the same experience with pockets, and you are so right!!

  18. Remarkably written, Karen! It is so funny I had to tell the story… Pity they said they were not interested in sewing… Thankfully there are nice sewing bloggers out there.

  19. Tilly says:

    That does look like a particularly looooong pocket piece!

  20. lisa g says:

    ohmygosh… thanks for pointing out the glaringly obvious! i’ve put in pockets a bit too low on occasion and could never figure out how that happened exactly… doh.

  21. Colleen says:

    That is very good advice — excellent, really.

  22. Gjeometry says:

    NOW, you tell me. I just put in these pockets for the first time in a pair of Burda pants I’m making. Ah, well, I’ll see how they work out. I’m now onto the centre seam / zipper part. SCARY!! Lol.

  23. suth2 says:

    Wonderful explanation, so easy to follow. Thank you for that.

  24. lemur178 says:

    The only time I ever sewed pockets was on a (late 40s) skirt. They were in the most ridiculous place and buttoned down. Great as a design detail, but entirely useless. But should I ever have the need for pockets now, I will remember this advice. Both entertaining AND useful!

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