The Ultimate Deadline

Baby Blanket

So, you know when your friend is having her first baby and she asks you to knit her a baby blanket? And you know how you enthusiastically agree and then sit on your behind for several months? And you know when you suddenly receive an email saying she’s going on maternity leave now? And you know when you check your diary and realise her due date is in two weeks time and you haven’t cast on yet?


How quickly have you ever made a baby blanket?!!!

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  1. Amber says:

    Me too… Got an invite for a shower in a month….

  2. Ahaha! My friends aren’t having babies yet (they’re still on the getting married stage), but I can definitely see myself doing this!

  3. I was gonna say the pompom wool knits up really quickly but it looks like you’ve already made a start!

  4. Clare says:

    I too procrastinate, however I did pull together a beautiful blanket for my niece in a few nights. Moss stitch border plain middle in an awesome minty green drops design chunky, not too fluffy, but soft and thick. Enjoy!

  5. ClaireE says:

    I’m trying to be organised but failing so far. I’m trying to find a plain blanket that I can cross stitch but with little success! Good luck!

  6. Ashley0107 says:

    Eep! I just found out yesterday that a friend is 7 months pregnant. So I’ll be joining you in the baby knitting 🙂 Good luck with the blanket, I’m sending speedy knitting vibes!

  7. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’ve never knitted a baby blanket but I’ve made quilts. Much quicker & easier

  8. Lizzet says:

    Well, I just finished quilting the Purl Soho colour wheel not so long ago for a baby that was born last November!!! How late is that! Good luck and keep knitting 🙂

  9. sleep is for wusses. This way you’ll know exactly what your friend means when she talks about sleep deprivation later 🙂

  10. Sewingjen says:

    Made the “Shawl for Hugo” in 6 days for my best friends grandson. Great project just enough pattern for interest but can motor along whilst watching TV especially the
    GBSB! See the project on my Ravelry projects!

  11. Oh crikey, 2 weeks?! Good luck 😀

    The one I did took ages (partly because of the tricky pattern) I pulled a couple of all-dayers getting that bad boy finally finished….

    I’m sure you can do it!!

  12. Manas says:

    Oh dear! I am still knitting a baby blanket I started the December before last – the baby was born last July!! I am very slow but still…

    Good luck!

  13. Manas says:

    Oh dear! I am still knitting a baby blanket I started the December before last, for a baby born last July! Oops.

    Good luck 🙂

  14. sew2pro says:

    Er, you do know, don’t you, that they often arrive two weeks before their due date?!

    But they can also be two weeks late, like mine were! 🙂

  15. grtescp says:

    fleece and a pretty cotton can be sewn up in half an hour to make a lovely baby blanket – I made a friend one, and all my sewing “students” are now making them for their friends too 🙂

  16. Quilt one! Then have a few knitted squares with mainly fabric 😀

    Bundana @

  17. 4 days! Really lovely soft alpaca wool in pearl stitch – it is my go to baby blanket and as my friends are popping out their little mini-mes all the time I have made this a number of times. It is easy to do and to bring around to places where I knit (lunch break, post office line, parties…) and fast 🙂 But I would love to do something entirely different…all lacy and pretty. But my standard version is so durable and no new mum needs to worry about throwing it in the washing machine or keeping it clean…Good luck with yours!

  18. katlane12 says:

    A couple of weeks. But if you get chunky wool and big needles you could get one done in a few days. And it’ll be super squishy and warm too!

  19. senjiva says:

    I’ve smashed one out in a week. But that’s crochet then because it’s so much faster.

  20. mia mcnab says:

    For speed I would crochet one, but then, even if its a little late, it’ll still be well loved.

  21. AnotherKaren says:

    I had four of the blimmin things to knit up before summer of last year. At the same time, I was drafting/creating/sewing for a son that wanted some extra bits and pieces for a tour of duty in Afghanistan (He wanted me to refashion his worn and old uniform shirts and trousers of camouflage material into foreign legion type trapper hats and the like.)

    What used to be a long leisurely gestation period of calm but satisfying TV-watching-knitting became a mad dash to get the blankets finished,so that I could turn my attention to sewing for a soldier. Two things helped me to come up with blankets that I was very proud of. Firstly, a pattern that looked more complicated than it actually was – full of texture and interest from either side; and secondly, the most gorgeous cashmere-with-a-bit-of-merino yarn that was a real pleasure to knit and that washed and dried beautifully. The pattern was a free one from Ravelry, naturally. (Tilting Blocks. There is a central panel that lends itself to variation) The yarn was from Colourmart in Shrewsbury. Phew!

  22. MidKnit Owl says:

    At Christmas, I learned my friend was having a baby in May, so I started knitting a really lovely lacey blanket straight away…three months later and I’ve had to restart it four times – I think it might be just too hard! My five months of no-stress knitting is turning into a last-minute panic, so even when I try to be organised it ends up being a bit chaotic!

  23. chiara says:

    the only time I made one I did it in 2 evenings (ehm….and a good chunk of the nights). that’s what happen when you start it AFTER the baby is born 😀
    good luck with yours!

  24. chiara says:

    forgot to add that it was an uber super chunky yarn, the best for hurried projects 😉

  25. Charlotte says:

    I’m making my sister a quilt for her first baby at the moment. I decided I would make it ages ago and started on Sunday…the baby shower is on Saturday. Oops. I guess it’s quicker than knitting a blanket though!

    Good luck!

  26. dottiedoodle says:

    I was asked by an elderly aunt to make one for her newest great grandchild. Didn’t want to say no (she’s spent her whole life helping others) but really didn’t want to spend weeks making it. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and a pattern of alternating knit and purl squares (so, reversible) with a moss stitch border. Only took a few days – the aran wool and larger needles were brilliant!

  27. Colleen says:

    I made a baby quilt in two weeks once. I know you can do it — the weekend is coming up!

  28. betsybu says:

    So funny! I started a baby blanket for an unspecified baby in the summer. 5 new baby’s since then. 0 blankets complete. Oops. I’ve made crazy amounts of hats, though!

  29. LinB says:

    It doesn’t have to be a very big blanket. Garter stitch keeps the edges from rolling. Spend a lot of time on wrapping the package, lol.

  30. Sabs says:

    I made 2 baby quilts in a weekend just two or three weekends ago as one friend is due anytime now, another has her baby shower on Sunday and I was away skiing all last week. I cheated a bit and just made quilt tops backed with supersoft fleece instead of proper 3 layer quilts so they’re more blankets i suppose but the pressure was getting to me and I needed to them them done asap!

    They have both turned out lovely and I’m really pleased but it was a tedious nightmare making them with lots of fedupness and swearing!

    Good luck with yours…

  31. gingermakes says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, girl, good luck! You can do it!

  32. you have a knitting marathon ahead!
    i once finished weaving in the ends of a baby’s hat in the backseat of our car whilst the new parents chatted with my husband outside the car. it doesn’t seem to matter how much notice i have, i always leave these things to the last moment.

  33. Andrea says:

    I’ve never made a knitted baby blanket because they take soooo long. Instead, I always whip up sewn blankets with a mixture of quilting cotton, flannel and binding – much, much faster! I bet you can get this one done under the deadline, you know, that whole working under pressure thing.

  34. Alisa says:

    I do bath washclothes because they are quick and easy. You may need to use bigger needles.

  35. Bethany says:

    Not that quick! What I loved for my babies, though, was a floor quilt. You could sew one of those up nice and quick. Something that I could take with me and toss down on a sofa, rug, yard and set the infant down on to keep them mutually clean. Maybe roughly 50 – 60″ square. It then transitions nicely to a bed quilt for a toddler bed.

  36. A last minute panic really focuses the attention!
    Good luck 🙂

  37. silvia says:

    The fastest I ever made a baby blanket was about one week. Of course I had jury duty that week and in NYC you had to actually go in every day and sit in a faux wood paneled room with no amenities. The blanket was worsted weight and my only entertainment so it is do-able if you are similarly incarcerated. 😉

    I hope your blanket is at least worsted weight so you have a fighting chance! It’s a pretty color btw.

  38. I’m in the same boat! Baby is due in 3 weeks; we’ll see how it goes!

  39. Adrienne says:

    Oh my! That would probably be something I would do if I were a knitter. he he Good luck, though. You can do it!! Also, the idea of a knitting marathon really appeals to me, for some reason!

  40. liza jane says:

    What about the baby blanket you are making for me? I’m due Sunday 😉

  41. Liz says:

    I knitted a double-bed blanket in about 6 weeks, mostly in the last 3 weeks of that – I’m sure you’ll easily finish your baby blanket in 2!

  42. Pamela says:

    Oh dear! Knit like the wind, Karen!

  43. I bet I know what you’re doing this weekend!

  44. tamdoll says:

    Good luck! Here’s a quick one – Pinwheel Baby Blanket – once I got the center cast on, I knit for about 5 hours in a long car ride & it was big enough for a baby gift. A crochet edging finished it off quickly!

  45. quiltyknitwit says:

    Double worsted on size 13 needles will knit up quickly & very nicely in a couple of weeks or less, and I’m a slow knitter.

  46. CJ says:

    Go! If it was me I would work out how many rows I needed to do per day and try and fit them in somehow. But I am one of those people who obssessively counts things, so maybe that approach is not for you… Think you will just have to knit and knit and knit and knit. Good luck! I will check back for progress reports.

  47. rosyjess says:

    Eek. I made the Purl Soho basic colour block blanket in a week (15 hours knitting) in cotton on size 8 needles. Knitted up a treat!

  48. Karen S says:

    I’ve knit one in about a week. Plymouth yarns has a booklet called “the 8hr baby blanket”. You use 2 strands of worsted held together and large needles. Goes very quickly. It’s my go-to pattern when I need a quick baby gift or don’t want to spend a lot of time kntting something more involved.

  49. I have a six month old baby and I started her blanket yesterday … It’s a dead simple one from purl bee, just garter stitch in four block colours, so I am guessing I will whip through it fairly quickly, but as this is the first time I’ve ever used circular needles, I’m not sure how much time will be spent knitting versus how much time spent swearing at the damn thing because I can’t move the stitches around quickly enough. Will report back soon. Good luck with yours Karen!

  50. Ruth says:

    In 2008 I spent six evenings crocheting a baby blanket — did the first half watching the Republican nominating convention, and the other half watching the Democrats. I told my friend she should have it blessed before it touched her child, as I had cussed at the TV so much while making it.

  51. Janet says:

    Knowing I’d never have the patience to knit a whole baby blanket myself, I cheekily gave my friends each a ball of wool and asked them to knit a few 10 cm squares in whatever stitch they liked. My mum has come to the rescue over crocheting the whole thing together when the time comes. Here’s progress so far if you’re interested –
    Maybe you could ask your readers to send you squares?!

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  53. Pella says:

    I can only say good luck to both of you.

  54. Yes, I too will say good luck! I’m knitting a baby blanket that was first planned for my baby (Sept 2012) and is still going (with 3 and almost 4 babies being born in the meantime – *almost* as one will be born in June and I’m already counting on me NOT finishing it in time). Oh well!

  55. Nicole says:

    This one took me about 3 weeks (probably 6 proper sessions) but it is a really easy design and crochet which grows faster! The mum to be was really pleased so it’ll all be worth it in the end – good luck! :o)

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