Hollyburn A Trois

Didyoumakethat Hollyburn Skirt

Yeah, I made another one. So shoot me! This version is going to get Worn. To. Death. It’s in black wool crepe. I added 2.5 inches to the length of version C and omitted the pockets. I’ve learnt the hard way that the drape of crepe doesn’t work well with pockets – they just become baggy.

I lined the skirt in black and white polka dot satin. Yum, ย yum, double yum! The hem is turned over twice and loosely hand sewn. I didn’t press the hem as I didn’t want to press unsightly ridges in my fabric.

Polka Dot Lining

I’m wearing this with myย Breton top. It’s a good old top, this one. It ย doesn’t come out all the time, but certainly fills a gap when needed. At the time of construction I berated myself about some lack of perfection, but now I think, Seriously, what? Take a chill pill, girlfriend.

Three skirts in, I wonder how many more renditions of the Hollyburn skirt I can make. What’s your record for repeat uses of a pattern?

Didyoumakethat Hollyburn ii

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58 Responses to Hollyburn A Trois

  1. Oh I like this skirt a lot Karen, just my style, especially the lining! My record for repeat makes is four, but I know for a fact that four is just a drop in the ocean for some people!

  2. Sam says:

    This is a great skirt, I’m sure you’ll reach for it time and time again. My record for repeat uses of a pattern is currently 3 – New Look 6000 made once as a dress and twice as a top. But I have plans for at least a couple more!

  3. sylkotwist says:

    Ooh lovely and that lining, yes please! I have two Hollyburns with another in mind, four simplicity 2444s but my record so far is six Sorbetto’s. I’m not ashamed, I like them all!

  4. ooobop! says:

    Nothing beats a quality go-to skirt, especially one this classy! I have made 3 peasant tops but only because they are so easy. Otherwise 2 40s shirtwaist dresses. Can’t imagine making more than 2 of anything complicated! Do you stick wool crepe in a washing machine or will you dry clean?

  5. funkbunny says:

    I’m up to three Almas.. with another one planned ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the skirt top combo.

  6. I’ve made SIX Scout Woven Tees! But only two were for me, the other four were presents and very well received!

  7. ashley0107 says:

    Cute! I love the lining ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I think that a good quality black skirt is genuinely a wardrobe staple, so it was a good idea to make it! And pattern repeats… well, I am EXCEEDINGLY guilty of this, having made 6 Sewaholic Cambie dresses, 5 Elisalex dresses and 4 Colette Hazel dresses. And, like, I definitely have a few more of each of those in me ๐Ÿ™‚ But in my defence, I like to sew what I KNOW I am going to wear, and also my time for sewing is limited so I like sewing things I know I will enjoy sewing.

  9. Michelle says:

    That’s gorgeous and also so practical. I think my number of makes for the one pattern in (hang on let me check my wardrobe) is 10

  10. Bold Sewist says:

    Great skirt! The kind of good looking wardrobe basic everyone needs!

  11. Ruth says:

    I love it, and I love repeats. So far, my highest number is five for an A-line skirt – two identical but different colours, two in the same fabric as each other, but different pockets, and one in a different fabric and different pockets. Then the same trouser pattern five times (so far…). If it’s good, why stop at one?

  12. You can never have too much of a good thing. This is very chic indeed!

  13. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’ve got three Renfrews, three vogue 1247 skirts, three Cambies, two Almas & two McCalls 6611 jackets!

  14. Kirsty says:

    Now that outfit has just made me want to make a Hollyburn skirt!

  15. Ginny says:

    Lovely! I have a black wool crepe skirt I made a couple of years ago and it’s been worn SO MUCH! I think my record for repeating a pattern is a t-shirt I’ve made maybe four or five times, but with slight variations (sleeve length, neckline, add an embellishment etc). Things get worse when I sew for my daughter though. Her raglan t-shirt pattern has seen at least half a dozen incarnations, though she’s now past the biggest size in it. I may have to trace one off to grade up! When I’ve got the sewing time down to half an hour for a finished garment it’s no wonder though, really.

  16. Sandy says:

    Ahem. I think I may be over obssessive about my patterns…or am I stuck in my ways?

    I drafted my own patterns for a full skirt with godets (I think that’s what they’re called!) and I have around 74! (Yikes!) I have around 35 pencil skirts and about 6 full circle skirts. And now, I’m just starting my next tie front blouse (using a Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern) of which I only have 1 so far…but have fabric for another 5!

    I also knit in repeats too….most in those is 6 of Susan Crawfords Jan Sweater.

    I think maybe I need to get out more?! LOL!!

  17. When a garment turns out looking this good, a person should make more than one.
    Lovely outfit!

  18. ooh gorgeous! lovely drape. i am currently wearing my 5th maria denmark kimono tee. what can i say? it’s a free download and it is my perfect tee pattern – great fit, long enough and boat neckline. i have 2 peonies and bought fabric for 2nd hazel at goldhawk rd.

  19. Erika says:

    Beautiful skirt! This is my favorite of your Haollyburns! Drafting my own patterns, I always use previous patterns as starting points, so not sure how that counts… My half circle skirt has most likely seen the most reincarnations if we’re talking no pattern alterations, 3 skirts and 3 dresses.

    A tip about the risk of pressing a hemline ridge, I shared a little “tips and tricks” for wool just recently. Basically, I pin the hem, baste close to the hem, insert a medium heavy piece of paper between skirt and hem. Cover with a presscloth, steam and press with heat at the highest. Takes a few minutes extra, but a good way to protect from pressmarks =)

  20. Stephanie says:

    Love it – especially the lining ร  pois! I want to try the Hollyburn! I made a dress from vintage Simplicity 6533 the other weekend and am definitely going to make at least one more soon – a cute, sleeveless mod silhouette for summer. It makes sense to remake a pattern for something that you know you’ll wear, that fits you well and that you know you can make well. I am a knitter who often remakes classic pullovers that are wardrobe staples. It’s fun to stretch one’s skills by trying a crazy new construction or playing with an heirloom lace pattern, but if I’m going to spend my money on yarn I want to make something that I’m actually going to be using to cover myself on a regular basis! When I first started sewing in my early 20s I made a lot of garments that were interesting but not very wearable (e.g. green ballgown)…I guess I’ve become more practical in my 40s!

  21. dokucug says:

    Just beautiful! The fluidity of your fabric works so well with this design.

    I sew (and knit) the same pattern over and over all. the. time. My most-used pattern so far is the Renfrew, which I’ve made a whopping 12 times already! I really got my money’s worth out of that one!

  22. Lovely! Beautiful lining! This pattern is a keeper, that piece is a classic. You’ll be making these forever. Love the fireplace, by the way. Now that outfit needs a very specific type, petite, baguette like handbag. Hmm….

  23. ClaireE says:

    Loving the polka dots! I can see why you are making it a lot, it fits you perfectly and looks wonderful. I made three Gingers in the space of 10 days a few months back!

  24. Love the skirt and the great lining! I may have to get that pattern. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made Style Arc’s “Gorgeous Gore”. I’ve made it floor length, skirt length (5 or 6 of those) and now tennis skirt length (4 so far, and more in the works). Isn’t it great when you find a pattern that suits you and is so versatile?

  25. Lily. says:

    That skirt is absolutely delicious – and I love what I call ‘suprise linings’ – they just add that little extra something. My favourite suit jacket has striped piping on the inside and it’s wonderful

  26. LinB says:

    My dear ol’ Ma made one pattern for me eight times, in the mid-70s, a dress with wide inset midriff band, gathered skirt, double flutter sleeves. Some were long, some were (very!) short, some were solid, some were prints: all of them were green. My personal best is probably the 12 times (so far) I’ve made a Simplicity no-side seam pants pattern from the early 1970s.

  27. Becca says:

    Another lovely skirt! The lining makes it extra special. I don’t think I’ve ever made one pattern more than two times, but it makes perfect sense to use a pattern multiple times when you find one that you love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Erin says:

    I tend to make my indie patterns multiple times with my Sewaholics being the worst offenders – not that it’s a bad thing! Within the next month I’ll most likely have 4 Crescents, 4 Cambies, at least 6 Almas and about a dozen Renfrews… Plus I’m hoping to take a crack at Thurlow & Robson. I’ve realized I had a lack of basics in my wardrobe and would rather fill those holes with something I know will fit well & come together easily. Sadly it can’t all be cute, summery dresses…

  29. CJ says:

    It’s wonderful. I’m a great believer in repeating something if it’s a favourite. If you have found the best, why go and do anything else?!

  30. tinygoldenpins says:

    Gorgeous! I, too, love the lining. What a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. A workhorse that is also beautifully made.

    I just made a Washi Washi yesterday and have plans for six others to go along with a dozen plans for Colette’s Laurel. It’s great, isn’t it?

  31. Adrienne says:

    What a lovely skirt! You’re always so good at making things that are wearable. I should follow your example. *Seriously*

  32. Sweetpeagreen says:

    Definitely a classic – and just love the lining.

  33. Jen (NY) says:

    My grandmother used the same dress pattern for decades. She was mennonite, and thus, fashion (if you can call it that) was located in about 1935 or so. She adapted the same dress pattern forever, simple shape with a kind of empire waist, by changing sleeves and the details. I remember those dresses, and have seen them in photos numerous times, ranging from the 1950s through the 1980s. Blue nylon-ish dots, red with mini-tulips, dark green textured double knit poly, navy blue, pink ginham…I can only guess, but she must have made well over 20 dresses from that pattern, from house-dresses to church dresses…

    Me, on the other hand, have a max of about 2 so far. Though I’m planning to make several versions of that ubiquitous Burda raglan top/dress.

  34. Michelle says:

    Those polka dots are delightful! A girl can never go wrong with a black wool skirt.

  35. Lynne says:

    Your skirt is great, I love the snazzy lining! I think my record repeat is four, and that’s two patterns- Sewaholic’s Alma blouse, and Victory Patterns Madeleine skirt, which is quite similar to Hollyburn.

  36. Jacq C says:

    You look so chic – lovely skirt. My record is 5, the Colette Sorbetto, all totally different. Oh and I have a 60s dress pattern I bought at a vintage fair that I’ve made 4 times, 3 for me and once for my daughter. So I’m obviously a total skinflint – my ‘go to’ patterns were a grand total of about 50p!

  37. megthegrand says:

    This is a marvelous skirt pattern! I’ve made so many Renfrews that I have lost count, but it’s my absolute favorite, and as long as there are different knit fabrics, I’ll have different Renfrews to make. I think it’s the same with skirts – the more fabrics available, the more versions you can make ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep rocking these – they look fantastic!

  38. Jacqueline says:

    The skirt is lovely, as is the top. I have made three (not entirely wearable) Sorbetto’s with sleeves. It’s such an easy pattern. One of the three is OK, and I have worn it in public. The fabric choices for the other two was a bit iffy!

  39. That is truly lovely – especially the polkadot lining. I’m a sucker for spots!

  40. Patty says:

    the lining is to die for – I’m in London this coming w/e, I’ll be buying everything I can lay my hands on – I’ll be looking for polkadot!

  41. Liz says:

    Your Hollyburn is lovely, in fact I have an identical one planned, except my lining is white with red polka dots. I have made the Banksia six times in different variations, one with long sleeves, one with short sleeves and four sleeveless – this pattern is so versatile.

  42. That looks great! The lining is really pretty too. I have a dress I’ve made four of and it is so worth repeating patterns that work.

  43. Helen Johnstone says:

    Just found your blog. Been watching the sewing bee and its encouraging me to start dressmaking again but I have lost my confidence since I was skinny and 18! Think you blog with encourage me too, did you buy the pattern from the US?

  44. Sassy T says:

    Polka dot satin, sounds scrumptious. Great skirt.

  45. Petra says:

    I have made one finished Hollyburn, cut the 2nd and plotting about five thousand more. I must say that yours are so, so perfect for you, it’s like Tasia made the pattern for you. And that Breton – brilliant outfit.
    Also, I’m very pleased to see you in Huffington Post (via Oona’s latest post)!

  46. senjiva says:

    Well, goodness, WHY NOT??? That is a great skirt and I think you should make one for every day! I especially adore surprise linings.

  47. Lynn says:

    I have lost count of how many times I’ve made my favorite big shirt pattern. 6 I think, but I’m finally over that one and happily moving on to other things.

    I love the skirt. Basics need to be made over and over.

  48. Joanne says:

    What a great basic skirt. It looks great on you. The most I have made a pattern is four times. A basic cami cut on the bias. It took very little fabric and I got to try out many satiny fabrics with beautiful prints. That was already 10 years ago. Oh yeah, I just recently made 3 briars in a row from Megan Nielsen!

  49. Ilona says:

    Fantastic! I’m about to make my first Hollyburn and then tackle the Minoru jacket. I’m a relatively new sewer – is there somewhere to figure out how to put in the lining? Or is that just too basic to be even asking the question!

    • Petra says:

      I’m jumping in here: I followed a sew-along Rachel at My Messings held in January. She showed how to make a lined version, and it’s easy to follow, easy to make but not so easy to figure out on your own (the zip insertion, for instance – so absolutely not a basic question). Here are all the sew-along posts:

      • Ilona says:

        Oh thank you so much! awesome link – yes it was the zipper that was worrying me. Should we have/is there a Hollyburn flickr stream?!

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