Embrace The Randomness

Watching Great British Sewing Bee Final

It’s been a helluva week! On Monday I taught my first class at The Village Haberdashery. Thank you so much to all the people who wished me well. You’ll be pleased to hear I didn’t foul up! We had great fun, ate cake and stayed on schedule. My favourite moment was me pontificating, ‘I think we need to embrace the randomness.’ We were talking about a fabric print, but that may become my new Leitmotif. Embrace The Randomness!

Tuesday saw me get together with sewing friends to watch the final of The Great British Sewing Bee. Yeehaw! I think the above photograph suitably sums up the excitement. I haven’t had a televisual experience like that since 1985’s Live Aid! (I’m still struggling to forgive my mum from that day. As Ultravox began their set, Mum hollered at me to come through for my lunch. I missed ‘If I Was’ for salad cream, iceberg lettuce and a boiled egg?!!!)

What did you think to the GBSB results? More importantly, are you going to apply for the second series?!

Sewing at Cloth magazine launch

Last night, I was lucky enough to go to the launch party for Cloth magazine. I met some fabulous people, including Kath, pictured below. This sewing fanatic is also a police woman, which may be one of my favourite sewing facts of all time. You’re under arrest! I have a rotary cutter and I’m prepared to use it.


I don’t mind admitting, I’m looking forward to an empty weekend and a big old lie in. All this activity certainly makes a person consider the what and the why of writing a sewing blog. Ultimately and always, it boils down to two things. The sewing and the friends, and not always in that order. 

CLOTH magazine

Hey! Check out MyDaily. You might recognise one of the sewing bloggers featured. Ella is in a huff that I didn’t give her a name check…

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34 Responses to Embrace The Randomness

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Morning! I guess you’re up bright and early walking Ella (or this is scheduled?)!

    What an amazing week, you’ve definitely been busy, I hope you get all the lie in you wish fore although I suspect Ella will give you so long and then decide it’s time you got up!

    I’m intrigued about Cloth mag, I’ll look out for it and I loved the last episode of GBSB. Whilst the most technically able person won, I loved Sandra and Lauren for the fact that they pushed themselves so much and achieved such amazing things. I mean, how many perfect seams were in Lauren’s dress?!

    Glad there’s a second series being considered, but I’m not brave enough to put myself on TV so I’ll be cheering from the sofa again!

  2. Julie Cruickshank says:

    What an exciting week! Checking emails is a pleasure now ~I’ve found sewing blogs! Made a tolie for trousers this week and decided to claim half of our MDF table top for me. Why do my kids need to study at the table when they have perfectly good desk? My 23year old student son tells me he might miss something! Anyway , loved the GBSB it was wonderful to see the skills of the sewers.Even shed a tear at the end ‘cos it was all over!

  3. Thea says:

    That sounds like an amazing week! Yesterday was a rough day, so coming home to the GBSB final was soooo nice. I loved the inspiration the dresses provided, and also, I’d never considered that you could (should? might want to?) match up patterns on the arms with each other… I’m so sad it’s over! Don’t think I’ll be entering, but I’ll certainly check if there’s an option to enter others, like, err, yourself? You’d be amazing! 🙂 (oh, and they’d have to feature Ella, so that gives an extra incentive!)

  4. Philipppa says:

    I loved the GBSB! But then I would love any sewing on the telly. All the finalists were worthy of their place IMO, but Ann was a pro. Her garments were always so clean looking and I think that marked her out. There is no way I would enter, as for me sewing is a slow and painstaking (oops I meant careful!) procedure. If I try to rush at home I make the most horrendous mistakes, never mind under TV lights. What about you, are you thinking of giving it a go?

  5. Michelle says:

    What a fantastic week! It’s posts like yours and the sewing bee that make me really want to get back Into sewing my own clothes. Yes, I’m a lapsed seamstress.

  6. Glad class went so well – knew you’d do a great job. Loooooved the final of GBSB. Was wondering if YOU were signing up for the second series. (Second series – yippee!!). Have a lovely restful weekend – sounds like you need it!

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    And a lazy weekend? Sounds perfect!


  8. You really deserve that lie in! I hope Ella agrees.
    Well done on your first teaching. I applaud anyone willing to help get people sewing. I loved the Sewing Bee and am looking forward to the next series. Your ‘friends round the telly night’ looked great fun. I hope you had something nice to eat/drink!

  9. yesilikethat says:

    Four weeks wasn’t long enough! Apparently next year it’ll be six weeks long which sounds better. Just caught up with the final last night as I was out on Tuesday, talk about gripping TV… I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

  10. Tania says:

    Definitely have to embrace the randomness! Don’t you find that’s often when life’s best experiences appear? 🙂
    And there were painted sewing machines at Cloth magazine launch?! Never seen that before- love them!

  11. Get Crafty says:

    Lovely blog and some great stuff! We’re pleased to know that Ann was chosen the first GBSB 🙂

  12. aibby says:

    I feel that the best sewer won on the day. But I was rooting for Lauren. Loved her final dress. I think you should enter for the next series.

  13. Sabs says:

    I think you mean: “You’re under a vest! I have a rotary cutter and I’m prepared to use it”!!

    I’m debating entering for the next bee – but there’s 2 things that make me think it’s a bad idea: (1) I’m a beginner and don’t think my skills are good enough to be able to make, for example, a stunning evening dress to fit someone else in 8 hours and (2) I don’t really like the idea of being filmed…

    Hmm, think that might clinch it for the “no, don’t enter” camp. What advice would you give, Karen?

  14. Jill says:

    Glad your class went well, you have ha d a busy week. Love the GBSB, very sad it’s over, has inspired
    me to try new things, made that little girls dress with the shirring elastic top, much easier than I ever
    thought it would be.

  15. Colette says:

    Really really enjoyed the GBSB! Definitely think you should put your name down for next season, I think you’d be great.

  16. I think the right person won, Ann’s skills were exemplary and all of her clothes were beautifully made. However, I did like Lauren’s more current styles that she chose.

    I also hadn’t realized how easy it is to make the smocked shirred dresses, I’ll be trying that out on my own machine!

  17. sewexhausted says:

    I loved watching GBSB but will not be applying. I am pretty sure I could never function on a time schedule! Congrats on teaching your first class! How exciting! 😀 Here’s to busy weeks! ~Laurie

  18. Gjeometry says:

    SO happy your class went well Karen! Can be nerve wracking if it’s the first time, I’m sure! I have to say, those sewing machines are TOO Awesome!! Who decorated them, do you know?

  19. Fantastic to hear the class went well, but not at all surprised 🙂
    One of the things I noticed about the finalists in GBSB is that they represented three generations of adult women – they could have been mother, daughter and granddaughter from their ages. It shows what a timeless activity sewing can be.
    I’m putting my vote in for you to apply, Karen. I’m sure Tilly will be on your case about it too!

    • You know, the thing I love about both sewing and writing is – no one can ever tell you it’s time to retire. You can do either until you’re tipped into your grave. Hurrah!

  20. Amy says:

    What a week! Oh, and you must apply! If there’s a bound buttonhole challenge, you’re sure to get the top spot!

  21. AnotherKaren says:

    Dear Ms Winkleperson
    Subject: Vacancies, Series Two Great Big Sewing Buzz

    I wish to apply for the position(s) of Brewing-Up Operative/Dressmakers’ Model/General Factotum/P.A..

    Unlike my fellow sewers, you can rely on me NOT to touch the fabric and haberdashery, unless, of course, I initiate a fire drill and have to remove the stock to my own house for safekeeping. Naturally, you will want me to dust and arrange the display as part of my job description and (again, unlike other applicants) I am able to keep the dribbling to a minimum and will not sniff the stuff.

    I can do ‘low-profile’ if you want. You can rely on me neither to hang on the shoulders of the contestants nor to eavesdrop on the judges as I manoeuvre the carpet sweeper over lost pins, buttons, biscuit crumbs and small children. Having said that, I am quite willing to deputise for you in programme trailers, publicity photos and interviews on Womans’ Hour. I’m not shy, you see.

    Anyway, have a think about it and get back to me pronto.
    karen XXX

  22. Leila says:

    Looks like such a great meet up and I’m so jealous I don’t have sewing friends nearby to watch GBSB with. So much great stuff happening for you!

  23. Elizabeth Madison says:

    I love the color of the sewing machine where they purchased like that or did they do them themselves. Love the GBSB and can’t wait for next seasons show it needs to hurry up.

    keep blogging

  24. Anne-Marie says:

    You did have a great week! What fun to watch GBSB with a group; I was lucky that someone had posted the series on YouTube so that we here in New Zealand could watch it too! I admire the finalists for getting so much sewing done so well in so little time; the winner was outstanding – I loved seeing her excitement (I even saw a little skip) after hearing she had won. I’m a sucker for those British ‘Great British Sewing/Baking/Restaurant’ series and hope that GBSB will be shown here on t.v. as well. Love your blog Karen!

  25. gingermakes says:

    What a fun get-together! And congrats on the feature– you deserve it, girl!

  26. oonaballoona says:

    i am throwing my hat in the ring, that is, my hat marked KAREN, you must go for it!!!! pretty please? with a bourbon soaked cocktail cherry on top?

    the parties look wonderful— that cloth shot at the end had me clicking over to their blog. i might have to make a book clutch today.

  27. So pleased your class went well. It sounds like you have had an amazing week! GBSB was an awesome show. I have even written some posts on “how to understand a pattern” to help newbies get started!

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