Abbey Coat Winner & Hollyburn Huzzah!

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Yay! Am really glad that my first Hollyburn skirt workshop was a success. All students went home with a completed skirt and one student even lined hers! We all worked really hard whilst chatting about The Great British Sewing Bee, inhaling cake between sewing marathons. We pushed the time slots of the classes to the hilt, but we got there and then some. Well done, friends!

Isn’t the above blue skirt gorgeous? I’m tempted to buy some of this fabric myself. The print is purposefully and very slightly off grain, which forces a person to Embrace The Randomness. No print matching here! (Ask my student and I how we know that the print is slightly off grain…)

The Village Haberdashery and I will soon be announcing dates for a second workshop, so watch this space and start dreaming about fabric.

In other news, it’s time to pull a name out of the virtual hat for the winner of the Abbey Coat giveaway. It’s Lori! I’ll be in touch for a postal address, lovely.

That’s it from me, guys. The sun is calling and Ella is impatient for her morning stroll aka excuse to bark at anything with a heartbeat. Small children on tricycles, be on your guard…

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16 Responses to Abbey Coat Winner & Hollyburn Huzzah!

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Ahh, so happy to learn that the workshop was a success!! Good 4 U! Can’t believe everybody finished and went home with a skirt!! Well done! The first sewing workshop I ever took, we made pillow cases and I can assure you, there was ummm, well…… you know……some, non-pillowcase looking and unfinished end items.

    And, yes, that fabric is glorious. Polka dots made out of polka dots. I really enjoy the irony and the physics involved there! Oh dear. (#I’mageek)

  2. Danka says:

    Posts like this make me wish I live in London. I’d love to attend a workshop, seems such a good way to learn and have fun while doing it. Need to check out the selection in my local area.

    Anyhow, congratulations on a successful workshop! xx

  3. Houseofpinheiro says:

    I had no doubt the workshop would be a success… You are amazing x

  4. Well done!!! I hope you had a fun and bouncy walk with the Ellemeister, too. xo

  5. Laura says:

    It’s great that it was a success, I was sure it would be! Congrats again!

  6. Patty says:

    very glad for you! congratulations!

  7. Lori says:

    Yay! Thanks for the pattern, email has been sent with my mailing address. Thanks so muhc. Congrats on the workshop, sounds like great fun.

  8. beafarhana says:

    Go on then, how do you and your student know about that print being off the grain?

  9. lovelucie1 says:

    I would simply love to do a workshop – in anything!
    It must be great to spend time with other like minded folk and come home with a new skill.
    Wishing you continued success.

  10. LinB says:

    Does Ella snap at the children, or at their tricycle tires? (tyres?)

    • Ha! Fortunately, she doesn’t snap at all – she is just an over excited bundle of barky joy. Small children AND wheels together? She hardly knows what to do with herself.

  11. I’m so happy to hear your workshop was a success– of course we ALL knew it would be! 🙂

  12. congratulations to you and your successful students!
    i’ve long admired that pearl bracelet print – it comes in some amazing colours – but i’ve not tried making anything with it due to that subtle (but glaringly obvious to a hawkeye like myself) off grain pattern. i’m glad to see it looks so great as a skirt! may be just the nudge i need…

  13. glad to hear your workshop went well. It looks like a lovely pattern and I may have to give it a try, and I’m feeling inspired to get myself along to a local workshop up her in the midlands.

  14. Congratulations, of course it was a success! Lovely fabric. I just saw a gorgeous Laurel in that pearl bracelet print in pink. Very tempting…

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