Gang Life

Puppy Collage

Meet Poppy – Ella’s cousin! (Aka my sister’s puppy.) Don’t tell Ella, but I think Poppy pips her to the cuteness post. She has the giant-est of giant ears and the most inquisitive little face.

I always swore blind I’d never play dress up with Ella. Then we saw these kerchiefs on a stall, and… What can I tell ya? I could have whipped one up myself in five minutes, but spontaneous purchasing took over. They’re from Edywn UK. (I also bought a bag. Correction, my mum bought it for me. When do you get too old for your mum to treat you, or does it just go on for ever?)

We had a great May Day Bank Holiday at the local park! There was a dog show and dog agility, free for anyone to enter. So we did.

Dog Agility

There was Maypole Dancing, with some adults in frankly questionable costumes.

Maypole Dancing

There was apple and pear cider, a coconut stand, Lucky Dip… I expected milkmaids to wander past at any point. Then we encountered a group of teenage Walthamstonians talking in street talk, innit. ‘Gang life!’ Mum whispered gleefully to me. ‘Gang life in the East End!’ Um, yeah. Or maybe a bunch of lads showing off to each other.

And now I’m too tired to sew! What have you been up to?

Lucky Dip

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17 Responses to Gang Life

  1. LinB says:

    Oh, it looks as if you had a lovely day out! As to “too old for yer Ma to treat,” I will be 55 this year and my mother still gifts me with odds and ends when we go out together. Also with tired old windbreakers from the thrift store, but they can go quietly back into the donation door when she’s not looking … I think that “lucky dip” is a much nicer way to describe what is called “grab bag” at our community festivals.

  2. EmmaB says:

    My schnauzer has an Edwyn neckerchief too -they are too cute! If you like Edwyn UK on facebook then you get the brilliantist photos of Edwyn the Dog going for fun walks (I have a soft spot for Edwyn – I’ve never met him, but I’m secretly in love with him!)

    And I have never seen a schnauzer with such giiiinnnooooormous ears! I bet Poppy looks cute/funny when she runs!

  3. Megan says:

    Cute puppies! I think it’s ok to dress them up just a little as they don’t look upset about it. My mom loves to buy me little things, especially now that we wear the same clothing size. She’ll buy something for herself, but if she think I might like it, she’ll sometimes give me first dibs. She really is lovely.

  4. Rachel says:

    My grandmother still buys my mother (a post war baby) presents, and they both sweetly get much joy from it. I find it very endearing. Your May Day fete looks like it was much fun!

  5. Becky says:

    You never get too old to be loved, and you are always somebody’s baby, so NEVER.

  6. Taja says:

    Ooooh! Your weather looks gorgeous–and so do Poppy and Ella! A neckerchief/scarf is a lovely way to “dress up” your best furry friend without over doing things!

    Absolutely never too old for your mother to surprise you with gifts! Even when my mother wasn’t able to get out much, she would surprise me with something she crocheted periodically. Still miss her after a decade–she had quite a long life and was ready to leave it at that point.. I was a surprise, late-in-life baby for my parents.

    Your weekend was far more interesting than mine. We had lovely weather–mid-90s (35.5C)–so Miss Curious (age 5) and I went to the local park and farmer’s market after I picked her up from Sabbath school on Saturday. Then we finished Mother’s Day gifts for her two grandmothers and wrapped them–the gift for her mother was finished two weeks ago, thank goodness! She usually stays with me until Monday morning, when I drop her off at school, but she was ready to go home on Sunday, so I had an unexpectedly free day.

    Sunday I did some hand sewing on a blazer for a neighbor (single mother who has lived in jeans, t-shirts and scrubs for the last 10 years or so and now has a corporate job). I was going to bag it, but decided I wanted it to be a bit more elegant–even if I’m the only one who knows! *LOL* Still have to finish two pairs of slacks and a skirt and refashion some fairly new scrubs tops into something acceptable for the office. I really don’t like the fabric in the scrubs, but it will save her quite a bit of money. 🙂

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I’m slightly envious – I had to work today. I’m also slightly envious of your dog. We are discussing acquiring one, but don’t think Fatcat would approve.

  8. Lauren says:

    I was bummed to miss the May Day celebrations today! It looks like you had a lot of fun! But we’re over in Amsterdam, and I’ve got a certain skirt that needs to make its holiday debut…

  9. Gjeometry says:

    Oh How Fun!! I love the matching bandanas. Kitty is excited to see fellow furfriends with the own wardrobe. Just wait. She’ll have her own little closet soon enough…

  10. Bec Stitches says:

    Ahhh adorable! They are too cute:) My little boys still have their ‘Bravery Bandanas’ from their snip snip surgery.. too cute:)

  11. Ella looks very dashing in her neckercheif (is that even the right word!?)… EIther way, they both look super cute!

  12. Oh Karen… how could you fall for the double whammy of dressing your dog up and buying something you could make?! How did you and Ella do at the agility course?

  13. ooobop! says:

    Oh that’s a proper May bank holiday! What fun! And what a pair of cutesies! Park life is the best . My favourite thing of all! x

  14. Elle C says:

    Both dogs are cute, but those ears, oh my goodness, what adorableness.

    I, like you swore I would never dress up my dogs. That all changed one day when we were at the dog park with our black Labrador Retriever cross, after watching him carefully (being responsible dog owners) we realized we were watching the wrong black dog, there were 7 dogs at the park that day that looked very similar to our Barney. Barney now always wears a bandana at the dog park, he likes it, He knows he looks cool. And we can always find him.

  15. Sheree says:

    Mums – aren’t they wonderful! I am 59 and my Mum is 84 and she will always want to treat me or my sister rather than herself. It is not only things that cost money, It all the other things they do. Becky is right. It doesn’t matter how old you are, they are always there for you.

  16. missmarys says:

    Love, love, love your mini schnauzers. I had two and they died five days apart. I now have Daisy and she is just the love of our lives. All of mine have been salt and pepper colors and females. Yours are so adorable. Love the little handkerchief. Daisy takes hers off when she comes home from the groomer.

  17. gingermakes says:

    “Gang life”– that is too funny! I ran a 5K at the Bronx Zoo the weekend before last with a couple of my best girl friends and my friend’s mother (who was visiting from Louisiana). We decided to hang around at the zoo together, and after my friend’s ma treated us to nachos and monorail ride tickets, we all broke into peals of laughter– we might as well have traveled twenty years back in time! I was probably 11 the last time a friend’s mother took me to the zoo. 🙂

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