Knitting: Essential Holiday Packing


Of course, the most important part of holiday packing is the knitting. I’m taking materials for Loop’s Pop Shawl. There are 178 beautiful versions of this on Ravelry. I’m assured this is an easy make and I certainly hope so. This will be my sunlounger make, when I want a break from reading trashy novels.

Have you had experience making this shawl? Any tips?


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  1. catdownunder says:

    Just make sure the joins between needle and cable on that circular needle you are taking are smooth – nothing more infuriating – oh and contrasting yarn loops to use as stitch markers? I cannot live without them…but the real advice is, please enjoy knitting it.

  2. Roobeedoo says:

    Oh good choice – that’s a lovely shawl! I haven’t knitted it myself but in general I would advise keeping your edge stitches loose or it might “gather” and never lie flat. And yes, use stitchmarkers – though personally I treat them as jewellery and buy nice ones! (Fripperies and Bibelots snag-free Ring-Os are my favourites as your yarn won’t get stuck on them).
    I don’t like addi cables as they tend to coil annoyingly, but I am just fussy 😉

  3. Sam says:

    I love this shawl. It’s on my list of things to make, so I can’t offer any advice, but I will say I love the colours you’ve chosen. And I second Roobeedoo’s recommendation of Fripperies and Bibelots snag-free Ring-O stitch markers – they’re fab!

  4. sewbusylizzy says:

    Oh that’s lovely!
    I took a knitting project on holidays and I finished it. Yarn from USA, needles from Paris, knitted in London, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney & Port Macquarie. It’s full of memories! You can find it on Ravelry… and Miss 10 loves her book – thank you!

  5. That shawl will be on my needles very soon too. Just 2 other projects to finish off. Sorry I can’t help with advice on knitting it, but it’s a fab shawl which I’m hoping will be big enough to use instead of a cardigan or jacket. I just need a nice new shawl pin to go with it! Oh, and I’m going for a sunshine yellow and cream combination. Just love the lacy edge in the cream, like real lace. There’s a video tutorial out there somewhere on how to make the spots too. Enjoy!

  6. that looks like a fun knitting project.

  7. lovelucie1 says:

    I was wandering if I could get away with a crochet hook on a plane? What do you think?

    • Ann says:

      Absolutely yes!!

      • LinB says:

        Depends on what country you’re flying from. I had not one problem knitting socks on aluminum doublepoints when flying from U.S.A. to Italy. On the way back home, I was snatched out of line and frisked by the most beautiful female air traffic officer I have ever seen. Apparently my ball of yarn stuck through with needles looked like a bomb on the scanner … at any rate, all that happened was that I left 10 #2 sock needles in the Venice airport. They let me keep the yarn and the half-knitted socks.

  8. AnotherKaren says:

    GrannyKnits4u on Youtube :
    With her technique, I got neat roundy spots rather than my squarey ones.

    Your yarn looks rather nice.

  9. I hadn’t seen this shawl – it is gorgeous! I agree that a knitting project is an essential holiday item and this looks wonderful. Enjoy both the holiday and the knitting 🙂

  10. Debby says:

    Gosh this is a lovely shawl – looks very complicated.

  11. Trixie Lixie says:

    That is a lovely shawl! Can’t wait to see your version x

  12. Melanie says:

    I’m on the edging of my Pops shawl. It took me little while to get the hand of the pop/drop stitch so I knitted a swatch to test out the pattern before starting for real! Good luck with your shawl, I’m sure it will turn out really great!

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