The Hollyburn Skirt – More Classes!

Hey y’all. That’s how a gal from Derbyshire talks when her limbs are sun-soaked and she can barely get her fingertips to strike keys.

Teaching Collage

But there is much excitement awaiting my return to London! On 3 and 10 June I’ll be teaching more classes in making the Hollyburn Skirt at The Village Haberdashery, details here. This is the perfect summer skirt. How do I know? Because I’ve made three of them! So far…

If you’re planning a holiday of your own and need a handmade wardrobe, why don’t you visit Annie’s lovely shop in West Hampstead? Join me and others so that you can have fun sewing, learn stuff and listen to me say things like, ‘Embrace the randomness!’

Hollyburn Skirt

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8 Responses to The Hollyburn Skirt – More Classes!

  1. Marie says:

    Yay, congratulations on more classes!!! Hope your holiday is delicious in every way ;o)

  2. Michelle says:

    You sound just a bit relaxed! Hope the holiday is continuing to be superb. Gosh I wish I lIved closer – would love to attend this class!

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Hope u r enjoying your holidays! And, good luck with the upcoming classes.

  4. zora read says:

    Good luck with the classes Karen.

  5. ooobop! says:

    Well done, Karen. Sounds like such a lovely thing to do x

  6. lovelucie1 says:

    I am so going to try a skirt like this when I get back from holiday. Unfortunately you’re too far away for me.

  7. Chrissy says:

    I so wish I could! I’m a non-sewer hoping to upgrade to beginner status this summer. Your class would be the perfect way to do that except for the commute from Texas.

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