Kenneth D King – Sainthood Pending

SF_PackagingThumbnailNEW-(2)_lgDo you know Kenneth D King? If not, let me run a few details past you:

  • This designer is a contributing editor to Threads magazine. 
  • He has a Jean-ius course on Craftsy with over 5000 students.
  • Several sewing books have been authored by Kenneth, including Cool Couture and Designer Techniques.
  • He is the source of one of the most grounding sewing quotes I know: Expect to destroy several acres of fabric before you get good. Perfectionism is a disease.
  • When Kenneth’s not sewing, teaching or being stalked in the street by London bloggers, he still finds time to write a novel
  • Most importantly, he learned how to sew by making costumes for Barbie dolls!


There’s one last thing you need to know about Kenneth D King. He’s the kind of man who listens to blog readers and then provides the answers. Specifically, he noticed the number of people who felt frustrated about the challenges of fit on my Absolute Beginners post. And now he’s providing a giveaway at Didyoumakethat Towers!


Kenneth has a DVD three-part set of lessons all about Smart Fitting. This baby doesn’t come cheap – unless you win. Then it comes free. You have until midnight GMT Friday 31 May to leave a comment below that will automatically give you a chance of winning Kenneth’s DVD lessons. I think it’s really important that we all make a big effort to acknowledge Kenneth’s generosity and kindness, and give him something back. So…

Leave a comment below saying what your dream lesson would be from a true expert of sewing. In your fantasy world, what would you love to see him teach you?

Good luck, my friends. This offer is open worldwide. Three cheers to Kenneth D King!

There’s an inspiring podcast about fit with Kenneth here.

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331 Responses to Kenneth D King – Sainthood Pending

  1. Kiwimel says:

    wow,… how fantastic. I would love to learn how to finish my clothes so they don’t look like it’s homemade!
    thanks 🙂

  2. pat beadle says:

    I would love to be able to have a pair of trousers that were perfect for me in all ways ,which i am sure Ken could teach me

  3. Jenny says:

    Wow! He’s a sewing hero!
    Hmmm, so many things I’d like to learn, could improve at, what WOULDN’T I like him to teach me? But I think it would have to be fitting pants. How to fit pants. Yes, that’s what I’d like!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Oh, wow! Kenneth’s generosity to the world of sewers is fabulous 🙂 I’d absolutely love to have pattern making and fitting classes in person with Mr. King – especially his assistance and expertise to fit me with a Moulage for a bodice (and trousers too ;)!) as a) I’d then have a road map to making my own pattern designs for the future, b) I’d be able to use the Moulage to alter commercial patterns easily, and c) I’d be able to use a muslin/toile sewn from the Moulage to pad-out and make my own dressform duplicate – and thus I’d be able to see in 360-degree fitting problems on my “own” body so to speak.

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    I’d love thus. I have one of his books and it’s sewing porn. I’d love to learn all the different pocket tricks, single welt, double welt, zippers and more. Or the triple piping… that looks amazing!!

  6. ashleytemp7 says:

    What a dream! Rounded back, forward shoulders, somewhat rectangular-shaped, anything and everything pants! The list goes on! All those little quirky figure issues that make a me-made annoyingly imperfect. (He can do all that, right?!) Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  7. I would love a real, in-depth class on fitting… Right now I sometimes feel like I’m just doing things without really understanding what I’m doing, and I’d like to change that! This, or bra-making, one of those other frightening things I’d love to try.

  8. pamstitches says:

    Oh my! I adore Kenneth King….
    I need his help adjusting patterns for my now middle years body! It doesn’t want to go away, so I have to fit to it!

  9. Gail Davison says:

    Wow what a fantastic give-away. I have the jean-ius course of Craftsy and love it. I’d like Prof King to teach making a gorgeous pair of palazzo trousers or a fitted jacket.

  10. Vicki Kate says:

    Just one thing?! How to drape I think or maybe some fine couture hand sewing techniques. Something that takes years of skill to master so that I’ve got a good foundation to build on. Quite frankly I’d just be star struck though!

  11. Sarah says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love an in depth session on tailored jackets. I really want to make one but just don’t feel confident enough in my abilities to give it a go yet!

  12. redambition says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you!

    I would love a class on learning how to fit different fabric and garments – something that throws me is how differently two different fabrics can act when sewn into identical garments.

  13. Nicole says:

    I’d love to learn how to properly put in a lining for a jacket. Or sleeves! How to properly fit sleeves and then ease them into the rest of the garment. This is where I have the most trouble. Sometimes I can get it to work, most the time not.

  14. Mel says:

    I’m going to jump on the pants-fitting bandwagon – I don’t think I have EVER made a pair that I have been happy with, and lets not even get started on jeans … BTW, I love the pic of you and Kenneth – his coat makes me swoon! Yours is delicious too!

  15. Fiona says:

    How to fit!! So winning this giveaway would almost be like having that little dream come true! Though more specifically a lesson on making and fitting trousers, I’m too scared to even try it!

  16. artgirlrachel says:

    Oh my, dream lesson…. it’s got to be on fit. Maybe a sloper refresher course. Or hemming techniques… cause I hate hemming. Or how to deal with (best practices for cutting, sewing, project suggestions, stuff like that) specific fabrics. Thanks!

  17. carmencitab says:

    I would love some flow charts for every garment. Instructions that are mapped you know? A bit like the one on Fashion Incubator Instructions that would tell what to serge and when, when to attach which bits. In other words clear process chart as opposed to linear instructions. Do I make any sense?

  18. I’d really love to learn more about fitting, which is know is a catch all response, but it’s true. Particuarly fit around the armhole for both sleeveless and sleeved garments.

  19. Kessem says:

    WOW! this is amazing! This is what I love about the sewing community. We readers can really make a difference because the experts LISTEN to us. I love being part of this community!
    I’d LOVE to learn more about lingerie making!

  20. Sarah says:

    I would love a dissection on knowing the skills sets and how to choose what tailoring method. Almost as if you had the Hollywood costume exhibition, and he explained the technical construction (and the why) for each garment.

  21. Jacinta says:

    Oh exciting … I’d love to learn about how to tailor clothes and all those fitting issues.
    Great quote about perfectionism and destroying fabric … I went through a breakthrough moment a few months ago where I realised it was ok if something didn’t work out as I just wasn’t confident enough to even cut into fabric … I was scared of failing … but since then I’ve really tried and made things I’m happy with. 🙂

  22. Jana says:

    Oh wow, this comes at the exact right time for me! I just listened to the Thread Cult podcast interview with Kenneth D. King a few days ago (after starting his Jean-ius class, no less) and I’m rapidly becoming a huge fan of Kenneth’s! In the podcast, he mentioned this set of DVDs, and I haven’t been able to find them over here. I would love to understand the process of fitting much better!
    As for what I’d like him to teach me … I think it would probably be fitting a bodice, plus sleeves, to a variety of bodies. I’ve been struggling with that on myself and I’d like to understand what I’m doing rather than just poking around and hoping for the best.

  23. I’m scared of fitting pants. So, to be taught the A – Z of pants fitting by Kenneth D King – in person or via DVD – would be ace.

  24. Miriana says:

    I’d like to learn how to fit a jacket for myself, given I’m pretty tall and thin, but have broad shoulders and back thanks to years of swimming. Also in general, I’d like to know how to train my eye to figure out what shapes would most compliment my body type… but I guess this is just called practice and experience!!

    Thanks to you and Kenneth for this great giveaway!

  25. ipires says:

    I would LOVE to know how to do a perfectly fitted pair of trousers. Thank you for this very generous giveaway! 🙂

  26. Laura Cahill says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’d live to have a pair of pants that are the perfect fit so pants would be my choice!

  27. Debby says:

    Would love to be entered into the giveaway thank you, I would love a lesson or two, or three , or more in tailoring.

  28. Marilyn in Fl. says:

    I would love to learn to fit others, and have the confidence to just do it.

  29. Olga says:

    What a great giveaway! It’s difficult to choose what I would like to learn from Mr King in just one lesson. The more I sew, the more I realize how little I know, or in his own words, “perfectionsim is a disease”, lol! I would like to learn things from pants fitting, to matching fabrics with patterns, to how to be more confident with color use. What a lesson that would be! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  30. sylvamae says:

    I’d like to learn to make welts- single and double welt pockets and bound
    buttonholes. I hope I win! Thanks for the chance.

  31. Kathryn says:

    I would love Kenneth to teach me everything he knows about sewing bias garments! Thanks to you both for the great giveaway 🙂

  32. CGCouture says:

    I would love to have him help me draft up bodice blocks that fit me perfectly in several different styles (princess seamed, empire, button front, etc.) because clearly I’m unable to get this done on my own….though I am getting closer. I think.

  33. Nessa says:

    Such a generous gentleman! I’d love to know how to fit my bust properly so that I can look as neat and smart as possible, stay modest and yet not minimise them. The perfect shoulder, back and bust fitting would be an ideal one-to-one lesson. Oh yeah, and setting in sleeves without resorting to my Unpicker!

  34. Samina says:

    That set has been on my wish-list for ages! I used to sew in college (20+) years ago & I’m coming back to it after that many years worth of hiatus. I feel like I’m relearning all the basics again. I’m also realizing that my body has changed from its college days & I’ve got a lot more fit issues that I don’t know how to address on my own. I NEED that set!

  35. Kathi Giumentaro says:

    Kenneth is a saint. I would love to be able to make a great fitting blazer. I’ve had some hits and more misses. I’m getting there. I did take Kenneth’s Jean-ius class. It was great and I now have a great pair of red jeans. I love him.
    Thanks for offering the chance to win on your blog.

  36. Phoebe says:

    I could really use a lesson in armscyes, and fitting them to my body – mine are always too tight!

  37. Simona says:

    Just what i need! Smart fitting, need some guidance on that. Oh gee, i hopemthis tie i will be the lucky winner.
    Would like to learn more about finishes, you know make your projects look professional and designed made

  38. Marsha V. says:

    I’ve lost my sewing mojo because of ill fit. My body shape has changed and I could use his wisdom to get the perfect fit. I used to make ALL my clothes and now only pjs due to fit. Sewing is my therapy!

  39. Lise says:

    I’m scared of collars and sleeves, and would love to learn how to sew them properly. Then again, another reader posted about learning how to sew bias cut garments. That’s high on my list too. Perhaps a mega-lesson on all of these topics? Thanks!

  40. kbenco says:

    I would love the fitting DVDs, they sound fantastic, what a generous give-away.
    I have Kenneth’s Cool Couture book, which is terrific and has valuable snippets about this, but I would be thrilled with a lesson on how to choose fabric for particular garments – or, thinking of his mesh jeans in Threads, how to make “unsuitable” fabrics behave.

  41. Awesome giveaway. Quite frankly I’d take any lesson he was willing to give me, but tailoring would definitely be my dream lesson

  42. Becky says:

    This is such a great giveaway! I think the thing I would like to see most is about construction techniques. Most people learn to sew from following patterns, but patterns all approach construction in different ways, and it is very confusing. It takes years to learn all the different approaches, and finally learn the best ones. I am convinced there are best practices, and that most people who are not trained find them accidentally. There are DVDs out there, but they don’t feel very accessible. A comprehensive line of courses that taught them online would be priceless!

  43. Great DVD set , it would help me immensely as I always have to alter everything! My clothing has been to long to small in the hip and to big in the bust! I alter every pattern, as well, the DVD set will help me achieve the look I want!

  44. Hanne says:

    I’d love to learn how to make a motorcycle-style cropped jacket with sleeves in which I can move my arms forward to ride my bike 🙂

  45. Su says:

    Ooh yes please! I’m a total beginner and I’m really struggling with fitting – it’s taken me three attempts to get the Sorbetto Top to fit! Hard to narrow it down in terms of dream lesson (I have so much to learn!) but I’m interested in making a bodice block and learning how to use it to make patterns fit.

  46. Susie says:

    I took his Craftsy course and learned sooooo much. He made a zip front fly EASY for me. He is a wonderful instructor and I would love to learn more general fitting techniques from him.

  47. What a wonderfully generous giveaway! Don’t include me in it, thanks, not because I know all about anything but because there must be people out there who would make better use of it than I would be likely to. But, in the spirit of playing the game anyway, I need help with my very narrow shoulders that don’t exactly balance out the rest of my amplitude. 🙂

  48. Karen S says:

    I love Kenneth King. He teaches at a sewing expo here in the Detroit area every fall. The classes always sell out fast. I’d like a lesson in fitting jackets and special touches you can add-the neat things like welting, piping etc. Thanks Karen and Kenneth for the great giveaway!

  49. FabricKate says:

    One word for Mr King – trousers (he he. My pants fit me fine!)

  50. gccmom says:

    I would love to have someone help me understand fitting. I never know how to fix a fitting problem. I need to know the whys! So, I stick to sewing dresses for children.

  51. Lisa Hughes says:

    In the wonderful world of my mind, where I get a lesson from the awesome Kenneth D King, he teaches me to fit trousers to my ridiculously long yet oddly chunky legs. Finally, I would be able to wear flattering jeans! And then I’d take over the world – or at least in my head I would…

  52. eve says:

    If I could make just 1 garment that actually fits, everywhere…

  53. Elaine Seniuk says:

    The dream lesson for me would include information on how to transfer the changes I’ve made to fit one pattern over to another pattern – It always seems that I end up starting at “square 1” with every pattern I try, yet some of them must be built off of the same pattern sloper?
    Oh fit seems like such a mystery, yet the rewards when you get it right are great!

  54. WOW! I love Kenneth D. King (I always refer to him in my head as Kenneth The King!) I just watched all of Jeanius and I could listen to him talk about sewing all day! He is so interesting and has make everything approachable and clear! My wallet has me patiently wait for his Jacket class to get on sale!

    I guess fitting is always the major difficulty in sewing : I would like to be able to read the lines in my muslins to be able to see how to alter a pattern better… I think I need to learn to do a proper FBA and something for my back and broad shoulders… But understanding to what and why would help me tremendously!

    I would be ecstatic to win those DVD on fitting! Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. Joelle says:

    Ooh…jeans fitting. I know only enough to realize my RTW don’t fit, but not what to do (hypothetically) to correct that!

  56. Eliza says:

    Wow!! I can’t tell you how amazing it would be to win Mr. King’s DVD series on Smart Fitting!!! I have the absolute hardest body to fit. Small waist, big hips, thick thighs….horrible pear shape. Finding skirts and pants to fit is a nightmare especially in a world of pencil skirts and skinny jeans and I never know how to fix the fit problems. I usually feel my alterations make the fit a little better but it looks puckered and balloon-ish. HELP! I am crossing my fingers and my eyes , and my toes…..

  57. Graca says:

    Oh my goodness! First, thank you to Mr. King for the generous prize and to you for hosting the giveaway.

    I would love to win this… my biggest fitting challenge has been pants. Fingers crossed.

  58. How exciting! I’m just learning fitting and it’s tough! I’d love to learn how to adjust patterns to fit my high waist. I don’t need less length overall, but need the waistline shaping moved up. Also when I see what needs to be corrected on my muslin, I struggle with how to transfer that to my pattern. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Mary says:

    What a wonderful treasure! I love his Jeanius class and I think just being in his presence and watching him work his magic would be a valuable sewing lesson!

  60. lauriesannie says:

    Well, pants fitting, of course. Why do good rtw slacks fit better than the ones I slave over?

  61. Marianne says:

    Could you imagine how many acres of fabric I spoiled while trying to get a good fit for my H-cup figure? Making a FBA that big brings up a lot of new fitting issues. It takes a genius to get everything right. Someone like Kenneth D. King, I guess. Would love to learn from his dvd’s!

    • Tiffany says:

      I have the same exact problem!!! My measurements are 43-28-43 and I have an H cup too. I know exactly what you mean. They just don’t seam to make patterns for us curvy girls, sure there are patterns for plus sized girls but not curvy ones. And don’t get me started on the sizing and fit in ready made styles. but anyway my point is that I know what you mean and I share your pain.
      p.s. (I am in the process of designing a pattern line for beginners cut to fit different body shapes, like our sexy figures. right now I just have my etsy store which doesn’t have any patterns, just clothes.)

  62. JessicaB says:

    I’d love to be able to make a perfectly proportioned, well fitted dress. Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  63. Gaylene says:

    Sometimes my body seems like it’s Quasimodo but back to front….petite but with big boobs presents a raft of fitting issues, so anything KDK has to say would help so much!

  64. Annemarie says:

    I’d love some pants fitting. I’ve been reading up a lot on it and while it almost seems straight forward, there are quite a few suggestions that would lead to a very different pattern shapes for get rid of bagginess under the seat. Not sure which one would solve the problem…

  65. Bobbi says:

    I’d love to learn what’s called “fit to flatter” in knitting for sewing. I’ve had all sorts of fit issues, except with elastic-waist skirts, and could use some lessons. And collars! Collars drive me crazy!

  66. Sarah says:

    Full bust adjustments! There have been some less than successful attempts so far…

    • Tiffany says:

      You may have already tried this but being an H cup I have the same problem. Try adding moving up a size or two on the front bodice piece (or whatever piece coincides with the bust) and adding an extra dart or some extra gathers, or a princess seam depending on the technique used in the pattern. This will add room to the bust area and give you a better fit but because you added a dart it will still fit your waistline.
      p.s. (I am in the process of designing a pattern line for beginners cut to fit different body shapes, like our sexy figures. right now I just have my etsy store which doesn’t have any patterns, just clothes.)

  67. sewforward says:

    I think I would like to sit and sew with Kenneth D. King a wool blazer. Start with the draft, then the construction. Along the way, I would like to have him show me all his cool tricks like the zipper welt pocket and the fringed collar and his method of stabilizing the whole garment with interfacing, but mostly, I think I would just like to hear his stories about his life, his career and his thoughts and opinions. He has always impressed me as a really unique and talented individual.

  68. Tricia Smeding says:

    I’d totally love to learn how to fit clothes better! I have a long back and a sway-back adjustment and I find it hard to always know how to fit things well… I’d love to make a lined jacket sometime! This series would be awesome to have!

  69. Deb Love says:

    I would love to learn that there are no failures, only lessons learned, and that I have no limits!

  70. susan wright says:

    Ohhh , I would like to learn how to make things and for them to look well finished.

  71. Kate says:

    I would love to learn how to fit myself as what I call a “thick waisted” gal. I’m working on it, but just imagine how much quicker I could get to an acceptable fit with the help of such an expert!

  72. hedgewick says:

    Oh, Kenneth, bless your heart! My dream lesson would be to finally learn how to accomodate my scoliosis curve and dropped shoulder AND two different cup sizes in a basic bodice that I could use to make attractive garments for myself and not just for my 20 something-perfect-body-daughter!

  73. Paula says:

    Mine would be a lesson on how to make trousers that fit my curvy plus sized hips and waist and also my very short legs.

  74. Maggie says:

    I really really need this! I can’t narrow my dream lesson down very easily- but I’ll get it down to two topics. I desperately need help on fitting pants and sleeves.

  75. Pepija says:

    Fit. And industrial sewing techniques with difficult fabrics. And how to do everything quicker than I do it at the moment 🙂

  76. Senna says:

    I just “discovered” Kenneth! This would be so awesome!

  77. Helen says:

    I would like to learn how to fit a dress patter and a trousers pattern on me. I’m 5′ 1 but I am not the typical slim profile for a petite person especially after having my 2nd kid.

  78. Andrea says:

    What a wonderful give away! Thank you both for a chance to win. I love KK’s articles on techniques, and use them often. My dream fitting session with Kenneth would be for him to help me tweak the fit of my favorite woven fitted shirt pattern. The heavens would open and the angels would sing, lol!

  79. Sab says:

    Hello ! Amazing !!
    Well I would enjoy a class covering the most common mistakes made by hobby sewers from an expert point of view, and how to correct them for a perfect looking garment with a professionnal finish. A special on jackets would be great as this is the thing I’ve never tried because I’m too afraid of ruining beautiful fabric !

  80. Pip says:

    What would I want to be taught? Nothing major, just fitting/making the perfect silk blouse!

  81. Jen (NY) says:

    Yes, fit! What a generous giveaway! I am at that dreaded intermediate stage where I know something is not quite right, but I’m a loss at how to accurately fit it. (Pattern tissue is typically a mess of cello tape). There is so much to ask Mr. King, but if I choose just one it would be fitting the back, generally. I can’t seem to get it quite right, and in combination with the FBA that I normally do, it is a bit of a challenge to get that balance between front and back in woven garments. (I think I tend to overcompensate for the FBA and end up with a back that looks a bit like a sack). It can be a complex area, with the back arm scythe, ease, and the potential for a sway back, etc., etc. I’d love some expert information from Mr. King!

  82. Mary says:

    Lovely giveaway…thank you, K&K! Would be nice to learn out how to fit a short-waisted, 38Long (and I am not talking about menswear). 🙂

  83. Bold Sewist says:

    What an amazing giveaway! My dream lesson would be how to do fba’s on all different kinds of bodice – it is the absolute bane of my life and causes me such anguish. I love that the great Kenneth King is reading your blog now -you obviously made a great impression!

  84. Elizabeth says:

    Count me in! I would love to have that set!!!

  85. BeckyMc says:

    Recently I recieved a length of Irish tweed and I want to make a sport coat for my husband. I would like to learn from Kenneth how to do men’s tailoring.
    Is the giveaway open to USA residents? I hope so! I read every blogpost you write (well, I kind of skim the puppy ones) and enjoy your style and voice.

  86. So cool that Kenneth King follows your blog! He is generous for giving away his DVD. I would love to learn how to correctly alter my armsyce. I always need to make a narrow shoulder adjustment and this leaves me clueless on how to correctly change the sleeve!

  87. I would love, love, love to win! My dream lesson would be for him to watch me work and then just re-direct my many leaps in the wrong direction 🙂 I would love to be a more disciplined sewer/sewist, but I get stuck in old habits.

  88. Kate Whitaker says:

    I would love to learn how to make patterns fit me correctly so they don’t look homemade.

  89. Jo a says:

    Learning fit is definitely tricky so I would say either fit or fabric choice would be my lesson choice.

  90. Kenneth D. King is the epitome of the generosity of the sewing community.
    I’ve been eyeing up this set and contemplating selling one of the children so I can have it! 😉
    Seriously though, I would love him to help me fit a full set of pattern blocks and pad my dressmakers dummy to my shape, so I could finally have a go at drafting my own patterns from perfectly fitting blocks.

  91. Sam says:

    Not very original, but for me it would have to be fitting trousers. I’ve made one wide legged pair that fit fine, but somehow I think slimmer legged ones won’t be so easy.

  92. Kirsty says:

    Ooooo Mr King, you beauty ! What an amazing give away, I’d like to bung my name in for it please :() I would have Mr King teach me his way with colour. I love the colours and patterns and textures of his own garments, and if he could share some of that pizzazz with me I would be a very happy sewist !! Thanks for the opportunity :() kirsty

  93. Jessica says:

    This is exactly what I’d need! What I’d love to be taught… I guess, I’d start with a blouse. They always do SOMETHING – neckline, sleeves, bust and a swayback combined with a small waist is a horrible combination when it comes to fit a top thats not made of Jersey 🙁 After that I’d try pants. But as it’s always already been horrible to buy a pair, I never tried to sew pants. This book could finally enable me to do so.
    I’d love to understand why some patterns work or don’t work for me!

  94. What a generous give away! Thank you, to both of you!! I would love help on fitting blouses. Wide shoulders, forward shoulder roll and thick long waist are my fitting woes when it comes to blouses.

  95. Wendy says:

    Wow!! What a great giveaway! I loved the Jeanius course and especially how Kenneth presented it, since then I have half a dream of taking a face to face course with him , maybe one day 🙂 my wish would be for Kenneth to help me fit toiles/ blocks? for a jacket and trousers. Thanks Karen

  96. Caroline says:

    Thank you! I’ve only read Kenneth’s articles, but am a huge fan.

  97. Mary says:

    Fit, fit and more fit. It’s what makes or breaks a garment, but you can go overboard…A set of toiles (bodice, skirt and pants) would be my dream. Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. Marsha says:

    I’m already a big fan–I have one of his books and I’ve taken the craftsy course. I’m saving up to buy the DVD set, but it would be great to win it! My current challenge is fitting–isn’t everyones?

  99. Lou says:

    I have a disconnect between making the muslin/toile and then translating that info into the finished garment. Too much second-guessing and head-scratching! I’d love to learn how to really do fit properly!
    Kenneth King is awesome! Is there an online petition for his sainthood that I can add my name to ? ^__^

  100. Polly Pierce says:

    Fit, fit, fit! My answer would always have been fit, though now I it’s even more important than ever before due to the sudden realisation that I don’T know my own body any more!

    Following various changes to my physical measurements due largely to illness & medication I’ve been forced to realise that the reason i’ve yet to cut

    • Polly Pierce says:

      the reason I’ve yet to cut my cloth is because I truly don’t understand what I’m doing in relation to this new disapproved body shape.

      I don’t quite know which shape I fit into, add I’m somewhere in between. I still favour the colours, finishes & styles suitable for the old body, & I get frustrated by it all. I’m afraid to trash my lovely fashion material by selecting the wrong style altogether & then having to butcher it with post make adjustments!

      I’m 5’2″ tall, with a full bust & narrow shoulders, a short waist, long legs & impossibly short arms that throw everything even more out of proportion! I would love to be in a position to spend time in class with Kenneth, ass he’s know just what to do with me

  101. Wow!!! What wonderful generosity – such an amazing prize. I think what I’d like to learn most is how to choose the right patterns and fabrics to suit me – even a start down that road would be great 🙂

  102. Alicia says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! I would want to learn how to do the large FBA that I need in all sorts of different bodice types, so I wouldn’t have to struggle through trying to figure those out every time I want a different style of top!

  103. Bridget says:

    it would have to be how to make and fit the perfect trousers

  104. liza jane says:

    Oh Saint Kenneth! Please teach me how to fit my shoulder/upper back so I don’t feel like the incredible hulk when I wear things I’ve made! I really want those videos. Pick me, pick me!

  105. lynl says:

    What an amazing giveaway and a fabulous teacher! I would love everything sleeves: how to do french seams and flat felling on armhole, how to reduce sleeve cap ease besides trial and error, how to draft asymmetrical and symmetrical sleeves and make them fit to any pattern (is that even possible?!)…and of course, after several different classes on fitting why no pants fitme rear?! Good luck everyone 🙂

  106. Sufiya says:

    BOOHOO! I would have LOVED to enter this contest to win these DVDs! Fitting lessons from KK would be a DREAM COME TRUE! PS: “Cool Couture”and “Designer Techniques” by KK are the SAME BOOK UNDER DIFFERENT TITLES. Ask me how I know!

  107. Oh he is my HERO! What a fabulous chance for a giveaway – thank you and him so much! If I were able to have him teach me something – it would be pants fitting. I took the Craftsy class but still after 3 muslins I’m not even half way close to getting trousers that fit at all and I have no idea what further adjustments I need. His genius would have me sorted and with a TNT trousers pattern in no time I’m sure.

  108. Jo says:

    Wow what a wonderful giveaway. I keep putting off sewing for myself due to fit and I am constantly sewing for other people. FBA, narrow shoulder, you name it I need help.

  109. Anne Martin says:

    Have sewn all of my life and thought that I was pretty good with fit, but I showed my costumer sister a dress that I made and she says that everything is too big on me. I need real help!

  110. Sally Bowles says:

    Great Giveaway! I’d love to learn how to tailor a pattern properly to encompass my generous boobage without having to do excessive alterations on the finished garment. Every single time think I have it sorted but it takes an age of adjustments to fix.

  111. kristonlion says:

    It would be fit for sure. Particularly fit thru the shoulders. I can handle a FBA … I don’t like it, but it’s easy to find online, but my straps are always too long, or that part is a bit too big. Not sure what the technical name is… Shoulders I guess 🙂
    Or I would just love to fabric shop it up with him! He gets some of the most wild incredible prints! Where do you find these things? Love!!!

  112. Elizabeth says:

    Another one whose dream lesson would be fitting. I love the creative part of making my own stuff regardless how it turns out, but it sure is a thrill when they end up being something I wear all the time. The primary reason I don’t wear some of the stuff I’ve made for myself is because the garment just doesn’t fit right…

  113. Wendy says:

    OH, fitting anything, but tailored jackets would be my choice. Love it that he stopped to talk with you when you were in NYC, and that he reads your blog!! True grassroots supporter!

  114. Judi Stansky says:

    I’ve never met Mr. King, but I follow blogs that sing his praises. Always ready to learn from a master.

  115. aem2 says:

    How incredibly generous! I would love a lesson on fitting waistbands so they don’t gape at the top front. And how to fix that weird pucker I always seem to get right near the fly.

  116. RankkaApina says:

    For me fitting is my biggest issue. So this would be perfect for me! And I’m on the Jean-ious course, haven’t actually used the knowledge yet, but I like to watch the whole course through first and then start with the project and go back when I need to. I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Kenneth the King 🙂

  117. Kelley says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! What would I like to learn from Kenneth? Aside from the obvious fitting skills, I would love to learn how to be more creative, in a way that suits my body shape. I love how FABULOUS he is, and want to learn how to do that for myself. I fear I’m too boring with my clothes.

  118. Kenneth King is not only a genius in the fabric arts, he is a wonderful entertainer. I’d love to learn more about virtually anything to do with fabric.

  119. trainlady says:

    I’d be happy to learn anything he wanted to teach, but a class based on Cool Couture with all his bag of tricks demonstrated would be my dream. I’ve watched the Jeanius class, but don’t have pants I love enough to go through the effort. Tomorrow, I want to make progress on my fly-front coat pattern. Can you say groupie?

  120. Tonie says:

    Trouser fitting for me too, please, Mr King. I think I need to master the other FBA (full butt adjustment)

  121. Kristin D says:

    Kenneth King, our collective respect and admiration for you grows daily… 🙂 Thank you for your generosity!!! I would love to get help with fitting a bodice block. I have several fitting issues to work around and get stuck on them and then don’t I end up not finishing my project because I’m frustrated. I would LOVE to finally finish all of my UFOs!!

  122. Mad says:

    I’d love to learn tricks of grading patterns up by many inches!

  123. Anne says:

    When I sew it’s very hit & miss as to whether the finished garment will fit. I would like to learn more about how to alter the paper pattern &/or toile so my finished garment fits me.

  124. debs2748 says:

    Oh matching patterns has to be a biggy, such a fiddle.

  125. Judith P. says:

    I would like to get lessons in fitting patterns exactly to my own body, especially pants and dresses.

  126. Ah, Kenneth is amazing! I’ve been wanting these for ages–such a generous offer. My dream would be a lesson from him on sleeves–they are the bane of my sewing existence…
    Marina (marinakastan at gmail dot com)

  127. pinqueen says:

    Oh my goodness, this man is a sewing genius. I have just spent most of today watching his latest Craftsy class, fly fronted jacket. He has a great manner about him and a lovely teaching style. I’d like him to help me under stand armhole. Sounds really weird I know, but I’m not sure if I need to make them smaller, larger, lower or higher and then there’s arms, oh the arms! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  128. Hard to choose but maybe pants/trouser fitting.

  129. PoldaPop says:

    What a great gift! Big thank you to Kenneth King and to you, Karen, for hosting! Here’s what I’ve been dreaming: Kenneth King and Susan Khalje take their sewing class on the road and do a week or two in Chicago. I’ve noticed that no sewing tour ever stops here, and I’ve been scheming that maybe someday I’ll be able to travel to Baltimore for a couture class. Since that isn’t likely to happen anytime in the next five years, I’m going to make a plea that Kenneth King comes to Chicago! I really want to sit down and watch and be watched by an expert, since most of what I’ve learned has been through books, blogs, and online classes.

  130. Charlotte says:

    I’d like to learn how to fit my lumpy figure!

  131. Emilie says:

    Wow! I would love a lesson on how to fit pants over my curves!!!!Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  132. ellecsews says:

    First of thank you Mr, King for being so generous, and thank you Karen for accosting him on the street of New York. 😉

    I would like to hover in the background and watch him construct a garment from the first cut of fabric to the finishing press, asking questions all the while. That would be fun.

  133. Thanks ever so much for this fabulous giveaway. Please count me in. Fingers crossed

  134. Daisy's Daughter says:

    I feel Kenneth King is a fabulous teacher, calm, informative, precise, so professional but with that lovely dry sense of humour……I love the Italian mafia! I would love a lesson on fitting – to be able to stand with Kenneth, and see through his eyes what he is actually looking at, when he first views a muslin toille that needs adjustment on the model.

  135. Phyllis says:

    I love that man, KK is part of the Couture Sewing Holy Trinity along with Susan Kahlje and Claire Shaeffer. He is a brilliant teacher and very generous with his considerable knowledge and skill.

  136. Irene says:

    Fitting would be my first choice- especially pants but also bodice- and then a tailored coat, I think he is a great teacher and I admire him for that.

  137. Sabs says:

    I would like KDK to teach me EVERYTHING he knows!

  138. paloverde says:

    I have to agree with a lot of people that fitting and a perfect moulage would be my first choice. But a close second would be learning some of the decorative techniques that he does. I followed one of his tutorials to add a folded, pleated ribbon sash to a flower girl dress. It was fab!

  139. Judi W says:

    ha, what wouldn’t I want to know! being petite, short-waisted, and big busted I have a LOT of fitting challenges

  140. Rosie says:

    I’m not entering the giveaway as I am fortunate enough to have a set of the DVDs courtesy of the King himself. He has a newly added class called “The Carefree Fly Front Coat” on Check it out along with the “Jeanius” class. I am fortunate enough to be a stone’s throw away from the King and have taken every class I can with him and still want more classes. Some, I have taken twice for the heck of it. I can never get enough of his knowledge, expertise and stories (some of which can be found in his book “All Grown Up”). He, Susan Khalje and Sarah Veblen are dear to me. If you aren’t lucky enough to win the giveaway, put it on your birthday or Xmas wish list along with his books. You will love them.

  141. Anoer one for trouser fitting here! Or else where he gets his inspiration from. The garments I have seen him make in threads are truly amazing!

  142. Philipppa says:

    I should probably ask for a couture dress fitting class or something, but what I really want to know is how to make a great fitting pair of jeans myself, with all the classic details and just how I get my machine to accept top stitching thread without it looking all crazy on the other side!!

  143. I would love to learn how to properly fit myself given all my fitting challenges, the most daunting being that I have no one to help me when I sew.

  144. Caroline says:

    Great giveaway! I’d like to know more about how patterns are drafted so I can understand how to make adjustments for me. I saw Ann on Sewing Bee marking her model’s measurements on her pattern – I’d love to have the knowledge to know where to mark these points on the pattern – how to reduce width for narrow shoulders/back without making the waist too small, and also how to reduce bodice length keeping the bust darts in the correct place. If I could do this before making a toile, I’d be very happy indeed!

  145. Lori says:

    I have large arms, broad shoulders, high waist and sway back. I am desperate for theses DVDs to help me make a fitted jacket. I am also in the trouser camp, I am currently a commercial size 13 which unfortunately, doesn’t exist!

  146. Julie Taylor says:

    It would be bust, armscye and back fitting for me, I think

  147. Pearl says:

    I’m currently destroying an acre of muslin, in an attempt to get a fitting shell to fit! An acre of tracing paper is being destroyed as well 🙂 My dream class with Kenneth King would be about fitting – I want to know what adjustments I need to make to a pattern, so that I can basically cut and sew, with success!

    in lieu of a dream class, the DVD set would be great 🙂

  148. Patty says:

    A personal fitting session with Kenneth!

  149. Jane says:

    Wow what an amazing giveaway. I’d love to learn how to fit a changing (post baby) body.

  150. Ooh! Yes please. Hs work is fabulous

  151. Sewer From Across The Pond says:


    Do you have an email address?


  152. Anne Howlett says:

    Great Give Away. Need to learn lots, like drafting my own patterns, but a personal session on getting a really good fit is probably top of the list.

  153. lisa g says:

    wow, so generous! i would love any lesson on tailoring. i’ve read through his books and there are so many details i’d love to confidently put into practice on coats and jackets.

  154. Mary M says:

    Aww isn’t he sweet?
    My dream lesson would be on the subject at hand – fitting! For me, I don’t even know what good fit really entails. I just do it until it is “good enough.” (or until I get frustrated enough to quit)

  155. Tiffany says:

    Threads magazine rocks and I have learned a lot from kenneth’s articles . He is very much an inspiration. I use a lot of his techniques on my own designs.

  156. Louise says:

    Wow what a great giveaway, I would love a session with Kenneth to fit trousers as I’m just too scared to try them on my own! Thanks for the giveaway…

  157. Leah says:

    Wow, what a fantastic giveaway!

    I’m in the “perfectly fitted flattering trousers” camp. Off-the-peg never fit properly but I have such a long list of issues that I’m scared to try sewing my own (apart from loose wide-legged trousers).

  158. A-L says:

    I would simply like him to teach me the art of ¨fitting¨. That is all.

  159. deadlycraft says:

    Every possible full bust / broad shoulder type mod would be my dream… Dartless, with darts, stretch fabric, chiffon, cotton, all of it!

  160. Pat says:

    To be able to translate what my gaping, sagging, or other hideous mistake my garment is showing me and being able to translate it into a well fitting shirt or bodice. I have a wide back with narrow shoulders. I didn’t think it was humanly possible but it is.

  161. Amanda says:

    I’d love someone to sit down with me and teach me not to fear fitting! What a lovely giveaway 😀

  162. Bluenines says:

    Kenneth D King , thank you for the chance to win this, to be able to fit clothes well, would be wonderful, happy sewing to all

  163. I would like to know exactly how to fit.Example after I do a muslin how do I mark it and then transfer it to the actual pattern. I guess a personal lesson in fitting is my dream class.

  164. geebeew says:

    Wow – How lovely of him to follow your blog AND offer such an awesome giveaway! Thanks to you both! I’d love to learn how to fit pants properly… it’s all such a mystery to me!

  165. stacy says:

    Wow! You are popular! I would love to learn to adjust neck lines. I am forever taking them in or up and then just dont seem to look right. Or adjusting the shoulders. Or making waistbands lay flat. So many choices. A girl can dream right!

  166. sewsable says:

    For me I’d want to learn fitting, it’s my bugbear so the dvd would be perfect and then he doesn’t have to do anything else!

  167. Shar says:

    What a generous giveaway – thanks to you both! I would love to learn how to make a perfectly tailored coat.

  168. ipseme says:

    Kenneth is not only a design and technique genius, but he is a very nice man. I was lucky to meet him several years ago in Southern California. He was equally kind and generous with both the raw beginners and advanced students in his class. If I were lucky enough to have another class with him, I would choose embellishment techniques. His beading work is stunning, and I would bead EVERYTHING!. Thanks so much for the nifty giveaway.

  169. Every Stitch says:

    Wow, fitting issues to be resolved – too numerous to list, but the biggest one for me full bust adjustments (who decided we were all B cups anyway?)

  170. Marcia says:

    How generous is this? I would love an in-depth fitting on my whole body!! I have both Kenneth’s Craftsy courses and they are amazing!

  171. Cori says:

    Mr. King sounds like such a nice guy whenever I hear him mentioned on blogs 🙂
    I’d like a lesson on being able to “read” my muslin. I can see where the problems are, and somewhat understand what causes those issues. I just get stumped on how to fix those issues.

  172. Pamela says:

    So very glad to hear he’s made this series! What a generous gesture to gift a set to one of your readers. Would love to learn how to properly fit patterns to my unique figure. 🙂

  173. carlalissa says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!!… crossing my fingers!!!

  174. LSV says:

    Wow, any advice at all on fit would be brilliant in my quest for loving this figure of mine – flaws and all!

  175. Daisy1999 says:

    I’d love to be shown step-by-step blouse making. Collars are giving me fits lately.

  176. I would love to find a class or article with suggestions for an asymmetrical body. (one hip higher that the other) The last class I took left me with a personal pattern that fit, but made me look lopsided. I want to downplay the problem rather than showcase it. Desperate for suggestions. How nice to know the generosity in the sewing community — many thanks to Kenneth King.

  177. Holly says:

    I would love to have him look at pants I’ve made for myself and tell me EXACTLY how to make them fit better.

  178. Janine says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would love jacket fitting advice I am large busted and having a difficult time getting tops in general to fit well.

  179. Erin says:

    Oh ma gawd!! Oh ma gawd!!! Oh ma gawd!!! What an AMAZING give away!!! Thank you for the chance. My dream lesson would be about fabric types/choices/tip & tricks!

  180. Ybat says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. King a few years ago when I was in San Francisco. My boss was a friend of his and we went to his going away party before he left to New York. He was really wonderful. If I could have an expert teach me something it would be to learn how to make a coat.

  181. Sufiya says:

    Yahoo! i just realized that the deadline date is NEXT Friday so i still have a chance to qualify! *cartwheels*

    Anyway, there really isn’t ANYTHING I wouldn’t like to learn from him, but FITTING would surely head the list; fitting is my BIG sewing bugaboo! I have studied his articles on fitting like the gospel they are, but seeing it on VIDEO would be GREAT,(and seeing it in PERSON would be the ultimate!)

  182. Nadine in NC says:

    Wow, what a generous gift!!!! I have to say thank you Kenneth for even giving me a chance to win this awesome resource. I would be crazy not to enter. My dream lesson would be on how to obtain a great armhole fit and then actually create a sleeve that fits it! My shoulder and arm do not fit well in a traditional bodice block (square, rounded shoulders -but not a particularly rounded back- which may or may not be complicated by a protruding rib cage). I would be ecstatic if I could get a well fitting bodice with sleeve!

  183. Oh, awesome! I may have to splurge on this DVD one day – it looks fantastic and I really, really suck at fitting.

  184. Sue says:

    A coat, I’d love to make a coat and have it look tailored and the lining to fit and the buttonholes to be perfect and the pocikets not to pull and the collar to sit nicely and it to fit around my bust and all the other things I am daunted by. This is a great giveaway thank you both so much.

  185. I would love to understand how to fir a long (sway?) back and a large tushie. It is an endless struggle.


  186. Make that “fit a long sway back”, please.

  187. Catherine says:

    How fantastic! I would love to make a special occasion dress with boning or a hand tailored coat …..just to improve my skills 🙂 though with three young boys my dream would be a day or 2 in a sewing studio doing anything ….without interruption 😀

  188. poppykettle says:

    Omg. I love Kenneth – a serious champ. Fitting garments with set in sleeves have been my sewing nemesis since I first tried it. I would LOVE more info on fitting this area, for sure.

  189. Anthea says:

    This is so amazing! It’s so hard to decide! I would love to learn more about fitting a garment, I would love to make a tailored coat, improve my patterd drafting, make a 30s biascut gown, or a couture 50s inspired gown. I don’t know there are so many things one might learn from him!

    Maybe he should take a look at my me made wardrobe and let him decide what I should improve!

  190. I’ve just rediscovered sewing after a long break and would really love a lesson to let me modify patterns to fit me – especially how to modify patterns to fit my sway back.

  191. Only one lesson? That’s harsh 🙂 Well if I really had to chose, I’d got for trousers fitting – it is soooo hard to get a good fit in that area… Thanks to you and Kenneth for hosting this giveaway!

  192. Susan says:

    OMG! I totally love Kenneth King. I would absolutely love a class on making a jacket. That would be amazing. I need help with fitting, I make toile’s but then I get a bit lost on what to do next. Would totally love this give-away. Keneth King Rocks!

  193. Alice says:

    Oooo! Where to start?! I’m bigger in the bust than any commercial pattern I have ever tackled allows for so I’d like to learn the art of the perfect FBA so I could knock out more blouses than you could shake a stick at 🙂

  194. Kat H says:

    Oh my, what an amazing and generous prize from an amazing man!!

    Ah, fitting. There are so many, many things I’d love to learn…. *sigh* How to fit a tailored shirt or jacket for a small bust, wide shoulder combination would be rather fabulous!

  195. Vairë Gwîr says:

    Thanks to both Kenneth and you for this amazing giveaway. I’d love to be taught how to sew with knits.

  196. Karen Stewart-Jones says:

    I’d like to learn how to alter patterns to fit me and more technical stuff. As a beginner its daunting sometimes when I read about techniques people are using that I’ve never used or heard of!

  197. Iris says:

    I want to learn how to draft trousers that fit my crotch. I always yo-yo between baggy butt and camel toe-inducing tightness …

  198. Ursula says:

    Yep, my fit most certainly could do with a bit of help. This might just do it…. 🙂

  199. dizzidays says:

    Wow! Very generous of Mr King. I would love to learn how to check measurements on paper patterns – making things too big or too small is my major problem and one of the things that stops me from sewing (particularly for others). Like everyone else – fit is the issue!!

  200. Siga says:

    Oh my!!! I’d love to learn how to alter a dress pattern to make space for my larger boobs.

  201. Joyapple says:

    I have a sway back, wide shoulders and a long neck – all tricky areas to fit nicely. I used to be skinny and haven’t quite adjusted to my new/old body shape – would love new boost to sewing skills.

  202. Anne-Marie says:

    I always have problems fitting sleeves – they’re always too tight. What a great give-away!

  203. eumoronorio says:

    wow I am so jealous that you got to meet him! Congrats! As for my dream lesson, I would love to talk about my personal color, shapes, fit and style that would make me look great. You know all the stars have stylists while I’m doing hit and miss sewing. I want my sewing to transcend so that I feel like a million bucks in what I wear rather than making something that is technically correct, but isn’t “quite right” in the overall look/style department.

  204. Jenni says:

    What a generous giveaway! I with the bulk of replies with wanting help with fitting trousers! although to be fair any fitting help at all would be useful!!

  205. Kari says:

    Wow, not sure what order,…..fitting bust and still providing waist shape. Design techniques for strapless gowns.

  206. Jody says:

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you Kenneth King and Thank you Karen! I struggle with pants pants pants and also need to figure out why sometimes my shoulders end up too tight and other times too wide. Should be simple right? Well, numbers and math have never been my strong suit! I would love to own this set!

  207. Julia says:

    Oh my, that would be so great to win. I am still terrified of trousers, jackets, anything a bit complicated really because I often have trouble picturing how things come together. I need to see it, not just read, so a DVD would be perfect.

  208. Ooh – I’ve never mastered full bust adjustment so that would be my choice. Then I could move on from just making skirts!

  209. Diane says:

    What a fab prize! My fantasy lesson from a true sewing expert like Kenneth would be how to drape/create my own patterns just for me. Winning the DVDs would be the next best thing.

  210. Mary says:


    Would love to win this. Am feeling like I’ve reached the ‘terrible twos’ of sewing. In which you what you’d like to be able to do is in sight, but you need guidance and aren’t exactly sure where to go for that. Would be thrilled with fitting advice.
    Mary in Thailand

  211. Bridget says:

    I’m having a tough time getting the right fit in a pencil skirt. I’m sure this set would be a huge help! I’m not sure what lessons would be helpful to me beyond that… I may be at a “don’t know what I don’t know” stage in my sewing development.

  212. Amy says:

    how amazing! I would love how to insert a sleeve with no puckers 🙂

  213. Colbean says:

    Wow! Great giveaway! My dream lesson from Kenneth would be how to alter any pattern to fit any woman. So many of us have unique shapes and we all deserve to look fabulous.

  214. Jeanne says:

    Pants. I haven’t made a pair in years, due to the fitting issue. I’d love to understand the mysterious logic (or is it art?) behind a nicely fitted pair of slim pants!

  215. Susan Vinson says:

    I need some help connecting the collar band to the body of the shirt at the center front. I like the invisibility of hand stitching the side that is not stitched in but there is always bulk. What’s the trick? And in the process I’d love to understand the tricks of putting together the fabulous outfits that Kenneth wears so well.

  216. Meigan says:

    What a great giveaway! My dream lesson with Kenneth would be about fitting pants.

  217. Betty Stitchup says:

    I would like to learn how to fit anything properly – it’s a constant case of trial and error with me and something I would love to master. What a marvelous giveaway!

  218. Prawn says:

    How generous! Dream lesson from me would be getting the waist and hips right – don’t have trouble with the top half, just the bottom!

  219. Lara says:

    I would love to learn how to properly fit my clothes. I’m better than I was, but it’s still unfortunately more hit than miss these days. Thanks for the give away!

  220. Olivia says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I would love him to give a lesson on how to fit pants. I’ve never tried to sew pants because of the fitting issue. It looks so difficult. Heeeelp !

  221. sissiri says:

    What a great giveaway! I’d like to learn how to make a perfectly fitting, lined, drapey jacket as it’s something I feel my wardrobe is missing and all the ones I try on in the shop never seem to fit ‘right’. At the moment I’m not confident enough to try it but I’m sure with a bit of help I’d quickly pluck up the courage and give it a shot!

  222. Chinno says:

    Wondwerful idea. I’d like to learn how to make a dress. xx

  223. ClaireE says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. I would love to learn how to make trousers that fit me perfectly. I’ve never owned a pair that did!

  224. Adrienne says:

    Ahh, how amazing! I must get this set!! I started sewing precisely because I am a, let’s say, non-standard size. I would love love love to have lessons specifically on fitting dresses and pants, since some of us are COMPLETELY different sizes on top and bottom 🙂

  225. Clair McL. says:

    What an amazing giveaway – so generous & so nice that he takes the time to listen & help out. For me, it would have to be the perfect pair of trousers!

  226. sewmanju says:

    What a fantastic prize! There are simply so many things to be learned from Kenneth. Pant fitting would be fab, but I would love him to teach me how to sew a leather jacket.

  227. luus says:

    Super cool! What would I like to learn? How to make the ugly downward creases near my pants-crotch disappear. I’ve so far been unable to make them go away! Also, although this has nothing to do with fitting, how to identify fabric types when there’s not a label with it.

  228. Vicki says:

    This is a hard one. What would I like Kenneth to teach me? Moulage and pattern adjustments using it I think would be first on my list.

  229. Karen Shaw-Jones says:

    Wow what a fab prize.
    He wears such amazing coats so it would have to be a lesson in tailoring.

  230. Donna Moore says:

    How to fit my aging body properly would be my dream!

  231. Jo says:

    Oh my goodness! I guess my dream lesson would be about fitting. Or maybe how to sew those darn linings in all fancy like! Hmmm. Yup, fitting! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  232. jadestar says:

    What a generous giveaway. Having the DVD would be agreat start, fitting is what I find most off putting when making a new garment. If I could have a moulage and help with pattern adjustments that would be amazing!!!

  233. Eleanor (undeadgoat) says:

    FIT! So of course I have to enter this giveaway.

  234. Carol says:

    I am still new to sewing, so I’d love to learn how to make garments look finished and well fitting. There’s so much he could teach me.

  235. Donnyb54 says:

    Many thanks to you both! Your blog is inspiring me to return to sewing again! My dream lesson would be fitting (as for so many others) and then knowing how to transfer the information from the toile to any pattern.

  236. DonnaB says:

    I would love to have him assist me in making sure that I dont get that hunchback of notre dame look that I tend to get on my dresses and it would stop my poor fur babies from hearing such foul language out of my sewing room!

  237. laurahoj says:

    I need to learn to fit everything- trousers, blouses, jackets!

  238. Jill says:

    How very sweet of him to offer this up! My dream would be perfecting a blouse/top fit. I can never seem to get them quite right. Thanks for the giveaway, Karen!

  239. Oh m’God, Oh, m’God, Oh m’God…that is so awesome! Fit is THE MAJOR problem. And the fact that I can’t seem to see what is a good fit – I think I have been too influenced by ill-fitting RTW. So fitting all upperbody elements, and a good fitting pant block. And then I would love to pick up some tips and trick about teaching others what you know in a structured, personal way. Even though I am not very experienced in sewing yet, my friends still come to me for advise – and I’d love to be better able to help them.

  240. Tilly says:

    Great giveaway, Karen – thanks Kenneth! I’d love a super simple, user-friendly approach to fitting trousers around different shaped derrieres, so they look both fitted yet allow you to sit down comfortably. Ta!

  241. Clare says:

    Definitely an ultimate couture sewing session (or more!), to sew up perfect, time-consuming (in the best of ways), hand sewn garment!

  242. eronoe says:

    Ooh, what a lovely gift!!! I would love to learn more about fitting stretch tops, especially tight fitting ones.

  243. Jackie says:

    Oh that DVD sounds dreamy!

  244. Kirsty says:

    Firstly congratulations on such an amazing give away. Thanks too for linking to that great podcast by Daughter Fish. I listened to it this afternoon. So inspiring. You know, I think I’d love Kenneth to teach me how to embrace the muslin. Either way, those dvds are going on my ‘need to have’ list… and I’ll be listening to a whole lot more of those podcasts!

  245. Kerstin says:

    A lesson on fitting trousers would be great (making a pair of trousers is one of my personal re-sew-lutions this year). But what I really dream of, deep inside me, is Kenneth teaching me how to make the perfectly fitting bodice of my future wedding dress! I’d be in heaven.
    Thanks for the great giveaway and fingers crossed to all of us!.

  246. TinaLou says:

    What a generous offer Mr. King has made; thanks so much!!! I am well along my way to those several acres of fabric in my quest for perfection. Kenneth could contribute by helping me improve my upper body fitting skill. I’ve returned to garment sewing with an older body and pattern companies that churn out the same old blocks. It would be divine to have my own T-shirt, darted and princess seam bodice blocks (with sleeves of course!) to rely upon, regardless of style. Thanks again for a wonderful offer!!

  247. Laura says:

    Blending sizes! I have yet to meet a pattern where my bust isn’t three sizes smaller than my waist and two sizes smaller than my hips. I’ve tried blending the sizes, but the first crack at it always comes out looking like one of Picasso’s subjects. I’d love to learn to do this properly.

  248. Beth says:

    I need all kinds of fitting help! Do I have to choose jus one area to address? If it come to that, I need a way to fit trousers. My waist and hip measurements are not found together on any pattern. I’ve looked!

  249. Tricia says:

    I would also love some more advice on pants fitting! Thank you Karen and Kenneth for this great giveaway.

  250. Joan Rhea says:

    How much would I love to win this giveaway? I can’t even begin to say. I have been drooling over this dvd since I saw it come out and thinking about trying to fit it in the budget. How cool would it be to win it? Oooooh! Not sure I could stand it!

  251. mary says:

    My dream lesson would be fitting. I’d love to be able to make a perfectly fitted pair of pants and blouse!

  252. Keri says:

    I’d love to have him teach me how to pad out a dress form to match my body exactly, so I can tackle fit problems more easily.

  253. Heather Lou says:

    I have a total sewing crush on Kenneth. Everything I read or see him in is always marvelous. I would happily sit at his feet for a tailoring course – it’s something that terrifies me every time I think about it but I feel like he would make it easy and no thang at all.

  254. Kerstin says:

    Oh, I would love to win this, that would make not only my day, but my year! I’m really not sure what kind of lesson I would like to get, I’m alternating between “how to sew the perfect pair of pants” or “how to make the perfect blazer”.

  255. Kim says:

    Kenneth is a great teacher. His DVDs would be great to have so you can watch something, pause, an replay it.

  256. Helen Stanley says:

    I would love to have Kenneth D King teach me how to create a smart tailored lined jacket just for me.

  257. Whoohoo thanks for the chance. I would love to make a tailored jacket!

  258. Tatiana says:

    I would love to win these DVDs, as they are too expensive for me at the moment. I would love to learn how to blend sizes properly, and I just realized that I have a swayback… I didn’t try any sawyback adjustment yet, I am still researching the subject, so I would like to learn this as well. Thanks a lot for the giveway, I really hope I win!

  259. It all starts with fitting. Many of my clothes do not fit well in the shoulders/bust/armhole. I could benefit from the technique on this video. Thank you for the giveaway!

  260. Lizzie page says:

    How generous…yes i remember when you stalked him for his coat! From a true expert of sewing I would love to know how to create everything I see in shops without patterns, to just start sewing ‘off the cusff’ until you have the perfect garment. What fun that would be too…less tracing, measuring, ironing patterns, just more time for the good bits 🙂

  261. Lorna says:

    What a fantastic prize. I am so new to dressmaking that I would love a teacher showing me how to do things properly. Even simple things like choosing the nearest pattern size would be great and then being taught how to tailor it to my lumps n bumps would be brill.

  262. Maria says:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! Kenneth is King, haha!
    My dream lesson would be How to Fit and Finish a Jacket. I would love to make a lined, fitted jacket but just too nervous to start.. I would love some guidance.
    Thank you Kenneth and Karen!

  263. Mary Beth Mesrobian says:

    I’ve been sewing for many years and still sometimes have trouble choosing the best type of fabric for a garment, I’ve read several Threads articles by Kenneth and think he is a genius!, I would love to win the DVD’s

  264. Kelly says:

    That quote is wonderful, it saved me from ripping out some topstitching for the third time….I decided it is good enough 🙂 I would like to learn pants fitting, I need some pants desperately!

  265. Oh how wonderfully generous of you and Kenneth! Hmm, there is SO much to learn. I’d love to know more about drafting and fitting, and particularly how to use a block that I know fits to adapt a packet pattern.

  266. Erika says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Fitting is so important, and I feel like there is a zillion things to learn about it. If I had an hour with a fitting genious… (oh, happy daydreams…) I’d love to learn about sleeve fitting. I find it so hard to get a good fit throughout the sleeve!

  267. nothy says:

    Great give-away. I plan to buy this even if I don’t win …so it is a win-win for me either way. But it is cheaper if I win this….Okay, a lesson from Kenneth would be on picking fabrics wisely for the projects I want to do. I am one extreme or the other – I pick the exact suggestions on the envelope or I pick something wildly unsuitable.

  268. Teresa says:

    I love this man! I’ve read his books and have taken his Jean-ius class. I would love to take his pattern drafting class in NYC.

  269. NYC says:

    What a great offer! I basically need help with ALL fitting! Some of my handmades fit okay, some go into the trash, but none of them fit perfectly. And PERFECTLY is what I’m striving for! I’ve read many books on fitting, but still haven’t gotten the hang of it.

  270. Oh, I need help in the fitting department…and my budget! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  271. duck bucket says:

    Pants. Pants. PANTS. Pantspantspantspantspants.

    (I mean, trousers.)

    Signed, the desperate, pot-bellied, stubby-legged American

  272. meggameuf says:

    You are a lovely man, Mr King. If you don’t mind, please teach me how to cut out and sew silk. It’s all about the silk at the moment.

  273. alibobs says:

    I am currently hero-worshipping Kenneth! I’ve been wearing my Jeanius jeans all through Me Made May, and have another version on my to-do list, and have been using his Couture Techniques book to help me make a perfect jacket. The next project will be to create a personalised dress-form cover, so I would LOVE Kenneth to be my fitting buddy to help me get it just right (assuming he is too busy to pop round to help, I’ll have to follow his instructions in Threads by myself)

  274. Kelly says:

    I just want to learn to fit one person – me! Good old 5’0″, full busted, narrow shouldered, apple shaped, no behind to speak of, chicken legged, me!

  275. I’m just shy of 150cm or 4ft 11in tall. I’d love to learn how to fit me! That is, what alterations I need to make with a generic pattern, be it a top or skirt or trousers. I’ve trashed at least half an acre of fabric already, so, I’m slowly getting there. Some help along the way is always appreciated!

  276. mazeliving says:

    Today I received an email from Threads (yes, I get a hard copy of the magazine every two months, am an Insider AND own the entire collection including 2012 on a DVD) informing me that I can get Mr King’s DVD on fitting for $20 less! As I was trying to do some quick budget “repurposing” in my mind to see if I can take advantage of Thread’s generous offer, I came across even more generous proposition on your blog!
    What can I say? I want to learn everything. I want to follow, listen, watch and absorb like a sponge everything that is there to learn from Kenneth King. My sewing experience has been short and challenging so far, but I consume the knowledge sewing blogosphere has to offer with unsatisfiable hunger for more! Thank you for this great chance, Karen. And thank you, Kenneth, for sharing your talent and expertise with all of us.

  277. laura k says:

    My dream sewing lesson would involve getting hands on help for the little things that many tutorials and sewing books don’t mention. I’d like to learn a professionals tips and tricks for sewing more efficiently and intelligently.

  278. Jaimie says:

    I see so many comments that mirror my situation. At 5’2″ and not a size 4 there are so many fit issues. Because I have limited time and money to sew, I would like to learn to make items for me in a more timely manner. And to be able to make myself clothes that reflex my personality.

  279. anne jewell says:

    i wish he’d show me how to make the upper chest of a blazer set up and not sag.–anne

  280. Monica A says:

    Sooo many things I´d like to learn with Kenneth straight forward approach!!! How to saw channel wool, how to fit a pear shape :), how to work with very light materials, … Thanks!

  281. Amy says:

    I’d love to take one of his Moulage classes. I think it would really help me get to know how I really should be making alterations to better fit my shape and size!

  282. Jacqui Saville says:

    Bagging? Bagging? I thought that was a comment on how my clothes were fitting not a technique!

  283. Rose says:

    I would love to learn how to properly make my own patterns! My problem has always been that I can’t quite get the measurements right.

  284. Julie Tate says:

    How to choose a style that looks good on my figure, a fabric that works with the style and my figure, a pattern that works with the fabric and the style, construction techniques that work with the fabric, the pattern and the style ….. can you tell I get confused easily?

  285. Julie S says:

    I would love to learn the basics of fitting — the signs of poor fit and how to fix them! I have found it quite difficult to translate written instructions (even with pictures) into a successful pattern adjustment on my own garments and often just give up! This DVD set would be wonderful — thank you to you and Kenneth for the terrific giveaway!

  286. Janie says:

    I am brand spankin’ new to sewing, officially 8 weeks old, and I’m already addicted! My makes have mostly been 2-dimensional, just to get used to using my machine, but I’m extremely anxious to begin 3-dimensional fabric work! I have a hankering to learn all that I can in the shortest amount of time possible, but I don’t even know what all I need to learn!

    So, my dream lesson would be THE BASICS and THE SECRETS to creating quality superbly fitted garments that will last.

    Thank you Kenneth for sharing your expertise and wisdom! You truly are a blessing. 🙂

  287. Amy M says:

    Definitely would like to be taught how to make trousers that fit and look good on me. I’ve considered doing his jean-ious course but I haven’t got a pair of trousers that I would want to copy!

  288. ZoSews says:

    Fit, tailoring, what works with different body shapes! Teach me!

  289. Ciara says:

    Where to start? Fitting patterns to match my shape, that would be a start!

  290. Joyce says:

    The dream lesson would be making pants that fit without having to chop off the legs. I’m 5’2″.

  291. Sewingmrsc says:

    I would really like to learn how to create perfect darting in a skirt to hide the tummy!

  292. Ashley says:

    AWESOME! I’m short, large chested, and flat-bottomed…I would love his tips on making myself some pants that fit…and everything else!

  293. Amanda says:

    I would love a lesson on how to fit myself specifically, but fit in general would be wonderful!

  294. Katy Cornell says:

    I would love to learn to make a jacket that FITS

  295. Ernestine says:

    Boy, would I love to win this!! I have been lusting after it on the Threads newsletter. Kenneth actually spoke at our American Sewing Guild and brought some of his creations. He truly is a “Jeanius” as a designer and as a teacher. And a warm and funny person. Oh, I need to learn to fit pants for myself.


  296. Anne says:

    I have learned a lot about fitting, but I have such a long ways to go! It would be great to have these lessons from the master himself!

    • Anne says:

      Can I amend my comment? I am clearly not good at following directions. My dream lesson would be to fit my torso – especially sleeveless blouses – I run into so much trouble trying to figure out what issues might be caused by my shoulders, or my bust, or my short waist … and I never seem to get to a really good end result.

  297. Lesley says:

    Fantastic give away, trouser fitting definately!

  298. Clare says:

    I love love love Kenneth! Love his articles in Threads and his videos on the Threads Insider section. I would love him to teach me how to tailor a beautiful jacket properly, with full attention to the insides of the jacket using couture techniques and finishes.

  299. Dallas says:

    Mr King is a legend in his own lifetime! I would love a lesoon on how to fit myself by myself.

  300. mosulli says:

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic giveaway! My dream lesson would be all about learning to fit too. My own shoulders confuse me! With some patterns I seem to be ok and then others I stumble at the fitting stage and never get beyond the ill-fitting toile. I’m never certain if I’ve made the right alteration either. Understanding the how and why would help me solve this fitting confusion.

  301. Meg K says:

    I’d like help fitting my sloped and forward shoulders, and help getting a nice fit below the derrière. Great giveaway!

  302. aisling says:

    If I was being entirely practical and admitting that I really need to learn to fit my shoulders first before I go any further, I’d opt for the moulage and sleeve. But it would so much more creatively satisfying to expand my embellishment skills as I love surface texture.

  303. Jan Page says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love some fitting advice, especially for pants. I’m sure Mr. King could help me perfect my pants pattern so that I could proudly wear my custom-fitted pants and never have to buy ready-made again.

  304. Gaenor says:

    This giveaway is my dream lesson! As a larger sized woman I fear the fitting, but this year I have decided to learn to sew clothes (how many bean bags and totes does one family need, after all?). Also, my sister is getting married this October, and I have nothing to wear! Almost every pattern I see I would need to scale up to fit me, and then I will need to make it fit. Properly. So here goes…

  305. How to fit a really stylish and flattering pair of pants! Basically create a “go to” pattern for pants that I could use for all occasions.

  306. Helen Johnstone says:

    As a newbie I would welcome any help and advice but specically I would like to know how to fit skirts when you have a hollow back and a bit of a tum.

    I used to make clothes for my sister’s barbie but they were very simplistic and not something I would want to translate into clothes for myself now!!

  307. misssbgmail says:

    Full bust adjustments for me. G-cup chest is a proper pain in the proverbial.

  308. Stephanie says:

    A dream lesson! What a question! Have never thought about that. Fitting is pretty much the most important thing to me. Speedy, industrial sewing techniques would be a good lesson too. Or detailed tailoring techniques.

  309. Thanks for the giveaway, Karen! Since you’re supposed to fit garments starting with the top, I would love a lesson on fitting (my apparently wide?) shoulders and armholes / sleeves properly!

  310. Katy White says:

    What a wonderful gift, fitting is one of my and obviously alot of other peoples biggest challenges!!

    My dream sewing lesson would be how to sew difficult fabrics. I love chiffons, silks and satins, but im scared to death to sew these as I find the manipulation very difficult and also the sewing with my sewing machine is difficult to get a perfect finish.


  311. missparayim says:

    OMG could I use this! I made time to read this just in time. Please enter me!
    My dream lesson would be for a teacher to take me by the hand, and explain exactly which pattern size to start with, the adjustments I need, how big/small they need to be, and have them work out just right the first time and every time (hey, it’s a dream right? Go big or go home).

  312. eileen bayer says:

    dear Karen and Mr. King- thank you both for this wonderful giveaway. my fantasy class would be all about fit. no matter how well i sew, if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t get worn.

  313. Sew Shannon says:

    I would love to learn about fit!!!! Please pick me:)

  314. M says:

    I need this in my life, TODAY! I have been working on mastering the shift dress fit on and off for a year now. I can’t seem to get it right. The darts, matching up seamlines, trying to figure out adjustments. I’m so frustrated! I would be ever so happy, grateful,ecstatic, jubilant, ( you name the emotion!) if I were to win this! Thanks so much Kenneth and Didyoumakethat! :-)))) I’m so excited!

  315. M says:

    In my excitement, I forgot about the dream lesson! In my dream lesson, I would love Kenneth to teach me how to truly get an excellent fit for dresses. I would also love to learn more about finishing, a little about couture sewing and how to make my garments look less homemade and janky! 🙂 Thanks again.


  316. Melissa says:

    I’m just brand-new to sewing clothing, so I have no idea what I don’t know! Only that I have a long way to go, I think!

  317. Sewing was my first love. After children I was only able to sew here and there. In the most recent years, I thought I would love to quilt….only straight seams. As it turns out, I miss sewing my own clothes. I am almost 6 feet tall with long legs, long arms and long torso….nothing on the racks fit. I need help!

  318. Nina says:

    What a great give away!!!!
    I have a lot to learn but would love to master the fit of trousers.

  319. Taenocat says:

    Fit is of course a massively important and tricky area, and I’m sure this DVD set would be an excellent resource in tackling the fit problem. But if I could get expert advice on anything at all, I’d dearly love to know more about the different methods and materials used for specific garments, how to get that really expert finish on things.

  320. edenz says:

    How to perfectly fit a sloper! I have so many fit issues it just drives me crazy to make all of the alterations.

  321. JB Locke says:

    He is exceptionally talented. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I definitely need help with fitting.

  322. Theran says:

    Fitting scares me. Honetly, my dream lesson would be almost an introduction – something beyond the basics of pin fitting a pattern.

  323. Linda Snyder says:

    My dream lesson would be just to watch Mr. King construct a garment from beginning to end…is that too much to ask? But then we are “dreaming” here and I may as well dream big! : ) I love Kenneth King’s no nonsense, down-to-earth way of explaining things. He never holds back, and tells us every thing we need to know about any given topic.

  324. Sally Baker says:

    The best way to learn any skill is to learn it from an expert. And Kenneth King is THE expert to go to regarding fitting. It is a complicated, diverse and ever-changing subject for me………depending on how the sands have shifted in my body! My ideal lesson would include information on getting the fit right across the shoulders and the neck area.

  325. Sandi Severin says:

    I love Kenneth King, and have his Craftsy Classes – This book he Carefree Flyfront Jacket, Designing Details – Pockets, and his book Couture Techniques. After a lifetime of making ordinary clothes for my daughters I would love to be able to make couture gowns which fit properly and made them feel like princesses on their special occasions, in particular a future wedding day perhaps. As they are not engaged, I figure the time is NOW to start learning the skills to possibly achieve the goal.

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