Hat Boxes And Dogs

Hat Box

Ella’s haircuts are becoming very expensive. Her groomer is in Islington, a hop skip and jump from Ray Stitch, Loop and Camden Passage.

‘Did you watch the TV series?’ the stall holder asked me, like the expert hustler she was. Five minutes later, I was handing over my hard earned cash for this hat box. I’ll use it to keep my lace and ribbons in, I told myself. Like that made it alright.

‘Happy sewing!’ the woman trilled as I walked away.


Selfridges Hat Box

Still, Ella’s worth it. I sense this may be her last baby cut, though. It may be time for the full miniature schnauzer groom. One little dog is growing up.


Request for help! Can anyone recommend a UK supplier for hot pink piping? I really am not going to make five metres of the stuff for my Tofino PJs…

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  1. Bess says:

    Very cute dog!
    That hat box looks like an investment, you should think of it like that (I have invested an awful lot of money in linen jersey this week:/)
    I think we have hot pink piping, I’ll need to check on Tuesday when we re-open, I’ll let you know.

  2. itsjustnora says:

    Love this blog, especially love it to see you have a Schnauzer! Mines 13 now, they’re the best dogs ever!

  3. creative pixie says:

    Sweet looking dog you have.

  4. Marianne says:

    Cute dog, cute collar! Made by you?

  5. Becky says:

    Here’s where I make my pitch for owner grooming. I have 2 dogs that I groom myself. I got started to save money, but it has turned into something that I do because it is easier on my dogs. I can take my time if they get tired, give them breaks. I think it is much less stressful for them. There are lots of online resources to tell you how to do it, and the equipment is usually less than the cost of one grooming. And, if you are inclined, it would be nothing as difficult as making the outfits you make! If you want to explore this, it’s best to start them when they are young. A lot of groomers will let you watch as well so that you can observe their method. Just sayin. Ella is so darn cute! I still give my dogs a puppy cut in the warm months for comfort.

    • Susie says:

      We now groom our two yorkie-poos ( similar to a schnauzer cut). The clippers we bought came with an instructional DVD. It took a little practice, but its fairly quick now and they look nice. Broke even on the clippers after two cuts!

  6. Cute box, even cuter doggie :)!

    Re: pink piping… make it – dead easy to do! Use an adjustable zipper foot (so that you can stitch really close to the side-edge of the piping when you enclose it into the binding ), bias binding and piping-cord of the size you need – presto done! Here’s a link (I’ll email you some more links too ;)). Handmade Piping Tutorial http://pinterest.com/pin/154318724703859164/

    • Bess says:

      Claire is right, you *should* make it. I would say if you are going to make it use the piping foot, they have grooves on the bottom to guide the cord- many machines come with one as standard but it is well worth buying if you don’t have one, it makes the job fool proof. I have one with five grooves which is brilliant. Remember when you are making it to sew one notch over, if you sew right up to the cord you will see that stitching line once it is inserted.

  7. maddie says:

    What a cute pup! If I weren’t allergic, I would definitely get one, but not has cute as yours 🙂

  8. Sarabeth says:

    I sometimes work in Angel, Islington and I almost always spend more than I earn on those days. It’s a very dangerous area for my purse. Cass Arts is my main downfall but Ray Stitch is a close second.

    You dog is so cute.

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  9. Five metres of piping sounds like a lot but probably wouldn’t really take you all that long. And you’d probably be much happier with the result.

  10. Shar says:

    Ella is such a cutie! I have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Corgis usually have short coats, but my Ozzie has a fluffy coat fault which requires regular trimming or else he looks like an exploded fluff ball! I received my Tofino pattern in the mail this week and still don’t know if I should try making piping or not. I’m going to check out Claire’s link to see if it looks doable.

  11. Alice says:

    Ella is looking lovelier every time you post her photo! I thought of you both on Saturday: I was in Liberty and saw Liberty print dog leads. Outrageously expensive but I’m sure she deserves it…or you could make one!

    Ray Stitch and Loop being so close together is a killer isn’t it?! I’m living with my parents between flat rentals at the moment, so trying to stash but rather than buy more yarn/fabric, but I’ve been browsing Stone Fabrics with intent…!

  12. What a gorgeous pooch! 🙂

    I’m in desperate need of hat boxes – my hat buying is starting to get out of control!!


  13. Karen says:

    Love that hatbox. I definitely would have gone home with that, too! (Your Ella is a wee bit cuter than my chicken named Ella, although my Ella does her own grooming – and lays eggs, too!)

  14. macstabby says:

    Dat Face! I just squee’d so hard I fell over. 🙂

  15. Carol says:

    If you really didn’t want to make the binding I’ve just seen some on minervacrafts.com, one in particular is a stretch lycra in fluorescent pink – blinding binding but at £2.59 per metre you have to want it badly!

  16. soisewedthis says:

    We just adopted a dog and my husband picked Ella as her name =)

  17. Petra says:

    Ella is so cute! Best dog in town!
    Regarding piping, I found this place: http://www.passion4quilting.com/Piping_rose_pink_pre_made_p/3732.htm
    Sadly not hot pink, in fact the one they call orange looks perfect on the photo (but if they call it orange, guess it is…). Doesn’t give much away in regards to piping cord size or what fabric is used, but £0.25 per metre?! Really?! Making your own IS easy, but so much fabric is needed and wasted when you cut the bias strips. But I piped a pair of trousers once down the outer side seams and made the strips on-grain, as you don’t need the piping to go along curves. Saved a bunch of fabric and money and it worked absolutely fine.

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