25% off Classes at The Village Haberdashery

Page of E-book

Just a reminder that next Monday I start teaching a second set of classes on The Hollyburn Skirt, details here. This time, I’ve put together a little 7-page e-book to help students prepare for the class. It identifies regular zippers and invisible zips, gives some advice on choosing fabric prints and suggests a pair of comfie shoes! Having received the odd scared phone call from students – I’m in the shop! He’s telling me it’s curtain material! – I know how mystifying these experiences can be.

It’s also worth noting that The Village Haberdashery currently has an offer on classes –  book two classes and save 25% off with code STITCH2! But this offer is only valid until the end of the month, so you have – gulp – three days left to take advantage.

You can check out all the classes here.

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7 Responses to 25% off Classes at The Village Haberdashery

  1. Rather wish I could join you. It would be a great way to spend some of my unemployed time.

  2. Jenny says:

    I wish I lived closer! Hope you have a great time.

  3. tifftoffee says:

    Haha… oh boy the curtain fabric comment was definitely me in my teens. Although i’d probably be like ‘whatever! none of your business!’, storm off and make a terrible skirt out of it.

    Your Schnauzer is adorable by the way! Schnauzers are one of the cutest breeds with their severe looking eyebrows.

  4. Sheree says:

    I would love to come to one of your classes, but live too far away. Curtain material for skirts – no problem. I am very happy with my £2.99 pencil skirt made from a Dunelm curtain fabric!

    • Oh yes, I have no problem with curtain fabric! It can be a bit stiff, so you just need to be aware of that. I have some upholstery fabric in my stash and am determined it will become a skirt one day…

  5. Does the VH sell such things too? Perhaps the students could pay a kit fee and choose form the selection there. It’s what we do because then new sewists don’t have to worry about such stressers, they just turn up! 🙂

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