Kiss Chase With Kenneth & Meet The Bloggers


With over 300 entries for the Kenneth D King DVD giveaway, it’s safe to say that Kenneth is the most popular boy in the sewing school playground. Kiss chase, Kenneth?

Our winner is Caroline of 4-sisters. Caroline, I’ll be in touch for contact details!

Thank you all for taking part and for your comments about dream classes and fit issues. It’s always so educational to learn about other people’s body quandaries. We all have them!

The Guardian

In other news, a little round-up around The Guardian Fashion Bloggers Network. All the bloggers have been revealed by The Guardian now. Having met these fantastic people, I thought I’d share my overexcited thoughts.

First, hats off to The Guardian. Their selection is sooooo interesting and is going to lead to some fantastic debate and cross-pollination between the bloggers:

Grey Fox blogs about style for the over-40 male. He writes beautifully. He has piercing blue eyes and a kind face. He also wears stunning trousers, and has blogged about colourful trousers here. (My 69-year-old dad has recently been roundly mocked by his immediate family, when he bought and wore a pair of red trousers. Imagine telling my mum and sisters that our patriarch is actually on trend!) Grey Fox is a good’un!

Face Goop. When nervous bloggers gathered around a table in The Guardian’s stunning office, this blogging team of two women soon had us all laughing out loud when they explained their blog – beauty for idiots. Sign me up! They take an irreverent look at beauty products – and when I say irreverent, check this out. These are my kind of people.

Barbara. Oh, Barbara. I fell slightly in love with Barbara when she told us about her blogging – fashion and culture, and why we wear the things we do. I’ve heard details about her future blog posts and – ooh! – it’s gonna be thought-provoking. I think makers will really enjoy her thoughts.

Russ won me over the moment he told me that his wife is a crafter. He’s really lovely and I can see how he manages to be such a successful street photographer – you can’t not like him.

Beth is a true creative collaborator, and this I like a lot. She works with an illustrator to interprete catwalk fashion and comment on it – how clever to bypass the imagery PR offices send out. She’s also very good at organising the rest of us!

Frocks and Frou Frou is an Australian blogger who takes on the challenge of being bigger than a size 12, and runs with it! She supplies constructive answers to fashion dilemmas and looks damn fine. She’s a great writer and just happens to have the type of dewy complexion I would kill for. I already harbour a secret fantasy about making her a dress. Could a blogger in London fit a dress to a blogger in Australia?!

Sharpened Lead blogs about male fashion from the side of the catwalk. Unlike my good self, he understands trends. Maybe he’ll give me some tips! He also has a dog so, you know, I already like him.

Then, there’s me. I’ll be blogging about … I think you know!

The plan is that our network will go live from 11 June onwards. I’ll have a few blog posts go up then as a ‘back list’, covering topics that I think may be interesting to Guardian readers who’ve never really thought about sewing before. After that, I kick in in earnest. I’ve already planned about two months’ worth of material and have been liaising with some fantastically interesting people. I really hope this works! If it does, it will be awesome for all of us. If it doesn’t, you can laugh at me as I fall flat on my face! (I know you wouldn’t. You’d pick me up and give me an ice-cream to make me feel better, wouldn’t you, and a Mr Men plaster for my grazed knee?)

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15 Responses to Kiss Chase With Kenneth & Meet The Bloggers

  1. Bold Sewist says:

    So chuffed for you and for us that you are part of this – fantastic. I feel proud to ‘know’ you : -)

  2. Sounds oarsome – oh, I mean awesome but, you know, to an Aussie there’s no higher praise than “oarsome”. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait for this all to begin, I’m already a big fan of Grey Fox and will be stalking the rest of them relentlessly over the next few days. And as for you my friend, you’ll be awesome, I’m absolutely confident that no Mr Men plasters will be required. As an aside, my mum always tells the story of me hurling myself on the floor when I was little in a blatant attempt to get a Mr Man plaster…

  4. Congratulations to Caroline. And bravo to you…you’ll be a great success.

  5. EmSewCrazy says:

    This is so exciting for you! Preach sewing to the world!!!

  6. Robin says:

    Sounds like a very well-thought-out plan by the Guardian – Hats Off to them for launching this. I saw something very interesting today in the New York Times – a front page article about a new product line by Jockey and they mentioned a blogger review. Bloggers are making inroads in unexpected places and I feel certain this is good for all of us as consumers. It brings really interesting points of view. I am so pleased. Congratulations again.

  7. Marsha says:

    I saw an interview of Kenneth D. King where he describes how unpopular he was as a child/teen. He’s certainly well loved now!

  8. Rachel says:

    How cool for you and all the bloggers! Looking forward to your Gardian posts!

  9. Tamsinwp says:

    how exciting! looking forward to checking out all those blogs and to seeing all your stuff in the Guardian – well done!

  10. Lisa says:

    You can totally make a dress for a far-away friend! I managed it with a Colette Ceylon for a mate in Afghanistan. Get her measurements, make basic adjustments, muslin & post. When she gets the muslin she can mail you a little video of where adjustments need to made and off you go again!

    Totally works!

  11. “Kiss chase”? I think that’s a UK term, something we don’t have in the US. Does it mean what I think it does?

  12. Zoe says:

    Holy shitballs!!! I’m SOOOOO excited you got this opportunity! I remember when the call went out about this, I felt I had too much on my plate to apply but hoped to high heaven they’d get a sewing blogger or two involved. So phenomenally excited they did and that they chose someone as thought-provoking, eloquent and inspiring as you to boot. God, I seriously couldn’t be happier about this. GOOD LUCK! Not that you need it. Plus thanks for introducing us to those other fascinating sounding blogs. I’ve already added the Costume and Culture one to my blog roll to go back and plough through at some point (possibly when I’m stuck on the sofa with a baby stuck to my boob). All the best lovely lady
    Zoe xxx

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