Jacket of Awesomeness


As soon as I saw this jacket, my brain exploded. After gathering up my grey matter from the coffee shop floor, I went over and asked the woman if I could photograph her jacket because of its awesomeness.

I really want to make my own version. What would you use as a base pattern? Know any suppliers of khaki and sequinned fabrics that you’d recommend?!

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  1. That is utterly fabulous!

  2. I’d use the minoru for a base pattern, it looks pretty similar in style. and you already have it. Just draft the front for buttons, draft the pockets and low neck profile. wrap elastic further towards front. I think it might work….

  3. Jen says:

    OH crap this is an amazing jacket! I’ll be on the lookout for patterns / sequins and let you know if I find any!

  4. Ohhhh…. I like it lots! A practical-shaped jacket in a durable fabric, with some add-in bling! Yes = this is a winning look in my book. How’s about the pic at the bottom of this link Karen http://sew-incidentally.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/burdastyle-special-plus-magazine.html ? I’d be more than happy to trace a copy off for you 🙂

  5. I saw some lovely sequinned fabrics on the Goldhawk Road a fortnight ago. In a shop, not just lying on the road 😉 It was either in A1, Classic Textiles or the one in between. Because after those three, my brain also exploded, this time with choice, and my friend and I went to calm ourselves down by drinking wine in the sunshine instead…

  6. sewforward says:

    You’ll be starting a new trend in jacket styles 🙂

  7. I too have witnessed the magnificence of said jacket at King X. It totally blew my mind.

  8. lauriesannie says:

    My husband has a jacket exactly like that (minus the sequins!). I just went to look at it, in fact. I wonder if that is a charity shop purchase w/ sequin fabric for the sleeves, cuffs trimmed in fabric left over from the discarded sleeves. Just a thought.

  9. ellec says:

    How about Simplicity 2153? Admittedly the collar isn’t the same, but…….Nevermind that, I just noticed there are three collar variations.


    Margy from A Fool for Fabric has made a couple of vests from it and apparently it went together very well.


  10. LinB says:

    Wouldn’t the Minoru work for this? Otherwise, I’d check somewhere like KwikSew, which keeps standard patterns in its catalogs for donkey’s ages. Be careful when sewing those sequins: they are prone to shatter, and they can snap needles. (I have a relative who sings in a barbershop quartet. I used to sew costumes for them … but all those sequins have poisoned me against an entire genre of music.) ((Not that I was particularly fond of barbershop quartets in the first place.))

    • Yes, I thought about Minoru, but I think I’d want a jacket that was a bit looser in style. I tend to want to zip up my Minorus, and I’d like this one to be able to be worn open, as in the picture.

      • LinB says:

        You’re really looking for a heavy shirt, then! I agree that it would be far easier to find a pattern with the pockets, zips, drawstring casing, etc., etc. already drafted than to draft your own or frankenpattern something. Maybe something tunic-y from the 70s would work.

  11. EmSewCrazy says:

    Looks like someone’s going to be having some fun!!

  12. Sarah says:

    Oh I saw someone wearing the same jacket and thought the same thing! I was too scared to talk to her though!

  13. Ericamaude says:

    I have this jacket, I wore it today and got loads of compliments. It’s from Primark and was £22. I dont think I would consider making one as there are loads of complex techniques such as welt pockets and a full lining. People talk about high street items being of poor construction but I would struggle to make it anywhere near as well ( although I am a beginner) but I think it would be worth refashioning something to make this or embellishing an existing item.

  14. Colleen says:

    That is so cool! I wonder if you might find a ready made jacket at the thrift store and replace the arms with sequins……and, I’m sure you have tons of sequin outlets here but I wanted to send you a link from “The Sequin Queen” because, well, she’s the queen of sequins:


  15. Roobeedoo says:

    Hmmm… I can’t help with fabric or pattern, but I’ve seen some matching boots!

  16. It is an amazing jacket. Burda may have a pattern – tissu fabrics.com may have the fabrics?

  17. Lin2Too says:

    Merchant & Mills do an oilcloth that would be ace for the main fabirc.

  18. Béa says:

    Toni Textiles on Goldhawk Rd have a load of sequin fabrics, in their upstairs back section. At least I *think* it was Toni Textiles, it was definitely one of the ones on the same side as the tube station and not very far from it. I did all the shops on that side of the road in about 45 minutes, so my memory of exactly which shop was which is perhaps a little scrambled!

  19. redambition says:


    I have some plain cotton twill in a khaki colour – it was just obtained at a regular sfabric store (actually at a sale by a clothing shop of their excess fabrics, but it was originally obtained through a source I could have gotten it at!). It would be perfect for this! Sequinned fabric is also not that hard to come by here (in Australia), but it’s quite expensive.

  20. lucyl12 says:

    There’s a pattern in burda February 13 which looks a bit like this, also on their website. I’ve got a beaded top I want to refashion but not sure about the seams. Any tips from your sequin sewing appreciated.

  21. Meg says:

    How about Burdastyle 2/2011 #127? It’s got some casual safari styling that could be worked into your dream jacket.

  22. Louise McG says:

    Gotta love some bling. I like this a lot! Pinned a similar concept yesterday (trench with aztec print: http://pinterest.com/pin/379006124861543840/). I think I agree with Colleen’s comment above about buying a second hand jacket and adding sequined fabric. But I’m still a beginner and things take me so long to make I need to be 100% certain I will get lots of wear out of them before committing to pattern + fabric. Good spot and thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Lisa says:

    Did you ask her where she got it from? Looks fab! Looking forward to your version coming soon….

  24. sewbusylizzy says:

    I like Ericmaude’s idea of refashioning something. You could rip out the sleeves of a jacket and put in sequined sleeves. Great piece with a story.
    The first pattern I thought of was this one

  25. Totally love this jacket and I would never have thought to do that, but why the heck Not; glittery sleeves are decadent

  26. Mary says:

    Another blogger I read (in US) has adapted a vest pattern that she uses for her travels. While not quite the same as this one, she adapted a Simplicity pattern (2153) by changing up the pockets to fit the needs of a passport, boarding pass, etc. This is the initial link of her gorgeous red vest (http://fool4fabric.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-vest-in-red.html). In a subsequent post, she offers a tutorial on how to make the pockets.

  27. Seen these around, agree they’re fab! Dahlia had a velvet baseball jacket with embellished sleeves a while ago; love the mix of utlitarian masculine outerwear with a decorative twist.

  28. chuleenan says:

    It is a cool jacket! The sequins are really something.

    I take photos of clothes people are wearing, too! Sometimes I ask permission and other times, they are folks I just see on the street and I only have a couple seconds to whip out my phone.

  29. Zoe says:

    I could totally see you in that jacket. I saw a girl on the Madrid metro last weekend with something very similar and it was totally mesmerising. Can’t wait to see yours. Zoe xxx

  30. ellecsews says:

    While surfing the net, I found this page and thought immediately of the Jacket of Awesomeness, and I thought you might find this useful.


  31. moseleydeb says:

    Primark sell them. For £22. I know what I would do!

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