Pyjama Party 3 – Inside Leg Seams

Inside Seams

Having successfully inserted your side seams, you should now have two ginormous fabric oblongs that you need to turn into tubes. No problem!

Bring your two long, raw seams together with right sides of fabric on the inside. Pin those long seams together, beginning from the crotch, as above.

Take your work to the sewing machine or overlocker. Sew and finish these seams. Take your work back to the ironing board and press that seam. I’m going to tattoo Press Seams on my forehead. Or maybe not… I found a sleeve presser really useful for this stage. I found mine in a charity shop.

Pressing Inside SeamsYou should now have two huge tubes!

Two Pieces

Two tubes that look like mirror images of each other:

Two Pieces Mirror Images

At this stage, you’ll likely panic that you’ve cut out the wrong size. These are way too big! Put that panic to one side. It’s all gonna be fine.

Next, I show you how to sew the crotch seam, including a top tip to ensure perfect meeting of intersecting seam lines!

Finished Legs

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7 Responses to Pyjama Party 3 – Inside Leg Seams

  1. Karen, when you sew the inner seams, do you sew it from bottom to top or viceversa? I always wonder about this when making trousers and wonder if it makes any difference..

  2. Catherine says:

    I have not sewn pants for about 5 years, and I decided to make a muslin pair of shorts just in case I stuffed it up – and whadda you know – I did. I sewed the waist as legs and couldn’t work out why there was so much extra fabric in the crotch. I called my mum in a panic and she told me I’d sewn them upside down. Easy to do when you making shorts I suppose. The actual pants are coming along swimmingly however! Cant wait for the big PARTY!

  3. Helena says:

    Sleeve boards are excellent and so hard to come by. I found mine at a flea market (and I’ve gotten many jealous online looks).

  4. Gjeometry says:

    Fabulouso, I have printed out the piping tutorial and finally found and purchased piping. It is lingerie piping (not sure what the diff is for garments except that this one has a ‘sheen’ to it). Now, I shall print out this, as well. I have my mom’s sleeve pressor board. It is double sided, one side is very thin, the other a bit wider. I also just recently bought those fabric ones as they were half off at my local fabric shoppe. yay!

  5. sarah davies says:

    I am way behind! Went to The Village Hab in Whamp to buy the pattern yesterday and they have irresistible fabrics there. Spent far more than I wanted to on a pair of pyjamas. Then on the way home, the bus just happened to stop near John Lewis and I found myself walking home with a new overlocker! This is going to be the most expensive pair of pyjamas on the planet. Hope they fit. Last night I cut everything out and made the piping. I hope I can catch up.

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  7. Haha – i love the way you write! its so funny. Ive just sewn a pair of these but the waistband was ‘too small’ (the right size – the pants to connect were then too big) i realise now.. i bought skinny piping just like you, cause im lazy, and just made it go right to the edge. So they were obviously too big! Well i made a nice pleat with the excess – and THATS why you make a toile! Luckily – that was my toile 😀 Officially following your blog!

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