Pyjama Party Winner

The time has come to pick a winner. About 80 people took part in the Pyjama Party Tofino Style, and I have had so much fun and inspiration going through your blog posts and the photos emailed to me. You guys had fun too, huh?! But without further ado, my random number generator picked Heather, who emailed photos to me. She made Tofino pants not only for herself, but for her partner, too. Check these babies out!

Tofino Time

Verily, is there a better sight in the world than your man cooking you breakfast? Yes! Your man cooking you breakfast whilst wearing a pair of Tofinos. Great work, Heather – and now you have a $75 gift voucher to spend at A Fashionable Stitch and a copy of Kenneth D King’s novel, All Grown Up Now. Let the good times roll.


I absolutely must also mention this blog post which inspired and moved me. Two friends making pyjamas in West Africa, using head torches and a treadle machine. I get horribly sentimental around the subject of friends. Friendship has been deeply important to me my entire life and to think of these two beautiful young women, bound together for ever through their sewing, made me well up.

Then there was Macskakat. When she joined our first Pyjama Party she had a gorgeous baby bump. Now that bump is a baby with pyjamas to match his mum’s. The sweetness! We’re creating a family here, guys. Well, someone else did the gestation, but you know what I mean.


What? One cute baby not enough for you? You want cute kids, too? Check this out. My teeth hurt, it’s so sweet.

A friend came round this week with her Tofinos-in-progress. She’d chosen some fantastic fabric off Walthamstow market and together we made buttonholes on my machine. She was very proud to show me her perfect crotch seam!

So, there we are. Tofinos are being made and worn around the world. I have hardly been out of mine. Want a confession? At 6am on a weekday morning, I went to the corner shop in my Tofinos, my Minoru jacket hastily pulled over the top. I needed milk for my coffee – you wouldn’t like me if I don’t get my morning coffee. No one commented on me wearing PJs in public, but then it was 6am and there were few witnesses. Besides, as my friend said, ‘I’m sure Walthamstow has seen a lot worse.’ I’m sure it has!

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18 Responses to Pyjama Party Winner

  1. Sabs says:

    Well, yeah, Walthamstow gave us the boys from East17, right?! I am not (well partly) ashamed to say tho that as dodgy as their fashion was, I loved them. Oh god, that feels good to get it off my chest. Well done to Heather!

  2. Kim says:

    I loved the pyjama party! I was also really excited to read the blog from treadlin in Benin, awesome to see their pictures!

  3. Aww, I love how you love that connectedness stuff, me too. I am excited because I get to cuddle Drake tomorrow, and he is every bit as cute as he is in the photos. xoxo

  4. Philipppa says:

    A very deserving winner! Those men’s pjs are cool! It is so lovely to see everyone’s completed projects, I enjoyed this post 🙂

  5. cathy says:

    awww thank you! i had so much participating 🙂 i think im going to talk frances into joining again next year if there’s another party 😀

  6. EmSewCrazy says:

    This was fun even though I didn’t make the Tofinos. I got to meets several new bloggers as well. Thanks for hosting it Karen.

  7. Well done Heather! Those are some seriously stylish man-jamas!

  8. Julie says:

    Thank you for the comment about my babies! I love my PJs. But my partner was reading this post and saw a hubby wearing a pair. You guessed it, he now wants a pair. Stay turned for the entire family wearing matching PJs. Yes we are daggy like that.

  9. Catherine says:

    Congraulations Heather! I especially loved Macskakat’s matching jammies. My ovaries just about keeled over at the cuteness!

  10. Congratulations to the winners! I loved the online party you organized. It’s great to see what everybody made

  11. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for all your hard work putting together this sew-along, Karen! I’ve been watching from the sidelines and although I didn’t partake in the sewing portion of the challenge, I still somehow felt “included in the party”. 🙂

  12. Gjeometry says:

    Congrats to the winner! And, what a lovely blogpost where the ladies used the treadle machine. TREADLE!! I’m still in awe. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the lovely sewalong, Karen. Kitty is forever indebted to you, as this sewalong gave Kitty a chance to admire the best pajamas in the world, mine, due to the heart-shaped pockets on them, that store and carry Kitty Treats!

  13. katlane12 says:

    Congrats to the winner! Everyone’s pyjamas look so good. I’m bummed I didn’t get a chance to take part this year. Hopefully this becomes a regular thing though cause I’d love to take part next time.

  14. Kat H says:

    Aww, thanks so much Karen! I’ve got warm fuzzies now. 🙂

    And, congrats Heather! Those are some seriously stylish man-PJs there.

  15. Heather says:

    i am still so giddy with excitement! The win was extra icing on the cake! Those Tofino Man Jams were HOT OFF sewing machine. I made a long pair and was wearing them while GK made breakfast — he really wanted a pair. I love this big world wide family pyjama party. xoxoxo feeling the love. 🙂

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