Simplicity 1812 After Sunrise


When Ella dies and goes to heaven, heaven will be Epping Forest, a 10-minute walk from our front door. As I admire the beauty of the natural world, Ella rolls in fox poo, then rolls in mud, then rolls in grass pollen, then leaps into one of the ponds hoping to find some bird poo to roll in. I swear she’s a pig in disguise. A pig-dog. Whatever, she’s disgusting.

Ella Collage

And when she’s not doing all that, she’s making sure her bum gets in my photos.

Ella In Epping

But we’re not here to talk about Ella. (Oh yes, we are, Karen! You think you’re writing a sewing blog but we only tune in for the dog.)

Quiet, at the back! This is a blog review of a sewing pattern and you’ll like it or lump it. Simplicity got in touch recently to offer me some patterns. (Prepare for a giveaway, peeps!) Amongst my selection I chose Simplicity 1812. Verily, if ever there was testament to a Sewist’s ability to see past the pattern cover, this was it.


But I fancied making a cascading skirt and was curious to see if a skirt with an elastic waistband could look okay. I think so. Dead comfy, but you’ll want to wear a fairly tight-fitting T-shirt over the top, as I have. Ain’t nothing to admire around the aesthetics of an elasticated waistband!

The fabric was bought off a stall in Chapel Market, Islington. It’s cheap as chips but has a lovely drape. You’ll definitely want to use a light fabric with drape. After a day of wearing this skirt, I really like it a lot. Perfect for hot summer days or vacations. Super perfect for throwing in a suitcase.


The skirt only has four pieces and is super-speedy to construct, especially if you own an overlocker. I honestly think you could knock this up in an evening if your energy levels were high, but I abandoned this last night to watch Before Sunrise for the first time ever. Oh, my! I thought my jaded, cynical eye would roll at this film, but it was truly wonderful. So I finished up the skirt this morning, after sunrise.

I leave you with a beautiful song from the film. Oh, it makes me ache!

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47 Responses to Simplicity 1812 After Sunrise

  1. Jennie says:

    I sympathise with the dog and poo situation but unfortunately mine just wants to eat it…. Not pleasant at all. The skirt is lovely and perfect for this weather.

  2. Faye Lewis says:

    Your skirt is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Jen (NY) says:

    Very nice – your skirt is perfect for a summer stroll. Simplicity is certainly not doing the pattern any favors with that cover art! They apparently last hired a stylist somewhere back in the early 90s or so (I would guess).

  4. I have to keep my dog from eating horse poo, she does love that! And also all sorts of animals that are dead, and smashed on the road… they are really disgusting creatures, but we just love them anyway…

  5. Stephanie says:

    The hemline and fabric suit you! (Love that scene from Before Sunrise!)

  6. Hana says:

    Lovely skirt in pretty polka dot fabric. I agree with everyone, this skirt is great for summer:)

  7. sewexhausted says:

    Very pretty skirt… (super cute dog too!) ~Laurie

  8. I love that movie. And Before Sunset. Looking forward to seeing the 3rd one.
    Great skirt! I’ve been seeing cascading hems everywhere. So nice if the proportions are right. And yours are perfect.
    Very nice.

  9. Replace dog with children and poo with ice cream/any other sticky summery food substance and you have my day in a nutshell. Plus of course sun cream everywhere, in the ears, up the nose, and with the baby attempting to stuff her soggy, half chewed peanut butter pitta in my face at every opportunity, in an attempt at reciprocal feeding. That skirt is lovely, and is making me feel like I could achieve it in nap time and have it ready to wear (and get covered in food, milk etc) for next weekend. Esp. now I understand the world of rayon/modal/viscose … Roll on the next fabric focus please!

  10. booketta says:

    Heehee! Great post. I love the skirt.

  11. maddie says:

    I’m so glad you looked past the pattern cover for this make. You’re skirt looks amazing (love the polka dots) and the woman on the cover… you get my drift.

  12. Your Ella sounds like my Lily, who is a hog dog. She rolls in any kind of poo, and is always close at hand. The skirt and musical interlude are beautiful. Along with the photos, they’ve brought some nice sunshine to this rainy Athens, Ga. day.

  13. Very nice skirt. Would this work in a knit?
    My pooch is a poo nut as well. They are so much fun!

  14. Caro says:

    My favourite films – recently saw the third. Great skirt too!

  15. grtescp says:

    if it is any consolation – they do seem to grow out of the rolling in anything smelly – after about 12 years! I used to regularly have to drive home from walks with the car windows down 🙁
    The skirt certainly looks so much better than the packaging, and cascading hem is so much more flattering name than mullet hem!

  16. Kim says:

    Haha I can only imagine what she smells like after all that! Your skirt looks really good too, but the Ella pictures made me smile more 🙂

  17. zora read says:

    Sorry Karen I’m not really much of an animal lover I view animals much like lots of people view other people’s children, great, but a it’s relief to give them back. But I love the skirt perfect for this weather. I agree with everyone else the pattern cover leaves a bit to be desired. The finished product is so much nicer.

  18. Lori says:

    Very pretty skirt, so much better than the envelope cover.

  19. Lucym808 says:

    The ‘Before…’ films are my favourite films in the entire world, although I cried my way through the entire last scene of the final one. The skirt looks fab, and lovely and wafty for this crazy heat.

  20. lovelucie1 says:

    I can’t understand why sewing patterns look so dreadful. It hardly inspires newbies to have a go.
    They should have put you on the cover!

  21. Philippa says:

    All dogs are the same then – thought it was just mine! You are right about the seeing past the cover bit – your version looks great!

  22. Bold Sewist says:

    You truly did well to look past that hideous cover and produce a lovely skirt! I loved that film when I saw it -are you working your way through the trilogy?

  23. Paola says:

    The first thing our dachshund does after having a bath is…find something disgusting to roll in. Having done that, all is right in his world, and he has a snore in the sun.
    Oh, to be a dog.

  24. CGCouture says:

    That’s dogs for you. My dog was terrible about rolling/eat/playing with poo. Ugh. And don’t even get me started on her “TOTM”. So anyway, moving on. I like the skirt, looks like it would be lovely and comfy for those hot days you guys were apparently having last week, though I have no idea how you saw the potential in the pattern. Because honestly, I’ve looked at it several times and thought, “nah, that would just be too terrible even for me”. 😉

  25. Carolyn says:

    It’s a very pretty skirt and I’m glad that it was comfortable to wear!

  26. Gjeometry says:

    Beautiful skirt! I have a few patterns with elastic waistbands and am not a fan of the aesthetic either, but usually either make a matching fabric belt or cover with a rtw belt. And, although I’m loving pics of you and your skirt, yes, Ella takes the win and is pretty much the reason why Kitty and I tune it. (sorry). I’m having the same problem on my most recent blogpost. Kitty and I hit the beach in a brand new me-made swimsuit and…..wait for it….kitty swims! (pics to prove it).

  27. Amy says:

    I just watched that film for the first time the other day. And, the cascading skirt looks lovely. I’ve had my eye on a cascading skirt pattern that seems to be all over the internet, but I haven’t splurged because I was worried about the wrap blowing in the wind. Yours looks nice and non-wrapped. Hmmm… Might have to look more closely at that pattern!

  28. Adrienne says:

    Yeah you’re right, we ARE only here for the dog. What did you think?
    No, but I love this movie. It’s the most romantic, non-romantic movie.

  29. LinB says:

    I like to use the tiny scissors that are recommended to cut baby finger and toenails, for clipping threads off garments. The points are curved, so you can turn them up away from the garment while snipping thread ends — I’ve had far fewer accidental garment holes since using this implement instead of the very sharp Japanese snips that I had used for years.

  30. megthegrand says:

    Love the polka dots, and the marvelous drape and shape! Definitely perfect for a summer stroll with the pup 🙂

  31. EmSewCrazy says:

    Welcome to the world of dogs! Our’s rolls in dead skunks then sadly wonders why we won’t pet him… Ella still looks pretty cute from here though. Thank goodness the net doesn’t have smell yet.
    Your skirt looks great! Cute and comfy is always a great combo.

  32. Shar says:

    It’s a dog’s life, isn’t it? I would never look twice at this pattern, but after seeing your version it looks like the perfect summer skirt! I love the drapey polka dot fabric. I just added Before Sunrise to my movie queue.

  33. Roobeedoo says:

    I would not have given that pattern a second glance, but in black, with coordinating doggy…? Totally different prospect! It looks really cool and breezy 🙂

  34. Katie says:

    What a sweet dog you have! She looks like she’s having a brilliant time out there in the creek! I’m impressed that you can make that skirt in an evening. It would probably take me weeks, I guess I need more practise!

  35. Cookie says:

    Nothing like a schnauzer/schnauzer mix dog. Mine taught me to live life to the fullest. I’ve been returning to sewing, looking for comfortable well-made clothes. this skirt looks like a keeper.

  36. amynxdx says:

    Great skirt – and your dog is so super cute!

  37. Portia says:

    Oooh, floaty and cool….perfect!

  38. Joanne says:

    Perfect skirt!! Especially for this weather!
    I haven’t seen a fabric stall in Chapel Market and I have the pleasure of working there every Saturday!!! I really need to have a good look up there.

  39. verdant1 says:

    Your version looks both elegant and comfortable (and so much better than the official picture). While I’m really not a polka dot fan, your skirt has veryt empted to rush out and buy floaty dots! (just as well the shops are shut for the evening!). Happy dog bathing…

  40. Hannah says:

    This whole outfit is so elegant! I don’t usually go for navy blue, but somehow it’s divine in this casual context. I’m also excited to hear you say that it’s comfortable. I wonder if I could pull this skirt off, given how short and rectangular I am.

    You might consider posting this in the sewing community at Kollabora. You have some fans over there!

  41. quiltyknitwit says:

    Everything you make turns out lovely. I especially like polka dots! Enjoyed the song clip from the movie, & I’d forgotten how tense they look in that booth listening to that song, also looking like they’re trying hard not to laugh!

  42. Beth says:

    The skirt looks great! And Ella is adorable!

  43. Sue D says:

    Your Ella looks exactly like my departed Chew Bacca! He was a character–he would attack our shovels while working in the garden. He would play for hours with a lawn sprinkler and the funniest thing was that he would carry 3inch diameter logs in his mouth to chew at a shady location. Never had to have the vet clean his teeth–the logs did it for free. How looking at Ella’s pictures reminded me of him. I love the skirt–navy,right??

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