Ahoy there, Captain!

Isle of Wight

I am on a very British holiday, in a very British locale – the Isle of Wight. An island just off the south coast of Britain. Jimi Hendrix once played here and you can definitely pick up on the slightly un-British vibe. People walk around with deep tans, scanty outfits, fluid limbs… One could almost call them European, though that might be a step too far when Marmite’s still in the menu. And then, there’s this:


My father, who likes to embrace the thematic. By the sea? Wear a captain’s hat! ‘Is he being ironic,’ my middle sister whispered. ‘No, he just doesn’t care about dressing ridiculously,’ my little sister said. And so I finally understood where my aesthetic came from!

Oh, it’s easy for us to mock. Yet I quickly discovered that this seafaring accessory had multiple uses.

Wool in Captain's Hat

Knitting In Hat

Dad’s hat made the perfect home for my jiggling ball of wool as I knitted. No longer would I have to scramble after the ball, as it ran across the floor. Result!

And then, and then, there was the growing curiosity. Could I, should I, would I … might a captain’s hat be worn at a jaunty angle? Dad might not be getting this back.

Ahoy There

Ahoy there, Captain!

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25 Responses to Ahoy there, Captain!

  1. Tamsin W-P says:

    Definitely the jaunty angle – looks good. My girls have just come back from a trip to the Isle of Wight with their grand parents, they had a good time by all accounts and Eldest declared Osborne House was more fun than playing on her Ipad! (this is quite a result as she has been glued to it since she got it). Enjoy the rest of your hols.

  2. Portia says:

    Ahhhh! LOVE the Isle of Wight. It rained the whole time we were there but beautiful nonetheless! Have a lovely time all of you!

  3. How cute are you in that hat…I’d steal it away, for sure!

  4. gingermakes says:

    What a fun trip! Hope you’re having a great time! Methinks the cap makes for a good “Who wore it better?” column– you should put it to a vote! 😉

  5. The hat looks great – steal it! Have a great time on the Isle of Wight – I had a wonderful holiday there and would love to go back. I hope the weather is being equally ‘un-British’ with lots of sunshine for you 🙂

  6. Genetics are a wonderful thing – your parents are too cute! Happy holiday! 🙂

  7. rachsews says:

    The jaunty angle does look good, but your dad is also very dashing in it! I notice you we’re embracing the nautical theme even without the cap’n’s cap there…

  8. Polly Pierce says:

    OMG! What are you like? That’s hysterical & I’m green with envy as the island is lovely. The climate being just slightly warmer allows for the growth of Mimosa, it’s just lovely there.

    Will you be there for the garlic festival? If you are, it’s a great day out!

  9. *Love* the isle of widget (sic), grew up just across the water. Love the hat too!

  10. Helen says:

    Hilarious. That is dads for you. Mine wears a bright orange B&Q cap, although thankfully not in public.

    And how like your dad are you?!

  11. Dalila says:

    I loved your dad’s pic. Really cute : )

  12. Catherine says:

    love it! I don’t get too many chances to wear a hat, even though we should when outside, but why not make it a Sailors cap!

  13. zora read says:

    Your dad looks good in the hat, good on him for wearing it. But you look better, keep it if you can, wear it with pride, when you are at the seaside.

  14. JacqC says:

    I love the IoW, we were there in June. I think your Dad looks dashing, stylish family 🙂

  15. Sues Nicknacks says:

    Love the It there used to live in Southampton so used to over on the ferry for the day!

  16. Nikki says:

    I’m lucky enough to live on the Island 🙂 Hope you’re having a great time!

  17. Katie M says:

    The Isle of Wight looks very pretty. I’ll have to add it to the list of holiday destinations to try.
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  18. I love that you holiday together even s grown ups. We do too and it is just fabulous to relax together!

  19. Pella says:

    Pretty stitch! Is it a sort of blackberry stitch?

  20. How handy to have a multi-purpose hat!! Do like the jaunty angle! Enjoy your holiday.

  21. Deb Koobakii says:

    Oh, what lovely memories you just brought back seeing a peek of the Isle of Wight, that was the desitination of my school journey from SE London when I was 11, and although I’ve lived in Australia for the last 32 years your roots are, your know, your roots. Hope you’re all having a fabulous time.

  22. So funny, you’ve definitely made me smile today.Obviously a very different Isle of Wight from the one I know and grew up on! Scanty outfits and fluid limbs must have been the grockles (tourists) as the IoW has a higher than average population of over 65s – not knocking that I’m of more mature years myself.

  23. meggameuf says:

    It looks great on you and your dad. I wore a hat just like this one every day between the ages of 12 and 13 till it fell apart in a ratty mess. I wanted to be Captain Nancy from Swallows and Amazons… I thought I’d left such childish things behind me, till I saw your pictures. Where can I buy another one?

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