Ginger Skirt, Seventies Style

Seventies Ginger Skirt

This is the Seventies denim I bought on the Isle of Wight. I purchased it from a really fantastic vintage shop called Oh So Vintage in Ventnor. If you’re ever in the area, I strongly recommend a visit. My denim cost me £5 and is soooo soft.

If you’re working with vintage fabric, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on ancient folds that may have permanent fade marks you’ll want to cut around.


I went to town and added a flat felled seam on the front seam, top stitching at the waistband, and an embroidered hem.

Embroidered Hem

As if this wasn’t enough, I decided to gild my lily with a patch pocket, inspired by a patch pocket I saw on Pinterest.

Seventies Ginger Skirt ii

I often get anxious questions about zip length. The pattern says a 9 inch zip, but I can only find a 12 inch! Fret not, little petals. Sew over the teeth of your zip and snip off the excess at the bottom, as I did on this skirt.

Shortening zip

This is my fourth version of the Ginger skirt, but the only one I’ve shortened by two inches. I originally made this knee length, but it looked so frumpy. The mini version suits a Seventies vibe a heck of a lot more. Funny how it sometimes takes a while to arrive at obvious conclusions.

I wonder if this will be my last sun-dappled photo shoot. Summer is tiptoeing out of our lives, the days are drawing in and all we have left to do is cherish the memories. When Britain deigns to give us a summer, it really delivers.

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41 Responses to Ginger Skirt, Seventies Style

  1. Béa says:

    That denim looks wonderful!!! So soft! It’s really cute, and definitely the mini length suits the seventies feel of this skirt.

  2. Eva says:

    oooh i love the hem detail! sweet!

  3. It’s lovely, I must have a go at this pattern soon – I love the fabric and the details.

  4. charlotte says:

    Love it!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Super cute skirt. Love the length on you and all the super cute details you added. That embroidery is genius. Must steal. 🙂

  6. Looks great! I like the pocket and the hem detail. I also made a denim Ginger this summer and shortened it quite a bit. I also added pockets, which makes the skirt more job-friendly, you know keys and stuff… 🙂

  7. karin says:

    I love the patch pocket! I definitely want to make this pattern soon, and I think a patch pocket (or two) will definitely be included in the plan!

  8. joelle says:

    super cute! the patch pocket is a nice detail

  9. lisa g says:

    very cute! love this length on you also.

  10. Tilly says:

    Can I have this, please? x

  11. I swear I made that skirt in 6th grade Home Economics! lol

  12. Fiona says:

    Lovely! I love this length on you!

  13. sewforward says:

    Ouch! I don’t think I would use my pinking shears to cut a zip but maybe my utility shears – the ones I let ANYONE in the family borrow.

  14. Liza jane says:

    The length and the patch pocket are perfect.

  15. Kathryn says:

    This is gorgeous! That denim looks so lovely and I really like the shorter length of the ginger, and your patch pocket addition!

  16. Amanda says:

    Love the embroidery hem! Great idea!

  17. ooobop! says:

    Totes agree with the length. It suits the style and you, more. I’ve gone an inch longer with one I’ve just made. I’ll be flirting with frumptiousness real soon! x

  18. Jean says:

    Lovely Ginger Skirt. Love your changes…you have great legs for this shorter length skirt.

  19. sullivan1970 says:

    love this version Karen. The embroidery is especially suited to the fabric!

  20. Marie says:

    How cool do you look, Karen!?! No sarcastic answer please, because you look super cute in this outfit. I’m so loving the shorter length skirt on you…work it baby!!!

  21. gingermakes says:

    Really, really cute! I love the topstitching and hem details!

  22. Hana says:

    Very cute skirt! I really love the patch pocket and hem details.

  23. Ooh, that color looks wonderful, especially with your blouse. I like the patch pocket addition and the length does indeed look perfect for your 70s Ginger. Can we also talk about how awesome that doorway is you’re standing in, too?!

  24. zora read says:

    I love the embroidery detail, and the length is great. I am currently making all my skirts shorter and tighter because I was beginning to feel frumpy mummy.

  25. cathy says:

    the details are perfect – and what a great way to remind you of your vacation 🙂

  26. sstoney says:

    Loving this skirt. I have several ’70s skirt patterns, now I just have to find the right denim! I think the hem detail really makes a difference.

  27. Great skirt. Lovely detail. Makes me want to get to Ventnor NOW.

  28. LK says:

    When I shorten zippers like that, they always seem to be less flexible and poke the seam out where it was cut. Does that make sense? Do you notice this? It always bothers me and I’ve been looking for ways to fix it. The skirt looks great on you and the fabric just GLOWS.

  29. Catherine says:

    Lovely! light denim/ chambray is such a nice choice and definitely gives off a 70s vibe! I love your choice of top stitch too – very clever!

  30. I love a good denim Ginger. The length looks great.

  31. Clare says:

    Hi Karen! Great skirt and love the embroidery. I think I might do a blog post soon about working with vintage fabric as in the past few years I have inherited alot from my husband’s Grandmother. The most important issue I have found is the ink/dye in the fabric. You have to be SO careful when washing this stuff as it will run like anything and also the dye leaves a really odd musty smell that not even traditional methods, like vinegar and baking soda remove. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further 🙂

  32. Kiwimel says:

    I love the decorative hem – so pretty!

  33. Gjeometry says:

    Aw, love your skirt, the denim is so retro fabulous. I’m always terrified to cut a zip and have it unravel or have the teeth fall out! I know sewing teachers have said this is not a problem, go ahead and do it, but I obsess around until I find the correct length. How have you found the cutting and sewing on the bottom? Does anything fall out when you walk? Does it leave a weird ruff piece at the bottom? Just curious. Thanks!

  34. oonaballoona says:

    can i say, although you always look splendid, you are really rocking the me made ensembles lately? you’re absolutely glowing.

  35. Ally says:

    I like the lenght of your skirt but Love, Love Love the color of the denim most!

  36. Eva says:

    I like the fabric you have chosen for your ginger.

  37. wendy says:

    We at Oh So Vintage are glad that the fabulous vintage soft demin has been put to such great use, and glad you liked our shop here in Ventnor x

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