The Mistress Demands

Sewlutions jar

The Mistress of the Jar demands to know how we’ve been getting on. She’s very angry that summer is over and wants to remind us all that we only have 3.5 months left to successfully complete our Sewlutions … or fail.

How are you getting on, Miss P?

Sewlution ii

And what about you, Sabs?

Sewlution i

And how about you, Karen? Ahem, cough, splutter, um … fine.

If you’ve successfully completed a Sewlution, feel free to leave a celebratory comment below. The Mistress does so love it when successful students humiliate their lesser compatriotes.

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25 Responses to The Mistress Demands

  1. JacqC says:

    Yay – mine is done! This is the first time I’ve seen a ‘Jar’ post and not started quaking in my boots!
    My bust can consider itself conquered! Now I just need to figure out if I’m brave enough to sew any other style of dress!
    Thanks for the fear-driven motivation 🙂

  2. tillybuttons says:

    Oh dear. I think I promised to make some trousers. Maybe in December? 😉 xx

  3. Erika says:

    Erhm… Done? Not even close. But… I’ve finally started at it! The dress shirt for my man is drafted and a toille half made. Still a long way to go, though… I’ve really dreaded this project, and could have postponed it a couple of more years had it not been for your jar! =)

  4. Got mine out of the way last month… Just for the record, I was a goody two shoes at school too 🙂

  5. sewbusylizzy says:

    Oh can we have a link to the original blog post because I (shuffles feet) am struggling to remember my exact pledge…

  6. Miss, miss (hand in air), can I change mine? I think it was to make a blouse for work (it was something like that, anyway). But now I don’t go out to work. So can I just change it to using that nice piece of rayon to make a blouse? Can I, can I?

  7. sewsable says:

    “I am going to make sufficient pieces for my historical challenge that I could attend a picnic in 1913 and not look out of place.” I am glad to say I have done just that. I have a petticoat, skirt, shirt and jacket, plus a neckwarmer. The only thing I didn’t do was the corset, but the outfit looks fine without it. I’ve now moved back in time to 1770 so am working on the corset for that (going in the right direction this time, foundation first)

  8. Catherine says:

    oh i have none! but i will participate next year i think!

  9. tifftoffee says:

    I’m really relieved that I’m not the only one settling for barely there but totally there puckers in their sleeve… it’s always been a dirty secret of mine…

  10. hanndo says:

    Omg, this is briljant! I’m just starting to sew, but if I have the change I will participate next year.

  11. sewexhausted says:

    I think? Not? Maybe? I have possibly started? Ummm…. Let me get back to you on this? 😉 ~Laurie

  12. woolmix says:

    Oh the shame … the first sewlution – to make a dress – initially stalled at the fear of trying to sew with jersey on my sewing machine. I haven’t even changed to a ballpoint needle. Then another go ended with a polka-dot crop top rather than a bodice. As for learning to crochet, I did at least buy a hook. Though goodness knows where it is. A busy three months coming up.

  13. Portia says:

    OK, I’m squirming a bit here!! My muslin is ready to cut, but has been since before the summer holidays :/ To further scupper my plans I have a new job! I humbly thank the Mistress for the kick up the arse! 2013 is not over yet!

  14. Karen says:

    When I made my sewlution, I thought maybe I was cheating a bit, since I was actually signed up for a class to make a Chanel-inspired jacket (my sewlutions goal…) However, after arriving home from my 7-day class, with my jacket in not-even-close-to-being-finished shape, I knew my sewlution was for real. After hours and hours of dedicated sewing, I finished it a month after the class ended. It’s here:
    Now I’m anxious to start another one! Hurray for sewlutions!

  15. Ros says:

    I have got the pattern, the hardware and the fabric. I have even cut out some of the pieces. But I do not yet have a bra.

  16. Debi says:

    First time I’ve actually stuck to a resolution…I, of course, went and made it a tad bit larger and lasting multiple years…(nervous laugh):

  17. Jane says:

    Done (she said smugly) and here’s the evidence:
    I hope the mistress is satisfied! x

  18. Sabs says:

    Yep, mine’s done too! I’ve used a different finish on every item – pinked seams, bias binding, zig zag, overcasting and turned over and stitched. I’ve impressed even myself! And I’ve also completed the other resewlutions I set out myself here:

    Woo hoo for me!

  19. lemur178 says:

    I’m halfway through one of mine (rather foolishly, I mentioned three projects I think). I’m hoping that will spur me on to complete them all by December!

  20. LinB says:

    I vaguely remember congratulating myself for having finished the (extremely modest) challenge I set myself. Congratulations to all you other Sewing Pledgers out there! Also, “Pesky Puckers” sounds like either an excellent professional wrestling nickname or an excellent porn star pseudonym. Not that I’m an aficionado of either sport, you understand.

  21. Ruth says:

    Phew! At last, I’m not petrified by this question – I have completed one out of my three sewlutions. Curtains, no; Jacket, not yet (need trip to London); Quilt, yes!

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