The Handmade Jacket of Awesomeness Exists!

jacketHey, guys! Anyone remember when I blogged back in June about this jacket (and owner) that I randomly bumped into at a coffee shop? I mentioned how fantastic it would be to make such a jacket and then did … precisely nothing.

Not so, my readers. Check out what Pat went ahead and sewed!

Jacket of Awesomeness

Yep. That’s a Jacket of Awesomeness.

This creation is testament to a Sewist’s ability to see beyond a pattern design. I also love that this wasn’t a straight copy – more an interpretation. Pat used Simplicity 2153. Could you have seen the potential below? Me, neither.

2153-1Have you ever spotted a pattern and seen potential way beyond the cover designs? One million brownie points to Pat. I love her way of managing the fear of making a jacket for the first time:

I told myself that if I took the steps separately, then it was nothing that I had not done in past makes.

I couldn’t agree more.  Baby steps, baby steps… Feel inspired? I do!

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17 Responses to The Handmade Jacket of Awesomeness Exists!

  1. Jan Carr says:

    Yep, really cool jacket and love the zip toggle.
    I’m impressed and inspired too, thanks Pat.
    And thanks Karen for sharing!

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Great jacket! I always see the potential in a pattern because quite often the envelope pic either does not do the pattern justice or it is just not styled to my liking.

  3. punkmik says:

    so so awesome!!! love the interpretation! need to jump on the bandwagon! and i truly struggle to see past the cover images!

  4. I’m working on a project right now where ability to see beyond the sample was key. I wanted to make a Red Queen costume for my daughter but there are no such patterns for toddlers (or rtw costumes that I found for that matter). So instead I went searching for patterns that had similar construction/shape. I ended up finding the Rapunzel costume by Simplicity. Once you look past all the pink and lace, it’s quite similar. I love that by making things my own I’m not limited by the design choices of others. One of the awesome reasons to make your own stuff!

  5. Trixie Lixie says:

    Love the sleeves, are they sequins? Great interpretation of the pattern!

  6. sew rachel! says:

    I LOVE the sparkle sleeves! It shows how sewing your own cloths leads you to owning amazing, unique and fabulous fashion!

  7. Marie says:

    Oooh, what a fab make from Pat! I love that she saw such potential in that pattern and it totally paid off!

  8. Joanne says:

    That is awesome! I love it! And that is why it’s important to look at the technical drawings because sometimes the samples look hideous!

  9. sewbusylizzy says:

    I actually love the look of that pattern, but then I’m been searching for a slouchy jacket with a drawstring waist and that is kinda perfect!

  10. Jackie Sorich says:

    How wonderful is creativity! Jacket would be very much fun to wear. As Joanne says (above) look at the technical drawings.

  11. lovelucie1 says:

    Why do they make the pattern covers so awful? I agree that someone experienced can see right through them but it’s not great to encourage us newbies.
    Great jacket. I’ve seen a couple of the originals about since you posted.

  12. Mrs.Smith says:

    I am a *very* new sewer and have come to realize that will become my greatest skill – being able to interpret the technical lines of a pattern and being able to alter it as I see fit. I’ve wanted to make this jacket (I have a Converse jacket from Target that is similar in style as view C).

    I love this version! I should go ahead and dive in before the MN winter hits 🙂

  13. Ros says:

    I’m always surprised when I see people copying the colours and prints from the pattern pictures, as if they feel they have to.

  14. EmSewCrazy says:

    Fabulous! This is probably one of my favorite things to do. See past a crummy pattern art and get a fantastic garment from it!

  15. Beautiful jacket, love the different fabric used on the sleeves. Great interpretation of the original pattern!

  16. Ally says:

    This IS a jacket of awesomeness! Great job at taking on such a project!

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